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    You are welcome. When you get done tweaking, I would love to have a copy of what you end up with. If you use a commercial profile,.let me.know and I'll purchase it and match you settings.

    OneEng1 yes i would love to try out your preset!

    Got my new thumb drive today :) (yea).

    I had uploaded it some time ago, but have tweaked it a little and re-uploaded it today.

    Search for "U2 Streets".

    You can play around for more feedback on the 2 delays, or to get a different mix of the 2 delays (in the dual delay) to get the desired amount of repeats. Also the main effect mix seems to have a pretty profound effect on the sound as well.

    Let me know if it is close for you.

    this was the main reason I wanted the editor so I could quickly, easily and effectively manipulate my performances in a hurry. It seems as though they didn’t address this. I want to quickly move around rigs (I usually use one “rig” per song and use the morph as a boost or to change effect parameters) so I can change the order of songs per the set list. I have such trouble doing this as sometimes it works, or it just changes the name but not the rig. It seems the same exact thing is happening with rm3.0. I unfortunately have to wait to download the editor until I can do this, I can’t risk a malfunction at a show.

    That was my biggest use case as well. I do like having a GUI for effects editing though. I have been using Toast ME for that when I need it. Still, arranging performances is the.biggest draw for me. FWIW, Kemper support told me that this is in the roadmap for Rig Manager.

    USB drive is arriving tomorrow or the day after. I'll upload my preset then.

    I have what I consider to be a decent "streets" U2 rig.... and I am pretty picky.

    The actual way Edge got the sound he got was by going into a single delay that did a quick slap, then stereo out into 2 mono delays set to different times. The output of each delay went into a VOX AC30. The two amps were placed side by side with some distance between them (I think it was around 1-2ft). By having both amps mic'ed close together, there was some ambient bleed from one into the other which finished off the chain.

    I have a rig with this in it; however, I currently don't have a USB drive (just moved and it is one of the many "missing" things) to post it here with.

    If you are interested, I could try to put it up on the rig exchange. Also, I posted a thread with the settings a while back that you can search for.

    Now that the stage is out, and a full featured editor exists, I believe the next product should be a "Kemper Mini" foot model. This would have only the LCD, up bank, down bank, and 4 foot switches to change rigs within a performance. Price it at around $600 and try to keep up with all the orders!

    All performance Management and rig management would be done through the editor (or a phone app) through Bluetooth.

    Such a product would be hugely popular with new users, and most of we power users having higher end units would buy them as backups and a small throw-and-go setup.

    Oh, and I too would like to see the stomps upgraded!

    This is a great suggestion.

    Of course, I do get that you have put in lots of time trying to get acceptable tone.... So at some point you should consider selling your KPA. It isn't for everyone. No amp is.

    As you yourself have stated, others have great clips on the KPA. it is possible to get tone nervana from the device. It might not be the best piece of gear for YOU to reach great time with though.

    If you can find someone local that uses a KPA, you should spend some time with them to see if they can help.

    First, thanks to the development team. Great job.

    Second, I get it. Validation on multiple OS's is a PITA. I have been developing or in charge of development teams for around 35 years.

    That being said, my old Win7 machine just won't update to Win10. Motherboard isn't supported for some reason. I tried to do it anyway, took around 2 hours and was nearly complete when the dreaded Win10 "something went wrong" BSOD showed up. The good news is that MicroSoft nicely put my machine back in the state it was in prior to the upgrade attempt (someone did their homework on failure modes on this one :) ).

    I suppose it really is time for another pseudo "ground up" desktop build .... or perhaps I can talk my wife into a nice new family laptop :)

    Funny thing is, I wouldn't even be considering updating the machine if it weren't for the Kemper editor. It does what it needs to do and is rock stable.

    Still, can't expect anyone writing a new program to be targeting Win7 today. That is just plain silly.

    Looks fantastic. My personal thanks to the development team for all their hard work and a job well done. I also have an old machine with Win7, but see this as a good reason to retire the old motherboard and move on to Win10. Great excuse to fiddle with one of those fancy new Rysen processors 😁

    Are you sure? The only other real option in this capability category is the Axe III Fx .... and it costs more, doesn't have the same tube amp sound quality (especially with light and medium distortion levels), and is much more difficult to configure to a good tone (this is based on my doing a 6 hour A/B with the 2 units).

    If you really really need to use an editor, get a MIDI cable and download ToastME. It is quite nice..... and you will still have that great Kemper sound quality and ease of use.

    I am already past the editor on my wish-list ..... and am now wishing for the improved stomps ;)

    Of course, I will still take a good editor when it comes out.

    As for the question of "is an editor needed?" ......

    My opinion is that it wasn't really needed that badly until the "Stage" came out. Stage users have to really hate having to bend over to edit.... or put the controller up on the desk .... but either way, an editor would sure make the Stage a much much better product.

    As others have pointed out, the Toast ME editor did help me better understand how the different efx were routed and how the different settings effected the chain. It is a really nice add to an already fantastic product.

    We spent years asking for new delays...and now we have one... ;)

    Funny ;)

    Now .... to be serious, we did get delays that are really good. We asked for an improved reverb engine .... and have a really great reverb engine that rivals even the most expensive pedals out there. We also asked for them to fix the horribly inefficient scrolling through things in the menu system .... and now it is really nice.

    The editor will come as well.

    Hi team Kemper.

    While I am sure that the new editor will be very nice, it would also be nice for the MIDI implementation in the KPA to be modified to allow MIDI manipulation of the preset management.

    This would be really nice for those with external MIDI controllers and allow a host of neat work-flows to be automated via MIDI.

    Thanks for listening!

    When It comes to raw guitar amp tone the Kemper is the gold standard. I have tried the fractal/Headrush units and the Helix. I think that the Helix is the worst for amp tones but has some great effects and IO options. The Fractal units are good but I feel like the only area that they beat the Kemper is in the FX department and not the amp tone. I feel like the Fractal and the Kemper are the top dogs and the Helix and Headrush are a lower tier sound wise. I did really like the Headrush floorboard a lot better than the Helix. For the right price the Headrush is a great backup for a Kemper or Fractal.

    Having spent around 6 hours doing an A/B shoot-out between my KPA and the AxeFX III, I would agree with your assessment.

    I would also add that when it comes to listening to a song, then picking out the guitar tone you would like for that song, then using the digital amp to get that sound, the KPA is way faster than the Axe FX. It is just stupid simple to get where you want to go quickly with a KPA.

    As repetitive as it is, I would like to say it one more time.

    There is an excellent editor for the KPA in Toast ME. I simply don't understand why anyone would sell their incredible sounding KPA because the OEM editor hasn't been released yet. It just makes no sense to me at all.

    I do have some sympathy for those who purchased the floor unit recently thinking that the OEM editor would be just days away; however, having said that, just download Toast ME in the meanwhile. Isn't that a reasonable solution for remote operation in the interim?

    Oh well. I guess you can please most of the people some of the time eh?

    My Yamaha's DXR10mkii arrived yesterday. At first I though they where too dark sounding until I really cranked them. They sound flatter and much louder than the EV 12 zlx-p. The EV sounded so overhyped on the high and low end that I had to lower the tone controls in the back. I had to redo my profiles because they where too dark for the DXR10mkii but once I got used to them they sound more natural than the EV's. I don't know how the new DXR10mkii compares to the older ones as far as sound, but I know the high frequecy driver has a neodymium magnet and they're louder than the old ones by 1 or 2 dB.

    The real test will be at rehearsal because I couldn't hear the EV's and when I crank them the sounds starts to deteriorate , that's why I purchased the Yamaha's. If anyone is interested to hear how they sound loud, I can report back.

    Yea, I am not surprised.

    The DXR's are in an entirely different league than the EV's.

    Just a thought, you might want to consider using your main eq out or monitor eq out to shape the sound of your profiles to specific speaker setups instead of tweaking each individual profile to a specific speaker. Also, when making any change in over-all EQ I always like to A/B it back and fourth to where I was before since we all tend to like what is different .... but then when you play it in context with the band, it doesn't always mix as well as what you already had.

    I think you will find those DXR's make a world of difference. Good luck and I look forward to hearing back from your first practice!

    OneEng1, off topic, but that line of reasoning is pretty cherry picked for a number of reasons.

    Your summary failed to account for frequency of updates and number of updated features. Compared to some other competing devices (and it aint just 2...), the frequency of Kemper updates isn't blowing anyone away. In fact, it lags behind many others. We can of course argue the "quality" of those other updates, but it's beside the point here if I'm to strictly interpret your reasoning.

    It doesn't invalidate the fact that when new hardware comes out, old hardware loses value.

    Further, if there are more than 2 (Fractal Axe, Line 6 Helix) that play competitively, I would like to know what they are?

    Old versions of hardware still work, and the only "value" that matters is to that of the player. If you still use hardware that is no longer supported with firmware updates, it works no less for you than it did before. If we were to take the common sentiment expressed on the forum that people don't need new features because they bought the Kemper "as-is", I don't see why that's suddenly an exception.

    So... what you are saying is that it would be OK if Fractal was still selling their Axe from 8 years ago? I am not sure that any amount of firmware upgrades would put it on-par with the Kemper of today .... but then again, we will never know since they quit doing anything on that old Axe (of any significance) quite some time ago ... don't you think?

    The original Axe-Fx II is still being updated, actually. Despite the unit being discontinued last year, Fractal Audio released a new update for it on the 18th.

    Hmmm. From their website:


    Zip Archive—Mar 28, 2019

    This firmware is a partial port of the new “Ares” modeling used in the Axe-Fx III. Not all aspects were able to be ported but the amps should sound very similar.

    So they added one new "model" that doesn't sound the same as it does in the new hardware?

    If that is the case for "update" then the KPA is updated every time someone makes a new profile!

    Sure you want to stick with this particular line of argument?

    Many Axe-Fx II users never buy a newer Axe-Fx II model because all Axe-Fx II models are compatible.

    No. They are not. Please read the note above again.

    Okay, though I'd argue the Axe-Fx II is far more versatile and costs less than a new Kemper, while the Axe-Fx III retails for a bit less than what I paid for my Axe-Fx II (new) and is an even more flexible and feature rich unit than the II. There's really no comparison between the feature set of the III vs. the Kemper. The III is on a whole different level, and is a bargain at the asking price, in my opinion.

    Having spent around 9 hours with all 3 (Kemper, Axe fx II and Axe fx III) doing A/B's all day long, all I can say is that the Kemper was able to obtain good tones faster and more accurately with a Fender HRD, Mesa Double rect, and JCM800. This was both with profiling, and just starting out with rig manager and some downloaded rigs as a starting point.

    Sure, the Axe III editor is damn beautiful. Certainly the most comprehensive editor I could ever envision. Still, at the end of the day, the Kemper was the tone matching champ hands down.

    I'll give the Axe III the nod for the most tweak-able guitar amp in history with no one else even running in the same galaxy in the market, but that didn't help it obtain the tones of the tube amps with ease. Sure, you will get there in time. You just need training and patience.

    Keep in mind, that all 3 devices had good sounds. The KPA did mid gain decisively better IMO. The Axe effects were just amazing though.

    FWIW, I think that you guys that are used to the Axe Fx III editor are going to be very disappointed with any editor Kemper comes out with. The Axe Fx III was architected with an editor on a PC in its DNA while Kemper was designed not to need one at all and be more "tube amp like" in its controls.

    A lot of people aren't going to use a third party editor because 1) it's third party and 2) it's MIDI only 3) not officially supported. An official editor will certainly add value to the unit and thus incentivize future purchases, in my opinion.

    A lot of people already use the third party editor. I certainly do. It is very likely that anyone who does lots of automation already has tons of MIDI experience and equipment. As always, it will of course be nice when the editor is integrated with rig manager and can work through a USB cable :)