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    Hi again, Chris.

    I've been living in my own studio for a long time now, so the toaster is wired in to the mixer and everything is nice and convenient. Got together with some nice guys last night and I may be heading for a new band thing, which means unharnessing the toaster from the studio, going to rehearsal, coming home, rewiring the toaster. I'm thinking it might be worth buying a stage and selling the remote for the toaster. That way the toaster can live in the studio and the stage can just stay in the travel kit.

    There were some teething pains (faulty knobs, etc.) when the Stage was first released, but I'm assuming the quality issues are sorted out by now (please let me know if that's not the case). I'm sure many of you have done something similar, moving from the rack / toaster to the stage for rehearsals and gigs. Are there any problems, required tweaks, caveats or other considerations I should know about before making the decision to move my non-studio scenarios to a Stage instead of the Toaster / remote?

    I just noticed you have a Powered Toaster. What are you planning to do at rehearsals for amplification? With the Stage, you'll need an amp or run into a PA.

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    I would greatly value any thoughts you might have on this. Plus, you know, if anyone wants to lend me some of their GAS medication to just get over it all, that would probably be okay, too. I'm not sure how much this is a "need" and just a "shiny new toy" thing. :)

    For context - until I got my Kemper Profiler, I was the guy who had two of everything; one for the studio, one for the road. Normally, I would have gotten a second Profiler as soon as I was happy with the first. I didn't because the Profiler plus Remote was easy to move around. Once I had the routine down, it was simple to move the setup to a gig and back. Having the Stage might save me all of five minutes each time I use it instead of the Toaster. I spend as much time keeping the two units up-to-date and synchronized as I save having one for the studio and one for the road. You can do the math about the value of your time.

    Some people rightly observe that with the Remote - you've only got one cable at your feet. With the Stage, you will have more. I have all my cables bundled up, so they are tidy, and it's quick to make all the connections, so that's not a big deal.

    With the Stage, you've also got a bigger financial investment lying vulnerable to the perils of stage traffic and calamities. That's okay if you have control over your stage space and you can manage the risks. If something stupid were to happen, I'd rather replace a Remote than a Stage.

    If you get the Stage, add the price of a case or a bag. If you use external switches and expression pedals, you might have to double up on those and end up with pedalboard for everything.

    If I had to make the decision again

    Well, it got cold and wet, and it will be at least a couple of months before I'll be playing outside again. The Stage has been sitting here idle and that's not a good thing. Having had the experience of owning both, I realize I could have done without the Stage. I'd have to be an insanely expensive roadie to offset the cost for convenience.

    The original Profiler and Remote have been a great investment. They owe me nothing and if I had to replace or repair them, I would without hesitation. On reflection, I didn't need the Stage. I loved the new and shiny buzz and all the fun of figuring out how to make things work. When the next big thing from Kemper comes along, I'm probably going to have some second thoughts.

    Hi, Chris,

    I have both. I got the Kemper Profiler (unpowered) [2014], Remote [2016], Stage [2020]. I got the Stage to do light-weight outdoor shows at extended-living/long-term care facilities. There are no dedicated performance areas (stages) and we often must carry our gear over less than friendly terrain. I went through a Strymon Iridium and an HX Stomp before I chose the Stage. It just made sense.

    If you're like me, you'll (continue) to do your development on the Toaster and copy the Performances to the Stage. To do that, you'll keep the Remote so you can do the following in the studio.

    • Button assignments for the Stomps and Effects and Morphing
    • Rehearse Performances
    • Use the Looper

    Also, on the Stage, you don't get buttons for the Stomps block, Stack block, and Effects block. This means you can't lock and unlock those blocks or make Presets for them. That's not a problem if you do all your development work on the Toaster.

    You have more I/O options with the Stage than the Toaster (see note below).

    I like the display on the Stage better while performing. It's easier to see.

    You'll want to think about how you will organize your life with one or two instances of Rig Manager and two Profilers. I have a laptop for the Toaster and one for the Stage. It's simple if you do all the development on one (e.g., Toaster) and copy the Performances to the Stage. If you do development on both, you have to think harder about keeping things in sync.

    You might consider using the Stage in place of the Remote to control the Toaster for the whole dual amp thing. I haven't gotten around to that yet. As for using the Stage to REPLACE the Remote - I have some doubts about how I would handle external switches and expression pedals.

    So I’m getting rdy to put speakers in a 2x12 cab I’ve had with some Celestions. What ohm speaker load would you guys go with? Does it really matter as long as I don’t stress them? I run my power rack at rehearsals through a 4x12 @ 16ohms, but the 2x12 one I’m going to use at home and for smaller gigs/rehearsals. Just trying to get some opinions. Should I get two 8 ohms and run @ 16 ohms or two 16 ohms and run @ 8 ohms?

    Have you considered loading up that cabinet with a couple of Kemper Kones?

    Hi, Braut1,

    Welcome to the community.

    sstauffer has given you great information about the cables. You can find the details about the ports and how to configure them in the

    👉 Kemper Main Manual 7.5 English

    Search for "Expression Pedals and Foot Switches"

    Here are some other resources for you.

    Kemper Stage Quick Start

    👉Kemper Manual 8.0 Addendum

    👉 Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides 📖

    👉 Rig Manager Download and Documentation 💽📖

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    👉 Before you buy Commercial Rigs and Profiles check out the Rig Manager for Rig Packs and Rig Exchange

    👉 Kemper FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Hi, Kuronaki,

    Are you using Rig Manager? What version? What operating system? (Windows or OSX)? What version?

    What version of the Kemper Operating System are you using?

    Are you trying to using a USB key to transfer the files?

    Hi BH Guitar.

    Welcome to the community.

    It sounds like the Effects Block is LOCKED.

    Press and hold the Lock button. Does the Effect button remain lit? If it does, press it so the light goes out.

    Now try loading a Rig into a Performance. There may still be some effects turned on, but it should only have the effects that were turned on in the Rig you just loaded.

    Here are some resources for you.

    👉 Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides 📖

    👉 Rig Manager Download and Documentation 💽📖

    👉 Kemper Tutorials & Demos (videos) 🎬

    👉 Before you buy Commercial Rigs and Profiles check out the Rig Manager for Rig Packs and Rig Exchange

    👉 Kemper FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Hi KellyMidiMurphy,

    I should not use imprints on my Kabinet? Right?

    For me to hear what FOH gets, I should set the Kabinet to FRFR? Right?
    How do I do that?

    Are you running two Kabinets in stereo? If so, turn on Monitor Stereo (second button from the left).

    Or, on the other hand, is running the Kabinet with FRFR not accomplishing the “amp in the room” effect that many players miss?

    When you disable Monitor Cab Off you are enabling the Cab (cabinet and microphone emulation) and the Kabinet operates in FRFR mode.

    You get to decide which you prefer. Please tell us what you hear.

    Hi, rhtx3003,

    Here's another video specifically about using Rig Manager to create Performances.

    And another video about using Rig Manager with less emphasis on Performances, but you can use most of what he does can be applied to building a Performance.

    Hi rhtx3003,

    Have you seen this video? I found it was easier to understand setting up Performances in Rig Manager once I was able to do it on the Profiler first.