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    Hi lightbox,

    Thanks for your input. I got the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station which is much more than I need for the Kemper Stage alone. I wanted to have plenty of power to spare for a PA and mixer.

    Not disputing your numbers, but I am curious how you measured - do you have a Kill-A-Watt?

    The Jackery has a meter that shows the draw on the battery. It takes 4-5 watts when the AC outlet (inverter) is activated - and the display shows a draw of 17 watts with the Kemper Stage. I have the display brightness and buttons turned all the way up.

    This is going to work fine. Running my small PA (Bose L1 Compact, T4S mixer with phantom power on, wireless receiver, Kemper Stage) full out running some tracks for testing - the draw fluctuated between 40 to 70 watts. I should be able to do at least 5 hours with power to spare.

    518 watt hours x .85 (inefficiency factor) = 440 watt hours.

    440 watt hours / 55 watts = 8 hours

    Hi, All.

    I just talked to the dealer. They are going to order a new one and when it arrives, they'll just exchange it.

    They are a 10-minute drive from here.

    So, no big deal.

    This is why I still buy from bricks 'n mortar stores whenever possible.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



    My new Stage has debris under the glass in the display. I moves a little bit but I can't get it to move enough to be invisible. But it's annoying.

    I bought the unit from a local retailer (Canada). I could return it, but they don't have another one in stock.

    Do you think I can open it up and at the debris (vacuum cleaner)? Or should I take it back?

    Will this void the warranty?




    Just tap the button - FAST - it works.

    Press it for too long and it doesn't.

    I realized the issue when it worked when I wore shoes, and not with socks.

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    On both my Stage and Profiler + Remote the Looper 1/2 speed button works intermittently. That is: It's hard to get it to switch full speed to 1/2 speed and back.

    Both are running OS

    Is this a known problem?

    How can I get switching from full to 1/2 speed to work properly.



    Thanks BoniDad.

    "have a separate discrete, non-related, RM for each KPA"

    Yes, that seems to be the better approach. I have tried connecting the two profilers to the same instance of Rig Manager. That's actually pretty harmless as Rig Manager reads the current state of whichever profiler is attached. And anything I want to copy/paste between the profilers - I can store those the Local Libraries.

    Thanks for your insights.


    Thanks for the Welcomes. I've been here since 2014 with my Profiler Head. I was bubbling over with excitement at getting the Stage the other day.

    Having a ball.

    Hi, BoniDad.

    Thanks for your reply.


    But, if you want both Rig Managers to be discrete, then setup different Rig Manager logins for each computer. Use one for Head and the Other for Stage. Done.

    I think I'll share files as necessary using OneDrive instead of a shared network drive. OneDrive can handle keeping the files in sync AND it will manage keeping a local copy of the files on the computers transparently (Always Available) . This would be important if I want to use the computers off-site. I retired my Windows Server years ago, so I no longer have a local network store with VPN access.

    Are you suggesting I run Rig Manager from a shared folder so there's only one instance? I don't expect that to work.

    Since I'm running Rig Manager on different computers, do I need separate logins? Do you mean the Preferences | Owner Name ?




    I'm looking for tips on how to use my

    Profile Head + Rig Manager (on a computer)


    Stage + Rig Manager (on a different computer)

    Just got my Kemper Stage. I've had my Profiler Head plus Remote for years.

    The Profiler Head is connected to a Surface laptop on my network.

    The Stage is connected to a Surface Book laptop, also on my network.

    As I'm figuring out my workflow. Here's the plan:

    • Profiler Head - I'll do all my experimenting with the Head
      • Audition Profiles from Rig Exchange and downloads and purchases
      • Build performances
    • Stage - play it live
      • Use Performances I built with the Profiler Head
      • Probably won't have many if any Profiles in Browser mode

    I don't necessarily want to clone the two units (backup from Profiler Head, restore to Stage).

    • I don't need all the Profiles on the Profiler Head in the Stage
      • I'd like the Stage to boot up fast
    • I haven't figured out how to 'backup' just performances to USB
    • I'd prefer to transfer files over my network
      • Export performances from the Profiler Head to a shared folder on my network (or OneDrive)
      • Import performance to the Stage from a shared folder on my network (or OneDrive)

    Before I set all that up (not a big deal really) does anyone have tips on how to use a

    Profile Head + Rig Manager (on a computer)


    Stage + Rig Manager (on a different computer)




    I've been playing outdoors lately, without AC power. I just got a Kemper Stage, and I think it draws 50 watts (100-230 volts, 0.5 amps), but imagine it's probably less than that.

    I have two Bose S1 Pro systems that run on internal rechargeable batteries. I'd like to get a lithium-ion battery power supply to run the Stage. It should run for 4 to 5 hours. I'm in Canada (110 volt AC)


    • Has anyone else done this?
    • What battery power source did you use? (links please)
    • How much power does the Stage really consume?
    • Does the Kemper require pure sine-wave power or will modified sine-wave work?

    If the Stage actually draws less than 50 watts and can work with modified sine-wave power, I can hope something like this will work.

    Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

    If the Stage really consumes 50 watts and requires pure-sine wave power then I'll have to get something like this.

    Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

    Of course the bigger one is more than twice the money.

    Your thoughts?



    I've had the white Kemper Profiler Head since 2015. Got the Remote a couple of years later.

    I was looking for something simpler and lighter than carrying around both pieces. I tried Strymon Iridium (loved the simplicity and the sound but with only one preset, well you know). I tried the Line 6 HX Stomp. The whole time I was learning the ins and outs, I admired the ingenuity but chafed at the mindset. It probably would have been okay if I hadn't had to go through gymnastics to make things work with a three-button interface - well that and learn a whole new way of doing things. I wasn't looking forward to buying profiles/presets for two different platforms.

    I was in the local music store (where I got my original Kemper). I was there on the 29th day of the 30-day return window for the Strymon Iridium and the HX Stomp. They had just received the Kemper Stage and put it out on display.

    Well - you know what happened next.

    Just did a backup of the factory setup. Now I have to do some research to clone my Profiler Head.