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    It actually is a great idea to know more than one instrument, even if it's just guitar and bass. I find it gives you a different perspective on how to write/arrange a song.

    What else do you have in that studio corner?

    I totaly agree. I have different guitars for different styles and sounds! Mandolin, Dobro, accoustic guitar steel and nylon, two strats, one Telecaster and Epi ES335. I only miss a Les Paul 58

    I play mainly Tom Anderson electrics with Buzz Feiten tuning, and use Peterson tuner. tuning and intonation. my ears cry when i hear guitars with bad intonation! but frets and pick can make big differences in intonation, so in some cases you have to make a small compromise and offset a very small amont. Intonation is a very delicate job if you have not done it before.. neckreleafe and hight have to be right before you start

    Finaly i have got my new Epiphone ES335 Cherry (Inspired of Gibsen edition) due to Covid-19 the delivery was delayed!

    I was a bit worried how this guitar would sound trough Kemper, but I am realy impressed by playability and sound. good nice tones from Jazz to Rock. thick fat tone on hi gain and a lot of sustain! It had a few finnish dings, but considering the price its ok. I dont anyone would notice much sound difference in the audience compared to 4 times more expencive Gibson! the alnico pro pickups had good separation no muddyness and was quite dynamic. It sounded very nice on my Kemper. I modified some presets from my hollow short T and it sounded very good. It has almost same scale and it is chambered so a bit similar. ES335 was as expected fatter sounding and i was impressed about the sustain. string separation and effects was clear and transparent. delay and tremolo not muddy at all! factory set up was ok. good intonation but maby a hair to high! but playability and neck was nice!

    I am a big Mark Knopfler fan, and tought he was the last one to switch out his big tubeamps! In my opinion i can create 99% the sounds that I had with my tubeamps. but if i dont had to carry my gear I could easyly had Bogners and Matchless on stage!! but dont think the audience would notice! For guitarists who use one guitar and have one signature sound, i think Kemper is completely wrong amp

    MBritt is realy good profiles. I always use EQ and boost, and they realy shine with my strats and Tele! Dark or bright profiles is very easy to compensate with EQ and voicing! its the thing in the middle who realy is the inportant thing, that many guitrists realy forget! You can have as cool prestets as you want in your bedroom and headphones, but you need to understandthat your presets have to be made at gigvolume and that people will hear the sound trough your PA!! not your cab playing for your knees!

    The whole ting for me with Kemper is to use FRFR speaker! I dail in all my sounds with this at gig volume, and troug our PA it sounds almost the same! We have JBL PA who realy transmit my guitarsound very well! almost after every gig some guitarist or musichan come up to me and say i have a very nice guitarsound!!

    yes.. with the shape of the headstock like a Gibson.. or Inspired by Gibson if you prefer.

    like this..

    but this has the Output jack on the top, near volume and tone controls, not on the side like a Les Paul or a 339... or the 1st pic you posted right? (that indeed looks more compact than a 335)

    Sorry my Norwegian dealer has mixed up pictures and text on their website! her you have the link! jack not in the sarg and vintage pegs, and Gibson Pickguard without the screw trough it :-)

    looks like a 339 not a 335.

    I m looking for a 330 since.. one year or so.. can t find the Right one. I ve also tried recently some epiphone casino and casino coupé.. not bad guitars at all. Great value for money

    No its a 2020 model its called ES-335 Cherry. 339 has a scaled down body

    Ihave seen a couple of reviews. ex. Andertones compareing with a Gibson! I will use it with a tribute band, and if it sounds and playes as good as in their video i thonk i will be sattisfied with it! :-)

    I am realy satisfied with my Kemper setup and presets. I play mostly strats and Tele, but i have ordered a Epiphone ES-335 cherry :P I know this is only a copy, but A-B tests on youtube seems like the sunds and playability is nearly the same. the biggest differences is build finnish and paint. I am not a Gigson guy anyway so think if its sound ES335 for 1/4 of the price it would do for me! I am used to a lot mor expencive guitars. the new model is ready by Februar, so i will come with a rewiev then.

    Anyone else have good exp with ES335 styled guitars and Kemper! I already have a hollow short scale Tele and it sounds fantastic! but cost 5 times more!

    I usually use a strat tele and an acoustic! make different presets for all my guitars! The Kemper also is nice for my electric Mandolin oand Dobro with inbuilt mic!

    I can play fat tones even with my Tele bridge pickup. I dont understand your problem!

    and legato playing is easy for me on all my presets! I play as dynamic as all other tube amps i have played!

    Dynamic playing was the biggest requierment i had to a digital amp. I was looking for a lunchbox style top to my CAE 2x12 cab, but after an hour playing with the Kemper, I knew it was for me! I play a lot of different music and different styles.

    Even my biggest influencer and guitarhero Mark Knopfler uses kemper now!

    Some songs from my project band and tribute to Kim Larsen from Denmark. 6 songs from a Covid-19 streaming consert with several bands. I was the only digital guy, and had the best guitarsound! :P

    I mainly use Preset Bogner ATMA and Mesa profile on the higain. Guitar: Tom Anderson HSTC (Hollow short scale)<3

    Simple Rig as I use with all bands i play with: Kemper, Yamaha DXR8, Kemper remote & Ernie Ball ex/volume, Sennheizer IM300 G3 inear