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    I bought Kemper in 2014 I dont think i have played my tube amp live one single time since!!! I have realy lovely Koch Multitone, but its a lot easyer to carry the Kemper and DXR, and it sound fantastic live with all my guitars and Accoustics, including Mandolin and Dobro!!

    My main guitars is basicly 1 Tom Anderson Drop Top, 2 Tom Anderson Hollow short T, 3 Taylor accoustic.

    the two andersons are so different sonicly that I have separate prestets for each one. My accoustic sounds is without cab sim, and there I have splitted prests for, there again I have separate profiles for acc guitar, Mandoline and Dobro.

    So basicly I make different prestes for each guitars. the most difficult thing is to make the same volume for both solos and rythm when the sonic difference is so different on each guitar.. but thats is also the reason I have different guitars! :-)

    The first thing i noticed when buying a Kemper is that the sonic difference is bigger on my Kemper than on my tube amp! even the difference in pickups on same guitar have bigger difference! A tube amp is more even and in some ways forgivable.. The guitarsound is more about the sonic character of the amp!

    It would be nice if I could have Buzz Feiten tuning on Kemper! but I guess its not easy.. I use a Peterson tuner anyway!

    I spent 4-5months tweaking my reverb/delay before i cut out my T.C. Electronics G-Force! I am still not happy.. but try to keep things simple! What is good sounding is very personaly.. some guitarists can make shitty guitars and cheap amps sound fantastic.. some with expensive guitars and amps like their favourite artist sounds shit.. Its all in our fingers and how our ears consider good tone/sounds. I can talk for my self and try to get out warm tubeamp like tones. You need to tweak a lot and match your guitar and reference speaker. I have tryed hundreds of profiles, but only had found 4-5 that i realy like and use. I play mainly 95% live

    I choosed Kemper cause i can use it just like an amp with knobs.. i dont use RM!

    The most importen thing is to make your rigs at gig volume!! bassy growling sounds can be very cool at low volume.. when you turn it up it sounds realy away from regular guitarsounds..and dont cut trough mix at all..

    I had a nearly unused CAE 2x12 with V30`s that I tought it would be fun tu try out with my Kemper! so I bought a Ethos 30W amp.

    I have only tested it at home a few days, but some rockprofiles sound good trough this setup. (Fender 64 Delux,Bogner ATMA) The realy Highgain profiles and cleans with heavy delay and reverv, I will say sound nicer trough my Yamaha DXR and monitor cab on! But I would defenately take it to bigger venues when playing classic rocktones! It defenately looks bether than the DXR setup! But in fact not so vercatile.. My Kock Tubeamp that I have profiled sounded much better trough the CAE cab! :)

    [Blocked Image:…/IMG_4416_zpsbznsjg9f.jpg]

    Hello I want to play my unpowered Kemper trough my CAE 2x12 Cab, just for fun, and have ordered a Ethos 30W poweramp. Can i run without Cab on the monitor out, but still want cab sim on my main outs? How do you use it With Poweramp? I am realy satisfied With my DXR and Senheiser inear, But it would look a lot cooler With a 2x12, and i think maby some of my rigs will be Nice With V30`s

    If you have a good quality tone guitar you dont need a hollowbody to sound jazz!! I have found a few good profiles that can be very dynamic and sweet! What guitar you play and what you play trough have ofcourse influence on your tone.. and most of all its in your fingers!! I have red countless threads about copying his/her favourit guitarists gear, but dont sound like him...but thats another story...

    I had to adjust my pickups when going from Tubeamp to Kemper! the neck pickup and in general bass side was to much!! I think the bass strings have a greater signal than the thin strings. Its not a problem but I can feel the difference from a tube amp and Kemper.. on the Kemper the thin strings is a little bit weaker

    I started on a Tennisracket! so made my own guitars with fishingline.. when i was 11 i got an acoustic guitar and took a few lessons, but i played by ear, and learned more on my boyroom! I got a Kasette from my Uncle with the shadows, and when i got an Hondo electric i started to play along!
    my inspiration is from Hank Marwin, Mark Knopfler, Chet Atcins and a few Guitarists from Norway

    Its realy difficult when i mix between accoustic guitar and electric. on some profiles i need a lot of amp volume to get the right feel.
    on the accoustic sounds i need a lot of headroom to not sound boxy or not too compressed. And infact that is difficult to match profiles in wolum if I ex. play Telecaster with 65Amp Brittish gain /voicing and then go to strat with a Fender delux. its completele different freequences.. and difference get bigger on a PA than on my Yamaha DXR as i use for reference, when creating sounds/presets.
    I could use a DB messure on my phone, but frequencies is fooling the ears..

    It works, but be aware that the rocktron velocity has a simulated tube circuit. This affects the sound because it's not a linear poweramp. I used a velocity 300 and sold it after testing. I also sold my mesa boogie 2x12 real cab and changed to frfr. From this time on the sun comes up with my kpa because i can use all the different and wonderful cab sims.

    Ok then it would not be right for the Kemper! I am realy happy with the sound of my DXR, but just want to find out it powered Kemper is for me! at least at home..