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    I can play fat tones even with my Tele bridge pickup. I dont understand your problem!

    and legato playing is easy for me on all my presets! I play as dynamic as all other tube amps i have played!

    Dynamic playing was the biggest requierment i had to a digital amp. I was looking for a lunchbox style top to my CAE 2x12 cab, but after an hour playing with the Kemper, I knew it was for me! I play a lot of different music and different styles.

    Even my biggest influencer and guitarhero Mark Knopfler uses kemper now!

    Some songs from my project band and tribute to Kim Larsen from Denmark. 6 songs from a Covid-19 streaming consert with several bands. I was the only digital guy, and had the best guitarsound! :P

    I mainly use Preset Bogner ATMA and Mesa profile on the higain. Guitar: Tom Anderson HSTC (Hollow short scale)<3

    Simple Rig as I use with all bands i play with: Kemper, Yamaha DXR8, Kemper remote & Ernie Ball ex/volume, Sennheizer IM300 G3 inear

    I know its impossible to lock out bussing from singlecoils!! but i realy want to know if its anything i can do to take it down a bit.. its a lot more buzz when i play the Kemper than my Tubeamp. maby its the tweeter on my DXR who is the main source.. In many venues i play there is not a broblem. and it seems it ocures in places with a lot of lights.. and on my musicroom at home its a lot of lightbulbs in the center of the roof. My strat its worse than my Tele. no noise with my Taylor acc. with active mic system

    I have a lot of anoying noise too! I have asked the question several times, but no conclution. I can turn up the noisegate but the tone goes dull and even then the noise is there. Groundlift makes no different.

    Wonder if cables can be an issue. Is there any ground shielding device to put into the power socket?

    Its not realy a problem live with high wolumes in a band, but home at low volumes its anoying. i like twangy fat sharp cutting trough mix sound. (Fender Delux/super reverb) and thats when the bussing Noise is worst!

    I think my bulblights on my musicroom makes buzzing when useing singelcoil guitars. the lights is dimable, but also got on and off switch. or the problem is bad earthing (ground).

    I feel i have to adjust the noisegate to mutch, and even still it buzzez a lot!! its often not a problem in live situations, but at low volumes and at home its realy anoying!

    so my question is. is there anything i can do to shield from this? special cables or any dewise to put in the sockets? the buzzing goeas away when i touch any of the metal plugs on either my guitar cable or cable from Kemper to my monitor (DXR8) the groundlift have no effect

    is someone else experience these problems? I play Tom Anderson Electrics so it should not be bad quality guitars.. Maby the solutions is to get an electrician!?

    Thats exactly what i think too! I play mostly live with in ears, but use my DXR on stage to get kind of amp feeling at high volumes, I dont understand why i should have a coloured sound on stage when my in ears and PA is the sound that realy matter. If i was doing a lot of studio stuff, or sat only in my musicroom I could had it, but I realy get almost in room amp feel with my DXR8

    I am not sure i understand the use of the Kemper Kabinet. My philosofy is using kemper direct in the PA, and the monitor in my case DXR8 is to monitor whats out form the PA. I make my presets on my reference speeker also DXR8! the sound trough PA is nearly exact the same, and the sound i realy like.

    I have tryed playing trough my CAE2x12 cab with V30´s + Poweramp. I have to admit almost all my profiles is sounding better and fuller trough my DXR8, exept maby from some chrunch style presets.

    so what will happend to my presets if i run it troug the Kemper Kabinet with cone and turn off the cab simulation! will it send it to the PA without cab simulation? or do it send it with Kone simulation?? I dont realy understand the usage of this if the "nice sound"only comes from the Kemper Kab!? cause its no Kemper kone in the PA?

    I play 95% live trough PA. iam not shure the Kemper Kone is for me and my usage! If i realy want an amp on stage i use my heavy Koch tube amp and Jensen custom speakers 6L6 tubes+TC G-Force.

    I bought Kemper because less to carry , no heavy amp, straight in PA, same sound in everey venue no miced cab, no bassrumble

    I have downloaded some Dr. Z from Rig exchange and the all seems a bit fizzy to me.. i have manage to tweak one wreck profile to deasent telecaster twang and bite without loosing the depth and classic compressed mids

    All my life i have tweaked my amps and guitars just to sound like MK! all my Kemper profiles almost are tweaked to sound like MK sound! I dont realy think he is tweaking anything at all on his amps anymore.. he only have a volumepedal on stage, and the techs are preapering all the switshing for him. I dont think anyone will get any information on his profiles! :-)

    But it was realy fun to hear my biggest influenser is using Kemper now..

    I bought Kemper in 2014 I dont think i have played my tube amp live one single time since!!! I have realy lovely Koch Multitone, but its a lot easyer to carry the Kemper and DXR, and it sound fantastic live with all my guitars and Accoustics, including Mandolin and Dobro!!

    My main guitars is basicly 1 Tom Anderson Drop Top, 2 Tom Anderson Hollow short T, 3 Taylor accoustic.

    the two andersons are so different sonicly that I have separate prestets for each one. My accoustic sounds is without cab sim, and there I have splitted prests for, there again I have separate profiles for acc guitar, Mandoline and Dobro.

    So basicly I make different prestes for each guitars. the most difficult thing is to make the same volume for both solos and rythm when the sonic difference is so different on each guitar.. but thats is also the reason I have different guitars! :-)

    The first thing i noticed when buying a Kemper is that the sonic difference is bigger on my Kemper than on my tube amp! even the difference in pickups on same guitar have bigger difference! A tube amp is more even and in some ways forgivable.. The guitarsound is more about the sonic character of the amp!

    It would be nice if I could have Buzz Feiten tuning on Kemper! but I guess its not easy.. I use a Peterson tuner anyway!