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    We have been so lucky to have the rapid evolution of our Kempers. Many thanks Kemper team! It has been so rapid that I am also surprised by the lengthy - by Kemper standards - silence on betas.

    Just posted on rig exchange my attempt to get a good acoustic sound. Rig is called Acoustic Sim - UA 710d tube + I am thrilled with the result. I paired the acoustic sim with a profile of a UAD mic preamp and added some nice options for EQ, Reverb, Stereo widening. Profile was specifically designed for my Gretsch Synchromatic.

    Been going at it for a couple of days and loving it! What a difference! Am I correct that the relevant items under the System menu on the Kemper have not been captured in RM 3.0? Namely:

    - Rig X-fade time

    - FX Loop Level

    - Pedal links for Morph, Wah, Volume and Pitch

    - Midi programming

    No problems at all with the installs. Very intuitive and so much easier to find, experiment and edit. Awesome work Kemper!

    One suggestion - the virtual adjustment knobs are great but unless I am missing something, there is no way to directly enter specific values. For example, I can't type in a tempo of exactly 120 BMP - getting 120 exactly with the virtual knob is hard.