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    Selling some of my gear:

    TC Electronics G-Force, updated, power cord and original packing, asking € 400,-
    Rocktron Replifex, power supply and original manual, asking € 150,-

    Units are in very good condition, rack use only, minor scratches.

    Private sale, no warranties whatsoever, no trades cash only, pay pal possible, shipping only in EU (costs not included), pickup preferred, Pictures on request.

    Thank you :thumbsup:

    I rehearsed with the pure cab on yesterday evening. It sounds better then my rig sounded before.
    I run Kemper --> 2 x Flexsys fm12 like you would use a guitaramp (loud).
    I had it on every rig I used for the rehearsal. I play swampy combo sounds and crispy Vibroverbs and my max. gain is like a Jubilee or 2203 marshall kinda gain.
    I agree with some of you that the difference between on and off is more noticeable then 0.0 to10.00. Around 5 -7 its cool for my ears.

    But there was a little problem and I don't know if its because of the PC or the new SU. Maybe one of you encountered the following?:

    When I switch from more gain to clean it seems to be that the cab is not loading properly. It sounds like "cab off" for like 3-5 seconds? Somebody has a lead on that?

    Sorry for the slight off topic....

    Hi there,

    I actually bought the profile-pack pretty close to the time they have been announced, fiddled around with them a little bit but just came around to really test them between the past fat and lazy days.
    Man...this is really well spent money I must say. They sound absolutely wonderfull. (Specially the Dick Dale Rig and the profile with the new Cabinet ).
    I am in the middle of a production with my new band "Buffalo Jax" and although all the guitar tracks had already been done...I did them again!!! And I cleaned out the Kemper...BM Rigs alongside a few and precious Rigs I did myself and some I found in the Rig-Exchange that's all I need.


    Hi Guys,

    +1 for adjustable rotor speed here...I like Rotary much more then Chorus but i could deffo use an adjustable control especially for the slow speed...preferable with an expression pedal....

    Thanks in advance KemperCrew :thumbsup: