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    Every time I try to play along to tracks by connecting audio to the Aux In connections, my Stage freezes up and needs to be manually shut down and restarted. I also initially had problems with the footswitches, but they are working fine now. I filled out an online support form weeks ago when it first happened (it's happened 9 times thus far), and never heard back - I filled out another form today, so we'll see if I hear anything back. Has anyone had this issue, or, can someone connect to their Aux In if you haven't tried it yet and see if you have the same issue?

    Thanks Sergey for this information... but I choose at last, to buy the Kemper Remote...

    Sorry I was late to add my thoughts, so I'll add them for anyone else who may want more info on using the HD500 as a MIDI controller. I made a video to show how I use it and also a link to download the HD500 Preset & Setlist is in the YouTube video description:

    Hope you enjoy your Remote!

    - Art

    Just to let you all know, I am now the happy owner of a Kemper and a Yamaha HS7 monitor. Works flawlessly with rocksmith and the tones already surpass the Pod HD500 by a big margin, even without much tweaking. It is also so much easier to use. Now I just have to work out how to use my pod as a midi footswitch and I will be good to go.

    Thanks both of you for your help

    Were you able to get your HD500 to control your Kemper? Here's a video I made on how I use mine and a link to download the Preset & Setlist is in the video description on YouTube:

    I have the HD500, the HD500X is the latest version. It really depends what you're looking for as to which one you decide on. The MIDI capability of the HD500 is enough for me - of course, I already had it & replaced it with the Kemper.

    I just made a preset & an entire Setlist (to save you time) plus an overview video. Basically, I am able to turn all Stomps & FX on/off & also have access to MIDI locations 1-64 on the Kemper (which is more than I need!). Also, I can either plug a guitar directly into the Kemper or go through the HD500 & control/power my Variax plus plug in another 2 instruments (I then send a direct signal from the HD500 to the Kemper) - and I have Volume & Expression pedal control. (Oh, also no mismatched LEDs for stomps/fx)

    Link to files and video:…dzafVs47jWRzC5JfCx5a?dl=0

    I just set up my POD HD500 to control the Kemper. I can turn all stomps/fx on or off; have expression/volume pedals,have access to MIDI presets 1-64 on the Kemper, and I can either plug into the Kemper directly or into the HD500 and control/power my Variax plus 2 other instruments and send a direct signal (no effects from the POD) to the Kemper. I also have the lights match the Kemper so I know which stomps/fx are on (no mismatched led problem!). I made a preset, a setlist, and a quick overview video at this link:…dzafVs47jWRzC5JfCx5a?dl=0

    Selling my Behringer FCB1010 with EurekaPROM chip (US only). Anyone interested? Message or email me at: artnpam [at]

    Can't wait to get a Remote!

    SOLD and I'm not getting a Remote since my HD500 offers me more flexibility than the Remote would - very pleased!

    Check this out:

    Pricing and availability
    The Profiler Remote will be available exclusively from the Kemper Online store during Q1/ 2015 for Euro 499,- (incl. VAT) and USD 599,- (plus applicable tax).
    In stores the Profiler Remote will be offered as a bundle with the Kemper Profiler. The price will be announced.

    Available soon from our friends at Sweetwater Sound