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    Hi guys!

    Im going deeper into some atmospheric black metal stuff at the moment. But im not quite there, where I want to be.

    Short story: I need profiles for recording purpose only.

    The profiles I use now:

    Toneskulpt´s ART DST4 Retro2 - Rhythm

    Soundside´s SOLO 02 Vintage - Lead

    This is where I am at:…9hxdr/BlackMetal.mp3?dl=0

    I got the problem, that these sound a little bit too harsh. Too many plec noises here and there...

    Here is an example of what I would be looking for...

    Does anyone have an advice for me what profiles I should try out? Many thanks in advance!

    Hi all!

    I am using my kemper for recording purpose, and now I am searching for good crunchy profiles.

    I got the problem, that almost all profiles are very harsh on the strokes. There are present noises of the plec and so on...

    The guitar I am using is a Gibson LPJ, but my Tele has that problem also present. As if its PU is too hot...

    Is there any menu or setting, where I can adjust this harshness or sensivity?

    For example, listen to this song:

    The guitars are very smooth. No noises, just mellow. How can I achieve?...

    Thanks in advance!


    I just found my old gem from back in the days- Quake 2- and thought just again, how brilliant the whole OST was and still is.

    Now I am looking for a profile going any near to this tone. I will let the music speak.

    It seems that this kind of amp is totally invulnerable to small guitar players faults, noises like Plek scratches and things like that.

    Any suggestions out there?

    Am I right in my guess that the signal can not be run through the amplified section?
    After studying the manual now, it seems that the only way to get it amped is to add an overdrive/ dist pedal in the FX section.
    That´s a pity, cause the amplifying through a profile sounds great in mono.
    But guitar amps never have been stereo, I guess :D

    Hi guys,
    maybe you´ll have some advice for me.

    I own an UHL x3-2 Organ, which is one of the best Hammond B3 emulations out there.
    It features an alternative Output, just for use with a guitar amp like back in the old days.
    The alternative output is stereo.

    As I am using my Kemper for homerecording purpose only and I am going to play the organ in live situations,
    I am looking for using the Kemper for an overdose of psychedelic effects.
    But i want the signal to come in stereo into the kemper, because it is neccessary for the superb Leslie Simulation of the organ.

    So- is there any way to get the signal in stereo into the KPA, going through all of the sections, as AMP, CAB and FX?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hey guys.

    Since you liked my last song I want to show you a little older piece o´metal I made.

    The guitars are from a profile I made from Amplitube3.
    It was funny, because it totally didn´t sound like the original preset- it sounded way better!
    Perfect in my opinion for vintage touched doom metal!
    I don´t think it would sound good used live, but for recording purpose I really love it.

    But listen for yourself!


    As said, try to route the overheads (incl. MonoOverhead) + KickDrum and deactivate all other mics.
    Do this without effects in SuperiorDrummer and do the FX in your DAW on your routed tracks.
    A little EQ, a bit of comp., and a little bit of reverb- then you should get close to your classic sounding drums.


    I want to show you my latest song.
    It has the 70s style from the krautrock era, and I will finally realize my studio project as a real band now. All building up...

    For the gearsluts:
    Drums: SuperiorDrummer
    Guitars: Kemper (left: Gibson LPJ/ right: Squier 70s Tele)
    Bass: Kemper (Fender Preci)
    Organ: UHL X3-2 (Hardware, based on HX3 Board. Highly recommended if you want to get the original B3 sound!)
    Choir: Magnus Choir VSTi
    Mic: T-Bone SCT800 Tube
    Plugins: Izotope Nectar/ Alloy/ Ozone5, U-he Satin and internal Cubase 8.5pro

    Since I have no singer, i had to do the job by myself- but that is no option for me when playing live.
    I am not a singer and got no technique, which results in that I am completely wasted after one song.

    But enough said!
    Let me know what you think about it :)

    Hi guys!

    I am looking for one special sound.
    Just listen to this record- it is a very saw-like tone, but not too much gain.
    Sad that I have no clue what equipment they are using. I just want to get this sound so bad, I love it.

    Does anyone have a special hint for me, which profiles I should try?


    I know the Kemper has some profiles, in which the guitar is pitched down, to sound like a bass guitar.
    But it has a little problem: When played fast or a little dirty, it can´t make a difference between the played notes and so it interpretes wrong notes.

    When using the normal pitchshifter tuned -12 or -24, it is all okay, but it doesn´t sound like a bass guitar or even similar.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    (No. "buy a bass" is not acceptable :D But I think it would be the only option)


    I tried to profile a preset of Amplitube today...

    The KPA was connected as shown in the manual.
    My interface is an ESI Maya044e, which has 2x Stereo 6.3mm Outputs and 2x Stereo 6.3mm Inputs.
    The "direct out" was connected with the interfaces input, and the interfaces output was connected to the return input of the KPA.
    Since I only have 6.3mm mono cable, I used them. Could this be the mistake, a mono cable in the returns jack? I don´t think so...
    Then I searched a profile what sounded like my Amplitube preset and started profiling

    The problem is:
    The profiled Amp doesn´t even sound similar! It has way more gain instead of my crunchy sound in Amplitube.
    Refining the profile didn´t make it much better.

    I already switched the interfaces mixer from "guitar" to "line in", but nothing improved.

    Anyone had the same problem?