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    For many years now I use an old Roland FC midi controller to access my profiles, ie, I make one rig for clean (with some reverb) the next rig with distortion and the third with more gain for solo and in System I assign these under 3 different numbers on my midi controller. I have been wondering if this is the right way to deal with the profiler? I see people using pedals with their Marshalls when they need an fx for enriching their sound. It looks more flexible than what I am doing.

    How can I use my profiler to be more flexible an maybe more useful in the right way, like pros do? With something else (if necessary) than an old midi controller. Or is there no need to?

    I agree. VLC is free and can transpose the track. To be honest, I normally just retune. Takes a few seconds on a fixed tail piece guitar. A bit more on a floating trem system. I keep a wedge on my desk for that.


    Yes, you're right. I use it often for rehearsing when a song must be sung higher or lower

    Hi Guys,

    Is it possible that my wah settings don't store when my profiler is shut down?

    - Again I have my input set to Front Input in Input.

    - My Boss 500 FV 500H expression pedal is connected to Pedal at the back of the profiler (stereo cable)

    - Wah stomp is set to Bypass heel.

    - in System Pedal 1 and 2 Function have been set to Wah.

    Still my Expresion pedal doesn't show.

    What is still wrong here? What am I doing wrong? What more must be done?

    OK, Thanks. I indeed am rehearsing with earphones and sometimes with my speakers at home. But for my family I want to keep everything on low volume. So harmony at low volume is normal...

    I'am rehearsing a guitar solo but two steps lower than original down. So I use the rig button for transpose to -2. But through my headphones as wel as through my speakers I hear a harmony of tones and this not what I want. How to get a clear tone with transpose?

    Hi V8guitar and Hubzim, I got it. It has been a long time ago since I have been using this stomp. But now I looked in Input and saw that the Input Source had the wrong setting. Indeed what V8guitar meant by Input. I now have set this to FRONT Input and now everything is allright again and back to normal.

    Thank you guys! :thumbup::)

    I've found the wah's excellent so pretty sure you have a config issue. You need to make sure the pedal input is set to Wah, I presume you have done that?

    Hi V8guitar,

    Are you referring to the input at the rear of the profiler (not present!) or at the chosen wah type? I can't find any input setting besides Pedal Mode.

    I know, there are more topics about this, but I've tried all profiler's wah fx with my Boss FV500H pedal but they sound harsh, squeaky with very little differences in high and low etc. Really none of them sounds like a real wah.

    I scrolled through all wah's from Monkey Man's settings for each wah, with his list, but they all sound very bad. I must be doing something wrong here but I can't figure out what.

    I use a stereo cable going from Kemper's Pedal 2 at the rear to the expression input of the Boss.

    Are there any options to get a real wah sound from my profiler?

    Hi, here theplayer again from Holland. . .

    I'm sorry but I never had something to do with settings for my midi board. I wouldn't know how. The reason: I don't understand how it works with midi. I remember I only used the profiler for setting the wah right. But now I can't do it anymore.

    - If I set wah in Pedal Links to CC01 I only get volume change

    - If I set range to 127, I only get volume change

    -If I close volume to zer0 I only get volume change

    - Pag 7 and 8 say NOT PLUGGED

    - If I set my wah (in_Pedal Links) to range 127 I only get volume change

    Can somebody tell me how to get wah and just press my midi board pedal for that?

    Some years ago I managed to use my Profiler's wah function with my midi footcontroller. But now I'm completely lost. Other threads won't get my in the right direction. Could anyone please point me in the right one?

    My setup:

    I use a Roland FC-200 MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER. The pedal on the right I want to use for WAH.

    ">[Blocked Image:]

    My midi cable is inserted in MIDI OUT in this pedal en goes to MIDI IN in my Profiler.

    Then I go to System. On page 5/18 there's Wah Pedal, value 0

    Then to page 6/18: I choose Pedal 1 for MODE and - Wah for FUNCTION

    Then on to page 7/18: Pedal 2. I choose Pedal type 2 for MODE and WAH Pedal for FUNCTION

    That's it. But no wah unfortunately pressing my pedal. What am I missing here? How am I getting this right?

    Hi Alan, You are truly a master in harmonising but I haven't a clue where to begin. Even you had lateral thinking how to do it.

    I do have the harmony notes of this solo (for playing them both on one guitar) but now it's my goal to have the harmoniser play the second part while I play the first part (or the other way around). I stil don't understand how this can be done.

    The solution is to play the first two notes of the upper harmony guitar and have the harmoniser fill in the lower notes.

    Yes, but how do you do that? How can you achieve those settings in the profiler with a harmoniser for each corresponding harmony tone with every tone you play during the whole solo??

    (BTW, some years ago I was in a band with another solo guitarist and we played this harmony solo together. That

    was no big deal and sounded awesome) But now it's a challenge to get this on my own.