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    Do you have the “space” parameter active and turned up? That give a chorus type sound.

    That must be it. I noticed that some values of those parameters have been increased. I now have all of them turned counter clockwise. Solved. Thank you Don!:thumbup::)

    are you monitoring both signals simultaneously? (and if so - why?) :)

    Yes, for reason of stereo for both my KRK monitors. Therefore, if present, I set the stereo parameter to 90 degrees. On stage I do the same for FOH.

    Yes, My profiler's Direct Output and Monitor Output are connected to two inputs on a Soundcraft 12 fx mixer and from there to 2 KRK monitors via two XLR outputs.

    ASIO connection to my computer goes via USB cable.'

    If I connect my headphones to the profiler then everything is normal, the way it should sound right.

    Something strange is going and I do'n t know how or why. I get a chorused sound in every rig through my midi pedal in my profiler. But not any chorused fx is present in the rigs I chosse. I shut the profiler down and back to on and it's back again. Clean sounds, distortion sounds...everywhere there is a chorus present. I have unlocked all lit fx but still a clear and upper chorus surface is present. Anyone for a clue?

    V8Guitar and Sollazon, maybe my reply has crossed your reply but I have been able to solve the problem and let my Cry Baby for what it is. I found the solution in reorganising the rig components (see my post #12)

    But I still like to have and buy a good external wah pedal wich can do the job without problems. Mission maybe or any other better??

    Long story....

    I wrote a long (!) reply to all contributions from you guys (:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:!) to my problem and posted it. After that I again tried to find out if I could solve the problem and now finally I did so I deleted my former reply.

    At that moment I wondered if there could be something wrong with the way the expression wah was put in the chain: in the first block at the D position just before the amp.

    So I put it in the second block X, just after the amp. A world of difference !! This is all due to my lack of knowledge of sound engineering and programming stuff. But now it's a whole other story: no sudden turning point in the gap between deep low and high but a really smooth transition from deep low to high. I'm happy now! So a right answer can be simple and give the solution but you just have to come to it....

    It seems just like baking a cake. If you use the right ingredients but put them in the wrong way together you get an ogre....

    So thanks again Alan, Guitarguy83, drog, Machette76, KellyMidiMurphy and Sollazon :thumbup:

    Still I wonder why my CryBaby acts so terrible. It can't be my adapter:

    Hi Alan, The pedal though shows clearly the names on the rubber pedal surface: AMPLIFIER (L) and INSTRUMENT (R).

    But I haven't a clue why it sounds so bad. Playing a clean rig the wah is OK but with much gain it's terrible. I have considered the use of a 9 V battery but using a adapter is more useful and easier.

    So back to the expression pedal for now.

    What AMP do you use in that rig ?

    Are You sure the Gain it's not too much?

    Does You Wah (which model?) Sound Awful Only with That Rig ? or with Any other rig? even on Clean sounds.

    I use a Marshall 2203. The gain is set to 3 o'clock. I use a original Dunlop Cry Baby wah.

    On clean sounds it sounds like this:

    Both cables are fine. The pedal is connected to an 12V adapter to 220 V (Holland) Pedal is quite new.

    I use this wah pedal (current adapter fed) between my Profiler and my Les Paul. I have an exact rig for Sweet Child o'mine so in the second solo I use the wah. It sounds awful: only a l ot of squeaking en no audible wah. The pedal is quite new so why does it sound so bad. Is it the way it's connected to the profiler or has it something to do with the fx chain?

    I also tried an expression pedal and used Frank Elze's wah type but this sounds also bad, unfortunately.

    I have been filling my Powered head for al long time now with rigs for which I every time needed to assign them to midi for my midipedal for another band or for gigs to come. In the years I gathered a substantial number or rigs number to choose from. And this sometimes results in messages on screen: your number of rigs exceeds total amount of memory....

    So I wonder if I could save all those rigs as a sound library on my computer and put just every time the rigs that I need for a gig or rehearsal on a USB-stick. Never tried that but is it possible to play from a stick with a certain number of needed midi assigned rigs?

    I tweaked a profile a bit, played some songs and then tried to shut off my powered head but that is impossible. It won't shut off any more with the chicken head knob. I can pull out the power socket but is this the right way and what can be the reason my powered head doesn't shut off in any way?

    Yes of course you can get a crybaby to sound like a functioning crybaby, my point was crybaby's are inherently noisy and tone sucking. I used to mod them with true bypass and changing fasel's, wah plate etc. to try and improve them.

    Hence it sounds faulty but by using the in built one gets rid of all of that and in my opinion ( especially using the Wah presets) sounds as good/better. Not use where you get the artificial feel from but each to their own.

    Unfortunately I'm not that of a technical engineer to mod them like you can. I'll give it another try with those Wah presets. For this I used a Boss FV-500H expression pedal before to experience but this is some time ago. I will see if there are new and better sounding presets now. Thanks!

    BTW, does it has to be put in a certain place in the chain? Or does it come random and is it not changeable?

    I've tried the built in wah's but they still sound more artificial to me than the pedal version. It must be possible to sound as anyone with such a pedal and an amp. I used to play that way before the Kemper era...

    And I don't use batteries. Always a power adapter. What do you mean with the input and output leads? I only checked the clean en distorted sense.

    I have an issue with my Dunlop GCB-95 wah pedal. This is connected to the front input of my Power head. With the wah-pedal idle my clean rigs sound the way they are meant to be. But stepping on the wah pedal the output led on the profiler immediately turns red. Since this wah pedal has no gain or volume I don’t understand the harshed distorted wah sound. Clean sense 0.0, distortion sense 0.0. All eq 0.0. amp vol. 0.0 The wah-pedal itself is OK. Any one an idea?

    You still fail to grasp that there are different signal chains for different outputs, therefore absolutely nothing has to be greyed out.

    The points you constantly try to make actually make me wonder if you have ever worked in professional environments for musicians at all.

    The feature to feed different parts of the signal chain to different outputs is one of the best and most professional attributes of the Profiler.

    Professional users get it, you apparent not.

    Speaking about pollution: post less and this forum will be a much cleaner environment.

    Yes Ingolf! OMG! :thumbup::thumbup::) for your patience! He doesn't deserve it.

    I've tried many rigs in RM for playing the intro of Shine on you crazy diamond from the Wish You Were Here-album from 1975 , but non of them come near the real guitar sound. So I tried one myself. I used a Gibson Les Paul JP 1995 for this and several combined and of course tweaked fx in my profiler. Please comment

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