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    Yes of course you can get a crybaby to sound like a functioning crybaby, my point was crybaby's are inherently noisy and tone sucking. I used to mod them with true bypass and changing fasel's, wah plate etc. to try and improve them.

    Hence it sounds faulty but by using the in built one gets rid of all of that and in my opinion ( especially using the Wah presets) sounds as good/better. Not use where you get the artificial feel from but each to their own.

    Unfortunately I'm not that of a technical engineer to mod them like you can. I'll give it another try with those Wah presets. For this I used a Boss FV-500H expression pedal before to experience but this is some time ago. I will see if there are new and better sounding presets now. Thanks!

    BTW, does it has to be put in a certain place in the chain? Or does it come random and is it not changeable?

    I've tried the built in wah's but they still sound more artificial to me than the pedal version. It must be possible to sound as anyone with such a pedal and an amp. I used to play that way before the Kemper era...

    And I don't use batteries. Always a power adapter. What do you mean with the input and output leads? I only checked the clean en distorted sense.

    I have an issue with my Dunlop GCB-95 wah pedal. This is connected to the front input of my Power head. With the wah-pedal idle my clean rigs sound the way they are meant to be. But stepping on the wah pedal the output led on the profiler immediately turns red. Since this wah pedal has no gain or volume I don’t understand the harshed distorted wah sound. Clean sense 0.0, distortion sense 0.0. All eq 0.0. amp vol. 0.0 The wah-pedal itself is OK. Any one an idea?

    You still fail to grasp that there are different signal chains for different outputs, therefore absolutely nothing has to be greyed out.

    The points you constantly try to make actually make me wonder if you have ever worked in professional environments for musicians at all.

    The feature to feed different parts of the signal chain to different outputs is one of the best and most professional attributes of the Profiler.

    Professional users get it, you apparent not.

    Speaking about pollution: post less and this forum will be a much cleaner environment.

    Yes Ingolf! OMG! :thumbup::thumbup::) for your patience! He doesn't deserve it.

    I've tried many rigs in RM for playing the intro of Shine on you crazy diamond from the Wish You Were Here-album from 1975 , but non of them come near the real guitar sound. So I tried one myself. I used a Gibson Les Paul JP 1995 for this and several combined and of course tweaked fx in my profiler. Please comment

    Ray Shine on

    Hi paults, I don't know how they are named in RM Exchange but with name given BOSTON I only see 5 with a max rating of 1 and with name given More than I get only 3 with a max rating of 1. I don't see 5 star ratings. My RM is up to date ( and so is my Profiler OS ( [Aug. 2020]). Any suggestion I appreciate.

    I wonder if anyone of you remenbers that awesome rockman sound in More than a feeling (by Boston, 1976), made by the fabulous Tom Scholz. I wonder too if the Kemper profiler is capable of reproducing that sound in a rig. So what do you need to achieve this amazing sound? Is it possible to get there?

    Hi Wheresthedug, I'm not following you... What is the column layout and what is scroll of desth. (I'm sorry but my English doesn't reach that far...) :-)

    Am I right that the pause on the screen is a serious memory problem which cannot be solved?

    I used to try rig examples with just an ENTER on my keyboard. Then the headphones pictogram appeared on the left and I could try out. Scrolling to other rigs left the headphones pictogram intact so no need fo other or extra keyboard commands....But that was a long time ago.

    I now have found out that this access has changed to a more complex two hands needed keyboard command: Ctrl + Enter. But scrolling to another rig is still not available anymore.

    Ist there a more convenient or easier way to scroll through and open rigs for trying them out?

    I think I nailed the problem. I disconnected and connected a few times the USB-cable from the profiler to the computer and each time I get this message (in Dutch of course so I will translate..):

    The last USB-device theat you connected to this computer has caused a malfunction. Windows (10) doesn't recognise the device any more.


    Try to reconnect the device. If this still fails, the device probaly will not function properly.


    Is this something too for Kemper Support?