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    The problem is solved! I just updated RM again to version! ... (no beta version this time!) My Powered Head is back in My Profiler folder with all of my 995 profiles!

    And the access to the profiles with the mouse is also back in business and even the editor.

    works great.

    So all problems can be related to the Beta version. I've that it concerned about 400 items...

    For me no beta version anymore. Better wait a while...

    Did you by chance launch rig manager without the KPA turned on, then connect the KPA later?

    i did that today and notice that i had to relaunch rig manger with the KPA already on. If i turned on the KPA after rig manager was launched, i couldn't get the preview to work with clicks or double clicks or any combination. After shutting down rig manager, and launching again to make sure it saw my KPA, then the preview worked as before. I'm on MAC OS

    I can't tell, sorry. I'm not using a MAC OS, only Windows. But at home my KPA is allways connected to my computer.

    I contacted Kemper about this issue. They responded very quickly!

    Their answer:

    "7.1.9 is a Beta version but an older one. If you like to use BETA Versions I recommend updating to the current BETA Version 7.1.19.Yes, the "dark-grey" Rig Manager is the BETA version of the new Rig Manager.Beta versions may still have bugs and lead to unwanted behavior. If you need a stable system I recommend OS version 7.1.5 and Rig Manager 2.3. You will find both on our website.

    My guess is that everything has to do with those beta versions, mayby also with those apparently missing rigs..

    I would try to load up two harmonic pitch shifters within the same rig and toggle between them.

    I'm not sure how toggling can be done via midi right now, but at least it would work with the remote.

    Another way would be to deactivate the pitchshifter on that note on the key change and actually play the interval like a double stop.

    ReneLangenhan, Here's your answer to your question about toggling via midi. It's allready done! Except for #4 Look at picture .

    On my midi controller I have set 4 midi assigns to my controller.

    #1 is for all verse/rhythm parts (for the key of C as well as for the key of D [just other chords!]]).

    #2 is for all solo parts in the key of C

    #3 is for all solo parts in the key of D

    #4 would be for the key change (but how?)

    You know your way with scales...I'm unfortunately not. OK, so I can make another midi switch but what do I have to do or to change this setting to get a major third in D: which adjustment are we talking about?

    BTW, as you have noticed, this solo-part at the end is pretty fast... There must be absolutely no latency in sound going from switch #3 to switch #4...if it is already possible to achieve this during the fast part for only one note...!

    Hi ReinoutV. I always use a Roland MKII midi foortcontroller and I did allready what I read in your reply.

    Midi assign #1 is for my clean sound during verses. For soloparts I switch to midi assign #2 which has the Harmony in C-key.

    For the last Harmonic solo parts (after the key change to D) I switch tot midi assing #3 with the harmony in D. But as said before, #2 and #3 don't cover the solo with the key change.

    And yes, it's only about the last note in the key change solo part. That's the false harmony note.

    But I really wonder how that is recorded. Seriously not with an extra switch for just one right harmonic note for one moment..right?

    The problem is, you need to play the F sharp in the second voice. There is no option to do this in the key of C (other than going lydian, but that's not the case here). You need the F (natural) in the lines before that.

    I don't understand what you mean here: playing the F# in the lines before the second voice. Is this for the harmonic settings? For what key? No C but also no D. How do you get that high F sharp in the right harmonic tone?

    Ok, I can make a #4 midi assign for pressing that switch at the exact moment when that tone comes but only without harmony.

    Nothing works, unfortunately... I have the right (square) usb connector of my profiler connected to my computer which is also online. My RM has version (beta version).

    I click on a profile in RM to open in my Powered Head: nothing! I double click: nothing. I use Ctrl+Enter: nothing

    Any other suggestion?

    And something else: I used to see about 19.000 (all) rigs in RM but now just 16245. Has the rest of them being deleted.

    I have a complicated Harmonic settings problem and I can’t figure it out.

    I have a song with Harmonic solo parts throughout the song. I can play them them all but for one part. Let me explain:

    The song is in the key of C and therefore I have added a harmonic fx to my profile. I also have set this harmonic fx to the key of C and this is the picture of the settings. It sounds great and exactly as the original.
    But in the end of the song and also at the end of such a solo part, the key changes in this solo part to a D. After this key change again several solo parts follow but then in this key of D. I have managed to change the harmonic fx also to this key of D and also the other solo-parts within this key I can play identical to the original. This is a picture of this key settings to a D:

    The problem is in the tones of the last solo part just before the key change. I can play this harmonic solo all the way in the key of C but then the very last tone is out of tune because that tone is in the key of D.

    If I play this last solopart in the key of D then nothing sounds right, so it has to be played in the key of C, but then the last tone is out of tune.

    And if I play this whole solo in the key of C then also the last tone is out of tune.

    But if I continue playing the rest of the solo parts after this key to D change they sound perfect and again exactly like the original.

    This is an example of how it sounds in the key of C.

    And this is an example of the last solo parts after the change to the key of D.

    And this is the solo part how it should be played. But I have no clue for the harmonic settings for that last tone within that solo. Tapdancing here is out of the question...

    I sincerely hope that someone with knowledge of harmonic pitch settings can tell me how to do this and get it right.

    I''m not checking Rig Manager every day because I have a lot of profiles in my Powered Head. But today I was looking for a new profile and saw the new developed screen. TMHO it's not an improvement but everyone is entitled for his opinion. But something else has changed too and thats's really bad: It's not possible anymore to click on a profile in Rig Manager and see that profile immediately appear on the Powerhead's screen for a try. Is this option cancelled too or do I miss something here?

    I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with this. I use a midi footcontroller like this one for accessing my profiles and for controlling volume ranges with the pedal. So what do I need extra and does it mean a bunch of extra parameters and settings?

    How can you vary with a (on/off ?) switch like you do with a pedal for e.g. wah.

    Thanks Andy, I tried that one earlier but do you know how to vary in slow or fast? Is this a morphing thing with the rotary fx in the profiler?


    that is probably the single most confusing and annoying thing about the Kemper. I have no idea why they thought (and still seem to think) that it was a good idea to allow users to save as many rigs as they want all with the same name 🤦

    If you 're totally relying on Kemper it can be annoying but IHMO you are responsable for saving your rigs under a certain name. I find it useful to compare rigs after a slight change and add a number to it before saving.

    So I get Alive 1, Alive 2, Alive 3... and then I try all of them which sounds best. ... You can try this with volume changes too.