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    I guess I have to close this topic because I sense some irritation. Maybe because my repeating topics about this issue and/or my lack of comprehension.

    But I know that I have my wah now: with my pedal volume to zero en not 100! One way or the other. It's sad it has to end it this way... I will not post another question about this issue. Still I thank everyone of you for your help.

    I've just tried the Cry preset and hooked up my FV500. It works fine. However, I can make it do nothing by turning the knob on the side (Minimum Volume) to Max. This basically means that the pedal is always on full no matter where you set the tread. I suspect your pedal has been accidentally turned to this position.

    For the upteenth time: you give the right solution. :) Such a tiny change of setting...I have changed my wah type to Frank Eltze's and set pedal volume range to 0. And here it is: perfect wah. Is this something I should have known from the start because I don't want to regurly receiving quotes as from Burkhard:
    " it's a never ending story..."

    I do my best to understand everything but there are still a lot of things that I can'put my finger on though I've had a lot of gigs with my profiler eversince 2014.

    I'm sorry Burkhard but nothing comes near. Range is 100, Pedal Mode is on (Cry) but I have tried Frank Elze, Frampton , just Wah Wah and other wah's . Everyone of them sounds completely flat. I go along with your suggestion that I'm to blame for all but I can't get it done.

    Here's an example of how I have set a random wah (Frank Elze). Hopefully you can see every picture (enlarge) because there are 11 put together and taken from computer screen. Please let me know.

    if you like to have addional photos for more evidence, also please let me know.

    ">[Blocked Image:]

    I've just tried the Cry preset and hooked up my FV500. It works fine. However, I can make it do nothing by turning the knob on the side (Minimum Volume) to Max. This basically means that the pedal is always on full no matter where you set the tread. I suspect your pedal has been accidentally turned to this position.

    My pedal is set to 80% and I never have changed this value

    I want a wah effect so I connect my Boss FV 500 H expression pedal.

    • I use a stereo TRS cable and put this in EXPR. socket of the pedal.
    • I use slot D and it’s switched on
    • My pedal is connected to pedal 1 at the back
    • Function is set to wah.
    • In System I choose pedal 1 and and calibrate – sweep is visible

    - I’ve checked all cables

    - Next I tried numerous wah effects but all-in vain. Not a single wah here. What am I doing wrong here?

    Hi Wheresthedug, You name an important issue: going from Kemper to FOH. I have done this in a very oldfashion way by putting a mic for my cab. What you are suggesting in doing that in the Kemper makes a lot of sense but I haven’t been able to find this option. That’s one, (but I know how to dot this.

    And the other thing makes also sense to me: using my cab on stage and at the same time make a second connection from that same cab to FOH. I know my K8 is capable of doing that.

    Now I still have to find my way to find the right way to deal only with my Kemper and K8 with a controlled volume which I can increase or decrease as I please without volume jumps on stage and subsequently to FOH. I have a Sennheiser EW300 in ear (but logically at rest now!) and this way I would be able to hear exactly both the decreased or increased volumes without excessive jumps (of course then without my monitor).

    I still have two imporant questions:

    • I have an amp in my rigs with a configuring volume
    • I have a (total) output (right above on Kemper) with a number of different kinds of volume and a lot of other kinds of confurations. Still a labyrint….

    1.       How to get a controllable volume for rhtytm and solo on stage and rehearsals? (FOH will consequently follow later in the same way)

    2.       How to deal with all different volumes in the Kemper while my K8 is set to a maximum volume range for soloing)

    So this will be then without my mixer. I still can deal with this in my studio at home for all necessary other inputs (like computer with recording software).

    I make you 100% sure. It's not about FOH. In rehearsels we only have a singer using the PA. And then those problems appear. But when I do am on stage for FOH I want to prevent these situations. I'm afraid that they also occur. I just need an enough and reliable volume on stage, even when I want to increase this on stage which will consistenly come out in FOH.

    To get back to the original request.

    Why were you considering changing? Because there was something you didn't quite like from the QSC's. So a Kabinet or any other monitor will sound different which is what you want. You may need to tweak to taste, which is normal. Will you like it? No one can tell you that. All I can tell you is it was designed to bridge the gap between a regular guitar cab and FRFR monitor to give you that amp in the room sound with the control y....................................................

    My thoughts about changing to another cab was based on different bad volume experiences with my 2 QSC K8 cabs in conjunction with my Soundcraft Notepad 12 fx mixer in live situations. More than once I got sudden volume jumps when I tried to increase volume for a solo.

    The combination however works perfect for me and I use it at home daily: Kemper, Notepad, youtubes through the usb and the computer and output to 2 studio monitors.

    So that's why I started using Kemper, mixer and 2 other monitors (my 2 powered K8 cabs) for rehearsing and live gigs until I got these volume jumps. And this has been leading to thinking about another monitor or cab...

    But let there be no mistake. My 2 QSC K8 cabs still sound awesome and I still want to keep using them, even as a monitor in live FOH situations of which the 2 K8 are part of.

    I'm glad now that all of this remains possible and that problems only have been related to my lack of knowledge about making the right connections and routings. BTW , they still have...

    During this topic and reading posts I happily started turning several knobs (God, there are many...), changing volume ranges and routings and did this obviously too much in the Output section, leaving me behind with the opposite result now: way to little volume than before all this.

    Again lack of knowing of what this does when turning that knob and with that ...... if you get my point.

    So now I'm again busy in thinking and trying to get my problem situation back and then start hopefully all over in the right way because I know there's nothing wrong with the equipment but it's just me. And still I'm far from home.

    OK Alan, I have no trouble to get rid of the mixer as long as I have the same direct control. I will follow your instructions and see where it leads me to and then I'm sure I'll get back to you.

    Thank you for now! Ray

    For a song of Bon Jovi I need a talkbox. I found one from Paul in the fx section (WVOW- Talkbox Paul) loaded it but with my expression pedal nothing happens, just my plain guitar signal comes out. Anyone an idea?

    I now must have done something seriously wrong! Could please someone explain which of the nine Output pages I must have to get my previous old loud volume back, for starting all over again? My 1000 W cab now sounds quieter than an old radio...:(

    You are correct but that is not the context of the OP’s question which this quotes relates to. The OP is running monitor out into an on stage monitor mixer then sending the outs from this to his powered monitors. He is not talking about sending main outs to a mixer an using the speaker out to drive his onstage monitors directly. He doesn’t want to give up the flexibility he gets from his on stage mixer therefore, he can’t run an unpowered cabinet.

    Hi Alan and ElDoca, See my full setup as above.

    I would use your go to profile as a baseline, the profile that you use most often. Try setting your monitor output to -18db for a starting point and work from there. I haven't seen the mixer model listed but some have a solo button which when engaged on a particular channel will allow you to see the input level of that channel on a led meter. What model mixer do you have? If I'm familiar with it I'll try to give you some pointers in getting unity gain through the signal chain.

    Also keep in mind, profiles vary in volume when made, putting each rig at the same volume setting won't give the same output volume. Have a baseline profile and switch between it and another profile at or close to performance level, using your ears adjust the other profile to the same perceived volume, just switch back and forth between them until the second profile sounds close then move on to another profile and start again. You might just do a few at each setting, I have to because of ear fatigue but you may not have worn your ears out as bad as mine are!

    I think I would address your original issue first though and see if changing the gain structure in your rig will yield a more usable amount of control without big volume jumps, if that is the issue and it can be fixed moving forward will be much more pleasant experience.

    Thanks, HowardBrown! Here's my setup with the mixer I use. No solo button. I always use a second rig for solo (a bit louder) and assign that one (in System) next to the previous one to my FC 200 midi controller, let’s say under button 1 and 2.

    Here's my setup

    Knowing this all now I guess I have to start at the source: my profiler. If I bring all gains there to a basic level and set my incoming gains on the mixer accordingly, am I right that only the volume level of the cabs matter and should be set to maximum solo level, wich can be reached or controlled by the two volume faders on the mixer!

    If this is right what would be a normal live acceptable gain setting on the profiler and accordingly on the mixer which give more than enough room and control by the faders and thus eliminate jump volumes?

    BTW almost all my rig volumes at the front are all set to 12 o'clock.