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    When I shut down the KPA with a speaker cab, there's it's always a loud speaker bang! I decrease volume to 0, master volume volume to 0 but that has no effect. I guess it's bad for the speakers too!
    How to shut down quietly?

    Just a message to let you all know how incredible the KPA sounds.

    I downloaded a Joe Bonamassa rig (JoBona DownPlace G1) from the rig manager, tweaked a little bit and finally it played along in my studio with the live song Down around my place (with John Hiatt Beacon theatre 2012) It's unbelievable amazing how this sounds alike, really awesome. I never got such a sound that accurate, of course with a good guitar (Gibson LP custom BB historic collection).
    I left the matching Egnater Rebel 1x12 as cabinet and connected instead of that an old simple Marshall VS212. Really awesome.
    If someone wants to hear, let me know.

    That's OK. I guess I expected too much.
    You have to know the characteristics and frequencies to deal with. I guess that's the hardest part. I know the Kemper can do about everything but it needs always someone to get it.

    I really like the controlled guitars tones in all of these video's (specifically ALABAMA): smoothe, very spacy delay with lots of sustain and wah like, with clean accents, but always with a nice drive. Undoubtedly it's achievable within the KPA. What is the best way to achieve such a heavenly sound from the KPA?

    Thanks! :)
    For now I can go on for a while! Speakers (2x12 and 4x12) sound fine and I have control!

    Ingolf: This gives me more time now to read the Reference manual. ;)

    BTW... I used a rig for a making a cover soundclip from my studio to let you hear. (Nothing special, just for the record) But I guess this is not allowed because of music rights....right?

    This is about the Master Volume knob. I must have done something wrong in the beginning (when it still worked!)
    In the Reference manual 2.5 I can't find the solution in the section Output and Volumes.

    The mark shows: If you want to modify the overall volume of your PROFILER, use the MASTER VOLUME instead.
    But my Master Volume knob isn't working anymore.

    You're in my heart with your remark: "you're probably young" (LOL)
    I'm 61 (but playing guitar keeps me young and alive, like on my avatar...)

    This is not my first forum. I use a lot of other forums too and I know how much time everyone in every forum tries its best to give answers to questions and help wherever they can. And I certainly appreciate all the help you all give! No mistake about that! You all do a great job! :thumbsup:

    The Reference manual, like I wrote, is much clearer and explains a lot more than my booklet The basisc & profiling guide. So I will dig into that. Nevertheless there will be questions left. Hopefully I may ask them.

    For now just one.
    From my computer I imported a number of 81 new rigs to the Rigmanager. I formatted a USB stick on the Kemper, trying to copy them to the KPA, but that doesn't work. Every time I have to format again. So I took a USB-cable type 2 from computer to Kemper. I pressed FILE and then: IMPORT RIGS.
    Rig manager says now: Local library: 81 rigs.
    So I assumed they were imported. But browsing doesn't show them between all the others.

    And my KPA screen is busy (and hanging at rig 15!) for more than 1 hour with this actvity:

    And notice: It's now 366...

    Something wrong here?

    I'm sorry Sam!
    I know you and anyone else are right, but I want to play instead of having to read (I'm quite impatience)
    It's a bit frustration too. No hard feelings! ;)

    My impatience affects performing 100 songs (all kinds of sounds/ fx etc) within 2 months on stage so yes...there's pressure, not for the songs but to know what, how, where etc......

    Searching I found the Reference Manual 2.5 pdf. There 's more explanation in here than in the supporting booklet (The Basics & Profiling Guide) that comes with the Kemper.
    I have higher volumes to my cab now (thanks to the part about Outputs and Volumes (cab volume) maybe unconventional but it works for now.

    I still have questions but hopefully I can find answers in this reference manual.
    Thanks again.

    yes ...the manual....the manual... I guess that's why this forum exists...
    There 's is a difference between a manual and a description of what a machine can do.

    But I get the picture. I'll try to sort out things myself. Thanks.

    Thanks Paults! I was allready there...

    I went back to WIKPA.ORG, page AMPLIFYING. The section NON FRFRF says:

    Non FRFR is basically a conventional setup with a neutral amp and guitar speakers with their limited bandwith which will color the sound in a certain way. This is mostly suited to players who want to use the Kemper Profiler more like a conventional guitar rig, don't need that much variety or don't want to do the paradigm shift of going FRFR. As most of the sonic information s in the cab portion of the profile, Kemper introduced the CabDriver feature in firmware 1.5. CabDriver was introduced to keep the tube power amp characteristics and speaker action of the original amp and translate it to a conventional speaker cabinet. The addition of this feature minimized tweaking of sounds suited for guitar cabs.

    Pressing the link to this Cabdriver, it says: There is currently no text in this page.
    You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page.

    Finally I got to
    At the bottom of this page there's an article: Kemper Profiling Amplifier software version 1.5 featuring CabDriver, supporting all kinds of speaker systems (nov.2 2012)

    It says: To get the perfect "amp in the room" sound on stage or in the rehearsal room, simply amplify the signal from the Profilers monitor output with any neutral solid-state power amp into a standard guitar cabinet. And now for the nifty bit: you can run the full profile to the main PA of the venue while simultaneously "cabdriving" your guitar speaker cabinet for monitoring on stage.

    There's a picture going along with it: a 4x12 + KPA + a white Gibson SG. This combination of cab and KPA is my aim

    But I have the top of the bill: a 600 W amp in the KPA. So now I should be forced to buy an extra solid-state power amp to get some extra volume? I don't understand this. Do I read wrong or am I asking too much?

    OK. Here's what I've done. I disconnected the 2 speaker cables (stereo) and use just the mono input of the cab (16 Ohm mono left))That's an improvement. I got my fx back.
    I tried the same with a Marshall VS 212 cab. Just mono left. The sound is OK. The one thing that worries me is that the volume should be much higher with Volume about 50%. Where is that 600 W of power when you need blowing the crowd away in that solo....? I have a real all valve amp and volume settings on 2 almost blow my walls apart...

    but if you really don't like the Kemper, get rid of it.

    That's quite a statement...I can't blame an amp for the fact that I have trouble in using the right knobs for a decent sound. If pro's can get a perfect tone, then it's a matter of finding out how to get that too. That's what this forum is all about, right...?
    The tone from my FRFR QSC K8 is fine, but a 4x12 looks better on stage (don't you think?) Now it's just the question: How to get a professional and loud sound with such a cabinet with all the benefits of EQ, fx etc.
    In the end it is a power amp (right?) with a cabinet.....but somehow it doesn't match now somewhere....I want to find the problem.

    <<master: you shall link your master to the speaker/monitor output --> in the output section>>

    SETTINGS for now in OUTPUT:

    -Main output Stack
    - Monitor Output Master Mono
    - Direct Output Git+processing
    - SPDIF Master stereo

    Page 2 Output volumes
    - Main Volume -10 Db
    -Monitor Volume -24.2 Db
    - Direct Volume (grey)
    - Headphones -32.6 Db

    Page 3 Monitor Output EQ

    Page 4 Main output EQ

    Page 5 Output addons
    -SPDIF Volume
    -Aux in Main
    -Aux in Headph

    page 6 Power amp
    Pwr amp boost 3 Db

    That's it...