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    Hi Kemper Support #1,

    Thank you for your reaction.

    I don't know if I understand correctly what you mean here.

    After downgrading my profiler to the previous O.S release for my Powerhead (6.0.0.) everything now works fine again, including my Rig Manager which has version V2.3.9.14935. ( is this the right combination?)

    Or should I downgrade my Rig Manager version now too to 2.1.76, for (mayby) even better communication with my Profiler which now is operating under 6.0.0.

    For the Head/Rack there are perfectly stable release versions available, so no reason to use a beta version in critical applications.

    Yes, there are! BUT NO NEW STABLE versions to where pop up messages refer like in Rig Manager. That was the only reason I updated my OS because of RM. I wonder where you have seen a new stable version...!

    Wish I had never done that! I'm back now to my OLD OS now and only that one works fine.

    That's why it's a beta version... sigh...

    Don't use it when you have an important gig. Beta versions exist for this very reason, to be able to find these kind of bugs.

    What the use of it if it's no good? Why release it with bugs and send it to the world...? That makes no sense for the public.

    I finally found out what is wrong. It's the new Beta 7.0.5..... update.

    The problems came for me at a seriously wrong moment, just before a gig! Let me explain.

    Every time I assigned a couple of songs in the right order to a midi number on my midi board. But when turning the Profiler off and back on, every song under its corresponding midi number had been replaced by another song. So nothing had been saved actually. I tried this several times, thinking I was going mad after a while. But every time I kept on getting other songs under right chosen and saved midi assigns.

    And another problem came with it. Scrolling with the Browse knob (alfabetical) for following rigs was no more possible! There was nothing wrong with my midi board! So it had to be the Profiler itself!! Then it came to me that it had to be that update version, causing all this, because never before these problems occured!

    So I downgraded to my previous version from May 5 and YES! after installing everything went fine again. I will never upgrade again with a Beta version. It causes a lot of trouble and frustration! I advise anyone to leave these kind of "upgrades".

    It's bad that no one from Kemper warned for this really annoying bug!

    Hi Wherestthedug,

    I'm lost here. Can't get it done. The problem is that my profiler doesn't save the assigned midinumber for the song. If I save that song for number 1 and shut the profiler off and turn it on again, then he comes up with number 13 for that song and has put another song on that number 1. Completely irrational. I took another midi cable but the same result.

    Never had this problem before...that is: before updating to BETA yesterday! So the only logical explanation is that this problem is caused by this new OS version...!

    Hi Timo. Thanks for your suggestion but this doesn't work. Try it...

    When I had my rhythm profile (Run to you verse) assigned to a midi number, then for many years now I used to dial the Browse knob again which led me to that same rhythm profile again and my following (alfabetical) profile was my solo profile (Run to you solo) No scrolling ws.e....just assigning the next midi number and ready! Hopefully it's clear now what I mean.

    Is this operation not functioning anymore, mayby due to new OS versions?

    But this all doesn't answer my other question... An example:

    - I assign the rhythm profile of Run To You (R-alfabet section) to pedal 1 on my midi board

    - Now I want to assign the next solo profile of this song to pedal 2 so I scroll with the Browse knob again to the R section.

    But what I get is songs beginning with A. This means a whole lot scrolling to the R again!

    Still I have SORTED BY NAME in the song name ticketed...

    Is this unconvience also new....? Starting again from A when scrolling?

    I have several problems with my powerhead and I don't know if this has something to do with newer versions and a different lay out.

    1. I still use a midipedal for accessing my rigs.

    If I have a rig under no. 1 called Run to you and I use the browse knob to look for the next rig,. Then everything has become unalfabetical and I see rigs starting with A.

    Is this normal?

    2. I use to dial with the Type knob*(left next to the left side of the screen to find) quickly the Transpose function.

    Now I get three different columns in which scrolling is not possible to find quickly what I need. I tried it with Browser knob, Type knob, left, right, up and down knobs

    Nothing seems to work. It hasn't become easier.... Please bring back the old routing....! So far I can't get a simple Transpose... Why making it so difficult?


    This is what I do: (from the basics&profiling guide manual)

    Expand the downloaded .zip archive and search for the update file called “kaos.bin” inside. Copy the file into the root directory on the pre-formatted USB stick using your Mac or PC. The root directory is the first, or top-most, directory in the hierarchy. Next, unmount the USB stick from your computer and plug it into the PROFILER. Follow the on screen instructions which will appear after a couple of seconds.

    But nothing appears, no instructions or anything else.

    So this would mean: över the top (?)

    And then about decreasing gain, Immediately you loose sustain. I tried it with a TAF Mars Plexi Cranked. So that makes it not understandable how one can get the same seamless overdrive at low volume without a compressor or whatever and also with gradually increased volume. I'm beginning to believe that I have the wrong guitar matching with the kemper for this.

    OK guuys

    Try one of those cranked Marshalls, but, turn the gain down a bit.

    Playing with a lot of gain and volume requires use of the guitar volume knob when not playing, as well as muting the strings between solo lines - this can be done with the left hand, the right hand, or a little bit of both.

    In addition to muting, you might also find that adding a compressor helps give you more control, as well as sustain.

    Thanks guys! I often hear and see this word cranked. There's no translation of this word in Dutch available. not even on the internet.

    What I see is this:

    English Dutch

    to crank             crank (great translation ^^)

    But I will keep on searching and try your suggestions.

    Yes, it's me, I know I'm not really a tapping guy and tried several Marshall's with full gain. But what I get is more crackling and squeaking uncontrollable noise which comes with it. I always wonder how clean people can sound with much gain at substantial volumes, without a lot of unwanted noise.

    I have no personal experience with IEM's but from what I've read here in the forum there are huge differences regarding quality. Buying cheap often results in buying double. And the system in the link is very cheap.

    I can underline this. I had such a cheap IEM. Bad sound, sqeaking noise, sound disappered and other inconveniences. So I bought a better one, not cheap but truly value for money! Crystal clear sound and always dependable. It's a Sennheiser EW 300 G3. Mine is from about 2011 but has never left me in the lurch.