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    TYPE knob shows what's availabe in STOMPS under ABCD. Picking an effect there and then go to BROWSE shows different presets for that fx for easier tweaking than from scratch....
    Under PROFILING MODE I have these same possibilities as under BROWSER MODE...

    When I'm in rig mode that TYPE knob it only shows Non-Favorites, My Rigs, Current Author aso. Nothing to tweak here. I can only use this knob for scrolling to fx from the STOMPS section and then accessing tweaking parameters for a chosen fx preset...right?

    I try to dig deeper (but I might be scratching the surfce...):

    I have a rig no. 6 set with a wah (expression)
    I have the same rig but now saved as rig no. 7 and now with a whammy (expression)

    Using my midicontroller pressing 6 or 7 leaves me just with the last setting (whammy) and the wah is gone.
    Or: again first set with a wah, but then the whammy is gone.

    Obviously, I'm doing this wrong but I want the same rig to be used with 2 different fx. That I therefor have to use 2 controllers on my midicontroller is no problem, but now it saves only one.
    Any help? :)

    Awesome...! I'm sometimes confused by the TYPE knob and the BROWSE knob. Now I know that you can pick any type of fx through the TYPE knob and find many expressions/examples of that particular type under the BROWSE knob which makes it easier to tweak, rather than to start from scratch.
    I understand that by RTFM you mean: Read the FINE/FRIENDLY manual....


    Another issue..

    I'v read that the the KPA wah's are better than most regular wah's on the market.
    I tried to get a normal wah-sound, like Dunlop's Cry Baby. I use Stomp A: WahWah. I switched a lot between Manual, Peak, Pedal Range, Peak and Peak Range but I don't get the deep and high Wah-tone. I guess this is due to the influence that turning of knobs to each other has. What is the best starting point from here to get a decent and killing wah-sound?

    I assume that it must be possible to get Jimmy Hendrix' wah as well as Joe Satriani's smooth (automatic?) wah in The Extremist.

    I can't understand this midipedal with its CC's. I have bought a new expression pedal from Boss, FV-500H, thinking this would make things easier. How wrong was I. The pedal is brand new but the problems are here to stay.
    In STOMPS I choose for PEDAL PITCH (hopefully that's the Whammy. I connected a guitar cable to input 1 on the rear and on the pedal to EXP.
    Then to SYSTEM. There's Heel Pitch, Toe Pitch aso., I can dial the soft buttons below to adjust both pitches. But the expression pedal is nowhere responding... (sigh....)

    Dear all!

    I am using the old Roland FC200 with my KPA. It is still a great controller, but sending 7Bit Midi. The onboard expression pedal is set to the parameter 7, that as far as I know is standard for volumen. In the KPA this changes the input volumen. I like the control the main output with the pedal. Is this possible with the expression pedal of the FC200 and which setting is needed?


    Hi Hudiluma,
    I'm a beginner too. I have the same FC-200 and I can't figure out how to set this controller so that I can use the pedal for controlling a whammy in the KPA in a song that I have to play for an audition.. It has to do with CC but I haven't a clue how to program that. Can you help me?

    Not really, unfortunately.

    I have set 7 rigs in the KPA which I control with my Roland FC-200. 1 = rig 1, 2 = rig 2 aso. No problem sofar.
    I connected a guitar cable to Pedal 2 on the rear of the KPA. I haven't a clue where the other end of that cable should go into the FC-200.
    [Blocked Image:
    And then I can't figure out (with the manual!) how to assign a whammy to a rig. Nothings works...

    Any suggestions... :huh:

    (I'm sorry...I forget to write :Please)

    I guess it won't do with the pedal on the Roland FC-200 because that one is for Volume. Must I buy another pedal, exclusively for expression purposes or are there other solutions. And to program for whammy? I really want to join this band....!

    For an audition I have to play: Killing in the name of (from RATM). Playing the song is no problem but doing the whammy is!

    For the time being I now use the Roland FC-200 which I simply use for choosing rigs: 1 = song 1, 2 = song 2 etc. So I haven't been able yet to use program changes within a song (like switching from clean to crunch or lead or defeat a chorus or a delay when necessary in verses or choruses).

    Anyone to tell if it's possible to assign a whammy in this particular song and how this is done with the controller I have?

    The Harly EL84 is a really nice one indeed.
    I personally also like the Fluff Gemini Clean for jazz, but it's totally not a Jazz amp usually. Just does the trick for me. Another personal favourite is the Badcat Sparkle Clean profile.

    I wonder where you see all those amps. I noticed this in different topics. One speaks about certain profiled amps but if you look for them in the KPA they are not there...! Or did you find them in the KPA Community?

    I'll be the last one to deny this....! It's sounds good now though, so I haven't consider to try different cabs. What I did is:
    I choose an amp and a cab, add a small amount of reverb and delay to it, EQ'ed some things until it sounded acceptable. I agree that I might be not on the right track in the way it should be done! But I guess that's still due to lack of experience with the KPA. I still have a lot of questions marks.... in time....

    Always smiling...! :)

    Little by little I get a hold of everything....!

    1. The combination of the KPA with my 2 QSC K8 speakers works fine. Pressing CABINET shows a dozen of cabs. But do I need them when I now have external speakers?

    2. I want to try a rig from the Kemper community, so I downloaded one (extension: .kipr) and put it on a USB stick. KPA doesn't show this. Where to find and install that file?

    Please re-read the manuals. There are much more than 12 cabs because you can choose 'from rig' which means you can combine any cab with any rig (although this will not represent the original rig anymore).
    Also read again about linking and unlinking different volumes to the volume knob.

    Now I can read in stereo.... :)

    It seems the Line6 doesn't sound good to you :)

    In order to defeat the cab, just keep Cab pressed for a second.

    And read the manuals! :D

    I did that in the first place. It gives me 12 cabinets to choose from (from Browser). But in the screen to the left I can only press the button which brings me to Edit Tags! Where to defeat or choose for cabs?

    I now connected two of my QSC K8 cabinets which I use as a smaller PA. This sounds much better so I guess these are FR-speakers. I connected them stereo ( XLR) main output. But Master Volume is then shut off which only leaves Volume left over. The same when connecting jacks from these outputs to the QSC K8. I know this is for mixer purposes (but it sounds very nice in my studio: stereo)
    (I've read the manual.....)

    By clear I mean, not muddy and dark, woolly, but much brighter, open.

    Good suggestion, earphones! :) I connected a pair of good Sony earphones and now it sounds much better although the rigs I have made sound like crap! (but that's my handicap)

    I can't find the settings to defeat cabinets or put them on.....It's not under CABINET, SYSTEM, RIG ....?
    And possibly output settings may be wrong. Maybe I have to reset everything (factory) and start al over again. ?(

    I tried also to get me a rig from Kempers community site. Download: no problem, Saving: no problem. Copied the file to an USB stick and put it finally into the Kemper. Can't find the file. Am I that dumb...

    It's sounds totally crazy:

    I connected my Boss GT 100 to the input of the KPA (with the LINE6 4x12), picked a simple clean preset on the Boss and what comes out is a clear sound.....This can't be right...though?