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    Thanks guys for your suggestions.
    It sounds a bit better but all supporting fx are gone: no delay, no reverb etc. It's just a dry signal. I have Monitor Cabs sims off (OUTPUT) Master Volume is not working, only Volume. It's not breath taking...I'm sorry.

    Connections: (switch to 16 Ohm cabinet)
    Speaker output KPA provided with…s8gf4q530q0iad6rlsqqiro15
    From there 2 real speaker cables (something like this…re-speaker-cable/7140300/ ,with good Neutrik NP2C jacks) to stereo cab Lin6 6 (300W)

    Whem I browse throught the (factory) amps there 's no baldringer preamp. I noticed the before when topic starters refer to an amp in the KPA.
    Where is that baldringer preamp?

    Hi Rett,

    Welcome! Always nice to know that a Pro loves this great piece of machinery. Since I'm a beginner with the Powerhead, I'm curious what you use on stage: in-ear or live cab, midicontroller or pressing knobs with a finger, all by yourself or an sound engineer who does everything etc. I'm willing to learn...

    But what is that on a topic with someone using a Marshall 4x12 with celestion G12t75's?
    (see topic New Kemper owner today, reply on Sept. 4th from Lash, with picture! )

    the Monitor Cab off (System, page 3) OFF or ON makes no difference.
    Still crap! I guess a good external 4x12 cab doesn't do the job...not in
    Monitor output and not in Main output jacks.

    [quote]/Was the cab section on or rather of in each attempt? [quote]

    I put the cab section on and choose for Mars 4*12 Green Pack...(but I'm still looking for cab sim off/on)

    I connected the KPA sofar a pair of QSC K8 FRFR speakers. Sounds quite well.

    But I have also a 300W Line 6 4x12 stereo speaker cab left from my Vetta amp days (looks more mature...). I connected it to Monitor OUT It really sounds like crap!! Also from main stereo outputs it's' crap(like an old radio)!
    Then I read topics in which guys connect an Engl 4x12 speaker cab with blowing sounds. I guess those contain no FRFR speakers but really guitar speakers...

    But in the profiled cabs there is no Engl 4x12 available. Am I missing the point here?

    So my question: Can I connect such a Line6 4x12 stereo speaker cabinet with a blowing sound like a 4x12 Engl. And how to connect in the right way?

    I wanted to comment on the topicc: RM V1.2.3 has just stopped working, but there seems to be no REPLY

    I just wanted to try a rig from the Rig Manager. I formatted a USB stick in the Kemper, put it back in the computer. Then FILE - EXPORT
    RIGS to the USB. Back in the Kemper it starts formatting again. What am I doing wrong here?

    Kemper Owner's name and Rig Manager's name are the same!

    I'm sorry I'm back again but I was reading another topic and wanted to comment on that but I can't reply! Why is this blocked?

    Topic: RM V1.2.3 has just stopped working

    I just wanted to try a rig from the Rig Manager. I formatted a USB stick in the Kemper, put it back in the computer. Then FILE - EXPORT RIGS to the USB. Back in the Kemper it starts formatting again.
    What is wrong here?
    Kemper Owner's name and Rig Manager's name are the same!

    Hi Paults,

    The Boss is connected to input 1 on the rear. And producing the whammy is no problem. The trouble begins with the wah. Using another rig for that disconnect the whammy (pitch pedal) on the previous rig. I'm beginning to think that you need 2 expression pedals for these fx.

    And another problem: Driving a KPA wah through this pedal means that there's a coloured wah constantly because the Boss has no on/off (like a Cry Baby)

    I have been thinking about a Ground Control (Voodoo Lab) but my KPA-dealer (who has very few knowledge of the KPA, after all he's only a salesman....(!)) told me that won't proble solve the problem too.

    I'm very curious on experiences of people how they play live with the KPA and control these effects separately from any saved rig (just like a few stand alone stompboxes, but controlled by a external controller, whatever brand that may be.)
    The dealer told me also that Kemper just next year will release his KPA controller but I should consider the fact that this will be in the range of $ 1000....
    I guess my FC-200 will not the trick. Still I'm looking for flexibility and not for tapdancing...
    So what next?

    I was to soon with my victory...unfortunately.
    I found out it's impossible to control an independent wah or whammy with a rig with this pedal. It's just one or the other. Saving these fx in 2 different rigs result in remaining one and the other stays idle.

    Is this a KPA problem or this Boss 500H pedal problem. I can't get to it.
    It's a drag....

    I got it....! :):):) (but after a long time and don't ask me why!)

    But now I seriously wonder having bought the wrong pedal. The problem is that I have to program a wah or whammy in the rig. So when I start playing, wah or whammy is allready ON and colours the sound heavily. But I need the fx only in the solo. So I miss an on/off swith on this pedal (like a Cry Baby) ....
    I didn't think of that before...! I'm sorry, Paults. You helped me a lot!!

    Can I solve this problem somehow or does it mean: returning to the shop and buying something else...?

    Thanks for your suggestions! I tried but I can't figure out why it doesn't work. Probably due to my lack of knowledge about midi.
    Here's what I've done;
    Rig no 6 works fine with the whammy.
    Now rig 7: I push SYSTEM, page 6: MIDI Settings

    The right of the screen says:
    - CC01 (expression) but there's no activity when pressing the expression pedal.
    -under that is: CC04: (pitch) pressing the expression pedal goes from 0 to all the way up but there's no pitching to be heard.
    - under that is: CC07: Volume. Pressing the volume pedal on the FC-200 it reacts from 0 to all the way up - 100.
    Midi Global Channel is Channel 1.

    Next I put the mode on the FC-200 controller to CC. But by pressing pedals on the FC-200 I can't see what I've done. Where/How would I notice that I have set something to Wah (Midi CC#1)

    I tried also the 2 functions in the upper screen:
    - Wah pedal to Vol. and
    - Wah pedal to Pitch
    Engaging the first one leaves me with only 100% volume (volume pedal FC-200 is idle)
    Engaging the second one has no effect whatsoever on both pedals .

    BTW: you write: "In the Kemper master settings,"Pitch to Wah" should be turned On."
    But the function PITCH to WAH is not in the screen. Do I look in the wrong direction?

    Can you follow...?

    I have to re ask my question above (from October 11:

    I try to dig deeper (but I might be scratching the surfce...): I have a rig no. 6 set with a wah (expression)
    I have the same rig but now saved as rig no. 7 and now with a whammy (expression) Using my midicontroller pressing 6 or 7 leaves me just with the last setting (whammy) and the wah is gone. Or: again first set with a wah, but then the whammy is gone.

    Obviously, I'm doing this wrong but I want the same rig to be used with 2 different fx. That I therefor have to use 2 controllers on my midicontroller is no problem, but now it saves only one.
    Any help?