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    The sounds being very similar to each other is due to the cab I'm afraid. If you want the best possible Kemper experience with the widest possible range of tones you need to use a speaker/cab that offers a flattish frequency response and enable the cab simulation on the Kemper side of things, a so called FRFR speaker. Otherwise you'll find most amps sound very similar, just as with other amps you'd find they all have a tendency to sound very samey through the same cab.

    If you have studio monitors try using them instead with the cab enabled, or just use headphones, you should get something closer to the sounds you were after. If so then you know that you need to get yourself a monitor that's more suited to the task.

    I have a pair of powered KRK Rokit-6 monitors and I will put them into place.Thanks for the suggestion. I'll switch to Monitor cab ON.

    Many sounds sound alike: clean or distorted. (using Browser (next to
    TUNER) and then scroll through rigs with BROWSE knob) and add sometimes
    tweak on delay and reverb to make them more spacious. I use a Gibson Les
    Paul Jimmy Page 1995.
    All of this not too loud at home (using
    master volume and volume.) In OUTPUT I switched Monitor Cab OFF. For now
    connected to a Line 6 412 320 W mono switched left only, 8 Ohm.
    will do for now. I guess learning from the Kemper's structure and
    routings is more important. And reading all contributions from everyone
    helps! Thank you! :)

    VIABCROCE hit the nail on his head: If an experienced user could show me how everything is routed and done I'd be on my way probably within days. Most youtubes only explain the possibilities, and don't show how to get there. Many manuals do the same: they only describe and don't show how.
    Reading English technical stuff is a drag...I rather use this precious time to play...


    Thanks for all replies until now! I wish someone told me before that I should have to buy another cabinet to get results. I have allready 2 cabs.
    And Yes... I have a brand new unused Sennheiser G3 IEM system so on stage that will be no problem (If I in time know how to use the Kemper) I'm not in a band now so in the meantime I'm hoping and willing to learn the Kemper's structure and routings.

    The first option is to use the same system you used in the store... Or one along its line. What was it? If we know what you liked we can be of further help

    Good question! I never got a chance to try for myself and to look. The dealer showed it for me with his own guitar, his PEAK controller and some amps which he used himself. I only know he used just a single small cabinet with one speaker. So I called him to find out...: In the store he used a single 112 Jackson Ampworks cabinet.

    Since I have a Marshall VS 212 and a Line 6 stereo and mono 412 cab (320 W) I thought I should be able to get some sound from either one too. But this not my concern for now.
    Explaining of the Kemper by the dealer was not an issue. Indeed he showed me some things but he was technically also way ahead of me because he uses this Kemper quite often for doing gigs. So I figured out: How difficult can it get trying this myself at home?
    Maybe I have been too optimistic about that.... :)

    For best results, look into a passive FRFR cabinet to pair with your Kemper.

    Does this mean I have to buy another cabinet? What is FRFR? (sorry, I wonder if this forum is a way to get me going because everone seems to be a way ahead of me..)

    I really don't understand why people using cabs... Kemper simulates
    everything include the cab, and remember the PA is a FRFR and that is
    what the audience will get, so you must learn how to get great tone thru
    FRFR speakers.

    (I'm sorry! I can't find a way to reply on a part of a message!)

    I use a cab otherwise I can't hear no sound coming out of the Kemper....(!) Or do I understand you wrong? I connect a cab in my room at home to listen tot a profiled sound.And it happens that I have a 4x12 Line6 cabinet (320W) to connect to this Kemper.
    I connected the Kemper also to an Allen and Heath ZED 12 fx in my study, to a pair of KRK ROKIT 6-monitors. But that sounded not great. BTW it's just for exploring, finding a way to understand the structure of the Kemper. But it's not easy sofar...

    1. Please read the manuals, not only the 'getting started' but aslso the full manual you can download from Kemper.
    2. Read up on the (see my sig).
    3. Turning off the cabs in the profiler and using your Line 6 cab you should instantly get pretty good results.

    1. Please read the manuals, not only the 'getting started' but aslso the full manual you can download from Kemper.
    2. Read up on the (see my sig).
    3. Turning off the cabs in the profiler and using your Line 6 cab you should instantly get pretty good results.

    Thank you for your suggestions! This means not playing for a long time...I'm stuck allready finding turning off the cabs.:) But I found the site (though still looking for your sig).


    I'm hoping I'm on the right track in this forum with this topic...

    I have bought the Kemper Power Head today (!). In the store it sounded amazing but, like always, at home, it's "different"..
    I know the Kemper is intuitive but it seems these are just words. I know you have to experience in getting familiar with its routings and parameters, but.still....
    I come from amps like Vetta Head, Boss GT 100, (Dutch )HOOK all valve amp, Marshall 265 combo and, back in time...: Triaxis with TC Elect. G-Force through midi FC 200 and Mesa Boogie 2:90 and a lot more...

    I connected the KPA to a Line6 4-12 stereo cabinet (switch to left -mono 8 ohm) I also have a Marshall VS 212 (stereo) with Goldback speakers but I guess this is less...

    Browsing through all sounds it's not convincing. Maybe due to what speakers I use for trying now. Of course there's a manual (in English!) but before to be able to understand all technical stuff, I probably will retire...
    So here's my point:
    HOW AND WHERE TO START in this maze to get a decent sound which shows why this amp is so good.
    I know I ask a lot (!) but I know I'm among the right people... yes? And If not I'd appreciate suggestions. :)


    There is a Dutch language topic in this forum. But there's no entrance to reply or to start a new topic. Can anyone tell how to get there?

    Thank you.
    I indeed have the longboard, togehter with the Vetta head and a Line6 412 cabinet. It seems that the official Kemper FC will be released somewhere around March 2015 so I thought it would be a good idea to overcome this periode with the converter.
    I will send you a private message

    Did you receive my private message? It has been quiet since... It's also difficult for me to understand how this forum works concerning sending private messages.


    I have a Line6 FBV longboard and there seems to be an converter which you can use with this board to communicate with te Kemper KPA. I guess it's a kind of EPROM used in the Behringer FCB.
    I have only one youtube:


    Can anyone comment on this?
    Is this the real thing?
    Is it available?
    Is it a home made product or allready commercialized and where to buy?

    I found out there's a guy M Dan (French?) who should know more but it's hard to find anything about him or this converter.

    Hi db9091,

    Thank you for your reply (and I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area!). I guess I need doing some more research on this. It's quite new for me. Until now I used all tube amps and modeling processors and fx units (with their advantages and disadvantages).
    BTW I saw a youtube in which the profiling process is shown. It doesn't however sound as a loud process. (it's more sounding like a background white noise...). Example:
    Anyway, Thanks!


    I'm from Holland and totally new here. I'm very interested in buying a Kemper but don't know all the details yet. I have 3 amps and that's it. What puzzles me having a Kemper is how to get an original ampsound/tone. Is it walking with a Kemper into a big music store and kindly asking the salesman if he can assist me in copying all the amps brands in his store and then leave the premises....? I don't expect he will enjoy that. Another example : I hear a great guitarsound on the radio or on tv and I want that sound. Is this possible too? Or am I thinking too simple?
    So how it works anyway? :huh: