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    After numerous efforts I succeeded to update the profiler and the RM. Still it's not an easy process... OK for me, that is... The video of Tone Junkie helped me after this to get the new reverbs. As shown in that video you don't see the new reverbs after updating the profiler to 5.7. But I got there finally.

    Thank you all for all your contributions. It sure was worthwhile because those new reverbs sound awesome. And that's what is was all about...! :):):)

    If you take a look at this video from Tone Junkie, then it's a lot of trouble to get what you want. I tried it and get several error messages to send an e-mail to because of screens that appear. Also RM is not updateable as Jonathan Sullivan shows. Any comment on this?

    Sofar I haven't been able to update my profiler and RM and having an e-mail ready to send to with pictures of my error screens...

    I loaded RM today for the first time, on a notebook with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro

    I have the updated version

    How, where did you get that 2.1.71 version? In SUPPORT - DOWNLOADS - Latest addition and Category Rig Manager, there's only version 2.1.61 available...! And that's from 2019-01-14....

    If I open RM, a second screen appears for updating to this new version But after installing you get nothing and your old version stays. Tried it several times but it doesn't update. Is this a bug...?

    Loading profiles from USB into KPA seems to have an unpredictable result. An hour ago I loaded a profile from computer to USB and then into KPA just for listening. Worked fine. I deleted that profile on the USB and loaded another 20 to that same USB. All I get is the message: Choose from the following options. That's it. Pressing exit and then press USB PLUGGED again, leads me to the same message. Nevertheless I haven't change anything.

    When I look for a good sounded clean profile I scroll through RM with only the given word CLEAN in Search for.. I hit one to listen to (headphones come up in front of profile ) and then it's just scrolling down eacht time. My kpa is connected to a 22 channel mixer from the two main outs with two TS cables to two channel inputs and on each channel I have the corresponding pfl on so I can monitor the incoming signals.

    It's very noticable that those incoming signals from profiles vary a lot in volume. Previously I have found good clean profiles but a lot of them give me much trouble to get rid of the clipping on my mixing desk and thus of balancing with the other profiles for which I have been able to stay within the green volume area., even the distorted ones. On stage these differences cause problems for the the one who controls the mixing desk.

    The real problem is to decrease that volume clipping for such a clean profile in the first place at home. Checking every fx, clean and distortion sense, reverb, delay a.s.o., and decreasing volume of the used amp to far - dB often doesn't help. Still I want a good sounding clean (verse used) profile for matching a distorted solo ( a bit louder).

    Any advise on this?

    Each time after starting up RM I keep on getting these pop ups in RM as a reminder for updating to version 2.1.61 (I have version But when updating RM dissapears and I can start all over again. Something wrong here?

    Each time after starting up RM I keep on getting these pop ups in RM as a reminder for updating to version 2.1.61 (I have version But when updating RM dissapears and I can start all over again. Something wrong here?

    Great! I had no clue this is also possible ... I have been increasing and decreasing volume always with the pedal on my Roland FC-200. So I could skip that thing and buy an extra expression pedal ) I have allready one (the Boss FV-500H expression/volume pedal) and used for the wah function (but my Cry baby does a better job). Will see if I can find a second hand one expression ped.


    Hi Paults, No, almost always to the max. I know that a lot of people work with their guitar volume knob. I use always the volume pedal om my midi controller. And that works as a volume pedal and indeed not as a kind of gain increase pedal.

    I also know that working with your guitar volume knob would be the right way of getting better sounds but in my case it's just reduces or increases volume and then I'm in trouble to cut through the mix when soloing.

    That is why I have set my volume pedal global to a constant 2.2. heel position for rhythm and max for toe position (solo). Frankly I really miss that unique option on my guitar (a 1995 Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul) to get a fine mellow sound decreasing the volume knob and get that uncomparable natural slowly and seamless transition to more gain overdrive when increasing this volume knob, like a real '59 Les Paul. Who would need then a kpa for this?

    I would gladly forget this volume pedal but I wouldn't know how to deal with my volume knob for rhythm and gain without loss of volume . And then there is the problem to get back to the decreasing point: That exact previous rhythm position during playing. My kpa does that for me now. I must keep my attention to playing and not looking at my volume knob.

    But I'm always in for learning.

    Holy cow. I haven't heard that name since the 70s. :) \m/

    Nice that someone knows what I'm talking about. To complete this: Our band was called WISHCLONE ASH, to give the audience (and you) an idea of how we sounded.

    BTW, in looking for specific sounds some tweaking experts helped me a lot to nail the exact tone! I couldn't that have found this on my own.

    Some time ago I asked for the harmony issue in the solo of If you can't give me love (from Suzy Qattro) Finally I came up with this as an exact copy…eal-harmony-on-one-string

    ( Now tell me: playing this straight without that sound would definitely raise eyebrows, wouldn't you agree?)

    I think I had 4 main sounds, all the rest were little tweaks of them and additional effects.

    This would be enough for me too. For clean sounds it's not that hard to find good profiles. However they sometimes lack of volume and then it's looking for parameters or raising amp volume to get the desired one without your VU meters on the mixing desk getting crazy. Here is a main issue: hundreds of knobs with hundreds of parameters with thousands of different results is to find that needle in a haystack. The real irony is that in the past I bought (and sold) a number of (pre) amps with too many knobs and features and finally bought a kpa...(with a great advantage: the weight...!)

    Finding really good distorted, overdriven profiles is harder. The often don't sound smooth and have that scratchy side effect. And if you try to increase the gain of the clean profile it's no different. Sometimes I then decrease the treble of my Les Paul all the way to zero for a better smoother result . This leaves the scratchy sound. But I guess the kpa could deal with this too...(where's that needle again...?)

    If you look at videos and listen what most people tell you about their kpa and how they deal with then I really wonder if I can compete with all these (surely) magnifcent sounds they produce. My lack of know how is one of the reasons of course. Live comparison is not possible so I pick a rig from RM and tweak some trying to get what I want but I'm never get quite satisfied. Maybe people recognize this. That's why I also never buy commercial profiles because to me they would sound like crap too. And of course your fingers are important, your guitar is too. I have both but it's always that sweet spot sound that I'm seeking and never really find, only some clean chorused ones. I guess every time I dial too much and then get nowhere. So do I sound as I should sound? Why does the video still sounds much better?

    Still its a great machine but sometimes I'm longing for that (simple?) Marshall (BTW which I never had) to have that just one killer sound and that would suit for every song. Of course I would need a roadie too for transport reasons...

    For me, playing in a coverband is trying to nail the guitar sounds from origine, to get the feeling you can play that too but also to let people recognize the song as original. And to me all those many dozens of different songs need their specific kind kind of profiles. I can't play Sweet Child o' Mine with a clean chorused sound...

    Before Kemper I played in a tribute Wishbone Ash and that was awesome (with a Line 6 Vetta head and 4x12). Kemper is a totally other way of approach. To search that specific kind of profile every time is a real struggle (if it only exists). I remember switching from my BOSS GT 100 modeler to the Kemper profiler some years ago people said that you now could reproduce the sounds of your heros. If you only knew what they used when they played the song at that time, then you were able to do that too. Boy, have I kept fooling myself... and others too.

    So Frank, I still thank you for your help to find that sitar sound which I needed and which still sounds great. I couldn't have done this myself.

    But still persevere and going on strong...:)