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    plus Tom king is a helluva guy, and I love supporting smaller, "local" business, especially for areas or interest I'm passionate about

    so NEO WEDGE IS ON DA WAY! :D lol

    Thats great to hear! Sounds like their not too hard to get a hold of after all. Now I have no excuses to not place an order :D .
    Seriously though, I would be foolish to do anything now. I have been recovering from shoulder surgery and gearing up to go back to work in the oilfield and 100+ hour work weeks. Even my current Atomic fr wedge will be collecting dust soon! I plan to do this a couple more years then get out.

    I could hardly justify my Kemper purchase, but the past couple months its been a joy to pick up one of my guitars. I don't regret the purchase. Maybe there will be a Kemper mark II in a couple years when I will try to be an active part time musician again, maybe not. If so, My Kemper will still be a superb option, or if I just have to have the latest and best, an upgrade will not be a financial issue.... Of course, more important than that, would be upgrading my atomic fr 50 wedge. Maybe there will be some decent used clr's floating around on the used market by then ;)

    I know the wedge cabinet is more versatile, but I think the cabinet looks killer. Its so tempting.

    BTW, there are glowing reviews of the CLR all over these boards, fractual, Gear Page, etc.

    Idk what the threads early criticisms were about? Like are they current or is there a revision coming ?

    viacabore, do you recommend the active neo cab for $1000?

    are there no deals or sales? Just asking

    Your obviously in the market now, so yes the CLR would be my first choice! DXR 10 would be my least to try out.

    I just don't need it now, and slow response/availability have reinforced my decision.

    At one point, I was considering pulling the trigger on one of these. Not now! I just really don't need it now anyway. I can get by with my atomic fr and my studio monitors for the next couple years. I plan to get out of the oil and gas industry sometime at that point, and will have time for music again. With the developments here lately I have no issue waiting to see whats on the market by then. I'm sure there will be other entries in this market (already are), and more eager to service their customers.

    EQ up front is probably a more sound and precise way to tighten up gain. I'm probably a lot less experienced than many of you here, and with not as well trained studio ear. I really started using the 808 drive with previous gear I owned that needed a lot more help sonically. I started out using od to add gain to a clean amp. Having a love for high gain sounds also, really just happened upon using od in front of those, and later I discovered it was a common practice.

    Honestly though, this Kemper is a huge step ahead of my previous gear... including a few tube amps. I really don't need to use od at all. If a profile isn't doing it for me, I just move on. I have learned a bit about doing more deep editing, but I just don't really need to. Maybe when I get serious about recording, and quit playing with my new toy, I may need to add some eq up front or even post. For now, I have been very content to run through profiles and enjoy sonic bliss. No pedals, and tweaking! Loving it!

    ... which is one the BIGGEST benefits of a TS, i.e. tightening the low-end

    I guess in my experience the more transparent overdrive I have sounds better. tightening the sound without loosing any low end, but to be honest, I have no experience with Mesa amps, and the Mesa profiles I like best were profiled with pedals in front of them haha. :D

    I will sure give the green scream a try the next time I'm tweaking a boomy profile. Thanks!

    I think the green scream is very close to my tube screamer (modified with THE chip). My biggest gripe with a tube screamer is that it's not completely transparent as it tends to roll off some low end. The green scream is the same.

    I have a virtual sound Jekyll an Hyde and it's completely transparent. With the gain on 0, love using it to tighten up high gain amp tones. I played around with the green scream, and can get nearly the same results just by dialing back the tone to about 8 or 9 am

    Bought it the atomic fr last summer before I got the Kemper. Bad decision on my part. Could have gotten the dxr instead for what I paid if I would have done more research. Oh well, they are luxury items right now since I'm too busy to play out. I use my studio monitors along with the atomic at home with decent results, especially for tweaking profiles.

    Been thinking about getting a CLR myself. As to the poster representing the maker of the product, I'm really.....actually appalled. This isn't the only thread or forum where Ive seen him put a beat down on a poster,...contributor...product reviewer..... Customer!
    There is no doubt that he knows his business. He contributes information I find fascinating, but does so with a know it all attitude without a bit of tact. These are customers and potential customers (me) hes scolding someone in front of.
    The customer is always right... Period! Please share your point of view with at least some appearance that you care for your customer. You care way to much about being right!