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    @Bilinguitar what kind of music do playing?
    MBritt profiles comes alive at stage volume level.

    Yeah, it wasn't until I had my Kemper going through my Splawn cabs and tube power amp that the MBritt profiles just came to life! I was not a fan at first either. Michael knows how to capture profiles that translate to live situations for sure.

    I think he has been using one since 2014. This is just based off videos I have seen. It was funny, they came out and did an intro type thing and then Trevor realized the Kemper wasn't on. They kinda stood there until it booted up.

    Oh man, that's too funny! I have done sillier sh*t I suppose! I remember hunting around for like 2 minutes mid-song once because my amp went silent until I suddenly realized some moron (not THIS moron) stepped on my tuner! LOL!

    Yeah I got their Recto set some time ago. Didn't care for it once I downloaded it. I agree also, cost per profile didn't deliver for me.

    Cool, what you have to show? 8)

    Did this and posted here quite a while ago:


    Profiles are from Tim Owens "HAWP" Friedman stuff. Did all guitars, bass and also programmed the drums.

    Here's a recent one I did doing some "Hair Rock" with another guy from these forums:

    I haven't been on the KPA forums in ages but pretty sure I have some other ones floating around. Anyway, didn't mean to derail your thread!

    Hi Michael. Just a heads up. The sound clips aren't showing up on my browser? I'm running Crome.

    Got the clips fixed. I had switched the Playlist settings on Soundcloud from Private to Public, but didn't realize that each individual track was still set to Private. Should be working now. Sorry.

    Do you even Soundcloud bro???

    The Colonial is a very useful turn in the Marshall territory, isn't it? I take you are also a Friedman guy, have you tried Britt's Modern Pack. The Bogner Helios is praised, but it's got plenty of stuff like a Pink Taco. It's an option I'm considering. Curiosity killed the cat (about the Guytron).

    You know, I do NOT have the modern pack.


    Just grabbed the Colonial pack! I have 1,2,3, Guytron, Marshall, Heavy, Tweedy, Jim Kelly, Vox and now this guy...

    Michael and Guido are probably the only commercial profilers I buy from this consistently.

    the Boc Pack is an interesting mix of a bit of everything. Some unpredictable gems there. I gotta try them thoroughly. So far, great as all this lonestar magician does (metal excluded, but who cares when half of the vendors focus on metal?).
    Any opinions about the ugly duck, the Guytron Pack? I guess the Kelly or the Diaz are safer bets, but I am curious, a curious cat I guess.

    I use the Guytron pack every week live and it is awesome. Using it for everything from ambient tones to rock rhythm/lead sounds. Usually with a G&L ASAT Bluesboy or PRS SC245. Love this pack.

    Just a head's up. I just released a pack of profiles I did of a '65 Vox AC30. There's a free sample rig on the product page (computer site only) and it's a cool amp. You can also use the coupon code 5OFFNOW to get $5 off this pack until Nov. 25. Let me know what you think after you try them. They were finished using 5.0 firmware so you'll need 5.0 to ensure proper use. There are also a couple of rig that use some of the new delays too. I really liked the one called Flutter. Thanks!

    Got a gig this weekend that these will be perfect for! Just grabbed them. May need that Colonial pack too...

    Ok... so I only got to play this quietly for like 10 minutes but it sounds... KILLER! Running it with a little K100 loaded Crate cab and PRS SC245. All the modes sound really good. Didn't get to try with the Kemper yet but will soon.