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    Looks nice.

    But a quick question:

    https://wickedtones.bigcartel.…ial-armored-amplification says KPA on the photo, but in the description it says "Nerual DSP Quad Cortex". What is correct? And maybe put into the title too.

    And is every other pack for the Quad Cortex only or are there more KPA-Packs coming? I really enjoyed your Quick Rod stuff!

    Hey thanks for the catch on that! And yes, I will be releasing a bunch more Kemper packs very soon and more official packs in partnership with some excellent builders.

    I will get a couple from this pack up on the Rig Exchange in the AM

    Hey all!

    Wicked Tones is now officially launched! As a heads up, we have multi-pack discounts available at all times. Buy 2 packs, get 50% of a 3rd. Buy 3, get one free. Additionally every Tuesday is "Tulip Tuesday" - save 20% off your entire order.

    Discount Codes (enter at checkout):
    Buy 2, Get 50% - 2AMPSGETS50

    Buy 3, Get One Free - 3AMPSGETS1


    Armored Amplification "Sabot 50" - this pack was done in partnership with James Hudmon, owner/builder at Armored Amps. Aesthetically it looks like a modded Marshall type amp but tonally it is much more akin to a Dual Rec, H&K DuoTone/TriaAmp type thing.

    49 profiles. 15 DI, 34 studio.

    For more info on the Armored "Sabot 50" pack, click here


    Ground Zero Ampworks "Dirty Bomb" - this pack was done in partnership with Jeremy Joseph, owner/builder at Ground Zero Ampworks. This amp began as a '74 Super Lead that someone modded horribly. Jeremy acquired the amp and it became the guinea pig for his "Hellion" production amp. The Dirty Bomb is a little bit special as it has additional mods developed after the design of the Hellion, so this is a true "one-off" custom.

    For more info on the Ground Zero "Dirty Bomb" pack, click here:

    For fans of classic British Hard Rock tones all the way up to clanky Modern Metal.

    60 profiles. 15 DI, 45 studio

    Boosts used:

    • Airis Savage Drive MkV

    • Walrus Audio Warhorse / Ages

    • Fortin Hexdrive

    • Wampler Ratsbane

    • Earthquaker Plumes

    Hey all! Been years as I said in the title.

    Anyway, I’ve got a few amp builders I’ll be working with on profiles, and a good friend offered to let me use his Kemper.

    Am I correct in assuming the author name on the profiles would be his name? Any way to change it? Would I have to have him let me register it under my name?

    @Bilinguitar what kind of music do playing?
    MBritt profiles comes alive at stage volume level.

    Yeah, it wasn't until I had my Kemper going through my Splawn cabs and tube power amp that the MBritt profiles just came to life! I was not a fan at first either. Michael knows how to capture profiles that translate to live situations for sure.

    I think he has been using one since 2014. This is just based off videos I have seen. It was funny, they came out and did an intro type thing and then Trevor realized the Kemper wasn't on. They kinda stood there until it booted up.

    Oh man, that's too funny! I have done sillier sh*t I suppose! I remember hunting around for like 2 minutes mid-song once because my amp went silent until I suddenly realized some moron (not THIS moron) stepped on my tuner! LOL!

    Yeah I got their Recto set some time ago. Didn't care for it once I downloaded it. I agree also, cost per profile didn't deliver for me.

    Cool, what you have to show? 8)

    Did this and posted here quite a while ago:


    Profiles are from Tim Owens "HAWP" Friedman stuff. Did all guitars, bass and also programmed the drums.

    Here's a recent one I did doing some "Hair Rock" with another guy from these forums:

    I haven't been on the KPA forums in ages but pretty sure I have some other ones floating around. Anyway, didn't mean to derail your thread!

    Hi Michael. Just a heads up. The sound clips aren't showing up on my browser? I'm running Crome.

    Got the clips fixed. I had switched the Playlist settings on Soundcloud from Private to Public, but didn't realize that each individual track was still set to Private. Should be working now. Sorry.

    Do you even Soundcloud bro???

    The Colonial is a very useful turn in the Marshall territory, isn't it? I take you are also a Friedman guy, have you tried Britt's Modern Pack. The Bogner Helios is praised, but it's got plenty of stuff like a Pink Taco. It's an option I'm considering. Curiosity killed the cat (about the Guytron).

    You know, I do NOT have the modern pack.