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    Sieht in der Tat aus, wie ein vollständiger KPA. Alles andere hätte mich auch total überrascht. Warum würde CK einen "Profile-Player" anbieten und alle bisherigen KPA-Nutzer, die nicht selbstgemachte Profiles nutzen (so wie mich), vor den Kopf stoßen. Das wäre marketingmäßig keine gute Idee.

    Mein Meinung ist, dass er etwas knapp unter einem Power Head/Rack eingepreist werden wird ...

    Sicher wird der "Stage" (oder wie auch immer er letztendlich heißen wird), eine gewisse Wirkung auf die Toaster- und Rack-Gebrauchtmarktpreise haben, da viele doch lieber ein Bodengerät hätten (ich nicht...obwohl ich den Familienzuwachs gut finde) und jetzt umschwenken werden.

    Vielleicht eine gute Chance mir in der kommenden Zeit noch einen zweiten KPA (Dual Amps...) zuzulegen ;)

    To all of those of you (not me) who wonder if there will ever be an editor for the KPA ...
    I have a feeling that guesswork will likely not lead to a reliable conclusion.

    I think we should perhaps try an approach from a different angle:
    Has Access Music Electronics GmbH in the past 22 years ever introduced an own editor for their successful Virus synth(s) ?
    I think we all agree that a software editor for a synth makes even more sense as for a guitar amp profiler ...

    I dream with you the impossible dream ;) (don quichotte)I think it would need the cabability for 2 Profiles at same time .

    Yes !! Dual amps ... that would be fantastic ... I thought I´d be the only one here in desperate need of dual amps ... personally I would need this much more than any gadgetry ...

    Good active FRFRs would be nice too ... we have seen some "prototypes" on the Kemper stand in the past.

    I have once opened my KPA and spotted that (what it seems to me) the main CPU board is designed as a plug-in board, i.e. that it could be swapped not only for a replacement but also an upgraded board with a faster CPU at some given time in the future.

    That´s a great idea, Andy ! I will surely check the profiles out and I can imagine that they were tough to set up right.

    Actually, this is what I was hoping Kemper would offer with the KPA instead of more gadgetry: dual profiles (mixable via expression pedal) ... and the option to mix the dry and wet sound via expression pedal (which my Johnson Millenium JM-150 amp could do in 1992) ... oh well, I am only dreaming ;)^^

    das habe ich bisher nur bei den Behringer iNuke Endstufen gesehen. Wäre klasse, wenn es sowas gäbe. Könnte mir aber fast vorstellen, daß so ein Aufwand an Elektronik eher selten zu finden ist.
    Wenn überhaupt auf dem Markt, schränkt das die Auswahl noch deutlicher ein.

    Gruß Ingo

    Hi Ingo,
    wäre es wirklich so ein großer Aufwand ?
    Es gibt ja Moniceiver (Autoradios mit Touchscreen) im Preisbereich von 200-300 Euro, die haben einen DSP mit individuell einstellbaren GEQ, PEQ, Frequenzweiche und Lautsprecherlaufzeiten ... sogar teilweise mit eingebautem RTA (Real Time Analyzer), so dass du dir den EQ während der Fahrt an den vorliegenden Umgebungsgeräuschen anpassen kannst.
    Machbar wäre es schon aber anscheinend ist der Bedarf für so etwas nicht da. Oder doch? Vielleicht eine Marktlücke ?!


    Kann man PA-Monitore mit FRFR Boxen, die ausschließlich für Gitarre ausgelegt sind, vergleichen ? Ich denke nicht.

    In den meisten aktiven, aktuellen PA-Monitoren kommt sowieso eine DSP-Elektronik zum EInsatz, d.h. da wird intern auch schon "entzerrt". Aber halt mit Ausrichtung auf Bühnen-Monitoring, d.h. das bestimmt Frequenzbereiche (z.B. Mitten) angehoben oder abgesenkt werden und somit eine möglichst lineare Wiedergabe weder angestrebt wird noch produziert werden kann. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass im Atomic CLR auch intern "entzerrt" wird damit diese aktive Box den Sound produziert, den sie produziert bzw. produzieren soll.

    Die klanglichen Abbildungsqualitäten der verbauten Lautsprecherchassis sind hier mal außen vor. Die stehen auf einer ganz eigenen Seite.

    Toll wäre eine günstige, aktive PA-Monitorbox, bei der man (z.B. via USB) die Möglichkeit hat den internen DSP-EQ selber per App oder PC-Software "a la gusto" zu programmieren.

    Ich persönlich finde es nicht verwerflich extern und nachträglich einen günstigen, aktiven PA-Monitor so "hinzutrimmen", dass er linearer klingt als ab Werk programmiert. Natürlich ist es nicht optimal und (als Beispiel) ein Behringer DEQ2496 zur externen "Entzerrung" kostet auch zusätzliches Geld, es ist aber in der Summe deutlich günstiger (speziell als Stereo-Layout) als die meisten hochwertigen FRFR Lösungen und ich denke das ist der Ansatz vieler, die sich auf diesen Weg begeben.

    Einen aktiven PA-Monitor für 1000,- Euro nachträglich zu entzerren macht keinen Sinn, wenn man ihn nur für den KPA braucht und nicht für´s Bühnen-Monitoring, da kann man sich besser eine Atomic CLR oder was ähnliches kaufen. Aber zwei dB Technologies FM12 plus Behringer DEQ2496 für denselben Preis wie eine Atomic CLR alleine ... den Gedanke kann ich schon verstehen ... :)

    This sounds a bit like the times when CD-ROMs came out and everyone recorded their vinyl records (i.e. if they still had them by then ... many already sold them when the Audio CD came out in the 80s) onto CD and then sold their vinyl records. Many of them later regretted this decision as vinyl records offer sensations and experiences the Audio CD can not. But that´s another subject on its own ... ;)

    If you don´t need the money that your amp(s) would fetch if you would sell them, do yourself a favour and keep them in a good place and in good condition, as - trust me - there will be a time later in your life you want to plug them in and revel in this sensation, once in a while.

    If you need the money, sell them.

    I for one have not sold anything because of my KPA. "They don´t eat any bread" as we say over here ... :)

    Even with dual amp possible Stevie would use two Kempers because it's one more. ;)

    :P Well Ingolf ... I am confronted with the same "problem" ... and I think that I am going to end up with a second KPA myself to get the "dual-amp" sound I want so much ...
    Not because I want to (or could) sound like SRV, simple because I am aware of the great benefits to be able to have two amp sounds simultaneously and be able to blend them. That would be another feature that Morphing would be great for.

    However, it can be that Kemper will add this feature some day ... but I don´t want to wait that long ;):whistling:

    Who is brave enough to post over there that if SRV was still alive he'd be for sure be using a Kemper? :D

    If Stevie would still be living and use the KPA, he would have 2 or 3 of them, otherwise he could not get his signature multi-amp sound that he was known for ...

    A feature I sorely miss in the KPA as well: dual-stack/amp !

    sparked by your post I opened my Strymon Timeline and took a picture of its processor.
    It´s a Sharc ADSP-21375 with 266 MHz and 1596 MFlops ... just for Delays.

    I have to admit, I'm honestly not excited about delays or reverbs. The morphing is cool and I'm happy that this update will please a lot of people. For me, I wouldn't mind if the KPA had no effects what so ever but instead had the ability to use profiles of stomp drives or distortion at the same time as an amp profile.

    Even the "Tone Stacks" of various amp in the EQ section would make me happier than Reverbs or delay. Reverb and delay can be found everywhere even in very small boxes that are of excellent quality.

    I actually don't like this new direction of turning the profiler into a "do it all" box. Leave that to Line 6 and fractal.Please keep in mind this is just my personal preference and I'm kind of puzzled that not more from those who bought the KPA are interested enough to speak out as many of those who want everything but the kitchen sink. It's really hard to believe and somehow I think that silent majority would be interested in dual profiles and tone stacks than effects.

    I am totally with you Dean_R.
    I am sure that there will be one or the other function I can make sense of in the new Morphing feature but it is not something I was holding my breath for. I don´t have the need for morphing two sounds. I will certainly dive into this feature and I am sure that it will offer me something that I can´t see at this point of time, but I think it will be something that one has to be careful with as it might otherwise rub off very quickly.

    Also, I am not holding my breath for reverbs and delays. I have "outboard" effects that cover this area and that ALREADY supply me with a sonic quality that is superior to what the KPA delivers right now and I think - with all respect to the fantastic work of the Kemper team - ever will. This perfectly alright with me and therefore I am not complaining about this, as first of all (and mainly) the KPA is an amp for me and it will always be.

    I am also a bit contemplative about this new direction or orientation. For me personally I think there are still plenty of areas - like dual profiles and tone stacks - that could and should be covered and explored to cement the KPA furthermore as the ultimate amp machine and again that´s what it is for me. It is an amp and not a swiss army knife.

    Again I agree with Dean_R on this. FX programming alone can easily and very quickly absorb all the manpower in a small company as Kemper Amps and it can easily distract from the (my personal) core focus of the KPA: amps and amp sounds.

    Well, we will see how it all works out with 4.0 and how Kemper Amps will proceed from there ...

    I personally would regret if the orientation of the KPA would shift towards "fx-competitiveness" and "fx-soundforging" in the future and therefore/perhaps neglect a broadening of the pure amp sound shaping potentials and options that are there (dual-profiles or tone stacks to name but a few) and can (and again for my personal taste: ... should !) be focussed and explored.

    Well, that´s the eternal problem with expectations ... the higher the expectations, the more the disappointment.
    The source of frustration herewith is not on the side of who is supposed to "deliver" something, but on the side of who projects a certain outcome on something on the future date.

    However, I don´t think we can complain about Kemper´s company philosophy at all. FW updates come on a regular and steady base and are for free. Whether the new quantum leap firmware update deserves to be called 4.0 or rather 3.5 or whether Morphing is something very useful or less, lies in the eye of each individual beholder.

    I for one do not complain even if 4.0 comes in March or April. It will come some day and that´s fine with me.

    Besides, how many company owners in this field of business would attend an Adrian Belew concert, as I could see myself last night in Bonn ... :)

    I have a feeling that the true source of the problem is rather the manufacturer.
    My first impression when I saw the picture of the damaged CLR in its cardboard box was: "What an amateurish padding of a speaker (weighing over 20 kg) that will be shipped and kicked around the globe before it arrives at its final destination" ...

    I have seen ten times better packaging padding for speakers weighing a fraction of a CLR.

    Perhaps not the only CLR that was returned to Andertons, hence their reaction.

    Gosh, I am exhausted ... I must admit that I stopped the second video after 75% of its total length. My head aches.

    Well ... I respect his point of view, as it is his very own PERSONAL opinion. In his world he is 100% right and that´s good. And I don´t mean this cynical ...

    However ... with all this YOJO stuff he apparently owns, he is as "inconsistent" as the KPA owners he wants to bring back to the right path. The YOJO pedals are all copies of "originals". The various forums are full with traced YOJO schematics that verify that e.g. the "Vintage Overdrive" is a TS-808 clone, the "Ultimate Overdirve" is a Fulltone OCD copy (which is said to be based on Jack Orman´s "Shaka Bradda" Overdrive pedal) or the "Vintage Phase" is an MXR Phase 90 (the list goes on and on ...). Most of them copied in the usual Chinese "nonchalant" kind of way (which doesn´t justify them to be more "acceptable" as a better sounding KPA), but they´re copies, sold for a bargain price compared to the originals and of course in his point of view should also be an utter disrespect.

    An Analogman "King of Tone" is two Marshall Bluesbreaker pedals in series with a switchable diode clipping section. The latter is the only "non-original" bit, yet a very common circuit.

    Jim Marshall´s (who was a drummer and music shop owner, not an electronic engineer) first amps (JTM 45) were based on the Fender Bassman.

    Where do you draw the line ?!

    I refuse to believe that - although certainly in the 5-digit sale range by now - the KPA has such an impact on the market. Perhaps large volume manufacturers might notice a drop in sales in the very low 1-figure percentage range due to products like the KPA, AXE-FX or the Line-6 stuff but the small volume boutique builder will not be affected.
    Of course one can´t make a fortune from a handful of handbuild amps per month, but I know component prices and despite invested "R&D" time and money, there is still some profit to be made per amp.

    Last but not least. I don´t think the KPA is the end of the tube amp. Too many of us (incl. me) are still fascinated by the old tube amp and will always be.