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    Hi Kemper community,

    I just uploaded a profile of my excellent studio preamp/channel strip from "Tegeler Audio Manufaktur" called the Varitube Recording Channel.

    It is a tube preamp with a pultec style eq and an excellent opto compressor. I usually use that for vocal recordings, but I needed some profiles for using my acoustic guitar live.

    As a reference I have Michael Britt's very good Neve/Taylor K4 profile. The VariTube2 profile is a bit brighter, I had the 80hz low cut engaged and a slight shelving boost from 8k.

    Hope you dig it,

    cheers Alex

    I could never understand the complaints about the FX section. I think the KP has some of the best sounding reverbs and delays I have come across. The leslie and the phaser is great as well. I have had Strymon, TC, Lexicon and the likes, I do not think they sound better (in fact I prefer KP).
    I record into Logic X everyday (loaded with waves, NI and other plugins) and often enough I decide to use the delay and reverb from the Kemper.
    OK, the big muff could be addressed in future updates. Tube driver model would be great as well.....


    Done ... ;)
    Just uploaded two AC30/G12M profiles with different gain settings. It's not a world between the G12H and the G12M , but you can hear the different color in the midrange. I switched back and forth between this profile and MBritts AC15/Matchless/Morgan tones (which are excellent and used by me all the time).
    They are a nice addition to Michaels smooth profiles. (e.g. doubling a track) Feel I still need to put some more work in it though...
    :thumbup: Thanks again for your feedback.

    Thank you guys so much !
    I know there are so many AC30 profiles out there, but I have never been 100% happy.
    This is my 1978 Vox with a G12H30 and a Greenback.
    If you are interested in the Greenback profile, let me know !


    Hi Kemper User,

    welches Expressionpedal empfehlt ihr für die Remote ?
    Muss solide und "gängig" sein - also sowohl füe Wha als auch Volumen.
    Bisher habe ich das FC1010/Uno und da ist die Exp Abteilung eher bescheiden

    Danke & beste Grüsse,

    Thanks Ingolf and Don for your responses and sorry for not having introduced myself in my first post !

    I am a full time musician for over 20 years playing all kinds of genres and sideman for mostly national artists.
    I used to have (and still have) AC30ies (one HW and one 1970'), a 1974 Bassman top and some amps of a croation custom builder.
    A big pedal board with different distortions and fuzzes, delays and whatnot has been used and changed regularly.
    So my preference is more Vox/Fender/ Marshall kind of tone.

    So I know what i am after. My question is which path in the menu I should follow without having to audition millions of presets.
    I will try to use rig manager, how Don said. Does the KPA automatically load what was chosen in the rig exchange ?
    RM is still no editor, right ? Sorry for asking again.

    Hi guys,

    been using the kpa professionally since may this year and i think it's great.
    The thing that makes me nuts is the vast amount of presets.
    I use to scroll through the presets, looking for an amp that suits my taste and modify it to my needs.
    That takes ages. I'd rather choose a model (AC30/Deluxe/JTM e.g.) and then start from the scratch.
    How can I access the raw profiles rather the edited presets ? Keep the amplifier/cabinet button pressed ?

    Thanks and sorry for the ignorance.