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    This is completely argumentative, insulting and inappropriate.

    I really am sorry you took this personally. This was not at all intended to bash you. I am merely disappointed with the sound of the AS with my PRS's and had high hopes that your settings would be eye opening (or ear opening). Chill man, I'm just jealous you got great sounds. I'll keep tinkering around.

    I just can't seem to get enough of the AS!

    I'm baffled with some of the complaints and/or issues some are having.

    Hell, this thing sounds so amazing, my bandmates want me to use it ALL of the

    I run my KPA (Stage) direct to FOH and use IEM's.

    Here is my recipe:

    Well I am very glad you are satisfied or even thrilled with your "recipe." With my humbucking PRS's your tweaks sound like shit, sorry, nothing personal intended. My 'own' recipe' is a whole lot better with my PRS's, but I would never attach the word "acoustic" to it even. This thing (AS) does NOT imho sound amazing, just deeply disappointing. My bandmates do NOT want me to use it but rarely, never mind "ALL of the time"! FOH is somewhat better, sure, but I can't use IEM's due to being born deaf in one ear, lost plenty in the other over the years. Still - I have 3 beautiful true acoustic guitars that the sim can't even come close to emulating regardless of the monitoring. so - great for you, I'll just keep my alternatives open.


    If you program normal pitch at heel, and octave lower at toe, it will start at normal pitch.

    Yes, don't forget you can always program your morphs in reverse; like hi gain or volume at heel (default 'on,' low gain or volume at toe, etc...). I've had to use this reverse programming logic more than I'd like, so I do wish they'd take the suggestion at the home office.

    Agree. The pure booster might be my most used stomp - both before and after the amp. In fact, all my presets have the pure booster or "boost" eq in the X slot so that I always have a way of boosting my output for those times when I find that I've disappeared in the mix.

    Agree, I do exactly the same thing in the X slot.

    This is VERY exciting!! I'll at most be able to try out the new overdrives, can't wait to do this! But I have too many gigs coming up to start changing any rigs - I'm therefore strangely glad they're not compatible with the current OS!

    Great production I must agree and great playing, professional all the way! Not a huge Toto-like fan, a bit too pop for me, but I appreciate great talent. You sure have it Vinnie, and Luke of course has gobs of major talent! (Met him at a Toto concert like 2 years ago of all places). LOL

    was never told not to change string guages or lower string heights. I don't understand why you would've been told that, Gaz.

    But told it, I was. What can I say? I could have just changed them but I realized I didn't like it for rock anyway, so why go to the trouble. My favorite rock with acoustic was the Music Man JP Maestro with piezo. Only problem with that was a very poor design placement of the pickup selector. Every few strums I'd hit the selector and change from neck to bridge p/u. Most annoying while playing in a club. Great acoustic though!

    Does L6 variax do a convincing emulation?

    I had the gen - 2 for a while. It did a very nice job with ac sim, way better than the Kemper (sorry guys!) and the 12-string, banjo, and sitar sounded really good. What did NOT sound good was using this for rock and roll, not at all. That's why I sold mine after just a month tinkering around with it. I also hated the high action and thick strings they insisted you did not change.

    This demo was just finished today and it has 3 guitar tracks plus the bass.

    FYI, I did this using a Gibson SG

    Cool piece Dan! Could have been a cut on The Beatles Revolver album. Didn't appreciate an acoustic sound to it, almost like a brand new instrument entirely! Good work either way. Still not in love with the AC with my humbuckers despite many tweaks.

    well, most of the wah settings already existed in another thread for years before monkey man started this thread.

    A lot of us (myself included) knew nothing of another thread before Monkey_Man began his wah thread. I therefore do not think it a bad thing at all that he's organized these wahs for us (even if they had previously been organized elsewhere). I think he's brought this to the mainstream attention, and that can only be good for Kemper users everywhere. I applaud his efforts and I wish you would be on his side, regardless of his rhetoric, and not chide him for being "presumptuous." Be nice to all who visit this wonderful forum. We learn so much from the wisdom and experience of the whole assemblage of talent and brainpower utilizing the amazing Kemper Profiling Amp.

    And please don't forget that we are both your customers as well as your chief local, but highly enthusiastic sales advocates across the entire globe. Most of my musical friends have barely even heard of the Kemper (at least here in the states)! I promote it every time I get the chance. We get the word out how great this wonderful machine is to millions. Monkey_Man is an inspired part of this behind the scenes sales force, loyal to the core. Don't silence what keeps your wonderful brainchild making your company, and the entire musical community, rich.

    when I finally break down and get an expression pedal.

    So what's holding you back from such a minor purchase? The wahs are (mostly) really great and an expression pedal, even a cheap on one, will do them up nicely. Go for it, Jeff!!