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    Endless hours of sitting on the ground to tweak things is a huge reason why I am now a Kemper user. I dont spend nearly as much time on the ground as I did with the Helix but it would be nice to do things like setup effects without having to be on the ground.

    Then why did you get the Stage and not the Toaster? Makes no sense.

    Here's a video of me playing it live, featuring the infamous "Hyperspace Pedal" for all the spaceship sounds and thundering pickslides....

    Great guitar sound, wish you would upload it to RE! Nicely played as well. (The drums kind of ruin it for me - too hot in the mix, dry, sound plastic). Upload that profile, love to know what your feet are up to... using the Remote, or other pedals? Good job once again.

    I keep the effects switches disabled.

    I enjoyed reading how you arrange your rigs. I was kind of perplexed as to why you'd have the effects switches disabled, however. If I immediately need a certain sound, including these effects, having them switched on immediately gives me what I want right when I really need it instead of having to do the stomp box dance to turn it on. That's the whole point of having these performance slots in the first place. Why have a separate rig for them without them being instantaneously available is what I'm really saying? Who cares if you accidentally hit one WITH the effects before you need it versus the benefit of having the effects being right there? The audience will never know the difference, only you.

    Did you have back ups of performances saved in RM so you can move over as copy/paste?

    Well I had a RM backup and I thought all performances would all be backed up in that, not a specific backup for each performance. I didn't know you could do that. How does one do that?

    Just updating from 5.7 to 7.0.9....wish me luck!

    So my powered toaster of 6 1/2 yrs developed "issues" which required me to send to Nashville for repair. Since I still have gigs/rehearsals in the meantime, I opted to purchase a new head. It came with 5.7 which I also updated to 7.0.9, which was working until recently just fine.

    Well I did the firmware update and then a Restore of my last backup from the day I received my new head. The strangest thing occurred (at least to me)... all my rigs were there, all my Performances EXCEPT for Performance #1 - which covers 75% of my songs in all groups. In its place were 5 rigs I've never even seen before (factory presets I presume). I lost my main performance and had to search and recreate it. What's with that? Why would a "Restore" not actually restore everything?

    I think I'm really screwed now - during practice yesterday (the gaffer's tape worked fine throughout) my sound disappeared... twice! All lights stayed on and Remote switched fine... but only hazy background sounds of the actual preset could be heard.

    Nothing would revive it except a reboot. I wrote a support ticket, but of course I need it this weekend! I had to break down and order a new one and will pray my latest backup will restore properly on the new one. I guess it's like an old computer - they give out at some time (6 1/2 yrs in my case). Repair may follow, we'll see. Mighty bummed here though.

    I've had my Kemper for 6 1/2 years, and only recently have I had cable issues connecting to the Remote. The cable (I've tried 4, even a brand new one from Kemper's American distributor in Colorado) just slips out, shutting power off to the Remote. I can push it back in and perhaps tape it to keep it in, but this sounds a bit of a pain and rather low tech. I have started a support ticket on this, but I'm not sure how responsive they might be in these hopefully last days of the editor, etc.. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, new to me, and might have a real fix.

    Some never have a need for one.

    I think you just like arguing. As Mats said above - he's perfectly content editing on the KPA itself, so (your words) - "the OPTION of a desktop editor" is just that, an option. It does NOT make it absolutely necessary that every user will benefit from it. I understand your point, truly I do, but some will probably never use it.