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    I just want to thank you guys for your efforts. I am looking forward to trying this out on my Gibson. Want to see how it sound swith the humbuckers

    I added a rig for use with humbuckers, PRS Acoustic p/u#4 which Ed generously helped me with. You might want to try this on your Gibson also.

    For the record, my PRS has 5 blade switch very common in the Classic 24 model. It gives me;

    1) Neck HB

    2) Neck HB w/ neck single coil in parallel

    3) Bridge & Neck HBs

    4) Bridge HB w/ bridge single coil in parallel

    5) Bridge HB

    No dedicated single coil option.

    Quote from EdwardArnold ok and now with that extra boost you think I don’t know about.

    :D:D:D:D - Very funny Alan!

    I don't know why feedback should be any issues, agree with you there. I also had zero hum or hiss, so not sure where people are getting that, unless it's a single coil issue.

    How sad :( you're missing a lot , SC & P90 are my favorite pickups by far , especially for rhythm , and these are easier to mix.

    No question they sound great, I just am not a fan of the necks widths or profiles and haven't found one I'm comfortable playing, certainly not Teles or Strats. My fingers may just be shorter than most.

    would it be possible for you ( prsgary ) to try the Acoustic Simulator with a guitar that has a single coil in the neck position?

    I would Don, really I would, but I don't even own a single single coil guitar, only humbuckers. So I guess I'm just out of luck in this regard. I could always borrow or purchase one, but that would totally defeat my purpose here - which is to play my PRS for everything. Not that there's any gigging going on at the moment over here, but I guess that means I'll still bring my PRS and Taylor to gigs and A/B them with there own profiles.

    The Eggle I’m using has a coil tap - does your PRS?

    Hi Edward, no my PRS does NOT have a coil tap. I'll be happy to send you a dry recording of my PRS to see what you might discover, thanks so much for the offer! Just so I'm clear - I'm not really interested in what the EQ in LOGIC or any other DAW can do to my sound, I want this EQ to emanate strictly from the Kemper for live, NON-laptop playing. I hope that makes sense. I am a live player and don't want all that computer gear to haul around. I can just use my Taylors in my studio for precise acoustic recordings. I'm looking to turn the Kemper into my only go to amp with only my PRS to drag around. I'm sure that makes sense. Can you give me your email in a PM and I can sent my dry stuff to you? I'll also send you what, so far, is my 'best attempt' to make my axe sound acoustic. Thanks again for being willing to help out!!

    BUT tweaking clean input sense ( down to minus 5) did help a lot to lose some of the electric guitar character to a more acoustic guitar.

    I'll give these a try, thanks. I had already being playing with pots and different pickup choices.

    To be clear, the new Variax sims (I think there are 3 models provided) sound like mic'd acoustic guitar, not piezo feeds. World of difference. It may be that it's the piezo sound you're after; I'd assumed you wanted a "true" acoustic tone.

    I hear your point Nicky and thanks for clarifying. My real goal IS a "true" acoustic tone, but without having to take 2 guitars to a gig. Even if the newer Variax sims are truly fantastic, I'd still be taking multiple guitars because their "electric" sounds are not what they were made for, and can't hold a candle to a real electric. That's why I was so looking forward to the AC SIM in the Kemper, only to be unsuccessful so far at getting close to an authentic acoustic sound.

    EdwardArnold - very nice demo. I wish I could get my PRS to sound anywhere close to your acoustic sounds. Even by using your settings, mine just sounds like a different clean electric. Not sure what I can do to improve on this. Any suggestions would be welcome. I think I am understanding that you're NOT using any specific profile, is this true? If you're disabling the amp and cab and turning the gain to zero I expect it wouldn't make much difference if you're using a profile at all. Correct me if I'm wrong on this! Congrats again!

    Gaz, I'll bet my left knacker that it was the first-gen Variax that you used

    No, Nicky, the Majesty left that 1st gen in the dust. BUT it had design issues - placement of the pickup selector was (and still is I believe) right in the way of strumming, so you'd change pickups without wanting to... constantly. Very annoying! But the sim in it (Piezo) was excellent!.

    My upgraded Rig Manager isn't communicating with the Kemper and I can't access the Rig Exchange either. Eventually I get a message saying I must check my log in status, which clearly shows I'm logged in. I'm wondering if this isn't related to the generally very slow communication with the server this past week.

    Other issue - the Browse knob freezes when trying to change out profiles, not every time, but often. I may do a support ticket if these issues down calm down.

    What presets is it about? For piezo guitars?

    I have tried several profiles, including the Morgan AC20, Liquid Neve 1073, Fishman Aura, Chandler Germanium, Venue DI, The Zoom Simulator, Tonedexter (I know, some of these are piezo designed. The Morgan AC20 actually sounds the worst of the bunch, at least with my PRS! I'm actually getting the best result using the ToneDexter along with the new AC Sim (from Djmass, tweaked) and keeping both amp and cab ON (I know this contradicts your recommendations, but it simply sounds the best... so far!).

    It sounds clean and warm, but not quite like an acoustic.

    So I had my first band rehearsal using the new AC Sim. We did things that included "Pinball Wizard" - and I swear the "acoustic" sound was far worse than my NON - AC Sim acoustic presets. Disappointed. Still love the Kemper, but this isn't useful to me... so far.

    How is the Variax sound?

    I had one of these, sold it because it was far below the standards of the PRS P22 and the MM Majesty piezo. They both sounded more authentic than the long anticipated Kemper AC Sim however... I'm in a bit of shock at this realization. That's not what I've come to expect of Kemper I've got to say. And yes, I play quite a bit of acoustic along with electric on my gigs, so it WAS/IS relatively important to me. Can you guide me to a better experience CK?