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    Enlightened would be: talks more forum than playing guitar.

    Doesn't bode well for you Ingolf old enlightened buddy! Better play more tennis 8o , though if you're correct, than maybe Knows 3 Chords would describe Enlightened even better HAHA.

    My actual list might go something like (from Beginner on up);

    1.Working on learning those 3 chords

    2.Knows a scale or 2

    3.Plays all solos in Pentatonic mode

    4.Can play using Nashville numbering system

    5. Knows ALL the modes and when to use them!

    It's pretty simple, but if you need additional help one of these YouTube videos probably has what you need and much more; just type in "kemper performance mode tutorial." There are a bunch.

    Another quick method for saving and testing out possible favorite rigs is to use the Browse mode and do a "Save As" and just add the special character "&" at the beginning of the rig name. Do this for several you want to easily compare. That shoots them right up to the very beginning of the Browse pool, from where you can use Remote buttons or soft buttons on the Kemper to switch between them. The ones you don't like? Just delete them. I put this character on ALL my favorite rigs so that when I create my performances, they're right there in one small, easy to manage group.

    Personally I don't see why you and many others don't just by the powered toaster, simplest solution to many issues, just a bit more moolah but worth it. Since I mostly play with 'cab off' I don't feel any need or desire to buy the kab and kone, though if you only play at home that may be more desirable. I tend to gig a lot so those would do nothing for me, any cab works fine for monitoring onstage.

    It should be labelled a "beta" imho due to the many strange activities I've been a victim of the past few days. It needs more work I'm afraid. It especially handles Performances extremely poorly. I'm resigned to doing my edits back on the Profiler instead (support ticket submitted).

    Since I got it up and running I've now had issues with RM linking to the Kemper: The changes I've made using the editor did NOT show up on the Profiler, even after switching from Performance to Browse or vice versa, nor after rebooting the system. Edits from RM were just replaced with the original settings. Once I unplugged my USB connection to the computer, changes occurred. So therefore, I'm back doing all my edits on the Profiler itself. Yes, the editor in theory sounds like a great idea, it's just not there yet.

    Yes, I'm submitting a support ticket on this, though I've not many responses to the last several support tickets I've sent in. Anyone else have these issues?

    One more question: in the editor are broad categories of effects, none of the hundreds that are actually there. Is there an easy was within the editor, not the Toaster, to see all the options within?

    Hi! all. So I installed the newest RM update and it told me it had the OS 7.1.22 firmware update. I tried twice to install this through RM (which I have hardly ever tried) and it failed both times. I did it then by the old tried and true USB stick - no problem installing it.

    I post this for others should they encounter the same issue, didn't bother to contact support about this since it worked fine the "kaos.bin" way 8)

    Thanks Alan, I've got it now! Editor and all. Even my missing performance is showing. The problem was my brain - for some reason it was seeing 7.1.12 as, therefore older than 7.1.5 - dummy me.:S

    If the editor section doesn't open, Rig Manager doesn't find your Profiler or your Profiler is not up-to-date.

    My powered profiler head is updated to, my RM is 3.0.89 (15760), and yet RM gives me error message every time I open it saying I need to upgrade my profiler to higher than 7.1.12. RM doesn't see all my performances, I see no editor... what am I missing? I am using a MAC, USB connected of course.

    Endless hours of sitting on the ground to tweak things is a huge reason why I am now a Kemper user. I dont spend nearly as much time on the ground as I did with the Helix but it would be nice to do things like setup effects without having to be on the ground.

    Then why did you get the Stage and not the Toaster? Makes no sense.

    Here's a video of me playing it live, featuring the infamous "Hyperspace Pedal" for all the spaceship sounds and thundering pickslides....

    Great guitar sound, wish you would upload it to RE! Nicely played as well. (The drums kind of ruin it for me - too hot in the mix, dry, sound plastic). Upload that profile, love to know what your feet are up to... using the Remote, or other pedals? Good job once again.

    I keep the effects switches disabled.

    I enjoyed reading how you arrange your rigs. I was kind of perplexed as to why you'd have the effects switches disabled, however. If I immediately need a certain sound, including these effects, having them switched on immediately gives me what I want right when I really need it instead of having to do the stomp box dance to turn it on. That's the whole point of having these performance slots in the first place. Why have a separate rig for them without them being instantaneously available is what I'm really saying? Who cares if you accidentally hit one WITH the effects before you need it versus the benefit of having the effects being right there? The audience will never know the difference, only you.