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    So I'm most probably going to retire my trusty old toaster (early adopter) to my studio for good, and get a stage for live use. The Mission EP1 is going to go with the Stage for Live, so I will need a replacement for the studio. It won't have to be as sturdy, so something a bit more cost efficient while doing the job sufficiently would be nice... Anything you guys can recommend? Wouldn't mind if it has a tip switch to go from vol to wah, but that's not absolutely necessary.

    I use this with mine. Holds the expression pedal and Powerstage 170 in that front compartment.…1210&o=&offset=&c=75&s=75

    Thanks for the input, appreciated :) I'm looking for something more stagefriendly though (no pun intended), where the KPA and the EP1 are already connected, you just lift off the top, connect the xlr's and are ready to go. So, pretty much like the Thon, does the job perfectly. I just wish it had it's normal, brown color instead of that eye-piercing green...

    Hey guys,

    considering to retire my trusty 1st Generation Toaster, which I have gigged with quite extensively over the years, to the studio, and make the switch (for live use) to the kemper stage, for obvious reasons. Thing is, I can't seem to find a case which provides space for both the Stage AND Mission Pedal EP1. The Original Thon Case has space for the Stage only, as it seems. Any Stage Users here who found a sturdy, road-ready case which houses both the Stage and Pedal? Would love to hear from you guys. Muchas Gracias in advance!

    hey folks, quick question: rig manager is not communicating with the kpa. RM is on, the KPA is on do i simply need to update my unit, or should those two versions be compatible with each other, and there's something else amiss? thx in advance!

    Hey Mob, so here's my Question: since I did the update to the latest firmware, whenever I switch on individual effects on a rig within a performance, switch to another rig and then back again, the state of the effect doesn't revert back to it's saved on/off state, but rather stays like it was before switching rigs. I didn't change anything whatsoever other than doing the update. Is that intended? And most importantly: what do I need to do to get back to the old behavior?

    Hey all,

    after having updated both my KPA and the Rig Manager to their respective latest Versions, the Rig Manager refuses to connect to

    the KPA. No matter what i click or doubleclick, i can't seem to get anything loaded from RM to the KPA. It worked perfectly normal on my older OS

    and RM combination. Not sure what to do - of course i made a full Backup before upgrading both the KPA and the RM, but it seems I won't be able to use RM 2.x with the new OS and vice versa, right? I would hate to have to downgrade just to be able to use RM (which I do all the time when working on Sessions etc, keeping everything organized and handy). Oh, another thing - some recent additions to my library also seem to not be there anymore on the RM side of things - probably also to do with the current problems I am experiencing.

    If anybody knows of a solution to this problem, please let me know. Just wanted to pick you guys' brains before I contact support over what might very well be just a minor issue and/or easily resolved with a few simple steps and measures.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Im both pumped for the new device and a bit disappointed in it at the same time.

    Pumped, because i have long pined for an integrated floor device to save me both a bit of gear to Lug around, and setup-time on stage. Disappointed because i was hoping for it to be a profile loader only (because of price, obviously), and for it to have an integrated expression pedal, which makes absolute sense for me on a floor unit such as this. I for one absolutely need one, at least.

    My knee-jerk reaction was to get this the very instant that it is released, my second thought is a bit more like "let's wait first and see if i REALLY need this", because as it stands, shelling out around 1500,- just for some convenience is a bit though to justify.

    If i were a first time buyer though, having the Option to get this one instead of head/remote combination, for my purposes it would probably be a no brainer.

    I had mine a while before someone let me in on the secret, too :-D
    To be honest though, I rarely have it that way, as I prefer taking it out of the bag anyway hahaha!

    same here, i just now realized that there's another zipper at the bottom of the bag. amazing that i never realized it before, haha :) still, seems very impractical to have it
    like that, no? i have my kemper either on my frfr box, or most of the time on an amp stand (when playing directly to foh). both scenarios seem to not lend themselves very
    well to the kemper sitting on the bottom of the bag, with the bag itself hanging down loosely in the back. or am i getting something wrong here?

    i keep me multi-powersupply there when traveling. fits like a glove (6 sockets). i don't really see how it should be any kind of problem.
    unless, maybe, you keep very small things there that could get inside the KPA itself. that wouldn't be so good ;)

    umh, this thread should be closed altogether and for good, in my humble opinion.
    there is no new knowledge to be gained here, everything that could possibly be explained has been,
    to the extent that even a 5-year-old would understand, and anything being added on to this
    ridiculous and either - to me - pretty obvious attempt at trolling or the plain refusal to admit that this,
    in essence, is a complete non-issue, is nothing more than a waste of time, nerve, and bandwidth.

    how someone can feel the inexplicable need to keep on fighting to finally, in some miraculous way, turn up being the "winner"
    of this argument, just for the sake of it, is completely beyond me, even more so than it has been perfectly made clear quite
    a while ago that there is no issue to be taken here. in all honesty, sonic... please, for the love of god, move on and be done with it.
    either accept the perfectly reasonable answer you have been given - by highest authority, nonetheless - and UPDATE YOUR KPA TO THE NEWEST FIRMWARE
    LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING FIRST THING AFTER UNPACKING AND PLUGGIN IN, or stop bothering everybody to death with your petty and childish argument.
    it's getting old. seriously. stop it. please. we've had it.