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    haha, awesome! sorry for the short switch to german, guys:

    hey, mr. epiliergerät, hätte ich mir ja denken können, daß du hier auch rumgeisterst ;)
    und nachbarschaftliche grüße zurück an dich, armin. sehr abgefahren, wie verbreitet der kemper
    mitlerweile ist, vor 2 jahren kam man sich noch vor wie ein exot, heute hat scheinbar jeder dritte
    so ein ding zu hause. tja, qualität setzt sich eben durch ;)

    now, back to english only ;)

    I've only got one EXP pedal which i use for Vol/Wah so not using morph until i get another exp.

    well, if you are using the remote, you can use the morph-feature by stepping
    (in perf. Mode) on the rig selection button (1-5) a 2nd time, adjust the parameters
    to where you'd like them, then step on the button again and voila, you will be morphing
    back and forth like magic. By the way, thx for your Suggestions so far, keep em coming,
    I know there's gotta be more cool ideas :-)

    Hey and hello, my fellow Kemperians,

    I've been around this board for a while now without ever really properly introducing myself
    to the lot of you, so i thought i'd seize the opportunity to make right and say "Hi".
    I'm a working musician/guitar teacher based in Braunschweig, Germany, and have been using the KPA
    for roughly about 2 1/2 years now, i think. First and foremost in my Studio, but lately i've been
    using it more in a live setting, also, which is what caused me to switch from my FCB 1010
    to the KPA remote. And i gotta say, i'm loving it! So, that's my short introduction after all this time,
    glad to be part of this absolutely incredibly helpful and friendly community! Thanks to all of you guys,
    the KPA is an even bigger joy to use and chat about than it might be if this community wasn't they way it thankfully is :)

    If you're interested, i've attached a couple of pics from my first gig with the KPA remote i did yesterday, as well as a link to the
    website of the trio i've been playing with, with a bit of our music and video (sorry guys, german only for now ;) )

    Here we go:


    So, I think I'll be seeing you around, aye? Until then! :)

    i'd say it's rather normal to have considerable pricing differences between different countries, no?
    it's not for nothing that from time to time people go buy stuff in the uk or usa, and not in germany (f.e.)
    unless i'm totally not getting something (as i usually do...), then disregard my senile mumblings...

    also a new remote user here (first gig with it tonigh, wish me luck!).
    so far i'm LOVING it and regret not having made the switch much earlier.
    in rehearsals, it's already made my life so much easier. the layout is as
    crystal clear as can possibly be, so that even a monkey with a football for brains
    such as myself can use it to it's full potenial without frying them 'ole neurons :D

    plus, yeah, it's built like a tank, as you already said, which is as nice as it is important.
    shipping - within germany took about 5 days i think from order to delivery, certainly not more than a week
    (would have to check the details, which i'm not inclined to do very much right now ;) )

    all in all, another stellar job by team kemper on this device. thx guys for making my life as a musician so much easier and better!

    hey there...

    i've been digging into the morphing feature a bit the last couple of days (just in time for the first gig with the remote tonight,
    looking very much forward to it). so far i'm only using it for driving up the gain, though, which is certainly a bit boring and underused :D
    so i was wondering - as the title suggests - what you guys use this very handy feature for? any cool ideas you've come up with and wouldn't mind sharing?

    problem solved, thx again. at long last, after trying again for a good hour to get close to what i
    was hearing in my head, i was able to tweak a preset to my liking (the vai/bad horsie one, astonishingly enough).
    so.... case close. thank you guys. you rock!

    awelcome, as usual! This forum keeps on blowing me away with it's amount of knowledgeable
    And willing to help people. Such a great community, a real joy to be part of! Will check your
    Suggestions first thing tomorrow and let you know wether I found a fix for my problem.
    Thx for now!

    I have been trying to come up with an as-close-as-possible-to-a-standard-crybaby sounding wah over
    the last couple of days. And you guessed it, I can't seem to get there. Whatever it is I'm not doing
    right, it leads to the wah feeling unnatural and somewhat unresponsive. Possibly something to do
    with the point in the way of the pedal where the frequency breakpoint is triggered (if you know
    what I mean by that). I'm using a mission engineering kp1, if that matters.

    As usual, muchas gracias in advance for any and all help :-)

    at the risk of coming across as a completely moronic knuckledragger ... coudn't find any info in this in the (very brief) manual that
    comes with the remote. so here's my question:

    in performance mode, when you step on the same rig-button a second time, the light above it changes to the secondary
    one above it (where the looper functions are indicated). so what does that do, what is this used for? as i said, coudn't find anything
    in the few pages of the remote handguide.

    hope you guys can enlighten me on the subject :) thx in advance!

    I see what you mean now. I had a GT10 that had the same effect, indeed described as a feedback simulator or something. Didn't it generate a sustaining tone based on the pitch of your guitar note?

    Don's trick would sound a little different but it should be interesting too. The "Smear" parameter masks the attack of the delayed note to blend it in nicely with the direct signal, and "Infinity" keeps it around forever without decaying (even when the original note stops).

    will try that for sure, haven't delved too deep into the new delays as for now however, and wasn't able to locate the infinity parameter you guys speak of on a first, quick skim through.
    could you give a boneheaded knuckledragger a nudge in the right direction? ;)

    the new delays can create something like this (use smear & infinity)

    oh, ok, will check that out, thanks for the headsup!

    to robrecht: my trusty old GT8 has an effect similar to what i mean - not really like a sustainer, more a feedbacker, but with a
    reeeaaaly long sustain. maby i should have been more precise, i apologize for the confusion. of course you are perfectly correct
    in saying that for something like a fernandes sustainer or e-bow effect, there needs to be a magnetic fild in place that keeps the
    string resonating. that, of course, will be impossible to achieve on the KPA.

    i could really make good use of a sustainer in some of my playing in various bands. be it covering "heroes" or even
    for some of my own stuff, recordings etc. anybody else think it would be a sensible addition to the already very nice
    selection of stomps available to us in the KPA?