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    My bet is they would have showed up with an update if you would have restored all the factory rigs etc. After the update. However, if I recall, I think I manually import of these separately so I didn't have to include all the rigs

    yes, i wasn't aware of that. read it afterwards (of course...) at the kemper site. thankfully so, as i was about to import
    everything that was missing manually. much easier just going via system / factory rigs / import - now everything that should be there is... well... there :)

    You'll need to turn the TYPE knob to select the stomp's type. Delays are part of the list of types now.Additionally, you can import the presets, as mentioned above. They are available via the BROWSE knob.

    no, i had to import manually, as skoczy was saying. they were definitely not there after updating the OS.anyway, all is solved, thank god.
    praise be to this great community! btw, the new delays are fantastic, even on first, quick skim-through. amazing work, mr. kemper!

    Hey peeps,

    I recently updated my kemper (finally!) to the newest firmware due to me getting the remote (finally, also!).
    Maybe I'm just really, really dense, but one thing, among many, that I was especially looking forward to, were the new delays.
    And of course, you guessed it - they don't seem to be there. Can't find 'em. Been looking everywhere.Neither und Stomps,
    nor under Delay. What am I missing? Can you please help a fella out?

    Thanks in advance,


    Yeahhhhh, gotta love those 550's! Ive got a yellow one myself, an 89, and also a white one from 1987 (among others). Huge Ibanez fan here :)

    i would have always loved to get one of those yellow frank gambale-models (based on the saber, i think?).
    those are awesome guitars! the rg's though - i'm not that big of a fan of (form-factor wise).
    but all in all, awesome rig, very well thought-through and professional looking.

    no problem, my pleasure :) i'm using a youtube-unblocker though, so i'm not exactly sure if there's anything that's really interfering there.
    at least not on my part, i think? after all, that's what the unblocker is for, right? :)

    ich bin überrascht, daß es scheinbar noch keine KPR-testvideos von usern auf youtube o.ä. gibt...
    hätte mich mal interessiert, das ding in action zu sehen.

    whoah, that sounds nasty! glad it never happened to me...
    it's probably a good idea to have your unit repaired, even if this behaviour only shows up in tuner mode.
    you never know what else might be affected. don't worry though, you're in the best hands! had to have
    mine reapired twice already (i'm afraid mine is/was a lemon), and couldn't be happier with the way they treat their customers and handle these kind of cases.
    so in thend, as always, all will be wll! :):thumbup:

    i gotta say, it's everything i hoped it would be! awesome sound, even better than through my studio monitors (mackie/tapco,i keep
    forgetting the exact model... nevermind though). after tweaking the rigs i plan to use live a bit to suit the new "amp", i'm getting the best
    kind of sound and tone i could ever wish for. a couple minor grievances, though:

    1) f*ck, this thing is heavy! when you're used to only lugging around something like an AER compact 60 for your occasional jazz-gig, you definitley feel the extra weight! *uff*
    2) mine came without a power-cable. is that normal or did the guys at atomic forget mine? if it's normal, i gotta say that's a bit cheap on their part
    for a device that goes for around 1000,- € it's not that big of a deal, of course, as i have plenty of power-cords lying around, but still...
    3) it's heavy as f*ck!
    4) did i mention it's heavy? well... it is!

    other than that: perfect! i'm really glad i opted for the seemingly "best" solution for my unpowered kemper, not for the "second best". after having
    played with this beast for a bit, i can't imagine ever settling for anything less than this. most excellent!

    I find it amazing that people have to write on other forums to get in touch with Atomic amps.
    Happened here, and also on FAS forum.
    I simply have no idea how anyone can call that good service?

    But glad you solved your issue.

    unfortunately, i have to agree here. i have tried to get in contact with mr. king regarding my order
    several times. each attempt has been thoroughly ignored. my purchase with this company has unfortunately turned
    into a rather frustrating experience, i'm afraid to say. not at all like the support of the guys at kemper, which is nothing short of amazing
    and should serve as a model not only for atomic amps, but for every other company out there that wishes to establish a long lasting,
    satisfying relationship with their (potentially returning) customers. this is one customer who propably won't be returning, though.
    i am not exactly satisfied. in the least.