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    @Ingolf: thx for reassuring me ;) for a moment there i was worried i was behaving like a little prick with insisting like that.
    i just sent them another mail a couple of minutes ago, maybe that one is going to catch someones's attention. i'm normally not
    someone to bug people like crazy over stuff like this, but as i said... time is of the essence. guess i'm going to be using my
    "old" gear, then, which is fine and all, but i was really hoping to finally get my kemper on the road. gue'ss i'll know soon enough...

    Sometimes emails get lost, sometimes people just need a few reminders. Why not just sending them the same mail again (and again) after some time. Sometimes that's what is needed to catch someone's attention. Maybe it doesn't help but it sure doesn't hurt.

    i guess you're right. i was trying not to be the proverbial pain in the you-know-what about this issue and give the man his time,
    but time on MY side is getting rather short regarding my upcoming gigs and the possibility of me using my kemper - or not.
    i am not going to be playing ONLY direct to the PA, i have no experience with this so far, so IF i am going to be using the kemper live,
    which i haven't done as of yet, i am going to be using a cab onstage for my sound, and not rely on the FOH-guy to get it "just right" by himself.

    Nobody's talking him into doing anything. Only a few guys trying to be constructive and helpful.

    well, it did seem to me like you guys were in fact doing exactly that. my excuses for any misinterpretation on my part :)
    my point still stands though: if it ain't for you - sell it and move on, life is too short to be wasted on things you don't enjoy :)

    i love my kemper and can't imagine life without it anymore, much like most anybody else in this thread, i suppose.
    that said, i don't get why you guys feel the need to talk him into keeping the unit when it's clearly not to his liking?
    as far as i'm concerned, if somebody feels that the kemper isn't for him or her, then by all means let it go and
    find something else - or go back to something - that works for you. no need to cling onto a piece of technology just
    because it's the "hip new thing", you know? after all, some folks just ARE better of with a traditional amp/cab-combination.
    nothing wrong with that :)  serge: i'ts pityful that you don't seem to get out of the unit what you were hoping to get.
    most people do, some don't, that's life. sell your kemper to somebody who will enjoy it for what it is, not be frustrated for
    what it isn't, as you unfortunately seem to be. maybe you'll com around to using it again someday. i'm sure you will be welcomed
    back here with open arms and big, fat "told ya so!" ;)

    hmh.... it's been over a week now, and still i haven't heard anything, other than the intital, standardized mail
    confirming my purchase. on the website itself, my order is still classified as "processing".
    even wrote an email asking for a rough estimate for a delivery date, but so far i've gotten no response.
    tom king seems to be a busy man... should i be worried? or do i just need to be a little more patient
    and wait a couple days more? i sure hope to be able to play the next upcoming gigs with my kemper.

    i think the best and most common way would be to set up one or more performances.
    some people, such as i, programm performances for each song and then later arrange them in the order of the setlist
    that's to be played. the procedure is as follows:

    1) open the performance you wish to edit. you'll see 5 rectangles on the top of the display. those represent your rigs.
    2) browse through your rigs and choose the one you'd like to assign to the slot you're currently in
    3) click "right" to move to the next slot.
    4) repat 2 and 3 until you've filled your performance with all the rigs you wish to use
    5) hit "store". the following steps should be self-explanatory
    6) have fun! ;)

    not sure how to do that, but i sure would if i did :)
    that said: while being able to organize your performances/songs via rig manager sure seems like a handy thing,
    there should defintely also be an option to shove things around within the KPA itself. after all, we all know
    how things/setlists have a tendency to change right at the last minute before you enter stage
    at least it seems to keep happening to me, anyway, haha :).

    one thing i am missing (or have overlooked as of yet? if so, please enlighten me) is the ability to save performances in "setlists".
    that would be especially usefull if you play in more than one band (as i do), and would like to organize
    your performances like songs. you could then save the order of these performances (or songs) as a "setlist",
    to be very conveniently recalled every time you have the same gig again.

    or, you could simply save all songs you might ever play with any given band in a pool, and according to what's on the menu,
    rearrange your songs (read: performances) on the fly, in any order you need.

    seems handy?

    i had my kemper freeze on me with no response whatsoever a couple of weeks ago.
    happened while i was browsing rigs fast with the buttons (not the dial).
    i turned the unit off and on - and it stayed dark. no function whatsoever. had to send it in for repairs (the second time already,
    guess i'm extremely unlucky). in both instances the support was EXTREMELY good and very fast.
    can't say enough kind words about them, nothing shirt of awesome!

    eigentlich ganz einfach:

    1) performance, die du mit rigs belegen willst, auswählen
    2) oben sind 5 kleine, rechteckige "kästchen", die repräsentieren deine rigs - bei einer frischen performance sind die leer
    3) du wählst mit dem browse-poti dein gewünschtes rig - load drücken
    4) mit dem steuerkreuz einen slot weiter schalten - wiederhole 3
    5) wiederhole 3 u. 4, bis alle slots belegt sind
    6) store drücken - von dort ab sollte es eigentlich selbsterklärend sein

    viel erfolg :)

    You're limited to the FX you have setup in a slot. So say Slot 1 has wah, you can't use that slot to activate a pitch shifter, for example.

    wait... so say, you have a rig with a wah, a bosster, a chorus and a tremolo. they way i understood it is like,
    you can assign any combination of these boxes to any switch in any combination of on/off-states.
    or am i totally off here?

    nightlight: yeah, that's why i was wondering what's going on there. i just had a conversation with a very friendly service-staff mamber, and he
    informed me that, in light of the new (well not really, but sort of) IBAN and SEPA regulations, there is a delay with every transaction of 2 businessdays.
    meaning: fulfill the transaction on monday, have your account charged on thursday (or wednesday, not really sure how they count). maybe that's only with amounts
    in excess of a certain sum, as most purchases via paypal have been, as you said, immediate debit (i usually don't be too much of the more expensive stuff online,
    for obvious reasons). in any case, everything seems to be in perfect order, and provided the CLR's are in stock, i could receive mine maybe as early as by the end of next week (if i'm lucky).
    so case closed, i think i'll still leave this info here as i figure it might be of some help for people experiencing tha same kind of "problem", and asking themselves the same
    (completely unneccesary) questions as i did ;)

    Terje: there is a button on the website redirecting us european customers to our specific webshop. in case you can't find it, the adress is