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    I use my Kemper for gigs but want to expand its capability by using the Transpose. I shouldn't be a novice at playing with this but I get my tones I need and run with them, set it and forget it. But I fight with this and also the Wah function.

    I see videos:

    Go to effects

    Select Transpose

    Set the interval

    I go to effects and I don't see Transpose as an option, is there a way to access transpose that I'm missing? Is there a download I'm missing?

    I'm assuming I need to be in Performance mode

    Select a slot, add the transpose effect and save

    I'm missing something, any input would be great.

    I'm a new user. I was getting used to the looper, record one sound, overdub a second, then solo while it loops.

    I just updated software, downloaded rig manager, etc.

    Now when I loop, record one sound (vibrato), go to overdub with a different tone (clean chords) the loop changes with whatever tone I select and I can't do both.

    I'm stuck here and can't figure out how to overdub different sounds which will impact live performances, I'd rather not drop the songs. Anybody figure out how to get around this?