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    Ben Eller has done some demos with the Kemper & Fishman Fluence pickups. His Youtube page is BenEllerGuitars. All kinds of good stuff on there.

    Have taken some lessons from him. Great teacher and all around good dude.

    This one is my fave.

    All i can recommend is to be persistent. He is a bit tricky to get in touch with, which is frustrating i know. But once i did speak to him, they
    did send out the new equipment pretty quickly.

    I still have their old power section, and they never sent me a return label. So i wasn't sure how to ship it back to them.
    I just don't want to send it out, and something happens to it, etc.

    i also could use a couple of the original wiring disconnects as i had to swap out one of the old ones when the wiring pulled loose.

    I tried calling a few times, but have not gotten a reply, so i finally emailed them again today.

    Hopefully they will get you taken care of.

    i managed to re-use one of the original connectors, but one i ended up having to swap a new one in.

    i guess i got lucky on the first 2 i took off, i didn't notice the little clips on there to release them.

    i have a dr. appt, but after that gonna let it run for a few hours and make sure everything is good.

    It was a bit tough getting through to Atomic, but i will say that once they did respond, the replacement was pretty quick.

    I received the Power Section today from Atomic. Opened it up and the swap looked pretty easy. 10 screws on the back, and then just 4 connections.

    But of course this is me we are talking about. :) Bit of a tight squeeze to get to the connectors, the first 2 i got off no problem, but the 3rd one i
    pulled the wire off the connector. oops. finally got it sorted out. Just did a test and played for about an hour, it looks like i am up and running again.

    Hopefully can spend some more time with it tomorrow to make sure all is fine. Fingers crossed my issue is finally resolved.

    Woke up to an email from Tom. I have an aol email address (yes, really), and he says they were getting sent to the spam folder.

    He gave me a contact number, He offered for me to send it in for repairs, or to guide me through a Power section swap.
    So i am going to try and swap out the Power section myself. I just got an email with the tracking number, and it is shipping out today.
    As long as i can fit my Sasquatch hands in there, i should be up and running in a few days.

    Was a little frustrated not being able to get in touch with anyone, but Tom seems like a nice guy, and apologized for the email situation.
    It seems like they are pretty helpful once you get in touch with them. I'm really happy with the CLR, just want to get it going again.

    Will let you guys know how the power section swap goes.

    I sent my contact info several times to Tom and also to the support email, and even left it on a voicemail.

    If Atomic at least acknowledged they had my info and were working on how to resolve it, i would be fine.
    Whatever it takes to get it repaired.

    i really like my CLR and am not trying to bash them or put anyone off Atomic. But i need assistance here and i'm not getting it.
    If i was a gigging musician or something i would not be a happy camper.

    Once again, i had a guitar lesson yesterday on Skype and the thing runs okay for about 20 minutes, and then it gets so loud
    that i end up having to turn the thing off. The guy giving the lesson asked if i was making popcorn or something.

    Hopefully someone from Atomic will turn up.

    I'm using Justice for all profile for a blackened sound but it's not quite right...can you offer any suggestions to get the 'Blackened Tone' or is it close enough of these?

    No idea if this relevant with the Kemper at all. But years ago on youtube there was this guy "Bgelais". He had a Metallica impulse response pack that was pretty awesome for using with the amp sims.
    Not sure if you can do anything with the IRs and the Kemper, but might give you some idea how he got those sounds. Looks like he updated the pack or something.