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    Had some time to test today and you really nailed it again Bert!

    Fantastic profiles, really loved the Bassman, the Jackson and the Budda. But also the TubeKing and the Princeton I liked very much. Lovely cleans and crunches overall. And tons of really great, fat lead tones...hard to choose what to use....because it's all good and very, very responsive!

    Excellent profiles, a must have for every Kemper owner!

    Hi guys,

    I had the pleasure of testing some profiles during the last month for Bert's profile pack 2.
    The first one was a real beauty, Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30.
    It inspired me to make a little demo with it, so all guitars recorded with the Jackson Ampworks NC30.
    The rest of the pack, all high quality killer sounds....

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    What the heck....the pack came out yesterday and you already have a killer sound and playing demo of these profiles!?!

    Sounds really great Patrick!

    I use the Kemper only on stage (I hardly play guitar at home) and there it does it's job really well!

    But I think if my only purpose would be to have an amp in the room sound the Kemper wouldn't be my first choice because that is not what it's designed for.

    All profiles I have (bit the same as you have) sound better through headphones and of course FOH but I never really have a satisfying amp in the room sound.

    I did a tour with a guy who played a Bogner head (through the same cab I use) on stage but his combination really had a better "amp in the room sound" than mine...can't beat the real thing :-)

    Last gig I only used two of Bert's amps, his Fender and the Bogner and my tele, I use these profiles for songs from country to funk and U2 to AC/DC...actually for me it's all there in these amps..what a relief :-)

    What I really like about Bert's profiles is that they cut through the whole band without being at an outrageous volume, perfectly balanced!

    Most of the times I use both, my cab (always mono out of course) gives me the "guitar feel" on stage but most of the times I also have a floor monitor available (if the band is not too big :-) with solely my guitar (stereo from FOH) coming out of it as the best of both worlds and a really broad guitar sound this way.

    If you use the right profiles; both ways sound absolutely great in my opinion!

    No, this is a digital device. Either there is sound, or not - I'm sure Clutterbillys 1st KPA had a wrong configuration somewhere

    Well...I'm not going to argue about that, but it sure sounded different (all muffled like there was a blanket in the KPA) and it also had the loose knob issue where it would jump occasionally from 1 to 5 without being able to select values 2, 3 and 4....I don't know but it all sounds like a Monday morning manufactured model to me...updating firmware and resetting it had no results. Still have the serial number of that device so that I can always make sure to not own it again :-)

    A Kemper should sound right out of the box and all the profiles you mention are good profiles. They should sound good without much tweaking.

    My first Kemper I had doubts about the sound as well (it also had the loose knob issue) and I returned it to the shop. Bought a second one and that one (I still use) sounded 10 times there are some less manufactured models sent out (although I hear very little about it) and if I were you I would go to the shop and compare your unit with others to make sure it sounds yours doesn't sound less.

    If they all sound the same to you then it might be a matter of taste :-)

    Hi Guys,

    The profiles from Bert are really high quality.
    My favorite is the Showman 62.
    I made a little sample:

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Very good tone and playing Patrick!

    Viabcroce, nothing has changed but to my opinion there are three types of profile makers, without mentioning names:

    1) Amateurs like the guy trying to be funny in this thread
    2) Engineers/producers who know how a guitar is supposed to sound on a record
    3) Pro guitar players with a trackrecord of over 20 years of playing and recording on big productions AND who use the Kemper for these purposes as well

    From the first moment I got my Kemper I knew that the last category would be the ones that I instantly would buy any profile from because these guys know how a guitar is supposed to sound and "they eat their own dogfood", meaning, they use these profiles themselves as well. They know how to tweak a profile so that it can be used on an SC or a HB, because they switch all the times themselves as well.

    Free profiles I got so far from commercial advertisers were never a true indicator of the quality of the profiles within the commercial pack...why would someone give away the best of the pack for free?

    I can confirm that Benifin, Bert's package is from the same quality as any of the MB profiles (the only profiles I used live since they came out) but they have a different sound than the MB profiles and that's why I like them so much. I would say Bert's profiles are more towards the (hard)rock/pop/funk sound with fat leads and an absolute stunning Bogner in it! So if you like MB, you'll not be disappointed with Bert's pack.

    The amps are ADA MP-1, Bogner Ecstacy classic, CAE 3+, Fender Showman "62, Vox AC30 "64, Van Weelden Gainland, V-Empire Blue rumble MK2, Soldano Caswell, Ernst Fliek The Rover and Z-Vex Box of rock.

    Bought the pack yesterday and it is smashing!

    Some first impressions.

    The Bogner, Soldano, Custom Audio, Van Weelden, Fender Showman V-empire contain fantastic profiles, consistant in volume, playability and so on.

    Also the effects are very well chosen and are tasteful.

    Very nice and loud cleans from the Bogner and the Soldano and there's a Dick Dale profile with cool effects that can keep you awake to play for hourse.

    In short; very useble profile pack that can stand easily next to any MB pack in my opinion but tends slightly more to rock sounds and has some screaming leads in it.

    Pack being made by one Hollands most renowned guitarplayers Bert Meulendijk who has been a Kemper user for years and uses his Kemper on stage and in the studio as well.

    Profiles made by players and sound professionals like Bert are a must have!


    To my understanding you only need the cab (from a merged profile) to send a full profile to FOH (from main out).

    But of course if you mic your 2x12 cabinet you won't need a direct line to FOH so in that case you can do with a DI/merged profile without a cab or disable the cab..

    I gigged three times last week with the latest firmware and it worked like a charm, even had the idea that the Kemper sounded a little better than before.

    Not sure yet about the merged profiles though, they seem like a mixed bag to me. I like some of Deadlightstudio's profiles (especially the Oranje) but I didn't care much for the MBritt or TAF merged profiles where I do care about their studio profiles.

    So I'm still waiting on some good DI/merged profiles of clean, crunchy, boutique amps because I haven't seen many of those yet.

    I use a POD HD 500 as a midi control for the Kemper and should the Kemper give up on me once then I just switch the line-out from the Kemper to the POD and that will do as backup till the Kemper is fixed workaround :-)

    I upgraded yesterday to FW 3.0 within 2 minutes and everything seemed to work fine so I was glad! Then I wanted to import the merged rig pack and it took ages to upload the rifs...after it was finished it said it had only imported 5 rigs (and I tried it several times) BUT...then after I imported these 5 rigs the sound on ALL rigs was crackled (via headphone) even after booting the KPA a couple of times.

    Even while it was importing it started to crackle and I mean a heavy crackle like the headphones where ruined.

    I decided to downgrade to 2.5 again, removed the 5 merged rigs and a few minutes later the crackle was gone.

    Could it be that one of these rigs of the merged pack was corrupt because it sure didn't sound crackled before the import?