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    Thanks Basti for those informations. Is anybody use this configuration with kemper and H9 eventide ? When I read the eventide forums, I see a lot of users have issues with the H9 and midi over bluetooth menu. I would like to control with Forscore app the kemper and H9 wireless.

    Last question : I would like control Forscore from a midi bluetooth pedalbord with 4 switchs. Two switches for page up and down, one switch to send cc to kemper and last switch to Tap tempo. Do you think irig blueboard or Airturn BT200S-4 can do that ?

    Thanks for your helping


    Can I command two external devices with the stage like the toaster?. I suppose that 's not possible because stage have only one midi out. I need to command a sim xt one stomp and an Eventide H9. It works perfectly with my toaster but how can I do that with the stage?

    Thanks for your helping and happy new year

    Of course Burkhard, we understand this fact. Butit does make no sens to produce a looper with the remote without possibilities to control or mix the looper with an expression pedal like anything kind of looper existing

    I would like really that kemper adds this fonction soon

    Hello Everyone,

    I bought BHG's 4 packs (Soldano, ADA, Cae and JMP). This my favorite packs (specially the CAE). The logic of the tone reference is a great idea and it's work very well. I am looking for a Vai and Van Halen tones (Roth and Hagar era). The brown settings of the CAE is cool but do you have any suggestions to achieve those tones?
    A lot of thanks and congratulations for this amazing job.


    I am looking a solution about the best way to manage my looper on stage. Indeed, I can ( with my expression pedal settings on the monitor output ) manage a fade in for my looper. My problem is this settings don't work for the main output. If I can create a fade in in my personal monitor, the loop continues to play in the FOH. So, is this possible to create a link between main output and monitor output ?
    Thanks for your help

    Thanks for your help,
    It's work after I have erased all rig manager files especially in the file C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager.
    I could then install again rig manager and everything is ok


    This is the error message I read in the thebuglog when I start rig manager. Thanks for helping

    La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)
    à Access.LocalLocation.CreateCollections(LocalLocation* )
    à Access.Location.Initialize(Location* , SByte* vendorName, SByte* appName)
    à Access.WinApp.LocationAdded(WinApp* , Location* newLocation)
    à Access.RigManager.AddCollectionsRecursive(RigManager* , Location* loc, MetaCollection* meta)
    à Access.RigManager.Bootup(RigManager* )
    à Access.WinApp.Bootup(WinApp* )
    à Access.Application.Initialize(Application* )
    à main(String[] args)
    ------------------ closing application


    I will receive my remote this monday. Actually, I use Little Giant by Gordius to command my Kemper and send midi message to change patch on Max software. Can you give me some advices to change these patch with Kemper remote. I guess I need usb/midi interface between Kemper and my pc (Windows 8). Do you have any idea about a good interface not to expensive?
    I guess I must connect this interface in the Kemper Midi out but I don't know how I must proceed for the next steps?
    Can you help me ?


    Order # 3447131 placed 19th jan. Same situation. I am waiting news about statut of my order but nothing comes.