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    I'm looking to get close to the sound John Mayer achieves at the intro of this video (from the beggining to minute 1 or so). Also on the solo (3:37, same kind of tone), and the outro (4:23), which also has some awesome overtones that I don't know how to get (I guess it comes a little bit from rolling down the tone, but I cannot nail it).

    Any tips and profile suggestions? (I guess the first thing is the right guitar, I'm using an american Fender Strat that gives me easily many John Mayer's kind of tones, so I think that point may be covered)

    My name is Álvaro, I'm guitarist in Carving Colours, a progressive metal/rock band from Spain. We've just released our second album 'The Desolate Process', a conceptual album based on the inner struggle of an average guy trying to find his place in the world. I hope you like it!

    You can listen to it at:

    It's also on youtube:

    If you want to know more about us, we're on facebook:

    @AlvaroQB i know it's an old tread but i am considering various options and a 1x12 with magnum is one of them. What did you choose at the end? how does it eork at low bedroom volumes? Thanks

    I finally modded my Roland Microcube to use its poweramp (I'm in a budget and it was the cheapest solution). Tone-wise I guess it may not be the best option (I haven't compared it), but it sounds good enough for me.


    I have a pack of cabinets IRs, the problem is, the name of the files are quite long and when I import them into my Kemper it only appears the first part of it, which it's exactly the same on all of them. So I can't see which is which in the display, I have to open them and re-store (since I can't rename them) one by one (and this doesn't delete the ones before), which makes it a really long and time wasting task.

    So, it would be really great the option of making this from the rig manager in the PC, just a suggestion.

    Thank you!

    PD: Sorry if my English is not perfect!

    Hi! I'm thinking about buying a Washburn PX Solar 107 guitar. I would like try some DIs of this model (or the 6 or 8 string versions) through my gear before buying it, so in case someone could send some I'd be very thankful!

    Thanks a lot!

    It depends on the concert, for some I do! But there're also times I prefer not to bring thousands of euros in gear with me.

    Anyway, it would be mainly for rehearsing, I have the KPA at home where I record, so if I rehearse with it I should carry it with me every time I do.

    I've thought on buying an AMT Stonehead (50w) for rehearsing and gigging (I keep the KPA for home use). I'm currently using a Mesa Mini Rectifier, which I like, but I'd like to try something difference. This AMT seems to sound pretty decent and it's not so expensive, so I could keep some cash after selling my current amp.

    I don't need the ultimate metal tone for recording, just a versatile amp that sounds good in many styles for live use. But I'm a little bit worried It could be a huge downgrade in comparison to the Mesa. I'm also worried about how it cuts through a live mix. I had an AMT D2 that sounded great and was even tighter than the Boogie, but it was more difficult to be heard in a band context.

    Does anyone here owns it? Some opinions?


    Thank you all for your words and your honest thoughts :)

    Robman, I'm using two profiles. One of them is from the Rig Exchange, I just was scrolling when reamping and found one called "Another brick" or something like that! It was recent I think, since I found it just in few minutes. I also used a distorted profile of the Gilmour Hiwatt from The Amp Factory, but I don't remember which exactly.

    My honest opinion: Gilmour is a master of bending and in this aspect you have to improve a little bit.
    Very frankly, some bendings are frankly out of tune.
    As far as the Kemper rig you used is concerned, it's not bad but it's very different from the original tone which is much cleaner.

    Hey, thanks for the honest opinion! I'll pay more attention to these bends. About the sound I wasn't trying to replicate Gilmour tone, just something that sound right to me :)

    GREAT playing Alvaro.. :thumbsup: Been to the SW show last week in 013 Tilburg Holland.. AMAZING!!! Here Dave Kilminster played the lead parts on a Brunetti amp (same one as he used in the Wall shows with Roger Waters) amazing sound and solo's..! Best concert I've went to yet! (and i have seen a few.. :rolleyes: ) Steven played on his Bad Cat.. those two amps together with these amazing :)

    Your KPA sound is close!

    Thank you nixxo13! Oh, I haven't heard so much about Brunetti amps, but here they sound amazing! Actually I made the cover after listening to the live version, I loved the lead tone of Dave Kilmister and scrolled over all the profiles on my kemper to see what one was the closest to that tone! Thank you for allt he info

    Hi, do youse the rig with the original rig cab? When i put in a treble booster and lower the gain it sounds horrible out of my monitors. You have a warm full tone, i am lightyears away from this tone with the rig and the original cab. Could you upload your tweaked rig on the rig eychange?

    Hi Frank, I'll send you the rig later in a PM, it's very similar to the original. I didn't change de cab, but I forgot to mention I tweaked few parameters in the EQ (+1.4 Bass) and the Amp Section (but to slighty that I'm not sure it's even affecting the sound). Maybe I activated the graphic EQ with an slight boost in the low mids, but I'm not sure since I reamped it few times to see which would sit better in the mix. Space level on the output was 4.0. And by the way, I reduced the "volume" parameter on the treble booster slot, not the gain of the profile itself.

    If you want I can also send you the DI track so you can reamp it and compare it. Anyway, first time I tried this rig with another guitar it sounded very fizzy to me, but it works pretty nice with this one.