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    I've been using the MAB B5 (which was a bloom delay/verb) and MAB P3 (which was a particle verb).

    I have an Eventide H9 max, but because these MAB kemper delay settings were so good, I was able to skip integrating H9 into my rigs.

    I am concerned if I upgrade to 5.0, those verb rigs may be effected (no pun intended) negatively by changing their format to "legacy"...i've read some on it but don't fully understand. Can anyone enlighten me on what to expect, and also if you are familiar with those MeAmBobbo rigs and have upgraded to 5.0, what is your experience?


    Hello all,

    I just got a Kemper Remote. As I am figuring out how to use it (although simple in some ways), there was some confusion because I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to assign an expression pedal to a specific parameter, or assign a rig to a particular preset in browser mode.

    Here is my understanding of what I can do (not wanting to mess with performance mode):
    1) Name the stored rigs in my kemper with a numeric prefix to order them as I want on the remote when sorted by "name"
    2) Any Rig where I want to mix my delay/reverb mix by pedal must be done using a "morph" between one extreme and the other within that rig, and there is no way to disengage where the pedal is currently "swept" I will have to return pedal to full heel every time I engage a rig if I want that rig to begin fully "dry"
    3) I will not be able to within a single rig have a morph of delay/verb that is independent from a second morph of gain...

    Is my understanding of remote programming limitations accurate, and do you have any alternative suggestions? I had read in another post about numbering the rigs to get them in the order you want, which was a great idea. Im guessing the morph option is the kemper answer to requests to allow expression pedal assignment of value ranges without having to get another midi pedal? I was using a line 6 podx 500 prior, which was easy to assign the delay/verb mix level to the pedal, but making changes on the fly to anything was a total pain and required having it all hooked up to computer etc, so I jumped ship...

    If a rig was created in an OS before 3.0, it will display the "e" when the rig is recalled. If you edit the rig, and "save" the edited rig, a new rig will be created, and the original rig will remain. If you "Replace" the rig, the original version of the rig will no longer remain - only the edited version.

    So.. If you have assigned a rig to a MIDI number in browse mode, and then "save" a new rig version, the original rig will still be be recalled, not the new rig. You can "replace" the rig, or assign the MIDI change to the new rig.

    Thanks Paults, to clarify i have been "replacing" when I save, but it still recalls by midi as "edited"

    I am using a POD HD500x as a foot controller. It works really well to give me access to about 8 presets, four stomps in each, and an expression pedal assignable to anything. Its a bit of a learning curve to edit the midi instructions on the Pod, but I've got the process down. My last hangup, is that If I save a profile and "Edited" goes away, then save the preset on the POD, there should be no "Edited" popping in when I pull that preset back up, but it does edit the preset when I pull up a rig, and I can't tell what has been edited. Anybody figured this out?



    Put a version in a stompbox that can hold 20 profiles and has the footswitches for the effects. Let it have effects loop in/out for other pedals and a monitor out and main out. Then you carry a guitar and small pedal train mini board. Use the toaster at home to trial and tweak, then load by bluetooth to the pedal.

    Im spending way too much time trying to get ambient tones out of the kemper, given all of the work arounds needed with the limitations of reverb/delay/mods. Those effects are perfect for 90% of the typical use/needs of players, but there isn't a clean way to scroll through patches of ambient ideas as if you had a strymon in front of you. My favorite thing about the Kemper is the minimal tweaking required. get a good profile, turn it up and play!

    All that to say, has anybody tried the Eventide H9 Max in the X slot? I would love to scroll through, find good tone combinations, map the midi, and save it as a part of the rig. Is it that easy? Im using a pod hd500x as my midi foot controller, that provides me about 16 clean foot stompable rigs with each having 4 of their own effect controls and dedicated volume.

    Im using a CLR, and send my main signal out as a single mono to FOH. Does anyone have experience with the Eventide/Kemper combo in a live application with the ability to switch between rigs and the Eventide patches associated with those rigs?

    Thanks gents!

    Here is a scenario I could use some help with:

    I build a rig with a tap delay, get the tap tempo speed where I want, and adjust the note ratios.
    This rig and delay speed is all set, and I save it.
    Now I "disable tempo" in the rig menu for the above rig, and save again, the idea being that when loading the rig, it defaults to the delay speed saved in step one, and isn't subject to tap tempo until I gauge tap tempo.

    However, when I "disable tempo", the rig changes the delay speeds to something random, i can't figure out what.

    Thanks Gents!

    Thanks for sharing tips guys on optimal settings for the FOH input. I am still a little confused how there is ever a constant level fed via the main out...I do understand how you can un link it....but wouldn't the differences of various individual rig volumes result in ultimately different output volumes to the FOH, even if set to -15db?

    Has anybody perfected leveling the volume of multiple rigs? I have a gig coming up, and I will use no more than 5-6 rigs...I am using the monitor out to an onstage CLR, and main out to FOH. Here is my plan:

    1) Link everything so that all outputs are the same
    2) set master volume at 5 (middle)
    3) unlink main output volume from master and set to -15db
    4) go through each rig, be sure that the "rig volume" was set to 0 (middle) and save
    5) double check "clean sense" setting
    6) set the cabinet volume of my first rig (a clean 59 Top Jimi bassman profile) to zero and use as a reference volume**
    7) go through the next five rigs and compare their volume to that first reference volume rig, and equalize the volumes Im "hearing" by adjusting cabinet volume of each of those rigs to sound the same as the reference volume rig
    8) keeping that master volume at 5, set the input gain of the CLR to one mark below clipping, using that first reference volume rig
    9) raise CLR volume to taste for desired stage volume
    10) make fine stage volume adjustments via the kemper master volume that is linked only to monitor out, leaving FOH unchanged (can i send the CLR into clipping by raising master volume too much? if so how much headroom should i give the CLR on input gain?)

    Can you experts correct anything that looks off? If I do the above, and feed FOH -15db, will they get the proper signal, or will that totally depend on the volume of the first reference rig I set everything else relative to?

    It seems the only precise way to do this would be actually measure with a meter the db level of these separate rigs to equalize their volume.... has anyone figured out a more precise way to do this? I wish there were a way to globally equalize the output volume of all your rigs.