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    I would like to see it per rig but in the cab section to better emulate the real speakers values.

    Another place could be in other effects, such as compression or OD/Distortion to help tame some things and give more options for slot use.

    I still find I use EQ on some rigs and only to add in more hi/low cut for certain things.

    The addition in the output as global was really a welcomed feature that I use. Thank you Kemper team

    Are you using the Kemper display or Rig Manager for this adjustment? There appears to be a bug in RM that results in an incorrect frequency display. Not sure where to report Beta bugs, unfortunately. Is there a dedicated forum?

    To report Beta issues ( or any issues) go to Kemper page and Support, fill out the form with a description of issue and they will email back, usually ask for application file or a copy of your Kemper backup, or more specifics.

    Mixing in a piezo is something that would never work.

    If you have a piezo "on tap" you don't need our acoustic simulator.

    yes, I think I am fighting the piezo sound too much, especially the high end sparkle. I am going to take a different approach and try to get the sound from my other electric guitars with AC sim to sound more like my piezo instrument does on its own. Will A/B then as a starting point.

    I strongly advice not to use the Lowcut/Highcut for this purpose.

    Have you tried the controls of the Acoustic Simulator?

    Didn't you succeed to tame the shrillness by bringing down "Bronze" and "Sparkle" ?

    I did lower the sparkle, it’s at -1.8 and Bronze is at 4. It might be because I am mixing in a piezo that I was still getting way too much high end.

    Been playing around with the AcSim and finally have a really good acoustic sound. I am using a guitar that has a piezo that I can blend in with the regular pickup and that helps a lot.

    Some things I did were... ACSim in slot C, EQ in slot D. Raised my clean sense for more volume (I don’t lock it and save it per rig). I found that I had to use the high and low cuts in the EQ to filter out any boominess and to get rid of the shrill from the sparkle effect. I set it for around 5400khz.

    I also ended up turning on the amp section but not the amp EQ or Cab. Then I mixed in some direct sound and played with the definition

    wow, look at all the other goodies included, the high & low cut in the output section is going to be awesome


    added: new effect Acoustic Simulator in category Equalizer

    added: new effects Phase Widener and Delay Widener in category Equalizer

    added: new effect Auto Swell in category Compressor

    added: Low Cut and High Cut filters in Output Section affecting all outputs

    added: Pitch, Voice Interval, and Key in pitch and pitch delay effects can now be morphed

    added: S/PDIF slave capability for classical PROFILER models manufactured since about 2019. New devices show option Auto/Internal in Output Section like Stage models do.

    improved: S/PDIF latency decreased (at 44.1 kHz)

    User Interface

    fixed: wrong Rig gets replaced when new Rig gets stored after PROFILING

    fixed: UI to MIDI; slave PROFILER loading incorrect Slot with Performance Load set to Pending or Keep Rig

    fixed: Looper Mode not displaying Overdub correctly, if Play/Record/Overdup button gets hold after First Recording.

    fixed: expression pedals having dead area in heel and toe positions after each restart of PROFILER Stage

    Factory Content

    added: five delay presets, twelve wah presets, one vowel filter preset, and one vibrato preset

    changed: legacy wah presets changed to Pedal Mode=On