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    The Kemper is a great amp, period. No worries that it will ever be outdated.
    There is room for other amp profiler/modellers , perhaps they might even have a unique take on how they go about it.

    I do find it rather amusing/curiosity that the Quad Cortex uses an interface very similar to the Helix and profiling like a Kemper.

    None the less I am curious to try one for myself but will wait for any judgement or comments until I try one. The internet does not influence my decisions

    Nothing wrong with tube amps, I have even purchased a few new ones since owning my Kemper.

    One thing I would suggest if you have not already. Profile your own amp in a way that you would use it (clean channel, dirty ) then recreate your pedals as you would use them with your tube amp. Put these two or three setups in a Performance and JUST use those. To tweak EQ just use the bass, mids, treble on the front face of the Kemper. You will see it can be as easy to use as your amp.

    Once you profile your own amp and see how close the Kemper is, you will probably stick with it. You still might want to have a tube amp, just because ,well...we need them. Ha ha

    Use a real cab for best amp feel that you are used to.

    Here is how mine is setup

    out 1 with TRS cable into Remote pedal 5 input. System settings - Pedal 5 , pedal type 1, Function / Wah Pedal

    Mission out 2 with TS cable into Remote pedal 6 input. System settings for - Pedal 6, Mode Mono Switch, Switch tip A on/off. My wah is located in Stomps A spot, you can put it wherever you like and just change this designation.

    Calibrate both pedals

    you could do 3 of the 4 as effects button combination. If you use morph you could probably do all four. Keeping in mind your have eight slots for effects and you would need to have the same family of effect in a couple of slots To make your combinations. .

    It might be easier to make 2 - 4 performances with your Effects sets. It would depend on how you want to access them.

    I was really just pointing out that there are many options at hand. But you could always get a 90,s Quadraverb and run it in the loop

    You have 4 stomp slots, 4 effects slots. You can save all four effects in the “stomp or “ effects” banks as a set that you can recall into any rig. This saves time from having to build it each time.
    You turn off and on the effects separately or in groups with the four effects buttons. You can also put the same effect in multiple slots if you wish (keeping in mind you have eight spots total). to allow for variation.

    You also have the morph feature, you can “morph” to different states of the effects, eq, gain etc so you then have a second variation of the rig/effects without leaving that rig.

    Finally, you have quick access to five Rigs without the need to press any more than one button. But you could build 125 rigs if you want 😜. Within each of those rigs you then have all the above choices.

    You should be able to easily do what you want, without much effort.

    Turn off lock for most flexible options.

    You could put the chorus pedal into two different effect slots for that rig for that song. Then assign effect button I to turn on chorus in slot “X” (for example) and then assign Effect button II to turn on chorus in slot “MOD” and distortion in slot D (for example).

    So by using multiple instances in different slots you can achieve your switching without changing rigs.

    For rig switching you need to turn the lock off if you want to assign the different states of the on/off status of the effects for that rig. Example: Rig 1 has chorus, reverb in the on status and you can then stomp effect button to turn on distortion. Moving to Rig 2 it has you might have nothing active and need to step on effect slot I for chorus and effect slot II to active those effects. Rig 3 you have chorus and distortion active already and need to stomp effect button 1 to turn off distortion.

    You can get quite creative between rigs, morphing and multiple uses of effects in slots. It should cover most any scenario.

    For global I set my output HPF 35hz and LPF 9khz. I play bass on my Kemper as well, that is why my HPF is set there. If you just play guitar only, maybe set the HPF around 80hz

    I also still use the EQ in a slot sometimes to do further cuts to mimic a certain cabinet and refine other frequencies that need adjusted.

    The mic pre-amps always effects sound to some degree. That’s why some interfaces cost so much and have better sound. Even the headphone outs will have and amp, the Kemper does have a good quality headphone output.

    As far as the level of the main out, I leave mine at -12db and it works fine. If you input is still too sensitive to the level you might have to go down to -18 or so.

    Hi Kaschko,

    Your inputs are either balanced or unbalanced inputs. Balanced are XLR (Mic style) cables and TRS 1/4” that have two black rings on the tip. Unbalanced are TS cables (instrument style) with one black ring on the tip.

    You can use the XLR input with your Kemper main out XLR, make sure you shut off phantom power.
    You could also use Kemper main out 1/4” into your Focusrite instrument in and choose the instrument switch for TS as the Kemper output is TS.

    In the Kemper output section I would recommend you press the button For main output -12 so you don’t give the Focusrite too hot of a signal. Adjust your Focusrite input with the gain knob after you set this. The gain knob should be set so you see green and maybe the occasional yellow but never red.

    While you are in the output section of the Kemper I would recommend you unlink the Main output from your monitor and headphones. That way you can turn up your Kemper monitor output or Kemper headphone without increasing the gain at the Main Kemper output, which would change your signal into the Focusrite.

    As far as different sound with the two headphones outputs. That can just be the difference between the preamp that each unit uses to drive the headphone are different. Do you use monitors with your Focusrite as well? Or just headphones?

    Your Focusrite Solo does not offer S/PDif (digital) input/output, you would need to upgrade your interface to a different model.

    Once you put the presets into the Rig Manger preset section. Chose the profile that you want the new drive on (do this in rig manager ) Then go to the presets in rig manager, chose the preset you want and just drag the preset onto the slot Stomps or Effects slots you want to put it , and that’s it. Save the rig on the Kemper and in Rig manager when you want to keep it

    That might be the intention of those members but my perception of what they wrote was that the KD and OCD were disappointing. I respect everyone's right to opinions and expressing them but whether the onus is on the reader to interpret these posts differently or for the posters to write their opinions with greater clarity is another matter of opinion.

    I just wished to state clearly that my feelings towards the updates were entirely positive.

    I think think the new Kemper drives are awesome! I have also learned more about the Kemper along the way.
    So, not disappointed at all and I think it’s fine to ask question and try things. Especially with Beta releases. That’s what it’s about.

    When you say "compressed" in this A/B comparison, as well as in yours, that means that the pedal volume does not push the amp the same way.

    This is not a difference in sound or quality, but simply a mismatch in pedal volume.

    Needs to be adjusted correctly for a valid comparison.

    ckemper I played around with the volume on my pedal some more and you were right. I can get the KD to sound indistinguishable from the pedal. I guess I was pushing the input too much to match it, even though it did not sound like it.

    I can’t match the sound I can get from pushing the pedal a bit, but I can recreate the pedal at certain volumes. I have new options now. 👍😁