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    Interesting. I hope that's not the case. Nothing in the checkout led me to believe that. Hope I'm not met with a surprise fee when it actually comes through. Now I'm thinking though... will I get charged the german VAT, or the 2245+ my provinces sales tax upon delivery?

    Yes you will pay duty and taxes on your purchase , you can thank Canadian Customs . :P

    There are free ones on Rig Exchange, as well as a pack from Kemper and TAF. All can be found on Rig Exchange

    I have the Ground Control Pro. I've been using it as a remote for my Kemper for about 5 years.

    I scanned the link you provided. However I didn't see anything in there regarding making the LED lights of the Ground Control Pro correspond correctly to the on/off status of the Kemper's effects. Am I missing it?

    You set the state of the GCP within the GCP. You set the light on or off depending on each Rig and the status of the effect slots.

    I don’t use a GPC anymore but will dig up a manual and paste it in here.

    Edit. - I see Booyah answered as well

    They are all “user” slots! You can edit, change, delete any Rig.

    The easiest way to keep the old Rig while saving an edited version is to just rename the new edited version, if you want it to appear beside the original one, just put a number/letter at the end of the original Rig name.


    Original Rig : CoolRig

    Edited Rig : CoolRig2

    Make sure you chose the option “Store As” and not Replace or Rename.

    Well I don’t think I have ever seen someone adjusting a tube amp for every song or during parts of a song, so pretty sure you can find a useable Rig that is a snapshot of an amps settings/sounds ( there are thousands to choose).

    To emulate a Mesa closer, use an EQ after the amp section .

    The best way to understand the sound of the Kemper is to profile your own amp(s). Then you will understand just how close the sounds are.

    "7.1.2 is now available as a release software for Stage as well as classical PROFILER models"

    Updated mine this morning from a USB stick, updated quickly with no issues, my remote also updated with no issues. I also updated rig manager to 2.3.14 and working fine.

    All Rigs are there and all Performances.


    Updated my Rack from the last 6.xx release to 7.09.

    Updated from a USB stick as I always do, it went smoothly. Actually quicker than I expected.

    Connected my Remote after update was complete, the Remote updated as well with no issue.

    Everything’s working as before, all Rigs and performances still there. Loving the new effects menu layout, easy to navigate.

    I also update my rig manager to the latest 2.3.13 and the connected my Kemper. No issues found so far.


    You cannot have different cabinets but you can EQ the monitor output separate from the main outs. Save it in the output section.

    Unlink the main volume from the main outs and you can then adjust your monitor mix without changing the FOH mix.

    I personally would not use the headphone out as a mix.

    No doubt some/most of the issues are related to using new chipsets in the Stage. They will need to learn how to program not only for the stage but to also make everything compatible on the older chipsets in the rack and toaster. No doubt some bugs will creep in due to those differences.

    csacwp you need to plug into the headphone jack, it’s a smaller 1/8” connection on the back of the stage.

    To play to jam tracks , you could plug your sound source into the effects return(s). Or plug into an interface and connect monitors (that is what I do).

    I am still on the last full release and not on beta 7. I use the transpose from the rig and not in an effect slot . Though I wonder if I should try slot A as comparison .

    The lag seems worse when playing bass and not as noticeable with guitar. It was so bad that I had at first thought my amp had issues.

    Thanks Alan, until they get this sorted out I have gone to the EHX Pitch Fork and it works great.

    Going to try it in the loop in slot one/ A to see how that works.