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    Nice playing DamianGreda!

    Besides your playing skills, I am missing a good room, mics and the knowledge how to mic an acoustic the way you do ;) as soon it is released, I will try how far I can go with the simulation.

    I am also happy to try the piezo of the acoustic with the kemper acoustic simulator. Thanks to my bad recording knowledge, it might get me further than a badly miced acoustic;)

    the best way would be to use digital (spdif). I think apollo has an optical input, such unfortunately one would need an adapter... no idea, if this really works.

    If you want to use analog, one cable would be enough for mono source, two of you want to use stereo.

    I also guess, that "something" will be presented at NAMM - which dies not mean, that there might be a realease in advance.

    The latest beta is from June - so there should have been enough time for testing. As it takes so much time, expectations are raised that there is more than just some reverbs coming.

    .. but you never know when. Might still take another 6 month, or might be here tomorrow. Noone knows, maybe not even the kemper team...

    Das kann natürlich viele Gründe haben... Zum direkten Vergleich einfach mal ein Diezel Profil ohne Effekte nehmen, Cab off und über die Box von deinem Kollegen spielen?
    Oder direkt seinen Amp Profilen ;)
    ... bloß zum testen. Dann weißt Du, ob Du mit der Performance vom Kemper grundsätzlich einverstanden bist aber and en einstellungen optimieren musst, oder ob er einfach nicht Dein Ding ist.

    I did the following:
    - Mic on Cajon (in your case: iphone) in return of Kemper
    - Guitar in Guitar ;)
    - Set up a performance with a slot for guitar and a slot with a rig, that has a loop active
    - change looper location to be somewhere after the loop
    - (optional: add foot switch to control the looper/cahnge tuner/Tap button functionality to control looper)

    Now you can press the button to enable the loop-slot, start looper, record drums from iphone. Switch to guitar slot, record loops from guitar.

    This thread is about " can we get an editor"...

    User Group A jumps in and says "Yeah, please!!"
    User Group B answers: "I dont need one"
    User Group C does not answer, because it so much doesnt care about it, that they dont even read a thread with this topic.

    All arguments and everything that could be said by Group A and B was said after a short period of time...

    Now, there comes a new user (group) inside this thraed and says: "Here is one"...

    I dont see the harm - but would also prefer to just close this thread and discuss the user made editors (THANKS GUYS!!!) in another thread... Especially to make sure, that til does not get banned as welll...

    i used to support Guido and his profiles. Bought some and liked them. I have an abo on this thread - but I have to admit that I don't like the recent developments...
    Too many profiles coming too fast, with maybe too little time to tweak them and still no sound samples for the bassman - although they were promised a long time ago. They were promised personally by Guido to be there before the price rise (price was raised from an very expensive coffee to a coffee Noone would buy). Instead videos and advertisements for lessons.
    Strange addition: if not enough likes were generated by such a video, someone feels offended. In addition, I feel that the slogan should be changed. I have no idea where Guido lives (Hamburg?) but I live in Munich - which is an expensive city. Still, you will not find a normal place, where you will have to pay 5 euros for a single coffee...

    I will leave this thread now and wish you all the best!
    Will still see you in this forum!

    PS: Guido: if you think I am not fair in my point, feel free to contact me by pm.
    I am no bad guy, not angry or whatever. I just stopped being fan/supporter. All the best!

    Thanks for all the comments on this thread!
    Basically, I am very fine with putting the start on "tap" - I just have one remark:
    The corresponing LED shows ... I dont know... It just blonks or doesnt. No idea why and when.
    @Burkhard, can you comment in that? Is this a bug/missing implementation or am I missing / do not understand something?

    Not that it is NEEDED - I am just asking, if there is something behind that LED, which I should understand.. (In general when looping, you always should know if you are in overdub or not - so there is no need for a corresponding LED... But as it blinks - Id like to know what it is trying to tell me)

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    One question: The looper buttons have extended functionality. You can press and hold for different functions (e.g instant overdud for looper start, delete loop for looper stop, ..)
    What kind of switches do I need, that this behaviour is supported?

    Or - as you just seem to require Looper Start and Stop buttons - you could reassign the Looper Button as Looper Start and the Tuner Button as Looper Stop. This way the Rig Buttons are always available to switch Rigs. And Tuner could still be activated via a Volume Pedal in heel position. Or you could even bring the TAP button into the game and use that as Looper Stop or Tuner button.

    Or you connect another external dual momentary switch like the Profiler Switch 2-way and assign Looper Start and Stop to that one.

    Yes, will try this!
    Will also the extended functions (press and hold) work on the TAP button?
    EDIT: YES, it does! Thanks agasin, will try to set everything up..