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    Hey I’m pretty late to comment, but I have a question I couldn’t see anything about a powered Kemper kab. Do we have an ETA or even any evidence this is in the works? I was all excited to get one and slowly realized I have a passive Kemper, lol

    I agree it has issues, but I'm using the beta so expect a bit of that...however, sycning between RM and the Profiler is really bad now, for me, I have to start and restart RM to get it to see the new order of performances etc. Sometimes it works, but in general I would caution against editing anything in the RM and expecting it to stick on the profiler especially with performances (primarily with in my experience) including the order of the performances, rig slot order and names etc.

    I'm updating as I type so hopefully will work better, I notice they are updating frequently right now so maybe that's in response to these issues.

    I love the transpose; although I can 'feel' out of sync since my body is hearing the right notes, that's the only latency I'm referring of my own making. But ya, I don't have any problems with transpose as a matter of fact I was just bragging about how good Kempers is.

    I wonder if the 'RIG' seeting transpose works better than the stomp position. I've been using that instead of the stomp and just saving the rig that way.

    Transpose on kemper is really fine for a whole step and very authentic (maybe 2 steps but I'd look at alternatives at that point); I suggest using the Rig menu itself (and not use the transpose stomp) and just cycle through the performance rigs and transpose. Just remember to change it back once you get home. :)

    I had to do this last week and took the time to add the transpose stomp to every rig, lol. I didn't realize till now the transpose option is right there; kindly included in the rig menu; doh!

    This is the exact reason why I never bothered using morphing live, it's too much of a risk when using it with a stomp switch. Messing with expression pedals is not really my thing (apart from wah).


    Well, the benefits of Morphing are so great I think you are really missing the boat here. I would suggest to get a cheap (I use a Morley M2) expression pedal as the use is just too good for so many things; it can really simplify your performances or live stuff and so much more.

    I remmeber now about that issue with the rise and fall time etc. I think we're talking about with the button morphs. I have made those buttons reset the morph to default parameter it's much 'safer' for me with my clumsy feet.

    With morphing this is totally possible.
    Moprh state 1 = pitch value 1
    Morph state 2 = pitch value 2

    So cool. I just deciphered this is what Eltzejupp is doing on his lead tones released via his youtube page! haha, so ironic I would have this thread open and be that video, get his awesome free kemper file...decipher what the hell is going on with all these pre-effects (I thought at first I would have to disable the pitch slot)...research what that does...realize he has it there for a reason..then return here and understand what your talking about.

    Long journey, I'm slow, haha.

    This is a really cool effect for lead!

    Got it, thanks. Just put together my first clean rig with my Double Fat Strat. Sounds great! If money isn't an option who offers the best "Rig Packs"?


    Load up the Rig manager and browse through the free Rig Packs there; all those creators (most of them) have retail rigs you can buy. For me, Britts profiles are the best overall for multi-purpose sounds; but then there's also super incredible Amp Factory pack 10 to deal with; also ToneJunkie is a new favorite of mine. For Metal I would recommend Sinmix

    If you use a different performance for each song but your performance up / down buttons are disabled, how do you change to a new performance? I've only had the remote for a week so there's probably something obvious that I'm missing here.

    Hi Chris,

    I have the kemper on a stand (on stage) and I can just press the button on the kemper itself so for me it's not an issue to change performances via the remote, more of a liability with the mistakes you can make with a sloppy toe press. :)

    Also, morphing (and a expression pedal) most certainly should become your second best tool to the Kemper itself! Morph is so useful, every rig I use has a morph of some sort depending on what I need; usually rhythm will morph to more distortion or effects and solo morph to different delay, reverb etc.

    It's very easy (and possible) to just use a single rig and morph through most songs, but I like the simplicity of the performances and making sure I don't confuse rigs, LOL.

    I find using 1 performance per song is best for me, to K.I.S.S.

    I use a Dunlop dv4 expression pedal as a volume pedal/wah and love Wah>Volume, how cool! Also expression pedal. I connect these pedals to the remote instead of the back of the kemper.

    I disabled LOOPER (a must [email protected]) and put rubber fittings over the performance up and down stomp buttons so those are effectively disabled.

    In general, I keep performances as a storage bank of the best profiles from a certain amp— so for example, I have a clean, crunch, Drive, drive SOLO rigs in my performance for my favorite Lonestar amp tones. I keep these as Gold Reference Rigs, so at any point, someone wants a great Fender Deluxe 59, bam, go to the performance and there are 5 nice (favorite) rigs sorted right there.

    I also have a few performances that contain my fav rigs per guitar.

    When I’m preparing to play for a show I can go through them or just browse my saved rigs to construct my band/live performance Performances. Those are set up as required by the song, but the 5th slot is always a swell of some sort.

    Finally, I chose to make the double tap the button for the rigs in performance NOT morph, but reset to default state. I use expression pedal for morph, and the ability to jump back to the default state is more useful than morph by stomp.

    Think that’s all for now! :). Just a few obvious observations, hope you like. :)