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    Thanks I think I'll try this since I use my morph pedal for morphing and it's always nice to just make sure you're back where you need to be with a button push. I wasn't sure what: “Rig Button Morph” option, located in the System Settings did.

    Thank you so much Sir Eltzejupp

    Much appreciated, I really look forward into digging into these and seeing what your doing. THat's one of the big reasons I buy packs as well. :) Always interesting and creative stuff!

    Hey, I can't wait till kemper tweaks the RM so we can edit and save FX banks/selections easier; that will be the day!!

    oozish have you tried changing your strings to the set size used by JH?

    .010 / .013 /.015 / .026 / .032 / .038

    Hi there!

    No, I have really heavy low strings I think but not even sure what I've got on their currently. I hardly play the 7 string, so currently up for sale. I'm in love with my strat ATM and normally in love with my PRS custom24 which is my real latest beauty. ** Hardly played KM7, what do you think I should list it for? I put it at 900 but that's probably too high I guess.

    This is a picture of the exact guitar when it was on sweetwater before I bought it.

    Thanks Burkhard. I was referring to the manual of the expression pedal and my confusion and comments are directed at that pedal and not so much setting up the kemper. Nice to hear from you though, I appreciate all the work you do here and your feedback about the volume pedal range I'll research.

    I replaced the pickups in this American standard strat with Eric Johnson EJ Pickups on Sweetwater pickups and fender locking tuners in a desperate bid to help me love the sound of this guitar which I otherwise love the 'looks' of. Well finally, it worked (*I had tried david gilmore in the bridge and of course the original PU were the SRV series which I felt was too harsh for general play).

    At long last, my strat sounds like a strat should! OFF craigslist where I was trying to give it away and now one of my favorite guitars. Not the latest per se, but the latest guitar I've been working on.

    Why not just hit 'STORE' and such? It's safer since it walks you through a save dialogue I think.

    Also, I hold down that button and if you're browsing in the RM and haven't saved the rig, it says, "an unsaved rig can't be a 'my rig"

    So I would say make sure you save the rig and aren't just browsing rigs before trying to do what you're doing, then when you hold down the rig button it will save it as your favorite.

    Those kind of sounded the worst when I a/b'd a bunch of monitors at guitar center and I ended up with the yamaha dx10r. To me they lacked depth and were a little harsh/high endy. I've read some people like those tho, so that's just my .02.

    Hey, I got a dunlop dvp4 just now and was confused too. you don't use the input/output on the top of the device, use the middle (AUX) input to connect the kemper. Then just set it up as a volume pedal in the pedal page (device type 1/volume pedal); so that's how I did it.

    Also, I was confused the directions said I didn't need a TRS cable for volume. Well you do need a TRS unless you're going to hook this thing up with 2 cables etc. as some dedicated volume pedal or some such BS. I don't know.

    But as soon as I used the TRS cable everything was fixed. I tried to adjust the pedal too, but found that if I adjust it to anything but default I have to recalibrate the pedal everytime I start up so stopped doing that. I just have the pedal to the fullest counter clockwise position (the shipping/default position) on the dial thingie under the cover of the pedal. Hope this helps sorry if I'm confusing. :)

    Dunlop III since 80’s.

    I always play them so long They are all chewed up from me biting/holding them with my mouth and the edges are worn down like I've sanded the them hehe. I never throw them away, I kind of like the way the pick wears over time better than a new one.

    I run through some crappy PA at the church (compared to my dx10); and even given that, I found for OD profiles try like .03 makes a nice throaty difference in tone that I usually prefer to the 'off'

    That said, for clean tones I definately like the Purecab on and use either 2.8 or 4.1

    Depending on the profile, those levels usually sound the best without bassing up and (muddying up) the tone too much; just enough!

    Still waiting for Paul! :)

    There are some great back up cables on eBay. I use these exclusively, as they are flexible like regular mic cables. Just make sure you order max. 10m in length, unless you have a PoE injector. And get the green boot ends :D :


    Hey thanks for the link, but I don't understand the desire to have min. 10m cable? I'm in a situation where a 5' cable would be nice! Are you saying 10m minimum for this?

    @Burkhard Thankyou sir. I’m aware of this, and save via the ‘save entire performance’ after every slot tweak(s). I know they aren’t related but it seems like there are errors in saving and communication at this point between the kemper and the RM and the foot switch.

    FOr example, my RM shows my performance as order ABCD and my foot switch is showing the Rigs erroneously as ACDB. Despite saving etc.!

    Another common problem, I set the foot switch to activate a FX and save the profile. When I scroll away from the performance and back to it, the original foot switch settings are back in place! I cannot delete a delay saved to the delay slot on the remote unless I rename the whole performance!

    There is a comm problems across there somewhere.

    Harsh/Tinny in FOH? That is an FOH engineer issue ;)

    I’m trying to convey that the sound is worse than my own dx10, it’s not terrible; but it could use some of the effect that of increasing the pure cab by my reasoning. They go to FOH and then out to some crappy Pa speakers. I’m thinking pure cab enabled might soften that sound?

    So for example, I'll make changes in a performance and they save on the remote. When I switch out of the performance and back in, all the changes were discarded and the orgiinal configuration on the remote is restored!

    I've f9ound if I save the performance with a different name my changes are saved! There is some really WONKY Stuff going on with saving in performances. I find that the Remote seems to operate in a land of it's own, and is often oblivious to my changes once I change the profile. What is going on??

    Is anyone else having problems saving changes across the RM and the remote? I mean, I might have something on my RM saying 'here's the performance' and it looks absolutely different then the reality of what's on my kemper. Then my remote loses all changes anyway. It's insane. also, if I switch out a rig or change parameters in the performance, it may or may not show up as such on my Rig manager. The syncing is just ridiculous and mysterious.

    This feels very beta to me. Is this a beta issue? <X

    Pure Cab can change the sound of a rig, so I can understand why someone might consider it to misrepresent their rigs. But, I like Pure Cab for live use, with a DXR10 Monitor. It seems to me like it makes it easier to get melodic feedback.

    Paul, what setting have you settled on for: 1. Clean rigs/breakup and 2. OD rigs.?

    Personally, I find if OD, just a tad is all that’s needed, say .08 or less. For clean rigs, I find the sound too muffled if I go over 4.1 so usually leave at 2.8 or 4.1.