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    Thanks I'll give these suggestions a shot as soon as possible.

    OK, non of those suggestoins worked. It says 'connected' and is lit green, but no sync with the Kemper. :(

    By the way, I'm using the remote too; so I can't inverse the cord./ I did unplug both usb ports on the back of my kemper and the Focus too.

    Hmmm, I’m not satisfied this’s thread should be closed! I have the same problem, it’s happened about 3 times. No way to get the remote to work unless you reboot kemper. I just bought a remote a week ago so should have the latest (remote) hardware. Has kemper responded to this?

    Per the manual, holding the desired stomp button and stepping on the (remotes) 1-4 will assign the stomp to the remote; so you can turn it on and off there. you can also add another stomp to the same 1-4 for 2 per channel; and by toggling them on the Kemper (toggling one on and the other off) the remote will also allow this (toggle or both stomps on/off).

    I got that error message updating to the New beta firmware today; had to go back to previous firmware

    So clearly you still prefer the dxr10's even though you've had two CLR wedges? I think that says volumes about the DXR10's (pun not intended). :)

    I'm tempted but already have the dxr10 and pretty happy with it.

    are you sure you don't have multiple versions of rig xyz after you saved it? Rig manager will save rigs with the exact same name; so maybe you're pulling up the old one. The newly saved rig should be at the bottom of the list in RM after saved

    I've always wished there was a 'sync' button/soft button and then we could sync our kemper with RM manually after extensive changes. Syncing is still likely to freeze up RM or Kemper for me, especially when editing heavily in RM and moving rigs up and down, or changing ratings/favorites in any numbers greater than 1.

    fixed: correct Power Amp Boost level maintained during restart added: import of Rigs and Presets also available in Performance Mode

    How do we back up and\or import our performance mode presets?

    I think if you read the .pdf or the banner for the rigs it usually states whats included including such designations. However, if it doesn't say anything I think you should assume they are Studio profiles.

    Sinmix PP3 triple rectifier is possibly his best work for this amp! Thanks SM!