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    Ya, I hear you all on phase cancellation however I find the best profiles like TAF or britt don't really need much at all. Since I've been starting at ground zero going through my favorites and keeping global to 0, I've found I actually prefer a lower setting like 1.8-2.8 on even clean tones; rarely need to go to 4.1 which was my old global standby when I didn't have a choice. Rarely I'll use just a tad of it for Metal profiles as they usually sound much tighter and less muddy without any PC>

    There is very little phase in Britt/TAF profiles!

    Actually I have a question for the GURUS out there (Paul I'm talking to you!); if you turn OFF the global cabinet, can you still turn on the individual cabs pure cab setting and it work properly? IN other words, can you just disable the global setting and still turn the individual cabs on or off and have it work exactly the same with global TURNED OFF/UNCHECKED?

    I have read the other posts about this and still unsure; that's why I leave the global setting to on and barely activated around .04


    Hi there! I have a dxr10 and set the global pure cabinet to .02 or basically off, then set it individually in the cabinet of the actual profile if wanted or needed.

    I think you'll find heavily overdriven tones such as metal/thrash sort of stuff sound better with no or very low (such as my global setting); too much pure cabinet just muddies up the tone in most cases. However, I go over each profile and set the cab individually.

    In most cases I like it for clean or gritty tones, around 2.8-4.1 range; but leave it at the global setting for my sinmix and tonehammer tones (*mostly).

    note: USB backup problems.

    I notice that when formatting the USB stick, there is no progress indicator. It does format, but only after appearing to be 'frozen' at that dialogue

    Then, also, when I try to backup, the Kemper appears to 'freeze' and does backup, but only after some confusing moments where I thought I needed to reboot my kemper.

    Update: after reformatting USB stick again, I got not response for the format, but the 'creating backup' progress bar did appear and finished normally after being stuck at the end of the progress bar for a few minutes.

    Ya, very SLICK NEW UPDATES! Thanks. Great work, feels like my Kemper is what it should have always been as the top/pinnacle of technology thanks to RM changes and nice updating features.

    It's certian that you can't go wrong with any of Britts profiles, there is no way you'll feel ripped off. However, I've bought quite a few and can suggest the vintage pack for that vintage sound(s), his modern pack, and profile pack 1-3 (I would start with 3 and see how you like it).

    If you want a great sounding marshall check out his 69 marshal pack.

    Like I said, you can't go wrong really you'll like these profiles and probably end up getting a bunch like I did but go for stuff that complements your favorite guitar and sound first.

    Just wanted to say I picked up the 800KK, jvm410 and 5150's and every single pack is chock full of sonic bliss. The JVM410 really doesn't disappoint for all music styles, really are versatile! I knew I'd like the 5150s and they are Gojira goodness but the 800 kerry king is also so much fun! Very well done, tons of stuff to go through after you investigate the usual heavy tones, lots of potential for some great blues sounds like jmv410 1960 26 and jvm40 mesa 17; each with such a different characteristic but just oozing style. I love how the new cabs really lend a different sound especially the fk 4x12 slant. Tons of great cabs!

    ...I"m sort of incoherent but these packs to me all had the same stellar success I was pleased with when I picked up your dual rect solo--- so great job! Can't say good enough.

    Which of the Diezels are people liking the most? I had some in the Mesa OS pack but they weren't my favorites. Any suggestions for a Diezel sound?

    This is the greatest pack for sure! I have a lot of rigs from very well known and acclaimed profilers here, and as I go through to choose my favorites, if the amp is in this pack, it wins. Just sounds so in your face and rounded; like multidimensional as opposed to flat (?).

    I hate how this forum changed up right now, i'm sure i'll get to know it, but I was lost for a bit there. Andy, did you ever comment back to me about a information sheet on this giant group of amps? Not necessary as all the info is in the rigs I guess, but would be nice. let me know!

    Just picked this up, I know this will be the end all purchase for me and happy to support andy! Follow up question, there is no pdf or rig write up andy? Where's that at? I would like more information on the rigs?

    Thanks! I don't understand why the volume is cranked (it's still lower than I'd like however). Seems weird as most profiles have the volume standard at default. No biggie, just wondering.

    I prefer to have the volume normalized at 0 then adjust the amp volume or use a eq boost for volume only (or both) if the profile is low volume. This profile has a nice jazzy tone, thanks again.