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    Hi Guys!

    Here's the list of some available amp packs minus some that are discontinued and no longer for sale.

    • Burrito (Tried to replicate the sound of Friedman Pink Taco 20) - To be released
    • 5153 EL34 (Tried to replicate the sound of EVH 5150 III S EL34)
    • 5153 Stealth 6L6 (Tried to replicate the sound of EVH 5150 III S EL34)
    • Dizl v4(Tried to replicate the sound of Diezel VH4)
    • Herbi mk1 (Tried to replicate the sound of Diezel Herbert mk1)
    • Fireman BE 100 v 2.0 (Tried to replicate the sound of Friedman BE100)
    • Fireman Bunt 50 (Tried to replicate the sound of Friedman RUNT 50)
    • Fireman Buttersex (Tried to replicate the sound of Friedman Butterslax)
    • 650+ (Tried to replicate the sound of Peavey 6505+)
    • 650 (Tried to replicate the sound of Peavey 6505)
    • Kerry (Tried to replicate the sound of Marshall Kerry King Signature model)
    • 5:25 (Tried to replicate the sound of Mesa/Boogie Mark 5:25)
    • Hot 50 (Tried to replicate the sound of Soldano Hot Rod 50)
    • 5153 (Tried to replicate the sound of EVH 5150 III 50w)
    • XTC (Tried to replicate the sound of Bogner Ecstasy 100B)
    • JVM (Tried to replicate the sound of a Marshall JVM 410)
    • Dual EL34 (Tried to replicate the sound of a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)
    • Bugi Mark 4 (Tried to replicate the sound of a Mesa Boogie Mk 4)
    • Piwi x150 II (Tried to replicate the sound of a Peavey 5150 II)
    • British Amp (Tried to replicate the sound of a Marshall JMP)
    • British 800 (Tried to replicate the sound of a Marshall JCM 800)


    The second post on this thread says he received a cease and desist letter.

    No, I didn't.

    This situation is due to my long sickness issue that got bigger and happened at the same time i wanted to rename all the profiles with generic names and put them back on the site(which i did at the end). But then i heard a story that i need a registered company in my country (which i respect)etc etc....i asked a lawyer...
    he said i would need to pay for company + taxes etc etc...i wouldnt be able to do that...

    Im sure i can't reopen the store...on my own.

    Then again 2guys offered me to sell them my license so they can sell my profiles on their sites...

    The thing is im done with making profiles, this week im selling my kemper.... So ill either choose someguy to sell them or they will go in shift+delete option.
    Again, dont want to bother you all and talk about my life problems in public....etcetc

    So in a couple of days ill inform you guys whats going on.

    Take care of yoursef and all the best!!!

    Sad to hear this, Cili. Hope you get those troubles sorted out in the best way possible!

    Maybe you could sell the "marketing license" to somebody who has a store and who could sell them from there. Don't know if that would be allowed under your laws. Something to consider, if that were a possibility and you'd be able to make some money on the deal.

    Hi guys,

    I'v been so busy these days sorting out the same old personal life stuff over and over again. That i totally forgot about this thread, and reading your comments means a lot to me!!!

    One of the solution would be to sell someone all my profiles as a "marketing license" so he could sell it for me on his store and take % for him and the rest would be for me.

    The other thing i heard a few days ago is that you dont need A REAL STORE/COMPANY to sell something online if your are a freelancer or something...can someone explain to me how that works???

    My packs are "waiting" with all generic names of the amp,different photos, taggs of profiles

    Thanks [email protected]!

    Hi guys. The store is closed. I'm not gonna make profiles anymore. Had ( and still have ) some problems in my personal life that I need to fix... Also due to some low in my country I would need to have a real company to reopen and with my situation that's impossible. So, all the best to you people!

    From what you write I assume you had some problems in the past with all of this? Who warned you to change the names, taggs etc etc? Just curious. And I back this generic names 100% that way you can sell something that you created. That way is not doing any harm to amp companies. Who cares what the names is for Kemper pack, profiles,cab names etc etc if it sounds good in demo clip \m/

    And after all lets admit, every customer can change the profile name, mics, bla blaas the way they like. How to stop that?

    I saw this coming but waited until now. THX for reminding me, @Armin !!! ;- )So Right now I changed all our profiles to something like this (see pic) and also the important note:
    For licensing reasons, similar-sounding brand names are used here. Of course, but the original brands were used during the profiling process!
    All used company names, label names and registered trademarks on this website are property of their owners and only used for identification and description of products and achievements.

    So I guess everybody should know what it actually means :-D

    Same here!!! I think this should be done by all people who sell their profiles.

    As much as it annoys us as regular users, I think I know (partly) why these companies do this.
    At least in Germany, as the owner of a trademark you are required to actively defend this trademark (legally) to avoid the risk of loosing the legal protection of a registered trademark.

    Exactly! They have every right to do so. Making a generic names for products that doesn't have "original" name or logo which are protected should be fine/safe. Or am I wrong? ?(

    It's an ethical grey zone, not completely black and white as some seem to present it. A lot of hard work and financial risk goes into developing a quality amp, and I hope those companies can stay in business.

    Exactly! That's why is better to use generic names, your own photos of amps with no logo or actual name. And post legal disclaimer etc etc... people will still understand what packs are based on what amps. Cause almost in 99% all the amp sims are based on real amps. Some even has the same look...

    That's why I have this disclaimer on bigcartel

    Legal detail:

    "All product names, images & profiles, will have different (Generic) names, taggs (than the original profiled amps) and will be without logos of the "original" amp, due to licensing reasons!
    They are the property of their respective owners! Which are in no way associated or affiliated with SoundLab KPA Tones!"

    And will do the same thing as you did with naming the packs.


    From what I heard from that YT clip, they sound really immense. "Totally" different sounding MK4 profiles than in my pack, which I like. I heard a lot of MK4 profiles and they just weren't my cup of tea (personal taste I guess). I profiled a combo version connected to mesa Boogie MK4 2x12 and Mesa Stiletto cabs. It took me 2 days to find amp's sweet spot with no pedals in front of it. examples
    Good job James!

    Nice tune! :)

    depending on when this comparison was made, it could be that this was before we introduced a small fix for the low end. now there is less very low frequencies, but more thump. The LF correction soft button switches between these two states.

    so, which FW did you use?

    Tbh...can't remember. But I made the video on Feb 9, 2015. So. I believe it was V.2.something...