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    Exactly what I was looking for! Awesome! :) the only thing I'm curious is what cables to use from amp output into countryman and from countryman into can? Speaker ones, right?



    Just remembered I did a video a while ago comparing the Kemper vs REAL amp. The tone is barely here for comparing purpose. So here it is.


    The parameter could simply be added to the various amp, cab, stomp and mod editing menus. No need for slot wastage, IMHO.

    This is what I was suggesting earlier.

    CN7, I'm not sure it was resistance; CK simply needed to be convinced, and once he saw the "wisdom" of including the HPF/LPFs, he promised them right away. There hasn't been an OS update since then, so I'd expect that they'll be in the next one.


    Awesome! :thumbsup:

    Exactly what C.Kemper said!