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    you apparently have to work on your reading comprehension skills

    Nah. These are businesses and that guy gets paid by Line 6 to browse forums and chime in to sell their product. Just because he has a convenient excuse, comes off as a cool cat and sometimes praises the Kemper doesn’t change the bottom line. Business is business and I don’t mistake these shills for unbiased benevolent souls for one second. I see the same tactics on other forums for various products. Sorry if that comes off harsh but it is what it is.

    And this Line 6 employee wrote: "Guys just for the record I love Kemper and if you know me you know I have advised many people to get cannot go wrong. I just saw a rumor about to start about our development slowing down and that’s just not true, in-fact it’s the opposite so I wanted you to hear it from me.

    Kemper makes an amazing device and it is pure awesomeness."

    Doesn't really matter what he stated afterwards. His action of going into a Kemper thread to tow his company's line and dissuade a potential Kemper sale was done.
    Same goes for this "parody" page.
    Guys it's 2018. This is the way viral marketing/social engineering works.

    Nobody is perfect :)
    The rest of your mail is hard but honest ;)

    I don't think other users or potential newcomers could be discouraged.You can share the criticism or argue against it, but it should be allowed to express a contra opinion.

    Since Kemper prefers not to comment on such criticism, no one other needs to attempt censorship here.

    But the thread title is Kemper 2 Expectations. That creates the assumption that a new Kemper is imminent. CK has commented in this thread btw.

    This sort of circular conversation only serves to create FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) which potentially can scare someone who's in the fence on whether to buy a product or wait. Who does that benefit? Hint: the competition.
    I've seen this tactic employed with many products throughout my lifetime.
    At this point Im starting to question the motives of some of the posters. Sorry if that comes off as a hot take and please don't be easily offended if your intentions are genuine. Just my observation.

    In my opinion, the main reason is likely related to the company's turnaround time for updates and new products in general.

    ...and so what if it is.

    I’d rather they release something new when they feel they have something truly worthy of releasing.

    I say let them make proper use of their time and funds for proper R&D for something as game changing as the Profiler. They know they have a winner and could probably sell this for the same price indefinitely.

    I really don’t appreciate companies that have to constantly reiterate, only adding incremental upgrades to get you closer to what you expected it to sound like in the first place, each time a few thousand bucks a clip.

    To me and I would say most Kemper owners, it still holds the throne as the closest thing to a mic’ed amp (if that’s what we’re going for). Some will disagree, but in my experience, that is what it is. Same goes for many others. If you know how to make a profile then you’re getting the actual experience. If people want “better” FX than what it currently offers (which I think are insanely good sounding already), then any all in one solution will still have some compromise at this point in time.

    There’s definitely some things that could make the Kemper more convenient but in my experience, the value that I’ve gotten out of the Kemper is astronomical. Coming from someone who always had to buy the latest thing, If they come out with a new one tomorrow, even if it had the quality of life features I would want, I really wouldn’t be in any rush to upgrade.

    I personally really appreciate the fact that the Kemper is still the same hardware as when it first came out. It's still better leagues better IMO than even the latest attempts by other companies.
    If it's still selling well, then I see no logical reason to introduce a new version.

    Let's face it, Kemper absolutely leapfrogged Fractal (and everybody else) at pure tone delivery with the profiling method right from the get go and Fractal (and everybody else) has been trying to play catch up since.

    All these new bells and whistles are just ways to market to the extremely naive and fiscally irresponsible guitarist market who is always tone searching in the same way a crackhead searches for that same high as when they took their first hit.