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    National markets vary slightly as well of course, but I know those guitars usually come up for that amount of money. One being sold for less isn't that weird either, though, certainly if you're not buying it from a store. I've seen CS Fenders go for nearly 3000 used and on the other hand, I only paid 1700 for mine. Depends all on the demand as well. Mine had been sitting in a shop for a couple of months and he was having a clearance sale, for instance.

    How much were they new? The market's flooded with strats and this doesn't sound like anything special. I agree with looking on Ebay and Reverb at completed sales. Else, I'd hesitate to pay over 500 US.

    Fender Time Machine is a Custom Shop series. Good luck getting that at 500.

    Very nice tele Laurens!

    I just though of this:
    - Are you buying new guitars again?
    - No dear wife, it's just another plant for the garden.

    Almost matches the grass.

    Come dusk, you might just be able to sneak a little playing in whilst sitting in the yard without the missus seein' ya. :D

    I appreciate the thought, but there's no wife here. Still young enough to live with my parents, in fact. :")

    Really nice. Awesome tone. A bit too shreddy at times for me, but I can certainly appreciate the technical ability. That lick at :33 was awesome.

    Love double striped necks. That headstock is one of the best designs I've ever seen. I was wondering why in 65 years they haven't made something simple and great looking, but that achieves it for me. Ok, maybe not so simple, some decent routing involved, but with today's machines, nothing complicated.

    Is the fretboard ebony? Doesn't exactly look like it, but it's rather dark for Rosewood, or is it some toasted/dyed maple?

    Ebony. :)
    Full spec sheet:…k-ii-natural-pearl-detail

    Parallel Path
    This feature was designed for bass players in particular. However, it can be used with any instrument, of course. The Profiler offers a wide variety of Profiles for bass players, as well as numerous effects and distortions that can be used in combination with a bass. Especially when played through a distorting amplifier or a distortion pedal, the bass can lose some of the fundamental frequencies as well as dynamic range. To compensate for this, a parallel feed of the undistorted bass signal is usually mixed to the distorted, or otherwise processed, signal.

    The Rig menu offers a parallel signal path, which feeds directly to the Output Section, bypassing both the Stack Section and all the Effects. When “Parallel Path” is activated, Stomps A and B become exclusive to the parallel path, allowing you to add compression and EQ, for example. Stomps C and D remain within the regular signal path, along with the Stack and Effects Sections.

    Soft button 1 “Parallel Path” enables and disables this function. When enabled, the parameter “Parallel Path Mix” determines the balance between the parallel path (more to the left) and the regular signal path (more to the right).

    This, yes. I got fairly close. :-)

    I never took Line 6 very seriously either, but Yamaha is no joke, and that's who owns Line 6 now. BTW, the Helix is also available as a rack unit (and a foot controller is available for it).

    I never had a problem with Line 6, the products I have experience with either didn't feel as solid as they could be (DL-4, mainly) or didn't sound as good as I wanted (any amplifier they made). I know you can get a rack, but I think the attractive part about the Helix is the floorboard all-in-one solution, which is something I don't need or want.

    I've given my opinion on this on the Facebook Kemper group. Some parts:

    "I love how he has tons of Joyo and Harley Benton stuff and talks about the Kemper being unethical. I can agree with his point of ordering an amp just to profile it. However, amp sales declining isn't the fault of the Kemper alone. If he really thinks that, he's really ignorant."

    "I also find it funny how he talks about it not being the real deal while not having tested the Kemper in his own studio. I wonder if he can hear "it's not the real deal" on the tons of records and live shows that use(d) the Kemper."

    These are parts of replies to other comments:

    "The point is that there's no way whatsoever a Kemper is ethically wrong while the Joyo amp he has behind him wouldn't be. Or a Bugera wouldn't be. They are ethically wrong as well if the Kemper is. Where do you draw the line? Is having an original JTM45 wrong, because it's basically a Fender bassman?

    Buying used declines sales as much, if not more, than a profiler does, I'd think."

    "I think, if there is a line to be drawn, it probably should've been drawn long ago."

    The entire discussion over there should people want to read it:…rmalink/1059243140763060/