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    While you're waiting try out a new Engl Fireball profile, Indian Furball Rage 1, on the Rig Exchange maybe. :S

    Are you suggesting this is a good one, where on earth did it come from :)?

    As an ENGL fan I might just have to check that out...nice one Nightlight!

    I have been down the IR route with the Kemper and personally I found it a rabbit warren. I bought some IR's but never used them - they sounded different but not necessarily better, so I chalked it up to unnecessary additional complexity.

    The profiling process captures the cab response and so the need is "less" I would suggest that other digital equipment - but you can do it.

    Put simply:

    You have the powered toaster, so the red output is the "normal" output from a guitar amp and will run a speaker. The other outputs are line outputs ( not powered).

    So, plug your guitar cab into the red speaker output using a speaker lead ( the one you have cross out). Then take a main out to whatever you are using to record. Do not use any of the other outputs into non- amplified speakers.

    For what you want to do, then switch cab sim off and the cab sim will remain on for main out and off for the guitar cab.

    yes you can either apply it to a rig or as a stomp, and morph if needed like a whammy ( works really well for Killing in the name of.. etc.).

    I think its fine for the occasional song and its better than the Helix drop effect ( I believe) and as good as a drop pedal...but all drop effects suffer from :


    "other" tracking artifacts

    I think its good enough although because we play a few songs in D, I carry a second guitar as that is preferable.

    I did use to play in a band with multiple tunings and I balanced that across 2 guitars and re-learnt some songs in a different tuning to minimise the number of songs "dropped", so it just requires a bit more planning.

    BTW I agree to try and play the songs in the same recorded key, some songs just sound odd in a different key. Motley crue sounds wrong in anything other than D.

    I'm still struggling with this...I want to play mp3's through my Kemper to FOH for intro music to some songs. I'm using an old phone with a mini sampler for this.

    I can of course do this directly via a DI box but it would be so easy to utilise the connection from the main outs.

    I've managed to get it working but the volume/gain is very low compared to my guitar sound. I assume if I lower my outputs and increase the db I send to the desk ( which is about -20db) then this will help? Is there any other way without having to reset all of my volumes again ??

    Does anyone else use this?

    Great points guys. It seems to say a lot that Kemper doesn’t keep rehashing this amazing product like most companies. This is turning into a great learning experience.

    I look at it this way...if my amp was stolen, what would I buy to replace it.

    For me, no question, another Kemper. I have never been in this situation before, I was always searching for something better. I have not changed in 5 years now.

    Helix and Ax are great devices with slight differences in empahsis. My view is the the KPA is the most simialr to a regular amp i set up, layout and built in power amp.

    Bought the toaster. My only concern or negative thought is the idea of 2012 technology. Maybe there is a different way I should view that?

    Valve amps are 1950's tech but still grace the stages and studios of the best..

    Yeah I get the concern but it still hangs with the best out there. Is the sound out dated? Nah.

    For me all I see with "newer" tech is more effects and prettier interfaces.

    Sure you do. Happens all the time. You don't even have to look outside NAMM '19 to see it.

    Wampler Pedals demo'd their new Terraform. Which they said would be out in Summer. Much like Kemper, they've communicated that it's taking longer than expected and to hang tight. Nothing is 'fundamentally flawed'. But getting it right is taking more time than expected.

    It happens. All the time.

    In addition, the software at NAMM would purely be demo, not stable, all features working properly etc. so its not a question of " it was complete at NAMM and its taken 9 months to get out of the door. I suspect a lot of on going development has continued.

    Again, not unusual.

    Really happy you've got the sound you want but....

    I do struggle a bit with the combination in the same way I still don't understand why people still need OD or boost pedals.

    There are 15,000 profiles out there on RE alone and countless commercial profiles and yet you are not alone in not finding your sound without adding other stuff.

    The Helix is also a great device with loads of great sounds but the thought of trying to use both gives me a headache. I'm sure there is someone out there using Helix, KPA and Axe in an even more complex set up..

    In my mind if you are having to add more gain or eq. etc. and hence presumably why you run out of effects slots then its probably the wrong profile. It just seems overly complex and expensive to add more external gear. One of the big things to me about the KPA is its a one stop shop.

    I have always looked for the right base sound and then just added time based effects on top. More gain needed? Get an amp with enough gain ( hence why I used ENGL's and not Marshall - btw I know they sound different but there are other options)..hence I'm not even close to running out of effects slots.

    I know this isn't how others use it and no criticism intended, just wanted to share my approach. Keeping it simple has so many advantages, not least matching devices ( gain levels etc), additional gear and connections blah blah - it just shows what a diverse bunch we are..

    Maybe I'm just too easily pleased :)