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    Might be your next course of action, but hard to believe its not a setting or something else, but without a side by side test with another Kemper you won;t know. Hope you get it sorted...

    Of course every headphone is EQ'd differently and every room has it's problems. But this doesn't matter here. I compared two reamped signals through the same monitor source(s).

    I know this won;t help but....

    • The Kempers E.Q. isn;t odd, you should not need to do any massive - which leads me to suspect there is another issue in your signal chain
    • You can get a great sound out of a Kemper for what you are doing.

    There are so many factors at play its really difficult to diagnose. Reamping should have ruled out playing etc so now its in the monitoring and your set up.

    Me too basically but trimming up the top and bottom makes things a lot easier and only has positive impact. No sense taking up headroom to the pre if the engineer is just going to cut it anyway. I don't EQ because I agree that would be soundboard job, but I'll trim the fat.

    I think the point here is getting your sound right in advance. Your point on trimming also suggests it makes the sound more "forgiving" which is also no bad thing ;)

    I use a Neutrik NE8 FDX-P6. The main problem was finding an appropriate short cable from KPA to the Neutrik. It worked flawlessly with a shorter cable (5m). By time I bought a Cudy POE200. With that cable length doesn’t matter anymore and the lights are way brighter. I fixed the short cable to my rack so it should never give up that way.

    Oh the cable clips might help me!

    There are 2 fundamentals here:

    1) You cannot E.Q. for live through a guitar cab. The sound is so vastly different to what you send FOH that you have to build your sounds using some kind of FRFR speaker first IMO.

    2) Every PA sounds different. Unless you E.Q. yourself at every gig, then you have to accept variation.

    Personally I don;t use HPF/LPF at all, nor do I E.Q. at any gig, I treat it like a regular amp and let the sound engineer make any changes to their PA. If the PA is crap, then everything will sound crap, not just your guitar and the sound engineer will know their PA the best.

    The only change I made is at the last gig, the sound engineer said my rhythm sound was a bit fizzy and wished it sounded like my lead sound. Turns out that when copying a sound across I'd missed some settings, so now resolved.

    Ive done this, but unfortunately the connector into my KPa is a bit flakey so had to go back to connecting direct

    Just glad you sorted it.

    I also thought its sounded good BTW.

    There are cases that are not that "deep":

    I think "shallow" is the right term here.

    But on the other hand, you can't stack other racks on it, because if it and some hardware will not fit (like my poweramp for example...)

    Even with a shallow case, it will struggle to balance on a Kabinet. I put mine on the Bass cab..

    and to add its about balance. My rack is very front heavy but the Toaster is designed to be free standing...

    The model is not only possible but the right way to use the KPA.

    FOH should be your main sound at a gig, and your vox purely for back line, regardless of gig size ( in my opinion).

    To do this, you take you main out to the FOH, make sure you attenuate your output to around -12 to -18 db and make sure your volumes are unlinked and off you go.

    It sounds like you have just switched off the cab section not used the monitor cab soft button in the output section.

    Hi all,
    Having a problem here. None of my inputs are picking up a signal. The front and alternative input both don't budge. Reinstalled firmware and updated all I could.

    The light doesn't light up, checked all settings are correct. Switched cables, rebooted multiple times.
    Please help.

    How do you know? You not getting any input light or no sound which you assume is input? Does the tuner respond?

    The form factors give 2 slight but different problems:

    Rack - best for protection, but where do you put it. If you use a 4 x12 no issue, but it won;t balance on a kabinet

    toaster - Great for location but difficult to get a rack or protection for it.

    I use the rack and our other guitarist uses the toaster. I prefer the rack because I also mount my wireless and power conditioner but honestly you can;t go wrong!

    To further qualify why I don;t appreciate Dylan, its because I don't lock onto lyrics.

    As a consequence, this is probably the antithesis of Dylan, as Liz Frazer famously made up words/sounds - and this is one of a my Fav examples...atmospheric, minimalist and the other end of my musical appreciation...and it came up on TV yesterday!

    I think the point made here is that the Kemper tends to look at the end to end as a rig with added effects. Its not a modeller so people tend to swap out the whole rig rather than interchange amps and cabs BUT doesn;t mean you can;t do it and I've made a very sweeping statement .

    Therefore I think you are better using lock as suggested about rather than worry about amp presets as Don suggested as option 2.