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    I have to say that for Metal in general, I have not found anything more versatile and awesome than the free CORPSE rig available on the Rig Exchange. It is by Deadlight Studio. We play all the 80s hair metal songs using this. It will also work for Metallica as well (just looking at your avatar;))

    Just tried this profile...ace! I'm in an 80's hair metla band and fits perfectly..Thanks ToneDeaf !!


    DI profiles are definitely more accurate but maybe not necessary. Let us know if switching off the cab helped/worked.

    Just another suggestion for your set up...guitar cabs really colour the sound. Therefore if you are going direct into a PA at gigs, strongly suggest you test your profiles with a PA or FRFR cab because I found a guitar cab can mask bad sounds, which you only find out at a gig!

    Glad your loving it! Do you have the remote? Have you tried Morph yet? I find these very useful for live..

    Strange that the difference is so large...

    I've only ever done the opposite - taken my live sound and used it to overdub a live recording ( yes cheating I know!). It worked perfectly and was indistinguishable from the recorded track.

    Not that you want to, but have you been able to find a good sound via another profile? In other words can you get a good sound out of the PA but just not with your original profiles or are you struggling to get a good sound full stop?

    Thanks. I did actually start leveling against Michael Britt rigs, but good point on the Kemper ones (though the two (in general) are similar.

    I think I do a good job of leveling with my ears, but then in 'real life' (band practice...fortunately) I nearly blow everyone's ears off when I change performances!!

    I'll get there! Thanks again!

    For me this is the only way to do it becuase as Ingolf its not about Db's etc, its about percieved sound. I have the same issue deciding on the amount of boost for a solo.

    You should be able to get close and then refine at rehearsal...its not been unknown for me to change and save during a solo :)

    Well, you won't even need the forthcoming RM 3 Editor then Laz, let alone batch editing.

    Lucky bugger. ;)

    I don't tweak mine much either BUT when I do, I usually want a bulk change.

    In other words I find a great cab or great Wah setting, I want to apply it to multiple areas. Totally get it and I'm a +1 for that. I can see its complicated though ( how do you select which slot etc.).

    I think this is the issue flyingheelhook had where because each effect or rig is a copy into a performance, having a "master" which you can change is replicated across all uses of that effect or rig. I would re look at this structure so you can decide if each rig is unique or a master copy that you can change to all. For example, I might choose my fav solo rig as a mesa and call it "guys solo". I then want to use this for multiple performances.

    I then find that adding a bit more mid and a different cab makes it sound better. I want to apply that change to ALL versions of that sound. So I'd like to be able to:

    • On a single view see what rigs are being used in which slots
    • Ensure that I can make a change to that rig that applies where ever its used
    • Be able to replace that rig with another rig ( say Guys solo sound Mk2) with a single click
    • Make global settings that I can apply to some or all rigs e.g change cab for any rigs I choose

    ....if that makes sense!

    Thanks for all the help guys. I found the TAF Gilmour Hiwatt last night. I’ll give that a shot. Messed around with it last night but it isn’t as “full” sounding as all my MBritt profiles. I’ll see if I can tweak it to sound right.

    There is a easier answer...its an awful song, don;t play it :)

    Sorry, there are certain songs that grate, this is one of them for me. Much prefer somebody told me :)...Seriously, hope you get the sound sorted.

    I don't usually change by solo boost volume too much, but if it needs to change, it seems there's no clear and simple way to achieve this even though the Kemper with Remote is such a powerful tool.

    This is because the KPA treats each rig in a performance as separate rather than global. For me that carries more pros than cons and lock gets round most situations.

    As stated:

    This is possible, just not globally

    I for one would not want to change it globally

    Its not clear to me why you want to do this regularly. I set mine years ago and very rarely change it. If I do its rig specific.