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    Where ever I played since I play Kemper (2015), the men on the desks offered XLR to connect.

    Never got quarter inch cables.

    There are converters either way so shouldn't be a big issue although more failure points..

    Im still not sure why you need it i.e. what you are trying to do, but I may have missed that.

    TBH I've never understood why people need hundreds of performances as it causes lots of issues, balancing rigs and anything you want to apply globally - I'm in 3 bands and use 4 performances but hey that's personal choice.

    Not sure if you can use "lock" here as a global setting??

    As mentioned earlier, its unlikely you will get a software change as to me its a pretty unique requirement.

    Hope you find a solution.

    Ohh yeah, the knob that controls the pot. It's always in the max position. I thought you were talking about opening the pedal up or something and checking the actual pot.

    Sorry, the word "pot" probably didn't help :)

    Have you double checked it? if I remember, I think I tried both extremes...if not, then check all the other things Burkhard said.

    There is a pot on the side of the pedal ( right hand side as you look down). I suspect this is the issue....check the manual for which way you adjust it...but it should be fully engaged/max sweep.

    As mentioned I use 2 Moog's with no issue so its either faulty or something else.

    I've been using a Kabinet since they were released but only just started using it with an acoustic a few weeks ago for the first time.

    The key with any monitor is you have to take time to find the best profiles to use. When I moved from FRFR to the Kabinet, I switched most of my profiles because it exposed weaknesses.

    For the Acoustic I just used an acoustic profile ( I think its "Acoustic Bodyrez 75" on RE) and it seemed to work great out of the box so I suggest trying different profiles if you haven't already before you throw in the towel...

    Definitely check the pot on the Moog pedal.

    Just so you know I use 2 Moog Ep3 pedals and they work flawlessly so definitely something wrong here, hope you track down the problem

    Oh, yeah. I think I traded it away when I went back to playing Les Pauls. It had a recent refret. We put on a new nut, pickups (JB/Jazz), pickup rings, switch, pull-pull volume pots, no load tone pot and a new bridge (original had collapsed). It's like brand new.

    I can't imagine how that feels...must be like being reunited with an old family member!

    Not my newest guitar but far and away my favorite. I bought this 1984 Ferrari Red Gibson Explorer new in May 1984. I played it about six years and traded it away. Over the years I really regretted doing so. Thirty one years later it showed up for service in a guitar shop in the town I lived in back then. The shop owner texted me about it and I asked about buying it back. The owner agreed to sell and got my old friend back.

    ..and is it as good as you remember?

    Several times ill find my tone knob gets shifted during transport and I think "Oh no my Kemper or speaker finally fried and taken away all my high end" then roll the knob and all is right with the world

    Erm.....if its not powered on, that won't make a difference??

    Thanks Yoda!

    Thaks exactly what we do! We have a Rental kemper as Backup now on Tour... Back at home we have our own spare kemper.

    Like I said, I will Do the Update after this Tour, before the summer Festivals...

    I think that's the right call.

    I have had my Kemper for over 8 years now and always updated. I have had very few problems after an update so its pretty stable and rarely will things change as a result - but they do sometimes so both a backup and doing it off tour is the best solution!

    I have previously done this but not recently because I have a wireless and its permanently connected into my input - solved!

    I have to say I've not had too many pressure moments recently as I've worked the bugs out e.g. I had issues with my remote and I've now switched to ethercon. I have also got my output on a patch panel so I never connect to the wrong output. My speaker cable is also permanently attached to my KPA to also eliminate that :)...

    Are you saying that the STL and JM tones are worth the money compared to stock profiles?

    I disagree, in that its not that black and white.

    I've used a lot of stock profiles and purchased profiles. There are good and bad profiles in the free ones AND purchased ones....before you go spending £00's on profiles..

    2 things:

    1) I assume you are NOT playing off your backline live? You should be going direct into the PA?

    2) When you say cab off, you mean monitor cab off not the cab section? Otherwise this will show up direct through the PA

    3) Its easy to over use effects - make sure you have not added too many effects - that totally impacts that "thump"

    4) Have you tried direct profiles?

    They aren't gold as such but Jescar EVO Gold. It is a best of both worlds option. Hard like Stainless but doesn't destroy tools the way stainless does. I refretted one on mine with EVO Gold last year. The stuff is bloody hard !! They did file OK with regular triangle files though which stainless wouldn't do.

    I have 3 guitars with EVO gold ( that's what I had fitted to the Squier Strat above - the re-fret is probably worth more than the guitar!) and they are great. Never played stainless...

    I don't see it in the change log or the manual addendum.....but I'd swear I read something that said 9.0 'prepares' for Liquid Profiles. As has been said, Liquid Profiles won't be available until OS 10.


    I think it was the RM update rather than OS ????? I think...too lazy to check :)