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    Does anybody have any issues regarding stability? I'd love to check the editor since I've been longing for it for so long, but I have a few important gigs coming up these weeks and I can't afford anything to crash

    Obviously its the KPA upgrade that you need to be worried about. So far I've had no issues although not gigged it yet. I've taken the risk, but there is a risk as its beta..

    Not had much time to play with it so far so sorry if this is covered elsewhere..

    Couple of questions/possible improvements:

    Can you copy an effect from one rig to another ( tried using Ctr C and V but didn;t seem to work? This would be way easier than naming a preset or locking...

    When setting up a slot in performance mode, can you assign the effects to a particular button on the remote? I assume not? It would be great if you could so it can all be set up without the remote connected..


    Uploaded 5 rgs on the exchange:

    Laney Clean

    Laney Crunch

    Laney Gainey

    Laney Gainey2

    Laney Gainey3

    All under the author Guy. For some reason some have a rotary effect ( I think I was still playing around iwith it at the time) so take them off. Let me know what you think..

    I would agree, its just a shame that things got so negative....

    "they promised a release in Summer"

    "Why does a £2000 piece of equipment not have an editor"

    " I only bought my stage because an editor was promised",

    "We won;t see it until Summer Namm".....

    I'm sure people still feel these words are true but hopefully that can all be put to bed.

    Now, when can I have the Acoustic Sim ;)

    One thing - I followed the instructions (latest software via USB and then installed Rig Manager). Reboots, cable fiddles etc did not help me - the Kemper worked, and I could see my local library but the Kemper just would not talk to the PC. I unistalled Rig Manager and re-installed. It then worked without any further problems. Thought I'd share in case this helps someone else.

    Same thing happened to me.

    Chaps Im still struggling:

    Installed 7.1.7

    installed rig manager 3.

    Latest version of Windows 10

    Both loaded up, no errors but can't see each other. Changed cables and get a windows noise when cable is removed or added so I don't think its hardware. Anyone else got this?

    I upgraded from OS 5.x so not sure if thats the issue??

    Gonna try to reverse and maybe re-intsall.


    Guys, I want you all to raise a glass tonight to Timo, Arne, Oskar, Georg and Jan. Without them, Rig Manager 3 wouldn't finally be here.

    Best, GS

    Thaks to you all. I've not loaded it yet but going to give it a go today I think!

    You guys have taken a lot of moaning and negative comments from the community but take that as pure passion for the product.

    Have a great christmas! OD's to work on next :)

    Played for 50 years- took lessons from "Jeanie Foster" starting in 1969. Fundamentals. Get those down 1st so that you don't have to retrain your finger memory later (yes, your fingers have a mind of their own). Whether you get a teacher for those or learn on yer own, get the basic fundamentals down 1st. Find them- get them-learn them. Then, play every day. In about 20 years (flies by fast) you will be a good picker. ^^

    Its funny when you don;t know people and you imagine their age etc from just their posts...

    I thought you was a youngster - and that's meant to be a compliment BTW :)

    Nevertheless, kemper does NEED an editor, because all the competion has one.

    The KPA does not NEED an editor. I have used mine without for over 5 years and so have many other users....BUT ( and given I was one of those asking for one), it would be better with one, for both practical and marketing purposes. No one is denying the demand, it just doesn't stop me playing the thing..

    So can we stop the debate on that as its been had so many times on this thread already.

    a tuned guitar is always preferable to an artificially affected one, but as previously said it depends on how often. I use transpose if just for the occasional song although in my band we now do 4 or 5 songs in D so I have a guitar set up permanently for that including heavier gauge strings

    Ive often thought about a baritone but I wouldn't use it that much, BUT great excuse to buy another guitar!


    Simple yes..the music..the gear?Lets agree to disagree..I have completely other memories.More like "the bigger the better"..I remember guitar players all doing the double stack thing "because it has the looks" and the much more "efficient" Mesa MK series being for the "snobby doctors and lawyers" who needed an amp "to fit into their porsches":|..add the fx-racks to all this..pure fun..

    I really would like to see "sales charts" from the 80s when some "more practical solutions" were on the market.Man..did I hate to lugging these massive tomtom racks,the dozen overheads and heavy double kicks around..not to mention the nice SVTs(tube) and their 8x10 cabs..this is what I remember from the 80s.

    Yeah I getb what you mean, more working class vs high end.

    I also recognise the bigger stacks race, still some of it I still see now. Did a gig few months ago and the guy had a Marshall head and 4 x12 plus a fender hot rod as a slave ( I think....) it was so loud, sound guy had to tell him to keep turning down on his backline..interestingly he was young...I was the old fart with the digital gear...who would have thought :)

    Not sure I see the anology...punk was simple and efficient in getting its message across. Same as 70's rock, Les Paul and Marshall stack. Simple, which to me equals efficient? Think I get what you are saying but this came out of necessity. There wasn;t a choice but to lug these things around. Back then if there had been a fly rig that sounded good, I think many would have used it...

    I do agree that its not about looking at it like a scientist and it should be less about the gear and more about the feel....

    Most of the people I’ve seen who hate on them either want to tinker and can’t, or don’t have certs which can easily be taken.

    I just don't like the interface etc. Apple drives me mad and can't get on with it. Hate my work iphone.

    Not saying windows or android is perfect but seems way more logical ( back button etc.). Bought my wife a mac for her birthday and she gave up with it in weeks.

    They are also now behind with the Iphone ( in my opinion) - I've had wireless charging, dual cameras etc for years.

    Anyway, just me, not looking to start a one is better than the other, get enough of that in my house!...and my future son-in-law is an IOS developer...