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    It's why people profile the drive pedals in front of an amp, so you get this pedal in this amp tone. But, as you said, you can't use the pedal by itself, in a stomp slot, in front of any of your amp profiles in the Kemper.

    Just checking the OP knows this...

    I've never used a Helix but the other guitarist in the band has one...

    As you would expect, it does sound really good......but, it always sounds less valve like to me and doesn't "breathe" as much...but, if the KPA didn;t exist, I'd defo go the Helix route and no doubt be very happy. I think there are pro's and cons between the units

    The form factor is a personal decision. I prefer the amp/footpedal layout myself.

    The key with all this equipment is the set up.

    Interesting to see if the V3 improves the transpose as I believe its not great on the Helix as my mate has to use a drop pedal.

    Not tried it but I assume the new preset for Dan whats-his name from the black keys has the pedal detune that he uses on Loney boy.

    In any case, I've used pedal pitch for that and killing in the as good as a Whammy IMHO.

    Thanks! :)

    Just reloaded them ( the ones already on rig exchange - there are 3, a clean, a mid gain and a higher gain ) and I quite like them! Seems to be a bit of phaseyness on the higher gain one but I'm quite pleased with the sound through my rig/guitar.

    Not tried at volume but at low volume quite pleasing....but let me know what you think ( be honest as not an issue if you don;t).

    Fro some reason they have a rotary speaker and other effects in place....not sure why, I never use those!!!

    Some people have already shared and of course the Klon presets are just settings....

    I suspect the reason there has been little response in the 13 hours since you posted is:

    1) As has been done to death on the other thread is that it depends on the profile and guitar so much and the use case that personal settings are exactly that.

    2) They are newly released and many people still experimenting

    I would also expect a few videos ( e.g. Tone Junky) will put out some tips soon.

    I don;t think its because people don;t want to share..

    This is the only problem, we all have our own "legends" :)

    It would be good to for people with better ears than me to create presets they can share...most rigs are amp focused not sound focused. Yeah I know its cheating a bit..

    loved recording with that amp!
    we DO need more Laney GH100L dirty rhythm (but not stupidly gainy) Profiles! :)

    Best amp I ever owned. I did a couple of profiles which are on the exchange although not sure they are any good/capture it well.. Look for Laney Gainy by Guy...

    When I get time I'll have to do some others...

    Given I've seen Nuno with a KPA in a recent video ( presumably his home studio) a Nuno setting for me!!

    I just sold my ENGL Morse and it liked most everything, just a great amp but too much to lug around and now with my Kemper, I won't miss it. And I LOVED that amp. ENGL in general really. But I'm pretty much getting rid of everything non vintage except my 5153 MKII 50 watt. (As of now). The POD/Flextone stuff, you could play about any pickup through it and it would sound about the same. Sounded good at the time but if you wanted a clean tone you had to switch presets. Rolling down the volume control turned distortions into gritty junk. My 1101 was the first thing I had that would actually clean up and the Kemper does it even better!

    Ironically, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of my main profiles is an ENGL but like you they were replaced with the KPA. Never looked back. I keep a Laney GH100L as I loved that amp, but not switched it on since I had the KPA.

    I ran a Powerball and then an Invader for about 8 years...loved them.

    I haven;t experienced the same problem but.....I think like any high end amp, the KPA isn;t very forgiving and will show up the true nature of your guitar, cabs etc.

    I ran ENGL's before and they are also not very forgiving and i had similar problems. I suspect (but don't know) that the Axe and Helix are the same....

    Oh V8guitar I don't know if I already told you. I was able to pick my remote from the rehearsal room and it worked perfect with the beta. I hope you have figured it out with yours.

    Atlantic thank you for checking.

    Yes I found the problem. The assignments to the remote were lost during my upgrade. Stupidly I didn't take a back up but actually I use very few stomps ( that I need to switch on and off) so a very quick fix/answer.

    It means that my original Kemper cable still works!!!

    I think there is an element of psychology going on here...

    Firstly I hate tweaking....I just want to plug in and play.....BUT I also want flexibility. With a valve, I never had enough channels, had to keep adding annoying, noisy pedals etc.

    I treat my KPA just like an amp. I don't play with clean sense, Power amp sag, definition, pure cabinet etc. Just plug in, minor fiddle ( ooh err missus) and play. If it doesn't sound good, find another profile. Every so often I think I've found an amazing profile. Play it for a bit, love it, compare to my original, fall back in love with that profile and ditch it.

    Feel is in the mind. If you expect digital, you get digital. I've stopped thinking about trying to find the issues with it and learned to love it. When I now go back to valves, I'm so disappointed.

    I see so many people getting great sounds, if I can't, where is the issue?....Its with me..

    You should be able to get a second hand power amp cheaper than that...many people on here use the Seymour so they are best placed to advise but 170 watts isn;t a great deal for a solid state amp. However, don;t forget you should be plugging the Kemper into the PA so you could also use the PA monitors??

    You can use it without the remote but its a faff changing sounds, particularly mid song. You can get a cheaper footswitch ( Kemper sell one) to scroll through the patches 1 by 1 to give you basic changes...