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    For ODs 'missing', my thought has always been "You've got access to thousands of real amp profiles". Why am I thinking like I have one amp?

    I feel the same BUT many people want those boutique OD pedals....personally Amps give me the gain structure and flavours I need..

    I trust this is all true and hopefully we'll see a Beta real soon.

    Until then, fingers crossed.

    To date Kemper have been so good at listening to what users want. I think OD pedal upgrade is highest on the list so I'm hopeful/confident ( for everyone else as I don't use them :) ).

    GString I was partially joking, just letting you know I did at least try to look :)

    I did read the Manuals ages ago but probably like most users I now just use them if I need to find something specific that I've not done before.

    KPA is so intuitive anyway which speaks volumes for the design...

    Anyway all good dude :)

    GString I know you'll think I'm stupid but I did look and search.

    I get a bit confused between the basic manual, the deeper one, addendum's, the separate RM one. Honestly I looked but I knew it would be in there somewhere:).

    I do fully accept though that I'm a dufus :)

    Thanks Guys

    Problem is there are so many variations. Some will want drawers, some will want cab, others won't. plus there are so many manufacturers out there that I'm not sure it would be worth their while..

    I have my remote on a floor board for example and prefer to not flight case my cab...

    1) Profiler seems to be quite overpriced in terms of hardware. Try buying a boutique amp. The Kemper has access to 15,000 amps. I think its cheap. since I bought one I have never looked at another amp since. you are looking at the hardware, that is only part of it. Having had mine for 6 years I've had multiple updates with real upgrades. all free...

    2) no USB audio interface, I know,.. it is for studios, there are a bit higher-endish interfaces already, however, I think for such expensive device, adding one USB coming from DSP should not be a harm. I will connect to SPDIF on my Focusrite Scarlett, then USB-C to PC, from PC with optical output to my AV receiver (becuase simply I have it already on my table), from there to passive monitors/headphones. Do you think this setup can work? No idea. I use a focusrite and use the XLR input. Easy.

    3) not many people are using built-in reverb/delay and they use their own plugins in DAW, are there that bad? I think they should not be recorded and it is matter of mixing, to adjust reverb/delay anyways. Reverbs and delays have had a recent upgrade which make them pretty damn good. Many people use DAW's for convenience etc.

    4) there are two options, to buy a used device for 1300EUR (2015-) or a new one for 1650EUR. If I buy a new one (Toaster) do you think it can still hold its value? Is Kemper planning some other product, which can take down the price? Is there some failure rate of used devices? I saw just diodes fail after some time. I have been running and gigging mine for 6 years, no failures. My ENGL was a similar price, I had a few comparison

    5) what do you think about BIAS FX 2 or Neural DSP? People are saying, Kemper sounds better, however why should it be? In PC you have far greater performance, and you can adjust the effects in your monitoring/mixing then, why people are going for hardware instead (those that are not gigging)? Why did you specially go for Kemper in case you record on your PC? For studio base, other options are more convenient. The view is the KPA has the best real amp sound, thats its main selling point. To be honest, the new digital crop are all good ( Bias, Axe FX, Helix etc.).

    Hope that helps.

    Unfortunately you've got to go through a process of elimination...I think its unlikely to be EQ. Cab monitor seems the most obvious but you've checked that.

    Its also unlikely that the F5's are massively different to the Pa, but the volume you play at will be.

    You need to get access to a PA speaker and run the profiles though that at volume.

    Not the same scenario but I was gettign great sound via my guitar cab and really bad sound from the PA direct. actually turned out to be crap profiles diguised by the cab smoothing effect. Mbritts are good profiles but all profiles sound different through different signal chains..

    Silly question but can't find it in the manual or on here...

    I can see the morph values on RM but can I switch between them? I saw how to change them but I can't "hear" them.

    In other words I want to be able to audition the relative values without having to get my remote out.

    Ed's tireless efforts notwithstanding, Aaron's tweak seems to have gone under the radar somewhat and IMHO it's the closest so far. The fact that it "competes" with a professionally-mic'd acoustic places it in a different league from the piezo-acoustic-like sounds we've encountered so far IMHO. Kudos to Aaron!

    Great stuff by Aaron and Ed now. Thanks guys, you are helping us lowly mortals refine the use of this great new addition!

    Thx for all your inputs , I didn't expect so many answers , I'll give a try to 12 on my E flat strat and let you know

    Defo try 11's or even 10's first. I tried 12's and the neck was so tense, felt like it would snap, and bends were really hard.

    I went back to 10's and found that when I went to bend a semitone, I'd be close to 2 tones as I was used to more fight.

    The point here is there is no right answer, its a balance of fight, ease of playing and sound. As in most cases, so much of the sound is from your fingers that its less about the string sound but more about how you react to the tension. If you play hard, lean towards bigger gauge. If you hyave a delicate touch then you may find a lighter gauge more expressive...

    Seems that the Kemper team is working very hard to get things fixed, soon. So despite all pissyness (if there was any) here still comes an honest and fat thank you and apreciation for that. Can't wait to get the AS again, after I had to go back to the latest OS for yesterday's rehearsal. Bummer I could not bring on my acoustic patches, I had prepared to impress my bandmates 8o.

    Always a few bumps with Beta's and I've never installed them before as I'm gigging regularly and don't take the risk. But becuase I'm not gigging at the moment and couldn;t wait to try the Acoustic Sim, had to give it a go.

    Kemper team always quick to respond to bugs so they will get it sorted. Just loading latest version...fingers crossed ;)

    I have struggled with that and I think, as mentioned, its as much at source and settings outside the stack. Humbuckers have a higher output and I think its signal to noise ratio thing... I also had my profile volumes quite high so I've reduced mine etc..