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    If the bar moves, the effect should also get triggered. Check, if the effect is really up and running in the Rig currently loaded.

    Check, if there are other pedals or switches intervening. Is there another socket configured as Pedal Pitch and what is connected to it? Or is there a Morph Pedal with "MorphPedal to Pitch" activated? Or could it be that you are triggering Morphing via Rig Buttons and that is triggering "MorphPedal to Pitch"?

    If you are not using the effect type Pedal Vinyl Stop but Pedal Pitch I don't see, how this could trigger loss of signal anyhow.

    Agreed, but the effect wasn't working. It was selected and on, and all parameters correct ( note I had changed nothing, purely switched it on). Checked all other sockets and all pedals set up correctly.

    At this point I had full sound and no other issues. rebooted ( having changed nothing) and it was back.

    I had 2 separate issues that night, this was the first, no sound during playing was the second.

    The only reason I mentioned this is because:

    1) I had just upgraded earlier in the day. I didn't check this function at the time of the upgrade. Just making you aware in case the upgrade produced a bug.

    2) I also noticed the loose cable which might be a common factor here ( but I did see the bar moving...). It seems to be an issue between the remote and KPA but I have no true evidence as I can't yet repeat it consistently.

    Just wanted you to have the full details.

    Pitch pedal - I use a Moog EP3 purely for whammy effects and I had it set up for heel 0, toe +12 i.e. up 1 octave. When I switched the KPA on, I got no pitch change at all. I checked the pedal configuration and it was all correct and I calibrated as well. when I say the pedal was working, I could see the calibration "bar" move with the pedal, hence assumed it was not a hardware issue. I rebooted and it just worked.

    I assume therefore either a software issue or poor/intermittent connection. I would assume though that if I see the bar moving in line with the pedal but no effect a software issue? I'll monitor that one and see what happens.

    It is not the original cable, but I've been using this cable for about 3 years with no issues. Because I had issues with my KPA port, I put a PoE ( TP link) in between. I only mentioned it because it doesn't seem to like hot swapping anyway ( if I forget to connect the remote at start up sometimes it won;t respond to just plugging it in and I have to restart - that has been the case for years) and I did notice some play in the connection.

    I'll check all connections and do some more testing to see if I can reproduce it.

    If it happens again, anything other than physical connections to check? It doesn't show an error. I can't remember if it totally stops responding TBH or if its just the sound....

    Thank you. Yes, that was our first single and video from our debut A&M album Out Of The Silence in 1988.
    Quite literally a whole life time ago. 😂

    I was only 22 when we started this album and had my 23rd birthday during the recording.
    The girl in this video went on to play Shelly in Twin Peaks.

    As a mere mortal, playing guitar for fun in pubs and clubs, I still find this stuff amazing...

    My band used to cover Cold Sweat so live that song and great to see Darren on keys, still can't believe he was in Thin Lizzy!

    This is at least a similar phenomenon. I suggest, you check out OS 8.7.15.

    If you are able to reproduce this scenario, let us urgently know.

    I upgraded but got a couple of issues at sound check:

    1) Pitch pedal stopped working - Pedal was showing as working, effect was on etc but nothing. Rebooted, worked fine

    2) During sound check, same issue as before. Sound just stopped. I checked my remote cable ( profiler end) and did seem a touch loose. Refitted it, rebooted and completed the gig.

    I've never had issues before except when the remote did become disconnected and confused the KPA, resulting in no sound. Could this be the cause?

    If that is the case, if the remote stops working that wouldn't be so bad but no sound is obviously a real issue!

    I updated to the new Beta last night and it seems stable so I would go ahead and do it anyway.

    The only issue I had was that updating via RM failed and locked my KPA which pretty much never happens to me. I rebooted and installed the u[date via USB and everything was absolutely fine. This might just be because my Mac Mini doesn’t have many IsB ports and I am connected to RM via an additional USB on the Apple Keyboard which wasn’t the case with my old iMac.

    Strange, I also never had that problem and had it this time as well. All updated now via USB, so hopefully no failures at our gig tonight (which is a final one for my hair metal band :( ).....

    This is at least a similar phenomenon. I suggest, you check out OS 8.7.15.

    If you are able to reproduce this scenario, let us urgently know.

    Will do.

    I have been running my current OS for a few months now and this was the first time so I doubt I can reproduce but I will let you know!


    This rare issue could happen, when another Slot within the same Performance got loaded.

    What PROFILER model do you use?

    Its the power rack.

    Basically what happened is I thought I accidentally pressed 2 slots at the same time on the remote. Then I lost sound. It seemed like the KPA stopped recognizing any input as the tuner didn't work. Rebooted, all fine...

    Couple of things:

    1) MBritt profiles are commercial ones and you should not be sharing them. You are breaching copywrite/licencing.

    2) What you are describing is amp in the room sound you are "missing". You will not get "that sound" off the PA - that is the same for a valve amp. You only get the "amp in the room" from your backline, so make sure that is what you are listening to. You should try different profiles and I would suggest try "direct" profiles. If that doesn't hit it then I suspect you won't get on with it. Before you ditch it, just know that many blind tests have been done between valve and the Profiler and its difficult to discern the difference - so just make sure its not psychological as I suffered from that for years.

    3) It might be that you are now noticing the difference between the sound through a PA and backline. We as guitarists rarely paid attention to this because the only way to get sound from a PA was via the backline and so not many people realized that the sound the audience hears is NOT the sound you hear from your backline. Which sound is more important? To me its the FOH so I don't stress that my backline doesn't sound like a fully cranked marshal ( although I think it does), I just care that the sound out front is the best I've ever had. I'd rather have that than a Valve amp any day.

    This maybe a revelation to you ( it was to me) but Kemper actually talk about this in their web pages and hence why they take this approach. I'm not sure any other supplier states this...

    I updated to the new Beta last night and it seems stable so I would go ahead and do it anyway.

    The only issue I had was that updating via RM failed and locked my KPA which pretty much never happens to me. I rebooted and installed the u[date via USB and everything was absolutely fine. This might just be because my Mac Mini doesn’t have many IsB ports and I am connected to RM via an additional USB on the Apple Keyboard which wasn’t the case with my old iMac.

    Yeah I typically am not too worried about Betas so agree I'll probably do it anyway.

    Last nights lock up was very unusual, no error messages so if this is the same problem, just gives me a bit more confidence.

    Just seen this release:

    We have published a new public beta 8.7.15 with one additional fix:


    fixed: rare loss of sound during Slot change in Performance Mode

    OS 8.7.15 works with the same Rig Manager revisions as earlier 8.7 revisions.

    Last night at rehearsals my Kemper locked for the first time - I think I hit a couple of buttons at the same time on my remote and I lost all sound. I could change slots but no sound. I rebooted and resolved.

    Burkhard - Does this sound like the same issue that this fix resolves? I know you are going to ask which version I'm on, but I don't have my KPA to hand, but just trying to decide if to upgrade to this Beta...

    Im trying to understand the arrangement - its normally in house PA with an engineer or bring your own. I've not seen a set of " there's the PA" situation for many, many years - in fact I've only ever seen it for venues for duo's, not those for full bands.

    If the PA is "horrible", its not a proper PA. In those instances that is why I would sort mine own out. If thats too expensive problematic, then I understand there is little choice, but Im just saying, you are doing yourselves an in justice playing like that.

    BTW - that's not retro....few sound engineers have ever wanted valve amps and 4x12 flat out, it causes so many problems with sound balance.

    I've also seen many bands playing off the backline and done in the past before - the sound is sub optimal. That's not debatable, its physics. It will always sound better through a reasonable PA. Yes it will sound better than through a crap PA though..but I haven't had that dilemma for....over 20 years and I play in pub bands...

    I'm not saying its not true, just surprised that places like that still get away with it. Hence always better to carry your our PA for places like that.

    A few things here:

    1) 4 x12s are VERY directional....As a previous 4x12 player, I would put my Kabinet 1x12 ( and regularly do) against any 4x12. It is as big, wide and powerful, if not more IMO. Even if

    2) "Also still looking at the Kemper FM9 as another one to grab eventually". What is the Kemper FM9? I think you mean the Fractal FM9...

    3) No one says you have to buy a power conditioner. I believe there is a bigger argument for a power conditioner for tube amps...

    4) I would strongly recommend running your guitars through the PA. I don't know ANY venues in the UK regardless of how small that only run a vocal PA. Sometimes you have to push and request it...I know many bands do this with their own PA, but not venues with a PA or with sound engineer ...Regardless....trying to play off the backline will result in inconsistent sound. You will rip the face off anyone directly in front of you ( they will not hear much else) and anyone either of centre or more than 3 people back will hardly hear you - they will only hear bass and kick drum and loud vocals.. I cannot emphasize enough that playing off your backline, regardless of the size of venue, should be avoided IMO. This is not a guitar issue but a band issue. For example, I also insist to miking at least the snare and kick on the drums as well...

    That might be sometimes the case, but if you know about power conditioners, what they do and would use them, you can ensure that it is your personal condition of the day. In those days I not knew about those and I am not sure that they were available. Honestly I think I learned about them recently in a rig rundown from Brian Mays tech. Which is worth to watch anyhow. I dig the part at the end, when the tech explains what the rig sounded when another player used Brians Red Special with Brians Rig/Amps. Recommended to watch on Youtube.

    Theres a lot of myths around power conditioners and also I believe ( I could be wrong ) that dodgy electricty is less impactful of digital signals than analogue - obviously depends where in the chain.

    I run a cheap power conditioner and I suspect it makes no difference.

    In my personal view, I've experienced way less electrical noise with digital amps than vavle amps, but even then unless you play in many different countries and at festivals with generators, its not that common...

    Yip. I think I'm going to go with the approach that Finally suggested. Wheresthedug if I tried doing all of what you wrote, my head would explode. That one small harmony part isn't worth it considering it's just a cover tune. haha

    Its a great song BTW!

    That would be a good feature request - i.e. to switch between intervals and actual notes ( although obviously need to be able to state which actual note i.e. which octave).

    The other factor of course is factories and the whole supply chain has been hit with COVID limitations as well. So both demand and availability have bene impacted.

    That is exactly why you don't see an F150 in UK :). 50mpg is no longer seen as "good" but as a low average...