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    Start with the basics...

    You have a powered rack?

    You are using a speaker cable from the Speaker out to a cab?

    You are saying there is no menu page with the power amp setting? What software version are you on (not that it should make any difference)

    Are you getting any sound or just low sound?

    Are your volumes linked ( unlink them for now)?

    I'm fortunate to be friends with Robin Mayhew (Bowies sound guy during the Ziggy era) and I've also been lucky enough to play with some of Micks former band mates in Hull.

    Just...WOW! I love this forum....

    Please note the guitar in my Avatar.....trying to copy Billy Duffys Gibbo, which was inspired by Mick's stripped Les Paul...

    In conclusion, though I'll admit that high-gain Kemper patches still leave me wanting, I can say from my limited experience that they're still by far the best out of the three major platforms. And that's to say nothing of the verge-of-breakup gristle tones that the Kemper does so well, and by which so many other modelers fall flat.

    Yeah we know:)

    Seriously though, I've not spent any time with fractal and limited time with Helix.

    Anyone who says they are not all great units is an idiot, they have relative strengths and weaknesses.

    The game changers for me are:

    1) The approach to hardware and software - fractal just change hardware too often - it would drive me mad

    2) Simplicity to set up as Chris Duncan said

    3) Built in power amp for convenience - I like to rock up to festivals and just plug into the on stage cab.

    Depends what its for...for solo's, different slot and different amp.

    For boosting riffs, morph instant switch. Can't stand trying to balance an expression pedal, so straight in and out. I morph volume and gain, plus a bit of treble and mid.

    No idea what the db is though as I've done it by ear. That is in a 2 guitar band.

    I was previously the only guitarist and needed less boost for riffs ( if any) and then for solo's I would also try to thicken with chorus etc. to fill it out. The opposite of what I want to do in a twin guitar band...

    Great to hear your experience....tell the wife that you being happy ultimately makes her happy...sorry the best I could come up with!

    The good thing about the KPA is you can profile most of your current gear so if you do get rid of it, you kinda still have it.

    Sold my ENGL and pedal board nearly 5 years regrets, never looked at another amp since.

    I have a power rack and this is what I did:

    1) Ran a regular cab for 2 years, miked it - quite happy

    2) Decided to move to FRFR and go direct to FOH - used DXR10 as a baseline and tested a load of PA monitors. Ended up with a own branded PA wedge for £180...sounds great BUT realised all my profiles were duff as they had been masked by the cab. Sorted profiles, went direct.

    3) Bought a second hand Camper 1x12 for £120 as it has a more cab like look.

    4) Built a fake 4x12 for "the look"

    What I have come to relaise that the amp in the room sound is now less important to me. On stage monitoring is so hard any way and I've learnt to reduce its impact. I care mainly about the FOH sound which I know is really good - I have shit ears but others have told me.

    My personal view is you need something only good enough...good enough to audition profiles so you know they are good FOH and good enough that they inspire you enough when playing.

    Ha! I put myself on the list in Sep

    As for the Kone, it only seems like three of us here are planning on buying it on day 1. I'm not hearing much hype about it anywhere else. Also lots of discussion about other recent FRFR/cab purchases by users here, don't know why anyone would buy anything until this is released and reviewed. Oh well, too bad for them

    4 of us....I want one as I have a powered rack so unpowered version will be perfect!

    I will buy purely for the colour :)

    Seriously, Kemper have not let me down sound wise so I will prob take the risk anyway...just depends on price on how quickly I get one...

    Depends if you are a tweaker or not. I'm probably like you, I don;t like tweaking as I go down rabbit holes...e.g. IR route and I don't trust my own ears.

    My advice:

    1) If you like your gear, profile it and use that - that is the main purpose of the KPA

    2) Look for amps that you are used to - I've been playing ENGL's for years and unsurprisingly my Rigs are mainly based on ENGL profiles!

    3) Don't tweak profiles you don't like to try and make them better, move on..

    4) Audition at volume

    5) Go with what you think you like and play for some time. I do a few gigs to determine if I like them

    6) In general, no one else will notice or care so its really about pleasing you.

    7) Don't bother with external valve amps, pedals, IR's etc to further change your sound unless you really have to. Just more variables...

    My Profiler Stage just arrived today. Never used a Kemper before, been using Fractal for years and before that, my old Bradshaw system rack.

    It sounds really good. Very happy. Just need to learn the Kemper way of doing things now and get my live set programmed up.

    Going to dig into the manuals tonight and work out as much as I can. Before I do that, is there a way to have a performance default to any of the 1-5 switches on selection of that performance? For instance, on selecting a particular performance, it will already be set to go on rig 3 in that performance. Do performances have to have identical effects chains to have spillover work properly when switching between rigs in any given performance.

    Anyway, like I said, really happy with how this sounds and looking forward to getting it programmed up. 😊

    One thing I like about the Kemper is its quite intuitive to use.

    Couple of suggestions:

    1) Download Rig Manager to audition profiles - look for amps you are familiar with or like.

    2) Don't try to adjust profiles too much. If you don't like it, move on.

    Not sure about the default on performance mode? Not sure if its the last one you had on there or when you last saved? Someone else will need to answer. Not sure about spill over either...

    Fair question, I seem to prefer using my DXR as my main monitor live but my drummer complains there is a lack of balls coming from behind him, the other guitar player in the band uses a traditional head and cab setup, using the cab behind me and the DXR infront of me seems to give the stage the correct feel if that makes sense.

    Just tell the drummer you prefer the sound of oil filled skins and see if he will change :)

    That kinda makes sense but our drummer prefers the monitor /FRFR sound because he can hear it better. I certainly wouldn't run 2 monitors :)

    This was a my wider point - I've taken to caring less about the on stage sound, as long as I can hear it, safe in the knowledge that the FOH sounds great.

    Played a festival on sat ran the back line through a Marshall cab - a cheap one. Sounded quite muffled and not great BUT just seen some vids of the event and FOH sounded really good as it was direct.

    What they seem to be saying is, we have no idea who they are or how they are getting stock.

    This is not the worst anomoly I've seen but suffice tio say for the sake of £11, its not going to disrupt the market much...