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    Turning a subjective discussion into an objective one will never work so no-one should feel the need to justify their view....just pre-empting my view :).

    I run Ableton and I really like it BUT.....

    1) I like it because it was relatively cheap and I don't use it heavily

    2) I did find it quite a steep learning curve as it wasn't intuitive.....its one of those products that in hindsight seems obvious but at the time I struggled with basic things

    3) It seemed very geared towards samples/drum and bass

    4) I have a PC and have no intention of getting a Mac.

    5) I am so heavily invested that I couldn't bear re-learning something else!

    As per usual its about requirements first. As a very basic user, wanting to record guitar parts, sometimes download backing tracks and record over them, take live stems and remix my band, then I'm hardly a "power user" :)

    Was about time,no;

    We guitar players believed to long we are the centre of the universe without working hard for anything else than doing the guitar hero stuff..

    Time to wake up. The KPA is a great tool to push us beyond our comfort zones.

    I am split on this.

    I think it depends on the type of guitarist/person you are.

    For example I see guitarists are split into 2 types ( MASSIVE generalisation I know) when it comes to playing:

    1) Theoretical approach - wants to know music theory, modes and techniques

    2) Plays from Tabs, patterns etc.

    My other analogy is wine - some people take time to really take in flavours to concentrate on the taste...others just drink it.

    I think its the same for sound production. Some people want to understand the mechanics and hence many people take about frequencies ( low pass filter at 7k) and have a good grasp of all things sound wise to ultimately become a tone king. Others go by feel.

    In all of those examples, I'm the latter. That could make me lazy or just its not what interests me in playing guitar/drinking wine. I don't think either is right or wrong, just different.

    To follow on from the wine example, me and my wife actually went on a wine tasting to learn more about wine. After about 9 glasses, my wife turned to me and said " you know when I think about it, and I mean I really think about it, I don't really like the taste of wine"...

    I think you are so right that many people are now going beyond being guitarists into sound production.

    Whilst many people already do that and in fact I suspect many people on here identify more as sound engineers first and guitarists second...and many famous guitarists are part of the production team or self produce, it forces you to understand the "wider" picture.

    The KPa definitely makes you think more even as a live guitarist, at the very least because you can control FOH sound separte to monitor sound. Back in the day when it was a cranked Plexi and it was the sound man's "job" to translate that FOH through careful mike placement etc, we ( guitarists) didn't care - someone else sorted that.

    Personally I still believe I am the centre of the universe and all music sand sound should revolve around me :)

    You should have power boost on full.

    I think the issue is the output of -18db, which is suitable for a mixing desk but probably needs to go up.

    You are definitely doing something wrong as it is very loud, so its a setting.

    My main bit of advice is that, just like for guitar in my opinion, the best profiles are the ones you make yourself of your own amps set and mic'ed the way you like them.

    Hey not heard from you in ages dude ;)

    Anyway I think in general you are right but I suspect like me, many people do not know what we sound like live.

    Its quite weird that I did a profile of my Laney Amp which I loved through my guitar cab but:

    1) I now can't remember what the amp sounded like, I suspect I have a touch of "rose tinted" spectacles

    2) The profiles sound is a sound I'd never heard before because of course I had only ever heard it directly from my Cab rather than via the PA

    So bizarrely I can't decide if I like those profiles, to the point I've not used them - yes I know that sounds a bit stupid but without that engineer critical ear, I find the psychology has a bigger impact than what I'm actually hearing - does that make sense?

    BUT definitely the best place to start and such a big advantage of the KPA that you can do this.

    I have never regretted selling my ENGL even though I loved it. I kept my Laney but only used it once in 8 years since I had the Kemper.

    ......but its difficult to let go of something that you like, hence why I have 23 guitars :)

    It would also be amazing if you wrote this as a request rather than a rant.

    Whilst there are few people who do use 1 performance per song/multiple performances per set, I suspect this is not how it was envisaged and how the majority of users use it. Hence why its not a bug, its just not been designed for that purpose.

    There are pro's and cons for cloud use, personally I don't want my stuff in the cloud, I prefer it locally for many reasons.

    Your use case is predicated on the limited approach you have for performance. My band can call out any song and I have the sounds there between 2 performances.

    So, my point is, yes it might not suit your use case, but don't state it like its a design flaw or bug.

    Not sure why you can't access the private forum, its pretty straight forward and nothing to do with RM. Perhaps describe the steps you have tried and maybe someone can help.

    The "better" way for me is to keep things simple...a multiple speaker set up using a combo power amp isn't :).

    The way the Kone works is it has a specific audio config that allows you to use imprints to emulate different speakers. The problem with most set ups is Guitar cabs add a lot of specific sound colour and therefore limits some of the advantages of the KPA in being able to change speaker types/sound. FRFR does aloow those variations BUT often does not give the "feeling" of the "amp in the room" sound.

    The Kones, along with imprints bridge that gap. The imprints if used with a regular speaker will give imprecise results ( as opposed to "bad" as a "bad" sound is subjective.

    So will what you are suggesting work? Possibly, but you will be sending the imprint signal to the combo speaker which is likely not to sound great. It will definately sound very different to the Kone.

    On a side issue, using the combo itself will introduce colour to the sound, adding to the unpredictability. You are better off using a dedicated SS amp into the kone.

    Better still, just get a powered Kabinet.

    thks all for the welcome.

    Now I have a trouble:

    In a performance the stomps effects don't working, I put them on but nothing change, for all 5 rigs. In another performance they works well. There is some settings for that or is a bug?

    The only obvious thing I can think of is which output? Try using headphones to rule that out...


    My tips are;

    1) Look for Amps similar to these users ( Fender twins, Marshall JCm800's)

    2) Don't limit to one amp for all these sounds

    3) Try a sound, if you don't like it, move on. Don't try to tweak sound you don't like to a sound you do

    4) Tweak at gig volume as the sound changes at gig volume

    5) Check you output set up ( unlink volumes, reduce output using -12db etc.)

    6) Use Morph for more advanced flex :)

    First comment to make is some people just don't get on with the KPA and this could be the case. However, I do not get artificial high gain sounds and many people do not so there is a good chance its just the settings.

    One other factor, physiologically, you can get into the mindset that its digital therefore its artificial. I had this feeling for 6 months. The best way to deal with this is get someone you trust to listen as well.

    Its important to establish whether its tweaking or major issues. when you say sounds like the cheapest effects unit, to me that sounds fundamental and not about tweak power amp sag etc.

    The best way to trouble shoot is to start with the basics -

    1) can you get a good sound through headphones or from your powered Kabinet? If its consistent then you know its the general set up. Did you have a good sound before you had a gig and so its the sound from the FOH only that's an issue? Please clarify.

    2) Check your output parameters - levels, config etc

    3) Rehearse your sounds at volume

    4) One other point - why Stereo? To me that always has an artifical edge.

    Maybe you should say the same about her stuff. ;) If I buy another guitar my wife will ask what guitar and what color and how much does it cost. I buy whatever I want and she buy whatever she want and both are happy with it. But of course bills comes first and pleasure second.

    To be fair my wife is ace. Unfortunately she doesn't really buy much - not into designer clothes, shoes or handbags so has no real "big thing" she likes.

    Its my money and I ultimately decide but out of respect I have always consulted her and she has never tried to say no. She has even bought me a couple in the past so I can't complain. What she actually said is as you have quite a few guitars ( I think its about 23) that if you buy one, should you not sell one?...which is fair TBH.

    Ironically this latest one ( the Chapman) is the first when I've not really told her.... I hope she doesn't read this :)

    Last night, as a result of the drummer moving to an electric kit, we have all decided to move to IEM's, resulting in a silent on stage! Spooky!

    As a result, I got to break out my IEM set and various ear buds.

    The drummer was using over the ear headphones and even with my Westone WD30's ( triple driver, reasonable quality buds) they are not as good as his over the ear. As a result I suspect you may never get as good as over ears due to the physical size of the drivers etc. Someone else may counter this..

    I have also used SE215's and just don't like them. My Westone UM 10's to me are way better.

    He also tried my AZ10's - and like me thought they were very harsh.

    So I'm now on the hunt for upgrading my buds, and starting to look at custom buds, but they are so expensive. The point here is that the ear buds are the key to iem's and there are few shortcuts. You generally have to spend a reasonable wedge...