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    Well... It seems to me that the only reasons Kemper would "need" to release a new hardware platform is if A. The existing unit finally ran out of memory and/or horsepower to continue the present upgrading approach, or B. Sales of the current version dropped below a specific threshold due to not being competitive in its market. But if the current model is still meeting all sales goals, then I don't see any reason to fix what ain't broken.

    ...or if they came up with something that was a step change.

    Like i think you are suggesting, I don't think dual amps and touch screens are enough to warrant an upgrade but Kemper might introduce a step change again ( that's my hope).

    I just think that we have such high quality already that its the law of diminishing returns so they need to think in terms of a step change....

    Exciting times!

    I don;t know much about monitors but you want them as flat as possible.

    The Yamaha HS series are pretty good. I have the HS8's and I like them ( although they don;t get much use)...

    Just another element to be aware of....

    No solution sounds the same through different signal chains. Apply your logic to a regular amp.

    You sound on stage sounds nothing like for FOH sound - you just have never worried about it, but focused on getting the best sound so its then amplified via a mike and PA.

    The KPA allows you to get much closer but you are stuck with this regardless of what solution you use.

    You will always have to tweak the sound between solutions, but the KPA makes this easier. You should not need to ditch profiles though, just tweak.

    Hotter than hell in the summer. I've had power now for over 24 hrs with no interruption. So, I had some fun Kemper time yesterday after my hands defrosted. Friends of mine who live 15 minutes away are dealing with power on - power off cycles of 30 minutes each --been going on for over 48 hours.

    I think back in window 98 days was the only time a power loss resulted in a BSOD. Since windows 7 and 10, I've had no problems.

    Sorry to hear you are getting so many blackouts. Is that due tot he cold or other factors?

    Any different monitoring solutions will never be 100% plus as said it depends on the quality of each.

    However as a high level principle I think studio headphones are most likely to get you closest.

    If you are looking at playing with backing tracks and/or or recording at studio volumes, go straight to studio monitors. None of the guitar-cabinet based options will be appropriate for this application, and the wedge monitor approach like the Yamahas, Headrush, et. al., aren't going to sound anywhere near as good as you can get with the same money spent on a pair of studio monitors.

    Also, forget the term "FRFR" and focus on getting the most accurate sound reproduction you can get.

    Something to keep in mind is that for equivalent costs in a monitoring system, audible volume range (SPL) is inversely proportional to sound quality. The louder a device is designed to operate, the more it will cost to get similar audio response accuracy. Thus, for the best sound, pick your budget, then apply that price point to the lowest volume solution that will fit your needs.

    I would agree.....far easier to push all your sounds into you PC ad you can then mix backing tracks etc via a DAW.

    This will be divisive but going through a Big Country phase at the moment and formed my love of Yamaha SG's.

    I think they are underrated as they have a great rhythm and the counter melodies and harmonies on the guitar are more than just the bagpipes clone that many accused them of.

    Interest on this video as Stuart's guitar sounds odd which i suspect was the MXR pitch shifter which being analogue was notorious for going out of tune...

    Maybe you're married or got a good gf and the theme "thrill is gone" is not present for you atm ? :)

    In my case i've listen to so many version, incl. the Gary Moore version,try to play it by myself .

    After some notes of this version i get goosebumbs all over.

    That could be the reason :)

    I think it was because when I first started playing guitar I felt like I was forced to liked the blues - because you were supposed to. I had to be honest with myself though and finally admit that the old school blues did nothing for me. I find the guitar too plinky plonky.

    I do really like the later blues guys, especially Gary Moore, SRV and Rory Gallagher who have that rock/power aspect to it.

    I find Eric Clapton, The Edge, Slash and Richie Sambora all overated...great songwriters though.

    Im also not a big fan of Hendrix and EVH....I know what they did for music is phenomenal and I like their music but not enough to really move me...

    I know, crazy eh?

    So who do I like? Jake E Lee, Nuno, Richie Kotzen, Rory, Billy Duffy ( unsurprisingly), Micky Moody/Bernie Marsden, Vernon Reid and feature in both my playing and what I like to listen to. Even Malmsteen.....

    Its funny what turns us on and what gives us goosebumps and what doesn't...its great we are all very diverse :)