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    Just a quick thank you for opening this discussion and offering to answer questions.

    You must have had some grief over the editor but you've put yourselves out there again ( in advance of something being ready).

    I for one appreciate it ( I don't want to trigger lots of "and me", so perhaps just like this post if you agree) and wanted to acknowledge it.

    Right, do I get a discount/first in the queue for one? :)

    Please tell me what real circumstances may occur, to be in Need of the Speaker's or even the Profiler's volume limitations. Even on a loud stage with a loud Drummer and the bass-bins under stage I never needed so much volume at all.

    I have not come close to using all the power in the power amp, so much headroom and so loud...there are some crazy people out there though :)

    I did try to find out how loud my Laney 100w amp would be and blew 2x12's in the process...but I was being a prat..

    No, it won't hurt it at all. Increasing the impedance will lower the output wattage though (basic Ohm's Law), but the powered KPAs have so much headroom that it won't be much of an issue. I run my powered rack into a Marshall 1960B cab set to 16 ohms all the time.

    I assumed that was the case, but I guess there must be an upper limit. anyway, I suspect its not a limit any normal/sane person will find..

    This was my concern. It does answer the amp in the room question but reverts the original problem of a regular amp.

    We can't get away from the physics/different signal paths, at least with the KPA and Kabinet we have the options I guess.

    The Kabs have Series connections on the back of them. If you daisy chain two of them in mono , it will be an 8 ohm load.

    I need to pay more attention, I missed that! I guess theoretically you can have a max of up to 4 speakers running ( 16 ohm load)?

    Will it damage the KPA if I/someone added more than 4 i.e. too much load ( not that I would)?

    Defo liking this - I can get a few and then take as many as a gig demands!

    I see what you are saying but wouldn't it be this way if you'd just bring your ol' Marshall along and mic it? Amp in the room sound from the cabinet on stage and a mic'd up sound from the PA.

    True. I guess it comes from a different starting point. You get a fab amp in the room sound and you then try to mimic this through a PA. This si reverse engineering that I guess....hurts my head a bit..

    I don;t care, still gonna get one as I trust Kemper logic more than mine :)

    Now in shitty picture form:, that does confirm different sound through FOH and then through the Kabinet.

    My config live is very simple....FRFR monitor with powered rack (unpowered monitor- so perfect for Kone), main out to FOH as I play 99% live with my KPA

    Don;t get me wrong, I'm really excited about this, but if imprints are used for Kabinet and not for FOH, the sounds will be different. Given its not suitable for miking ( not that i would want to) not sure I understand the use case. The whole issue with Amp in the room sound that people say they miss has become less important to me because its my FOH that people hear. Just odd if I hear something different...

    To be fair I didn't get morph until I tried it!

    I'll get one anyway though :)

    Still trying to digest this so sorry if its a stupid/obvious question...

    Will speaker imprints be sent via the main outs? If not, does this mean that the Kone "only" give benefit to amp in the room/monitor?

    That also means the sound will be different for your monitor to FOH ?

    CK has just opened a thread on the subject.

    In it it does say not suitable for close miking, so you are correct. The speaker emulation comes from the KPA so I assume the "kone" bit...

    Probably not on most people's minds but, I wonder how it will sound with "Backing Tracks and Vocals" through it in addition to the imprints as it was mentioned you could feed the Aux with your tracks and they would be Full Range etc. (I do this today). For smaller gigs I use a Mackie Freeplay instead of a Bose L1 Model 2. I've been wanting stereo though and thought that the Kone or the Celestion might work OK. It would be a simple setup with an iPad an iConnectivity interface a mic, the Kemper and 2 EV slant cabinets with these speakers in it in stereo. I could use the L1 in addition for larger gigs to add coverage. Your thoughts? I would think it would be at least as good as the Freeplay.

    I use a backing track/intro but I don;t put it through the cab, only FOH.

    Why would you put it through the cab ?

    I have that pack, its very authentic....what is interesting, and I noticed this more on a Ozzy pack, that the raw sounds aren't great. In other words they are authentic but didn't realise how thin sounding Randy Rhoads guitar sound was, but it sits well in the mix...

    Made me realise:

    1) Its more about the band mix than the guitar sound on its own...I did know this but hadn't really seen it in the flesh

    2) Some of the tones of old are perhaps not as great as we remember ( rose tinted specs???)

    3) despite download these great profiles, I still sound crap :)

    To summarise what others have said, you should be able to do all of what you want within the KPA although it is set up very differently from the Helix so you'll need to spend time getting it right. In other words the solutions to your problems might be slightly different in terms of how you set up performances and effects chains, so allow plenty of set time and testing before the tour.

    Definitely look into Morph, especially for your changing BPM's...this will save you using up separate effects slots..

    Your fallback position ( as mentioned) is to use the KPA as the main unit and Helix for effects, not the other way round. The KPa is very flexible but arguably the Helix has more flex. Personally I've found the harmony and pitch effects comparable to the Whammy stuff but I believe the helix isn;t quite as good ( don't shoot me if I'm wrong, only going by our other guitarist who adds a drop pedal to his helix).

    Let us know how you get on!

    Why only 2 profiles? Why not 3 or 4...or 7? I don't understand the obsession for more sounds from a unit with almost infinite possibilities. The engineering effort required versus the benefit I think is just not worth it (just my opinion), given there are multiple solutions to your question already.

    I think you are also mixing 2 potential requests here as well. The first is to be able to have 2 mikes on the same sound. You can do this already and many commercial profiles also include this. So its not a limitation of the KPA.

    Running more that 1 profile to blend the 2....not many people do this live, they may run 2 or 3 amps with different sounds and switch, few run multiple maps and blend.

    The possible reasons being:

    1) You are introducing more variables/additional hassle to balance sounds - more gear to worry about

    2) possible phasing issues

    3) Simpler sounds can be more effective...a la Angus young who uses way less gain than people think. This is why sometimes a single guitar can sound fuller than dual if they do not lock together, you get a mushy effect.

    For studio, you can double track. If you want perfect copy, reamp. Part of the reason for double tracking is not just the sound but the very slight differences in the performance so its partially preferable to have 2 performances but both are possible. Neither of these are a limitation of the KPA.

    You can also run like a real amp with 2 mikes, so I'm really not getting this.

    I would like to be able to store and play external samples via the looper. In other words I have intro music that I have to play via another device, I'd love to store and play via the KPA, even if it means converting the files from MP£ to a compatible format..