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    skoczy I get where you are coming from.

    The THR is not the same as a KPA. Different price point, different features etc. so comparing is not really valid. The THR is a great practice amp, Im thinking of getting one myself for a bit of fun, so the idea of Kemper making a similar portable self contained unit is a great idea.

    Personally my KPA is only for live work. Its set up and packed away purely for gigs. I decided to do some home recording recently and it was a pain for me to plug it all in, only because of how it is racked up and linked to a wireless - so to reiterate, this is only because I've rigged everything up focussed on live work. For practicing at home I tend to use a plug in( Amplitube) for convenience.

    What is great about the KPA is it will cover every base anyway but for what skoczy called out, a unit closer to the THR could have a market...

    It would be nice if I could get the Kemper Kabinet with straight side and front panels.
    Then I would be able to build a Kemper stack.

    You can put one on the other as a stack......but I agree its not stable ( mine fell off!!!). I think the problem is not about slanted cabs but that they don't really lock together and being so light and move so much bass they shake themselves off.

    Just also note I found no difference in sound when running mono as a stack. Volume dropped due to ohmage but because the kabinet has great spread, adding another didn't give a better sound.

    So, it depends what you are trying to do, if its about looks you might be better off building your own Kab as suggested but I agree its a miss that the Kabinets are not easily stackable.

    My bad , i didnt clarify what transpose im using. I drop the tuning from the RIG menu!

    So, my guitar is tuned in E, transpose from RIG menu to D and the harmonizer key should be E or D?

    I think the confusion here is the difference between harmonising and transposing.

    transposing is done in fixed semitone steps from whatever note you are playing. Therefore its irrelevent what youa re tuned to or scale/key you are in, its how many steps/intervals from that point. So you don't need to tell it what key you are tuned to, just how many steps. So from E to drop down the whole guitar to D, two steps down.

    Harmonising is following a scale with different intervals relative to the key. Therefore it needs to know both the key and the scale type e.g. Eminor.

    There are 2 things at work here:

    1) Defo need the poweramp boost flat out. I also have the poweredrack but I had seen other people struggle with volume into a separate power amp and so had to use the boost

    2) Volume and cut. Im not clear if its out and out volume you are struggling with or cut. Clean has me worried as you should not clash there, so hopefully a volume issue. I found cut the mix slices through most things so maybe your profiles are really mid heavy and frequencies are clashing. Reduce a bit of gain often helps...

    Let us know how you get on.

    Hello! Despite using the new update (C) of the display graphic, the names of the presets are still too small for my slightly reduced eyesight. I have thought of placing a magnifying glass on top of the Kemper display to try to see the screen a little larger... Does anyone have any other suggestions other than "wearing glasses"? Thank you

    Not aware of any solutions so it may have to be some kind of magnifying glass. An old school solution (depending on how many performances you use) could just be footswitch labels, but appreciate this might not be any good.

    Perhaps using a midi footswitch with a bigger display?? Or perhaps a dual switch to just scroll, depends how often you have to reference the screen...

    Home user, been playing through an old Marshall 4x12, finally got a Kemper Kone and put it in al old small Marshall combo cab ( sold the speaker and the amp). It is amazing, I now feel that the guitars are breathing and the sound seems to far more flexible. Or it could be that my ears are shot, but to me it is the biggest improvement I have mode over the years, no need to continually change pickups in the guitars..

    That's because no-one tells you how much the speakers colour the sound! I ran a 4 x12 for the first 2 years f my Kemper ownership and wondered why many of the profiles sound very similar. I found myself making more extreme changes to the settings for it to register..

    Having had my Kemper for 8 years now ( blimey!), I've never read the manual.

    So Im not recommending that approach because I think you are right, but I've found it so intuitive that I've only dipped in for what I need.

    I love its layout is based in a similar way to a regular amp.

    So fair play for doing that...btw can you tell me how to adjust morph settings in RM...JOKE :)

    Couple of things:

    1) being so negative will not elicit a positive response, especially when you are not factually correct

    2) Describe your issue properly. So far, it sounds like you are wrong. I suspect there is a concern you have but I still don't know what it is. I can fully manipulate rigs in performance mode. Those rigs though do not relate to the original version, they are effectively a new version and there is a logic behind this.

    I would assume that you would need to downgrade the current version, but no idea to what level or if anyone has that version.

    TBH whilst I understand you resistance to upgrading, this is one of the reasons why keeping current is preferred as periodically any software provider changes the underlying configuration and stops backwards compatibility.

    I don't really use the new features but I always upgrade to ensure I have continually increased stability and compatibility. Same principle for windows 10... I don;t use any new features since Windows....erm...can't even remember.

    Hope someone gives the definitive answer...

    I take your point here although I don't think its that unusual in the world of endorsements etc. I have no idea BUT it might be to do with Kempers' stance on endorsements - artists get stuff for free, maybe Kemper doesn't do that????

    Bizarrely I feel the opposite...I preferred it when I had the new secret amp that was brilliant, now everyone has them :).

    No need to remove one. I can clearly ear everyone.

    The big advantage of this particular series is that it attenuate the ambient sound without a full isolation. It's like an ear protection with your personal signal.

    It's impossible to manage a full mix at my level. We play in small stages or pubs, the drum is not always miced, no sound guy or never the same and no time to make sound check.

    I'm familar with the ambient series so glad they work for you, just warning against doing it as I'd be suprised if that works every time.

    Also I tend to play small venues etc. so I know its not possible every time, but it should be possible some of the time.

    Just out of interest, what are you trying to achieve?

    Adding another speaker will look good, but will alter the sound as the cabs will sound different. They won't be any louder or give a much wider spread unless you split them. If you did that, you will have an unbalanced sound...