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    I have 22 guitars and most of them are budget....

    I have about 5 squiers - a strat, John 5 tele, Jazz bass, HM strat but most importantly my number 80's Jap tele....

    I also have a few Epiphone LP's, a Sterling axis( musicman) and I had an Electromatic Gretsch..

    Question - are these good enough? Totally. Are the higher end ones better? Given I've just replaced the Electromatic White Falcon for the full blown version...yes. I love my Falcon!! I paid £2500 but would not have paid £4000...

    Is it worth the extra money? Sometimes...I have just bought a Gibbo Les Paul to replace one of my Epiphones and its better...but I paid £1500. There is no way I would pay £3k+ for a Les Paul. Having played a few, they are overpriced and pants and my Yamaha SG eats them.

    Current guitars are so well made these days its hard to find a really bad guitar and hence definitely suitable for pro environments but some of the full blown versions are worth it when reasonably priced, not silly prices.

    I had thought that the Kemper Kabinets were powered. But come to find out they are not. There are the new Powered Kabinets that are coming out, but I do not see anywhere to buy them and they look expensive. Was hoping to get two.

    Both are available. They are expensive because they are good quality but appreciate its a lot to take a "punt".

    So couple of follow on comments:

    Why buy 2? Do you really need stereo? This is why they offer powered versions of the toaster and Rack so you can run any speaker combo without other gear. I would consider this format if you are looking to gig live, all in one solution, no additonal power amp wires etc. Downside is you need an remote as well but ultimate flexibility. If you are set on a Stage then look at a powered Kabinet.

    Will I like the Kemper? The Helix is a great unit with great sounds. As you would expect most people on here prefer the KPA BUT its always down to set up and personal preference. The other guitarist in my band has a Helix. I have had my KPA 7 years and not ever thought of getting another amp, including the Helix. One additional big downside of the Helix ( for me) is it doesn't have a powered version.

    Unfortunately few shops have this kit to go and try and even then its all down to the profile so trying in a shop doesn't help. So its always a "gamble"..

    Stage boots 3x faster than Toaster / Rack. Would be great to have instantaneous boot, but KPA is pretty stable - it just doesn't reboot itself. The only situation when that happened to me is when too much MIDI information is sent to it (for example: when you scrub a project in DAW and have MIDI Chase enabled). Otherwise solid as a rock - you have much bigger chances to experience full stage power loss than KPA going bad in its own. Power glitch which affects just one devices on stage is very unlikely (typically on stage there is a metric ton of gear connected to the same circuit), unless you kick the plug or KPA unit itself - don't do that :-)

    The only reboot I had was when the power lead fell out mid solo!

    I spend more time diagnosing than rebooting...

    Ohh lots of questions and welcome...

    Its not a simple answer unfortunately. As a previous Laney user ( GH100L which is very close to Tony's signature) I love my Kemper albeit it I've not been replicating his sound. I use a Kabinet ( with the Kones) and love it.

    So, some basic comments:

    FRFR will give a very accurate version of the direct sound but for many people it doesn't feel the same.

    Real cabs are good but add signifcant "colour" to the sound.

    Kones attempt ( and in my mind successfully) get the amp in the room feel whilst preserving the profiled sound of the amp

    Volume is always a factor - you will not get a wall for sound from any set up at whisper volumes. Therefore a big factor is how do you intend to use it, mainly recording or live or both? The key here is each monitor solution will sound/feel different and you will end up tweaking as a result.

    Not with digital profilers it is not. They can update it in respect to their programming cost , and give us more value by creating new more versatile eq sections, that take up less effect slots. If I have a reference sound , and the eq space I can make a iic+ sound like any iic+ I want given that I can get it react the way that I want during the refining process alone. If Kemper gives us the options we ask for then I do not have to spend more money on the overpriced versions of these physical devices , I can spend that money on Kemper gear instead. I have bought two near mint condition Triaxis preamps why would I spend more money to buy more Triaxis profiles? The only thing it would make sense to spend more money on is Impulse responses, so I can cheaply afford all the speaker curves I want. Given the argument that no two amps are the same they should just give us equalization that we ask for so long as it is cost effective , and we can own virtual versions of long lost amplifers , and equalize them to bring out our favourite aspects of them in our playing space.

    Im totally lost on lets start again....

    Why does the KPA not have a 5 band eq as per the triaxis....because it's not a triaxis in the same way it doesn't have exactly the same eq's as any other amp. Axe will have because it models specific amps. Its been requested many times to be able to take multiple profiles to replicate the eq interactions

    Should they implement one? Allans point is a 5 band based on the Mesa's won;t be exact as the amps are not exact. So why not have a fully variable e.q. ( 10 band for example) which seems to be your request now?

    If you want specific sounds eq'ed, then profile at that point from your triaxis. Why would you need more than one unless you want to make specific changes on the fly?

    Why have you switched to talking about IR's? This is one way to adjust sound and ( to me) an unnecessary rabbit hole and carry over from Helix and Axe because they don;t profile.

    Is this for live or recording? If recording, outboard EQ would be more effective anyway.

    Hope you get a solution.

    You're presuming it was a whole stage power failure and not just the guitar, and not necessarily power failure but any intentional or accidental reboot. Something glitches and puts the Kemper in an error state and you need to reboot to clear it, for example.

    Kind of surprised so much objection to suggestion of "make it quick to pass sound" -- if you were shopping for a device and X booted in a minute but Y booted in 10 seconds, that might be the competitive advantage.

    I get it that you might not be willing to pay more for the feature, and for large professional touring acts there will be backup units and power management and roadies, etc...

    But I figured if the Kemper is basically a computer (it is) and if it boots faster with fewer profiles, why not stage the boot process so it gets slot 1 up and running ASAP then finishes loading the rest? It may not be a "simple matter of programming", but it is only a matter of programming.

    The only points people are making is questioning the need as there is a list of improvements and this seems pretty low. Of course anyone wants stuff faster, louder better but is it worth the effort.

    With regards to quick booting I suspect ( but worth asking the question) that majority of the boot up time is not related to profile volumes ( but easy to test). As mentioned before the minimum boot time by definition is the profiler with 1 profile.

    I wanted a nice home friendly rack for my collection. Premade stuff was either more expesive than I'd hoped - or made of mdf and still expensive. So I made my own rack from Ikea Ivar (old school solid pine). Wheels, sides and a hinged lid were added over time. As the collection grew i made the rack taller each year.

    Nice yes, home yes,.......friendly? Blimey Im dizzy just looking at it!!! Does look impressive!!

    To me thats a bit silly....few people can tell the difference between amps in a other words, blind, listen to a song and id the'll be in the right area but the difference between a marshall and freidman etc?

    I would also argue that few people can tell the difference live...and I mean the listener not the player...

    The heel off is similar to the @bypass solution, which i LOVE.

    It would be good though to be able to adjust ( which I think is being asked here) to be able to alter/fine tune what level of delay before wah switches off. I'd also like to adjust the sensitivity for when its activated. This is different than trying to change the calibration.

    I played a series of outdoor events last summer with my rack + Kone. FOH feed was direct from main out and all the engineers complimented me on the sound. No way would I permit anyone to mic the cabinet. After all, who exactly is working for who?

    What sound guy would insist on miking a cab that is not designed for miking over a quality direct feed?

    We all know this is daft although some of those people out there still, but the good news is they should be few and far between.

    Having gigged my KPA for about 7years and my Kabinet for the last 9 months, including many outdoor festivals, I have only ever once come across a sound engineer who insisted on mic-ing my Cab and that was 6-7 years ago. I have no idea where you get the idea that "sound companies" prefer to mic. Almost all engineers have come across Axe Fx/Helix/Kemper...

    Every other sound engineer has been so much happier to go direct.

    Why would you not trust him and yet your happy for him to take a mike output ( which has more variables involved)?

    As mentioned, that is what "monitor cab off" is for. I use a Kabinet in this config so totally works. Also unlink your volumes ( which I assume you have if you've been doing it for years).

    This is the most common problem faced by everyone - you want same sound as FOH but it never sounds " as good".

    This what the Kabinet is designed for - to fill that "gap", which is also incredibly small and light (powered one is prob heavier and avoids the need of a separate power amp).

    At the risk of overstating the obvious, with a Kemper the profile is everything.

    For the record, I couldn't pick a chicken out of a police lineup, so I'm personally pretty useless to you in this regard. However, there are a lot of guys here and I'm confident that many of them need high headroom, uncompressed tones at high volume, so they can recommend some profiles that might get you closer to what you're wanting to hear.

    Hope this helps!

    You made the point better than I could...

    There is either something wrong in your set up or its not volume but cut that is the issue.