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    Thanks! Your issue sounds a LOT like what I'm dealing with. My Kemper sounds fantastic in EVERY other setting. Including when I record straight to our digital mixing board. So I know the issue isn't with the Kemper's sounds. It's somewhere after that. If you're willing to send your settings for the Scarlett, I'd certainly give that a shot. I will say, the Focusrite interface is anything but plug and play; it's a constant headache. So I'm guessing you're right, and my problem is in there somewhere. I'm not using Windows, I'm using a Mac, but again, I think the issue is the Scarlett 6i6.

    I will take a picture of my settings and post here later.

    The Scarlett is an ace piece of gear but I just wanted a simple set up and it doesn't seem easy to do that..

    Any SS amp is fine. Generally one with good headroom and transparent sound.

    Many people like the Matrix amps but they can be expensive.

    Someone else can comment on the Seymour power stage as I have no experience although it looks relatively low power for an SS amp...the amp in Kempers are 600 watt ( as a comparison).

    After years of using my Kemper strictly for live performances, I'm FINALLY starting to sit down and record with it. Are there are any must-do, or obvious tips that I should be aware of? I ask because the way my tones sound going into my Mac aren't all that impressive. I'm using the same rigs I use live, but when I play live I use 5-driver in-ears and everything sounds amazing. I know they won't sound identical - but my point is, I'm not using a cab or floor monitor live - I'm hearing them through in-ears. For recording, I'm monitoring using a pair of Yamaha HS-8 speakers as well as AudioTechnica ATH-M50x headphones. And it's not just the tone that sounds off. It feels like there is almost a little lag in the playing, and sort of a thin metallic sound behind everything. It's nowhere close to any of the recordings I hear online (I'm using MBritt profiles).

    The latency and metallic sound could be settings in the Scarlett control mix.

    In simple terms, I've had so many problems with my scarlett and Windows not playing nicely together which results in latency and a small echo ( you can hear the note played without effect. I aslo could not play 2 sound sources at the same time ( wanted to play along with youtube vids). I spent a long time with Ableton ( my DAW) and focusrite support teams basically saying it was windows as a result of competing

    Yesterday I tried to install a webcam and use a different mike input and it screwed it again...ARGH.

    In the end I played with the mix control ( avoided the zero latency setting), selecting the DAW input and output settings at random until it worked. You can change the latency settings in the mix control BTW.

    I can send you my settings if that helps but I'm sure I've set mine up wrong in some way - I ended up trying multiple, random combinations before I got it to sound right.

    My point here is that I assumed that windows, focusrite and the DAW were pretty much plug and play but I found loads of problems. Your issue is less likely to be your Kemper, so get those bits sorted first ( if you haven;t already). Then look at the profiles - I find different profiles work better for different applications so your live ones may not be of use to you.

    Not sure if this helps or not as I'm a total amateur in the studio...

    With all the noise from the Editor release that was a high priority I can see why this was on the back burner but I'm so happy that many others are as excited as I am.

    If it sounds 1/10th as good as the clips, I'll be very happy!

    Dude you got one? great to hear you are happy with it, so will this replace guitar speakers for you or still testing?

    Couple of things to put your mind at rest:

    1) lots of people also ordered on here, including me, we can't all be daft

    2) Its not expensive so you've not committed much

    3) Kemper, for me, have always delivered so I'm taking it on trust

    4) Its another dimension to the KPA, so its likely to add more capability, you won;t lose anything.

    5) for you application it sounds ideal for amp in the room sound

    6) Wheresthedug says its good, that's good enough for me :)

    My view/understanding:

    4 direct replacements would work

    Mixing them in the same signal chain would not ( for the reasons stated above).

    Mixing them and separating them for alternate signal chains would work but why would you...

    Sam don't waste your time trying to answer this.

    Some people are never happy no matter what argument you make and no amount of logic will stack up. If I decided what to buy on the basis of someone saying thank you, I'd have very little at home.

    No doubt you'll get accused of being a fan boy next....:)

    I think because originally it was going to be bundled into the editor release ( if I remember rightly) that the Editor became the focus.

    That had a wider appeal with studio and Stage users which makes sense - I also remember at the time some people saying they weren't bothered about the acoustic its understandable it took a backseat.

    So glad youa re on this as for me it will be a real feature.

    Thanks again!!!

    Excellent! Let us know how you get on!!

    Couple of comments from me:

    Personally for bedroom playing, better to tune the sound to a consistent output, e.g. studio monitors or whatever. I don;t think a cab will give you much else at lower volumes in my opinion.

    This is going to sound nuts but...also consider this is a top piece of kit, massive rungs above the Katana...if you are not using it for recording much or gigging then perhaps a HX stomp might be good enough. Not trying to talk you out of it as I think the Kemper has the best sounds but...I would definitely consider whether you need the remote? To me its a gig tool primarily or if you are doing a lot of switching in a recording session... Perhaps consider the stage...

    I'm saying this so you can save the pennies and get another guitar :)

    ...and welcome to the gang!