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    I have that pack, its very authentic....what is interesting, and I noticed this more on a Ozzy pack, that the raw sounds aren't great. In other words they are authentic but didn't realise how thin sounding Randy Rhoads guitar sound was, but it sits well in the mix...

    Made me realise:

    1) Its more about the band mix than the guitar sound on its own...I did know this but hadn't really seen it in the flesh

    2) Some of the tones of old are perhaps not as great as we remember ( rose tinted specs???)

    3) despite download these great profiles, I still sound crap :)

    To summarise what others have said, you should be able to do all of what you want within the KPA although it is set up very differently from the Helix so you'll need to spend time getting it right. In other words the solutions to your problems might be slightly different in terms of how you set up performances and effects chains, so allow plenty of set time and testing before the tour.

    Definitely look into Morph, especially for your changing BPM's...this will save you using up separate effects slots..

    Your fallback position ( as mentioned) is to use the KPA as the main unit and Helix for effects, not the other way round. The KPa is very flexible but arguably the Helix has more flex. Personally I've found the harmony and pitch effects comparable to the Whammy stuff but I believe the helix isn;t quite as good ( don't shoot me if I'm wrong, only going by our other guitarist who adds a drop pedal to his helix).

    Let us know how you get on!

    Why only 2 profiles? Why not 3 or 4...or 7? I don't understand the obsession for more sounds from a unit with almost infinite possibilities. The engineering effort required versus the benefit I think is just not worth it (just my opinion), given there are multiple solutions to your question already.

    I think you are also mixing 2 potential requests here as well. The first is to be able to have 2 mikes on the same sound. You can do this already and many commercial profiles also include this. So its not a limitation of the KPA.

    Running more that 1 profile to blend the 2....not many people do this live, they may run 2 or 3 amps with different sounds and switch, few run multiple maps and blend.

    The possible reasons being:

    1) You are introducing more variables/additional hassle to balance sounds - more gear to worry about

    2) possible phasing issues

    3) Simpler sounds can be more effective...a la Angus young who uses way less gain than people think. This is why sometimes a single guitar can sound fuller than dual if they do not lock together, you get a mushy effect.

    For studio, you can double track. If you want perfect copy, reamp. Part of the reason for double tracking is not just the sound but the very slight differences in the performance so its partially preferable to have 2 performances but both are possible. Neither of these are a limitation of the KPA.

    You can also run like a real amp with 2 mikes, so I'm really not getting this.

    I would like to be able to store and play external samples via the looper. In other words I have intro music that I have to play via another device, I'd love to store and play via the KPA, even if it means converting the files from MP£ to a compatible format..

    The point you are flagging is that the sound of amp in a room from the KPA is inherently different to that of a tube amp via a cab. the differences are in the ears of the beholder and there are many factors at play ( not comparing apples with apples).

    Hence why some people try to add with a Valve amp power stage to try to add it back. Personally I think this just confuses the signal chain i.e. another thing to account for/balance etc. I feel the same about pedals but that another story...

    You should try FRFR but I think you will find the same problem, defo worth a try before you give up. I assume you have tried merged profiles as well? I assume switching cab monitor in and out makes little difference?

    I also assume you like the sound FOH? I have come to accept that my back line sound is now less important. Its 90% there and actually I've adjusted to loving it now, but it is different. I just need to love it enough to play well.

    My focus is on my FOH sound which has never been as good so I've had to change my view on amps. As a result I could not go back to a thumping on stage sound but inconstant FOH sound.

    It took me 18 months to love my KPA. That was because for that time I was using like a regular amp ( guitar cab miked up). I also noticed DRASTIC differences between cabs which I'd never noticed with my Valve amp. In the end I realised that the cabs colour the sound so much that it always felt muffled.

    I switched to FRFR and I had to change all my profiles and effectively start again because the cab had hidden crap profiles ( not in your case because you are also goign direct) BUT it showed how much the cabs affected the sound. I didn't instantly love FRFR but I knew the sound out of my monitor was then almost identical to FOH, taking the complexity out of the differences. Because I think i have crap ears, it took many people telling me what a great sound I had ( NEVER had that pre KPA despite running top amps) until I believed in my sound.

    The point of that story is that for me its was more psychological than anything - I would never change my KPA now because of that.

    Hope you get it sorted.

    For the first time in many years...

    In - Nothing

    Out - Nothing ( except a last minute purchase of an Alto 312 purely for Karaoke at new years eve!).

    2020 - planning a Gretsch White Falcon...

    I have said it many times on this forum, I now have no interest in other amps or pedals. I have very few guitar desires at the moment although might sneak in an N4...

    Apologies if this is stating the obvious, but there are probably 2 main use cases for the Editor:

    1) Studio - where most editing is done via PC and therefore controlling the KPA via a screen is a big step forward

    2) Live - where the editor is used to make setting up performances quicker and more manageable - hence why I have requested the ability to assign stomps to the remote via the editor rather than having to drag out my remote to do it...hint...hint :)

    As I use my KPA 99.99% of the time for live and I only use performance mode, when you introduced the editor, you made it easier to do changes on screen and hence is going to highlight previous bugs, but so grateful you are fixing them :)

    Couple of comments:

    You need to decide on whether you want a powered or unpowered version ( toaster or rack) or the stage.

    If you gig a lot, I personally would recommend a powered rack. Rack mounted is convenient for travelling and powered means you can drive powered or unpowered speakers without the need for an external amp. This is closer to the whole guitar amp concept BUT the stage will sound as good. Its purely a decision based on cost, convenience and your preference.

    I prefer FRFR these days but do sometimes use a 4x12. with the powered version you can easily use either. In any case, I would always connect direct to FOH - forget miking cabs, hence why FRFR makes more sense.

    It is a top piece of kit, definitely a step above the effects units you would have previously seen BUT the flexibility is also its potential downfall. There are so many parameters some people either find their sound straight away or others take time - no one can guarantee instant gratification. It took me 18 months to be fully happy, mainly because psychologically I could not believe a digital amp could sound that good...hope that makes sense.

    Remember much of the sound comes from the fingers as well as the gear...

    This is the same for the Ax and Helix...

    BTW I've just realised after all these years I may have been playing the paranoid riff wrong :)

    But every audience member is (even if it's unconscious) aware of your performance. Maybe they'll credit the whole band, doesn't matter.

    If you have a good sound live (or in a recording situation) and feed that you can intuitively work with the tones instead of fighting your gear, it'll translate into a stronger performance.

    So, yes, good tone matters.

    Totally agree with you Don and I think we are all saying the same thing.

    Your performance and how you feel will make a bigger difference than the actual profile you use - they are of course inter related.

    Its important to love your sound.

    I love the KPA because I believe I get a great sound...I say I believe because I don't actually trust my ears. However, because the KPA takes out some variables ( valve variances, mike placement etc.), I have a better inner confidence that my ears are tricking me again rather than anything major has changed. I can then relax and play better.

    The audience will know if it sounds good or bad but often won't know why. They are very unlikely to tell the difference between a really good sound and a really, really good sound, I believe the law of diminishing returns totally applies to guitar sounds :)

    Less interested in the single coil to Humbucker sim, but an acoustic sim would be great.

    I hoped to see it in the last release as it was mentioend at NAMM.

    DonPetersen would you be able to confirm if that is still on the cards or not?

    Mine are more focussed on setting up for live:

    Assigning effects to the remote

    Better workflow for Morph - setting it up, switching between the 2 settings, control for morph speed etc all to hand. I know you can do most of this now but its not as intuitive as it could be for such an important feature.

    There is a definite psychological impact here as well.

    I playing on Saturday as a support band. In the main band the rhythm guitarist was using a 70's Marshall into a regular cab. I though it sounded great.

    I again questioned my sound, for some reason it didn't seem as good that night....but that same guitarist came up to me afterwards and said " I've always been sceptical of the digital amps but your's sounded amazing..."

    Just goes to show, sound is in the ears of the beholder :).

    Couple of comments:

    You have 3 signal paths and so they will not sound the same. The guitar path in particular is going through a guitar amp into a guitar cab which will add a lot of colour to the sound. This will never sound the same as the headphones and PA output.

    Is this a live set up ? If so, I would first focus on the PA output and get that sounding good and work back from that..

    Rob Williams (Strat type guitar) with Bareknuckle pups.

    I have a Rob Williams...had it custom made for my 40th Birthday...just love it.

    for anyone who hasn't had a custom guitar made, its a fab process. I chose the wood ( the actual pieces), every aspect of the design, neck profile and customer features ( like a built in sustainer and leds in the neck)...all for a price cheaper than a new Les Paul!

    Ahh now you see I thought that might be the case...

    Here's me thinking you've just joined but you've both been there about 2 years :)

    I'll change it from "Welcome" to "good to finally meet you" .. :)