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    Not that I really even care any more about an Editor, I have learned to love the KPA as is. However I am a professional software developer here in the US and I have never worked on a project with an open ended time line. Stakeholders and Project Managers have this thing about costs and timelines that you can't just blow off. The main purpose of course is to communicate this to the stakeholders and user community in order to manage expectations. I am governed by SDLC and SLA agreements and am held accountable to them as a matter of responsibility. To not have a target is an open invitation to massive cost overruns and other things that jeopardize the success of a project. Maybe Kemper has decided to keep this discussion private for some reason. I don't agree with that approach but there is nothing I can do about it so I wait along with all of you patient folks out there and enjoy the entertainment value of this thread. I am sincerely hoping for the success of this project. Good luck.

    As stated in another response, this is not a revenue generating piece of work, at least not directly hence your comments don't really apply.

    Like a lot of people on here, having managed IT projects for about 20+ years, I understand the process.

    The point is none of us really know the inner workings, we are only going on what we have seen and speculation. They are also a small business and CK seems very involved so I suspect there is less for them to answer for in terms of budget etc, more operational cost and where to spend their time. Given they have only just upped the last release to a full release I can;t believe they were ever going to release the Editor prior to resolving that.

    I'm happy they stay in testing until they feel comfortable to release. Their quality control to date has been pretty good.

    To me they have issued an intention of when to release, (I might be wrong) which seems to have turned into a "promise"....i might be wrong but I don't remember those words.

    Its funny, if they communicate we slam them if they don't hit a deadline. If they don't everyone says they are not doing anything...they can't win.

    I check this post everyday as I do want an editor. I enjoy the playful comments and fun. Less keen on the "why does a £2000 piece of equipment not come with an editor"...yawn.

    Lets keep the perspective/context here..

    Its funny, I remember the first feature request/s about improving RM and it was a real split who really wanted one. It really felt at the time like it was a nice to have. I felt like the minority saying it would be useful (at the time people were pushing for dual amps and revised reverbs and delays - wanting to make their strymon's unnecessary) and yet this is the most animated and longest thread I've ever seen.

    More importantly, the most heated, dragging other aspects into it etc..

    This thread's usefulness is now ( for me) only useful for its comedy interludes...

    A long-con assumes there’s is a payout at the end.

    The only thing Kemper is guaranteed of is people shifting to bitch incessantly about what’s ‘wrong’ with the editor when it arrives.

    ..or we'll be back on dual profiles or Kemper 2.0...

    I found the Moog EP-3 to be excellent. A good (plastic) build and possibly the cheapest available. Polarity switch and fine-tune of the level control.

    They were around £40 new are usually less than £30 used ...

    +1. I have 2, one for volume, one for Pitch and they are faultless...

    I must be a complete freak but for 30+ years of gigging I always hated a traditional cab on stage and would have killed for a better monitor solution. Now I can have IEM and/or FRFR pointed at my head so I can actually hear myself clearly I don’t miss my Boogie cabs at all. 😃

    Gigged on Sat night and had great IEM mix....but still pulled them out for a bit to hear the crowd and get some interaction...I don't miss my 4 x12 at all though...

    V8guitar Do you still have your GH100L? Any chance you could do a couple profile for me with specific settings, if you do?



    Hi Jeff, I do...I never get it out but I could do with profiling it myself so yeah up for that ( might talk me a few weeks). PM me and let me know what you want and it will push me to get it done :).

    I did actually profile it but can't seem to find it...I'll keep looking as well...

    Funny how we all feel differently :).

    In summary I think most of us agree:

    The KPA will get you close to amp in the room but the consensus is that it misses something

    For FOH its fantastic

    FRFR will give you a sound more accurate to FOH, but is different - its personal taste as to whether you prefer this, either at home or live.

    The only person you are trying to please is yourself. Few other people care enough about the nuances we are talking about. I have never had so many compliments about my sound since using the KPA.

    I used FRFR almost exclusively live ( I don't use my KPA in the studio much - Im never there :). I don't like to sound in ears either. Regardless of your backline,. I would always try to go into the PA if possible.

    I have not used a vocal PA only in 10 years and I only play small venues but perhaps I'm just lucky.


    Yes, considered this, but some of my gigs there is no FOH except for kick and vocals.

    If this is the case then you are relying on back line for front line sound ( which regardless of venue I try to avoid purely for balance of sound) so you will struggle either way, but I understand the limitation.

    As already said, FRFR does sound different regardless of the FRFR solution. Some people also think that you struggle to get Amp in the room even through a guitar cab...

    I switched from guitar cab to FRFR 3 years ago....why...

    1) It sounds the same as what the audience hears, which is a big advantage as I care more about my FOH sound than my back line these days

    2) For some reason I think it has a better spread - I get similar spread from a 1 x12 than I did from a 4 x12....might be my imagination!

    3) My FRFR solution is more portable (1 x12)

    4) If I use my FRFR wedge, the band can hear me better, as it points at them rather than to the side.

    So, are you imagining it? No, FRFR is definitely a different, fuller sound. However it also took me 1 year to accept that digital sounds as good as valve....

    I cannot stress enough to try the profiles through FRFR or alternatives as described. Cabs add so much colour that you will not hear a duff profile through them easily as Greg suggested.

    Cab sim will not affect the FOH through the main outs. I use a similar set up, real cab plus direct into FOH. Make sure you are switching the cab sim off as described, not just switching the cab off on the font panel...

    Also, look into merged profiles - they will act as a direct profile when using a cab ( a profile without a cab included) and full profile with cab for FOH.

    Yes, I know I can do this. And I also do know that I can adjust all profiles by turning down the Gain. But why were those profiles cranked up with so much gain? Do most people like this?

    Me too.. I use a lot of gain.

    You are suffering from too much choice. Rig Exchange is unmonitored so many people can add their profiles. Some are great, some are crap and its difficult to tell without trying them.

    So if your question is how do I get the bluesier profiles, start with the bluesier amps with less gain ( which I assume you've done). Also try some of the commercial ones, they are relatively cheap and most do try before you buy.

    Although Gary played through Soldano's at one point in his career, you need a relatively cranked Marshall (which you obviously know) from Gary, Backmore and Bonamassa so try some of the Silver Jubilee ones that others have had success ?

    I owned an atomic CLR once, didn't use it as a wedge, just straight backline on top of a 10U 19 inch rack ... As a monitor other bandmembers probably won't hear me ...

    That is the advantage of using a wedge, you point it at the band ( as well as yourself).

    Its way better than a speaker at the back of the stage which is usually to the side of the drummer etc where only you and the singer can hear it... plus less backline bleed etc.

    Honestly if you are that close to any speaker it will travel past you, so not a guitar cab vs FRFR although I feel FRFR has a better spread. I'm surprised you can't hear that much difference.

    Any reason you've not gone for a wedge? No issue with sound projection there. You could go Yam DXR10...

    I've been using the sennheiser for about 3 months far very good, no drop outs.....but....the joint on the guitar plug is not adjustable and has losened over time so had to send it back.

    Replacement sent ( took weeks) but seems to be a design's not critical but it results in the bug not staying parallel with teh guitar body but drooping down...

    I have to admit, my rigs sound way better at home through studio headphones than through my IEM, especially with sounds having higher gain. But for live use, I basically do not care too much about the overall sound quality (in my IEMs) - what really matters is that I can hear _what_ I play and _what_ the others play. I kind of rely on the KPA sounding great over the PA (which is does). After listening to my cues afterwards in the DAW over the studio headphones it always sounded as I expected it to do.

    Yep, me to. Before backline was so important because you were miking it up. Now for me as long as its good enough to inspire etc. then that'll IEM sound also isn't great btw, but never had a great sound with a valve either... :)