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    I've been using the sennheiser for about 3 months far very good, no drop outs.....but....the joint on the guitar plug is not adjustable and has losened over time so had to send it back.

    Replacement sent ( took weeks) but seems to be a design's not critical but it results in the bug not staying parallel with teh guitar body but drooping down...

    I have to admit, my rigs sound way better at home through studio headphones than through my IEM, especially with sounds having higher gain. But for live use, I basically do not care too much about the overall sound quality (in my IEMs) - what really matters is that I can hear _what_ I play and _what_ the others play. I kind of rely on the KPA sounding great over the PA (which is does). After listening to my cues afterwards in the DAW over the studio headphones it always sounded as I expected it to do.

    Yep, me to. Before backline was so important because you were miking it up. Now for me as long as its good enough to inspire etc. then that'll IEM sound also isn't great btw, but never had a great sound with a valve either... :)

    I would definitely try some different profiles just to rule it out.

    If you get a chance, also try an FRFR speaker if you can. The v30's will have a massive affect on the colour on the resulting sound. The 5150 might be compensating in some way.

    It doesn;t mean that using's V30's is not viable, but it does mean that if you went direct ( for example) the sound would be very different.

    You can;t profile wah pedals as part of a rig so no, you will not see any amps with the Kirk Hammet Wah. However, there is a comprehensive list of wahs that you can import, I'll try to find it.

    You then need to control them through an expression pedal via the inputs on the remote.

    If you have the wah, as spikey said, these need to go into the guitar input like a regular amp.

    Funny isn't it how we all think differently...

    I played at the weekend and the support band had a guitarist using a Marshall ( I think it was a JCM800 - certainly an older model, probably non master volume).

    A few things struck me:

    1) It sounded really good

    2) He had it VERY loud - the PA guy had to get him to turn down a number of times as the backline was drowning out the PA. He was using both a 4 x12 and Fender Hotrod deluxe as a slave...

    3) He had a pedal board the size of a small barge to give the additional sounds he needed, although he had some very creative sounds ( octavers, Moog thingies, strymon timeline delay etc).

    So going on stage I thought my KPA doesn't sound as good through my 1 x12 FRFR...until i started sounded great, particularly out front, but not at ear splitting levels. Don't get me wrong, we don't play quietly, but I don't need to crank it. In fact I prefer not to be too loud else the Gretsch squeals like a pig at feeding time. I can balance the volume to get musical feedback.

    I get the " its not got the amp in the room sound" but actually I prefer not having to deafen myself or the audience to get a great sound and I've changed my thinking as a result.

    So 1700+ posts in and there is still debate on " it should have been shipped with an editor"..


    1) It wasn't...futile to debate if it should have

    2) Its useable without, becuase we have been using it without. We all agree it would be better with, especially in the studio

    3) The stage is the same interface so I see only slightly higher need for it

    4) If you bought one on the perceived promise or thought that it had one, do your research before.

    It was asked earlier "what can an editor do for me that the KPA cant already do"? I tried being cute in answering, but really didn't answer the question. Ive since then thought it over and here is my answer- It will allow me to adjust profiles on the fly while sitting in front of my DAW creating music, right in front of me, without having to reach over / walk over and twist a knob or press a button on the KPA. It creates a faster and more efficient work flow in a digital world / studio for recording guitar. It will also allow me (if It has what it should have) to keep & store profiles in a more pro-active way right onto the hard-drive, where they can be called up, edited, and saved to a folder of choice (or the cloud) without hitting a single button on the KPA! If time=money as some have stated here, then why wouldn't you want this?

    Isn't the answer "everything I can currently do but easier" ?

    For example - I was making some changes last night and I need to change some morph settings. I think I can do it without the remote but its easier with...however, I have to get the remote out and plug it all in. I am hoping the editor lets me do this much easier on screen.

    For me my spare time doesn't equal money, but doesn't detract from wanting an easier life :)

    I'm amazed at how a lot of people on this forum find all kinds of reasons to proclame the editor delay is not important, or if the editor is even actually needed (you guys are unbelievable).

    I have always wanted an editor because its useful, not essential. I have used mine KPA for a similar length of time ( 5 years) and I rarely change it now, not because its difficult but because I'm happy with the sound. So I can cope pretty well without it. Funnily enough I was making some changes last night and the editor would have been useful but didn't stop me or cause major frustration.

    Not sure why that is amazing.

    I'm more amazed you bought the stage, with virtually the same interface, which is probably more suited to live use and gave it up weeks before the "essential" editor came out in favour of VST's ( none of which I like the sound of), which are not practical live.... but hey that's up to you.

    Op may have slightly differing views but I personally would like to see the clean/dist sense independent of the noise gate.

    For example if I use a lower output guitar I may want to raise the dist sense by a few db. As I use a ton of performances I'd need to lock it.

    Unfortunately this locks the whole input section including the gate. This is pretty useless as I have to swap between clean and high gain rigs which use different gate settings stored by rig. so it's either set it low and have massive noise on high gain or crush the dynamics of the clean tone when set high.

    Can't you just use the stomp noise gate? I find the stomp version better anyway?

    Justa couple of comments that might help on this early part of your Journey:

    1) For live either get the FCB1010 which is fairly cheap or invest in the remote

    2) once you set up performance mode, you'll find saving and changing rigs easy as they are specific to the performance

    3) For monitoring the world is your oyster. FRFR is good because it will effectively mimic the FOH sound, but some people don;t get on with it. I would suggets you try your carvin but make sure you audition your profiles through FRFR so you really know what they will sound like. The reason I say this is I used to use a guitar cab but when I went direct it sounded pants. That's because the guitar cab had smoothed out the sound so much, it masked duff profiles.

    4) Look at Morph - it will add additional flexibility live. have all my base sounds in one performance and use morph to add additional boost ( for example) just for riffs. I have a separate solo sound which I morph will extra delay and reverb for slow solo very well!

    Im a bit confused on what the request is?

    Is it the ability to globally adjust CS and DS, alongside the noise gate to avoid making changes to every rig ? Would that work? Surely the interchange between the gain levels etc would still not be right and require tweaking?

    Or is it to lock only the noise gate without change CS and DS? Surely you do that with a stomp...

    I think I'm being a bit stupid but I want to be able to tweak every rig and save it. There are few global settings I'd want..

    Hi folks,

    We will do everything to roll out the first beta quick but stability is first for us. Chances are that we will not see a release this month, but we're getting very close.

    Best, GS

    Thanks for the update Gstring.

    I don't think anyone wants you guys to rush this, maintain your standards please :). everyone is just very excited to get it, hence why people are impatient.

    Please keep the comms coming, helps manage expectations.

    I would advise:

    1) As said before you need to play at volume ( see point 3)

    2) If using a regular guitar cab but will go direct into the PA, audition profiles through FRFR speakers - guitar cabs colour the sound so much, you will not be able to dial in the FOH sound using them

    3) Test at rehearsal with the band - that is the only way to find out how you stand in the mix.

    4) Assume you will need to make tweaks

    IEM's are a different story. I do use them to save my hearing but they are isolating and I find I never get a great sound out of them. So yes you should aim to use them but I treat them like my back line sound - it is secondary to the FOH sound. As long as I can get on with the sound, I want the audience to have the best sound!