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    Couple of comments:

    You have 3 signal paths and so they will not sound the same. The guitar path in particular is going through a guitar amp into a guitar cab which will add a lot of colour to the sound. This will never sound the same as the headphones and PA output.

    Is this a live set up ? If so, I would first focus on the PA output and get that sounding good and work back from that..

    Rob Williams (Strat type guitar) with Bareknuckle pups.

    I have a Rob Williams...had it custom made for my 40th Birthday...just love it.

    for anyone who hasn't had a custom guitar made, its a fab process. I chose the wood ( the actual pieces), every aspect of the design, neck profile and customer features ( like a built in sustainer and leds in the neck)...all for a price cheaper than a new Les Paul!

    Ahh now you see I thought that might be the case...

    Here's me thinking you've just joined but you've both been there about 2 years :)

    I'll change it from "Welcome" to "good to finally meet you" .. :)

    Yeah, thanks, V8guitar! I'm part of the gang for about two and a half years now. :-)



    So this was my've only got 4 posts and not seen your name before so didn;t know if you were new or not...anyway, great to see you active on the forum :)

    This sounds a little odd to me ( bit of a poor joke there)...

    I use a scarlett 18i8 but in mono...straight out of the main outs and it sounds really good. Conversely I've never had a great sound out of the headphones.

    I think people have touched upon the possible issues but the outputs will sound different for different reasons ( different monitoring, no space setting etc).

    I might be wrong but I suspect its not an issue with the interface and probably not a stereo vs mono thing....

    Sorry if I missed any annoucement but two new names have appeared both marked as beginners BUT were thanked by GString for their efforts in getting the editor out and are helping people fix their issues.

    Therefore I assume they are part of the Kemper development team and relatively new...

    So on that assumption, I just wanted to say..

    Welcome gconrads and kriwat !!^^

    My views:

    Well set up guitar ( which includes strings)

    Good signal chain ( leads, buffers vs bypass if using external effects etc.)

    Choose amps you already like and know - I have foudn I graviate to sounds I'm used to. I sold my ENGL to get a KPA using ENGL profiles ( yeah daft I know).

    Test your sounds at full volume, with a band and via FRFR if going FOH. In other words closely mimic the live set up (if for live).

    Care less about your tone - sound is important but 90% of our sound is from our hands and the only people in the audience really listening to your guitar tone are other guitarists...who won't like what you play regardless. Plus your ears/perception change constantly, even if you sound stays consistent

    Avoid analysis paralysis - don't search for sonic nirvana, it leads to endless disappointment. Settle for 90%..

    I rarely use eq, as said by others I tend to go for a good sounding profile and stick with it.

    The windows 7 debate is pointless I'm afraid.

    I know its frustrating for those still on windows 7. I ran XP for years before upgrading, but as most will know, there are only so many OS's you can account for.

    Its sensible for Kemper to have an N-1 approach ( windows 8) and not go any further due to resources and cost etc. I sympathise and I'm not a fan of the constant need to upgrade but it is the way of software and there is virtually no way of avoiding it.

    Yes of course, but a beta version of the Rig Manager might also unintentionally change stuff in rigs / performances etc. as part of a bug or something like that. Anyway, good to hear that's not the case so far!

    True although my first concern is crashes ( which is catastrophic), then parameters ( which is annoying)...Also I've not really hit it hard, first gig on Friday...

    Does anybody have any issues regarding stability? I'd love to check the editor since I've been longing for it for so long, but I have a few important gigs coming up these weeks and I can't afford anything to crash

    Obviously its the KPA upgrade that you need to be worried about. So far I've had no issues although not gigged it yet. I've taken the risk, but there is a risk as its beta..

    Not had much time to play with it so far so sorry if this is covered elsewhere..

    Couple of questions/possible improvements:

    Can you copy an effect from one rig to another ( tried using Ctr C and V but didn;t seem to work? This would be way easier than naming a preset or locking...

    When setting up a slot in performance mode, can you assign the effects to a particular button on the remote? I assume not? It would be great if you could so it can all be set up without the remote connected..


    Uploaded 5 rgs on the exchange:

    Laney Clean

    Laney Crunch

    Laney Gainey

    Laney Gainey2

    Laney Gainey3

    All under the author Guy. For some reason some have a rotary effect ( I think I was still playing around iwith it at the time) so take them off. Let me know what you think..

    I would agree, its just a shame that things got so negative....

    "they promised a release in Summer"

    "Why does a £2000 piece of equipment not have an editor"

    " I only bought my stage because an editor was promised",

    "We won;t see it until Summer Namm".....

    I'm sure people still feel these words are true but hopefully that can all be put to bed.

    Now, when can I have the Acoustic Sim ;)

    One thing - I followed the instructions (latest software via USB and then installed Rig Manager). Reboots, cable fiddles etc did not help me - the Kemper worked, and I could see my local library but the Kemper just would not talk to the PC. I unistalled Rig Manager and re-installed. It then worked without any further problems. Thought I'd share in case this helps someone else.

    Same thing happened to me.