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    Im not sound engineer so this is my very basic view:

    Stereo will always sound fuller but it depends if that's really want you want - fuller usually equates to less cut. This is why I tend to play without any affects including reverb ( particularly on rhythm ) because at home it sounds ace, in a band it disappears...

    You'll probably get a bit more separation and spatial sound, question is, is that desirable?

    Are you a single or dual guitar band ?

    Personally I'd definitely stay mono in a dual guitar band and only go stereo if I wanted to maximise stereo effects ( like a ping pong delay)...otherwise its just not worth the extra leads etc.

    As an analogy, a single guitar band can sound fuller than dual when playing the same riffs because 2 guitars can be slightly out and make it more mushy. This for me is the same effect for stereo...

    Although as I said, just a personal experience...

    Thanks. I double checked that and everything is set up correctly with respect to the monitor and speaker emulation. I didn't really think that was the problem because I am not having extreme tonal differences as occur without emulation on. I'm starting to think it may come down to the quality of the profiles I was using, even though they had sounded really good with headphones and guitar cab. Perhaps the new monitor is revealing some limitations?

    When I switched to FRFR, I had to ditch all of my profiles as the guitar cab just smoothed everything out so I think that is a real possibility. Go and try some other profiles, and you'll hear a much greater variation via FRFR.

    Ultimately, I have also opted for this solution.With a guitar cable with a silent jack and the change via remote it is the the quickest procedure for me to change guitar.
    (e.g. from acoustic to electric )

    Same here. I run a Les Paul and Gretsch. I don;t find it a hassle because ultimately I use they on different songs so each tweak is unique and does not have to be replicated onto the other performance..

    I also generally swap pickups anyway, so on the Gretsch I've upgraded to slightly hotter TV Jones which makes the "gap" between the guitars a little less without changing the fundamental nature..

    Im sorry, I cannot welcome you because that White Falcon is too nice and I am totally jealous!! I have an Electromatic version which is pretty good and play in a Cult tribute, so its a dream guitar!

    Seriously though, welcome!!!

    But you can get a smaller backup was my point. I carry a simple tech21 sansamp to get me through a gig. although never used it as I've never had an amp go down on me ( ooh err).

    given that tubes are less reliable than solid state its even less likely with the KPA, BUT I think you can;t go wrong with either.

    The portability of the DXR is brilliant though!

    I think you have more options can access new types of delays to a slot very quickly. You might want to add them to favs in advance etc but I don;t think its that far away. Fior example, you want to change from vintage chorus to something more modern. You select that slot with chorus, scroll the the closest one, select it, adjust parameters, save...done. the challenge you've actually got is that you've got so much to choose from that you'll experiment even more :)

    Is it as quick as a dedicated unit, then no. Is it possible to change things during rehearsal, totally.

    I do it during gigs ( change preset volumes, change gain etc.) although what you want to do is a little more involved but I don't see why not.

    The only thing I'll add is that i did have to get used to it.

    This is the same for any amp, you have to get comfortable with it but that hump is bigger with the KPA because:
    1) there are so many sounds to choose from and therefore find and adjust
    2) Something digital cannot surely sound this good (physiological). It took a few people to compliment me on my sound to get confidence!

    Its worth the effort...

    Just as a side comment, I love gear, I always look at new gear, guitars pedals etc....although sine I've had the KPA I've not been tempted by any amp or pedals in the last 2 years. Anyone that knows me, that's a pretty big compliment to the KPA! Another reason my wife loves it, much cheaper in the long run :)

    I think the points above are well made - in other words its your situation that is the issue, you will have this problem with any equipment as the limitation here is your ears - unlike a valve amp which would be a totally different ball game.

    However, don't give up just yet, there are things you can try as stated. Also I think the expectation you have set, that you can get the same sound at very low volume compared to practice or gig volume is achievable as physics interferes with this.

    Persoanlly I don;t use the KPA at home except to set it up for gigs but many people use it for recording as a powerful tool so it has the sound in there.

    Getting a house won;t solve it either, as my wife will tell you :)

    Good luck, hope you find an answer/happy medium.

    Can't comment on the firehawk sound etc cos never used one but basically you are buying a full function amp to take to every gig alongside the Kemper ( bit harsh I know).

    Persoanlly I'd go Yamaha DXR for convenience and for bigger gigs for the "look" get an unloaded fake cab ;). Cheap, light etc.

    I often put my Kemper on the bass rig as well ( as a stand) so there are options. This is also better for tigher pub gigs, depending on the venues you typically play..

    I don't think you'll go wrong with either however!

    I was an old tube guy as terms of portability for gigs...OMG...I now just take my rack and a 1 x12 to monitor and my remote. Set up in about 5 mins...

    Never sound checked so quick as its a consitant feed via XLR to the desk....sound guys love it! It sometimes feels like the Kemper is focused on Studio work but be in no doubt its a serious live weapon!

    Don't worry about what profiles come with the stock unit because.....there are 10,000+ you can access for free from the rig exchange! But there are some great rig packs as standard and some very cheap third party rigs.

    There is a very comprehensive effects list, delays, reverbs, chorus, flangers, pitch shifting and whammy, noise gates, compressors...

    3-) For you guys gigging with the Kemper and going directly to FOH, how
    good does it sound even if the bar doesn't have the best PA. is it still
    acceptable? right now I'm using a pedalboard with a Palmer Pocket amp
    which is not the best sound but it's acceptable and I can use my normal
    guitar pedals). I don't need THE BEST

    The quality of the PA is a factor whatever you use, the limiting factor won;t be the Kemper. So does it sound good through a PA, totally. Will it make a crap PA sound good? Of course not. Will you get the best out of the poor PA, yes :)

    4-) will an FRFR system sound AS BIG and full as a tube amp and a cab
    speaker? I play mostly clean/od blues/soul/pop ala John Mayer but I
    would like to have the option of playing some rock and metal too and
    having the system sound big and full.
    This is has been debated many personal view is that it is slightly different not necessarily better or worse. I can;t even describe why its different. The Kemper is certainly not clinical like many other digital devices, its very responsive. Tube amps with a guitar cab have that natural compressed thump that sometimes isn't there BUT this is so related to how its set up. I think you'll love it but there is a slight adjustment you have to make...I went from Tube amp to Kemper with guitar cab to FRFR and I wouldn't go back now....

    as ingolf says, just set all the pre-sets at home first. This is no different to using a cab vs FOH. Also as the Kemper responds like a tube amp, lowering the guitar volume will often just clean it up, not totally reduce volume.

    Also, don;t forget to sound check your loudest volumes so you don;t overload the desk...

    Also, deoending upon your monitoring ( i.e. you going through a cab as well) make sure your volumes aren;t linked, so you can change your on stage sound but keep the feed to the PA constant. Most people set the volume output tothe master outputs to around -18db to the PA

    This is always a risk with anything - a car, PC etc...all can be superceeded....but as Monkeyman says, if its already does the job, so what?

    Also I'm struggling to think what else they would do...

    BTW the longer you hesitate, the more likely it is that it will happen and you'll have missed out. On that basis, you should buy one immediately :).

    The only thing that gets me with the DXR10's is that they aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing and i have gone the whole hog with this rig and spent a lot of money so i wanted the best of the best both sonically and aesthetically and as much as the DXR10's sound great they dont look great and really i wanted something that i could put the head on top of.

    Our other guitarist has a DXR and its excellent. He also has an empty Marshall 4 x12 for the "look". The dxr is pointed at the band which is even better...just a thought.

    Yes I have the foot switch, as stated what it controls is managed by the Kemper.

    You can change the mode to switch on and off stomps and a few other variations but I use it to scroll up and down ( you can even change which button controls up or down).

    If you have the remote it does nothing else that you can't do on the remote. I use it purely for rehearsals as its smaller to carry than the remote ( I have 3 expression pedals also on my board) where I can just use a couple of performance slots.