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    Cool - I just ordered the black vinyl (lined) version...

    I let him know how I heard about it, although not sure they’ll know who “PB26 on the Kemper Forums” is... :)

    I like vendors that take PayPal, so I don’t have to provide credit card info...

    Cool, they'll know it's me -- they said they hadn't ever done a Kemper cover before I made the request.

    Picked this up and thought some folks might be interested . The company that made it for me, Digital Deck Covers, used the published dimensions of the toaster, and I requested an open back 4" up for cabling. They now have the toaster cover as a listed item on their website. I use an angled guitar cable in the front and have no issue with the cover on, just pushes it up a tad in that one corner.

    Very good quality and does the job. I got the same thing for my A7X monitors as well.

    Interesting to me, 'cause software control of reference level, in my experience, has only been the ability to choose between +4dB (professional) and -10dB (domestic / consumer) levels. I've not seen an interface that adds a Hi-Z / instrument option to those choices, and somehow I doubt it can be done "cleanly" with software alone 'cause there's a major "physical-impedance" difference.

    At any rate, if it's working for you, it's all-good, man! Awesome. 8)

    Yeah I think that's what the manual says in a nutshell. I'm not very well versed in this kind of thing -- I just plugged it in and it worked, but I'm sticking with XLR all the way. For good measure I got it working in stereo as well, just like the video describes it -- 2 x XLR from the Main Outs set to Master Stereo, then the 1/4" Direct Out to the 1/4" interface input. In the end, I was incorrect about the I/O of my interface and thought I needed more XLRs, but what I really needed was a 1/4" jack, which I had aplenty.

    Very, very happy with my toaster right now. I love a nice tube amp for 'in the room' playing, but for recording this little beast absolutely cannot be beat.

    The 1/4" inputs on the Babyface are described in the manual as "multipurpose" and the reference level can be controlled via the software. When I ran the 1/4" Kemper Main Out into the 1/4" Babyface in, the sound was perfect, same as the XLR.

    That said, as a matter of course I always default to XLR whenever possible, so I'm going Kemper Left Main Out XLR (Master Mono setting) to XLR input on the Babyface, then 1/4" cable from Kemper direct out to 1/4" interface input (set up for guitar signal).


    One 1/4" cable from the Main Output to the 1/4" interface input #1 with Main Output set to "Master Mono", or one XLR from Main Output to interface XLR input. Both sound the same but I will use the XLR.

    One 1/4" cable from Direct Out to interface 1/4" input #2 with menu set to "Git Analog".

    Thanks again!

    Appreciate the help! I think I just realized something. I can keep both XLRs in the main outs with the menu still on stereo, then run the Direct Output to the 1/4" instrument input on the side of the Babyface. I think, anyway.

    The Babyface has only two XLR inputs (I was going to use a TRS to XLR cable for the Direct Out), but it also has two 1/4" high impedance instrument ins, and I guess that is the type of signal that is being sent by the Direct Out.

    Thanks for the reply. So if I understand you correctly, I can either:

    1) Use the Monitor Output with it set to "Master Mono" in the Output menu

    2) Use one of the two Main Outputs with "Main Output" set to "Master Mono" in the Output menu

    If this is correct, is there any reason to do one or the other, or does it not matter?

    I watched the video on this and the relevant section for what I want to do is at 2:12. My issue is that the instructions assume three inputs on the audio interface, but my Babyface Pro only has two analog inputs (and no RCA S/PDIF). The tracks I'm recording have no stereo effects.

    There must be a way to make this work, I'm just unsure how to go about it. I assume I would still do what the video says, re: have the DIRECT OUTPUT in the menu set to GIT ANALOG and send that signal to one of interface's inputs. Can I then just remove the right or left XLR cable from one of the MAIN OUTPUTS and call it a day, or do I have to do something on the output menu to account for the fact that I'm not running both XLRs in the MAIN OUTPUTS for the processed signal.


    In the Kemper Output button menu, on the last page, I believe, there is a check box on the top of the window for SPDIF Out Link. By default, it's unchecked. On the bottom left is SPDIF volume. On a higher gain patch I was using, I found I had to lower this setting to -10.5 to stop the noise (while also using the KPA Noise Gate). Do you have the SPDIF Out Link box checked? What is your SPDIF volume set to? (I thought it stayed at 0.0 db.) Thanks.

    The box is unchecked and the volume is full blast. If you need to lower the S/PDIF volume that's one thing, but I had the master volume cranked to 7.0 with the rig volume at 12:00 and clipping is impossible with S/PDIF. And that was with a super high gain patch. I'm no pro here, just a hobbyist messing around for fun, but I can tell you there is zero clipping according to my Focusrite MixControl software (and my ears). Great results right out of the box with no processing in Reaper.

    No reamping for me and I use S/PDIF. I've found it so much easier than XLR, and with fresh ears I can tell that it sounds better than XLR.

    It can't get any easier:

    -No changes needed in Output controls on Kemper
    -Plug 1 S/PDIF cable from Kemper out to interface in (in my case a Focusrite 6i6)
    -Set DAW preferences to S/PDIF
    -Record away...

    No need to watch volume levels for clipping as is the case with XLR. With S/PDIF you can blast away and the signal never clips no matter how loud you have it. You can monitor with headphones or studio monitors plugged into the Kemper while you play so there are no latency issues.

    Wow, that bottom string has some serious room to do it's thing. That must sound awesome.

    Today I set up my back up SG to 3/64 bass, 2/64 treble as an experiment. Holy fizz, it sounded awful compared to my normal set up.