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    I'm always curious how people set their action. On the one hand, I like higher action for the booming tone, but lower action is so much easier to play. Right now I'm at 4.5/64" Bass, 3/64" Treble.

    What do ya'll set your action at?

    I think the warranty is one year so be sure you have your warranty request in email form before the purchase date rolls around.

    I'm prone to stuff like this: I think something stopped working but the volume knob got rolled off accidentally or something is unplugged. You've covered off all that stuff?

    Hey PB26!
    I'm sure, you'll have a lot of fun with your CLR. I love mine (got the cab version).
    What I don't get is: you go from the Kemper into the inputs one and two of the CLR at the same time? What for? Am I missing something?

    That's what I'm interested in too.

    The reason for that is I'm using MP3 backing tracks from my computer that go through the Kemper via the two Alternative Input jacks, then out to the CLR together with the guitar signal. When I got on the waiting list for the CLR I asked guys on the forum the best way to set it up and Ingolf and viabcroce agreed 2 XLRs was the best way to go. Check out the first three posts here:…ctive-monitors/?pageNo=4&

    Ok, so the day's festivities have come to a close and I got a chance to plug in the CLR and flip the switch.

    Set-up was super easy: My Kemper rigs are all at 12:00 for rig volume, so I set the Kemper Master Volume at 4.0 as the max signal strength per the CLR instructions.

    I then strummed while raising the input volume knobs on the CLR and then backed off when the clipping light came on. For me that's 1:00 on Input #1 and 2:00 on Input #2. I'm using two XLR cables.

    Then I set CLR Master Volume so that the top of the white line on the knob is even with the bottom of the second dot. I then backed down my Kemper Master Volume to 1.7, which is plenty loud for apartment dweller practice. This way if I want it louder (or lower) I can adjust the Kemper Master Volume instead of having to do it on the CLR.

    After all of this I quickly confirmed what I expected: this beast has the accuracy of studio monitors with the juice of an amp and an incredible horizontal range.

    I compared the sound to studio monitors a buddy loaned me and the response is exact. Exact! But of course with the CLR you don't need to keep your head still.

    If you are on the fence about getting one, and it's a flat studio monitor type response you want with some BOOM, and I mean BOOM, then this thing is what you need. I'm running it at the very low end of it's volume potential, but a quick turn of the unit's Master Volume knob revealed this thing is capable of blasting the paint off the walls if that's what you're after.

    Worth absolutely every penny and I owe everyone on here a big thank-you for talking this thing up because the hype is 100% justified, and more.

    I use the 6i6 with one S/PDIF cable from Kemper out to 616 in, monitoring through phones plugged into the Kemper. It's great. S/PDIF is way more convenient:

    -1 small-profile cable instead of two clunkers
    -No worrying about input volume to avoid clipping
    -The sound IMO is better than XLR. Maybe with professional equipment that's not true, but with a smaller unit I think it is.

    I would just like to say thank you to all you guys for your help! I think you are all brilliant , helpful and very patient. However I'm not a proper Kemper user it's killing me! Way too many options, I spend more tim tweaking than playing, it's not for me! I'm wondering if anyone knows who might be interested in a power rack version + a yamaha DXR 10 and 12 and a F1010 uno chipped board and 2 stands. I will sell all for a very cut down price. I hope this isn't an inappropriate use of the forum, just thought you might be interestedThanks again all mark

    Don't do it! I'm in the same boat as you -- don't understand 95% of what the toaster is capable of. But so what? I don't plan on recording a CD. I have about 10 go-to profiles and about 30 others on standby that I like for certain things. And I don't tweak any of them. Just click and play.

    I used to tweak them when I first got the toaster but I found they all sound better raw anyway. Now I spend my time playing instead of searching for some holy grail tone that I already have.

    And don't forget, whatever you'd get after the Kemper will need to be tweaked 6 ways to Sunday to get a decent sound. So you'll save no time but still get inferior tone.

    I guess it's between the Kemper and the Axe. I would read as much as you can. What tipped the scale for me:

    -There was almost universal agreement in what I read that the Axe requires tons of tweaking to get decent patches. With the Kemper, I rarely have to touch any of the profiles because they are already in bundles of different amp settings and they sound amazing. But if you want to fine tune a given profile, you have enough options to keep you occupied for a full day.

    -The Kemper has more of a real amp interface, with the knobs, etc. Very intuitive and user-friendly.

    -In Kemper vs. Axe comparisons I've heard, the Axe has that computer-generated sound to it, whereas the Kemper sounds like a real amp mic'd up, as if you're listening to a CD.

    That's what did it for me. Not exactly a novel insight here but if you can try both, that's the only 100% sure fire way to decide for yourself which of the two is the king of digital. Good luck!

    Well, this sounds exactly like my experience, and I'm sure that of many others as well. Always wanted to stick to tube because "that's the real way." But those amps need to be blasted to get decent tone and you'll always fight weak tone at reasonable volumes. So, off to digital.

    Fender Mustang.....fine, but not good enough....Zoom G3...a little better but, still not good enough...Yamaha lunchbox....a little better, but not quite satisfying.

    I knew at this point that if I didn't by the absolute best unit available, I would keep getting one model higher up until I ended up with the best. So, after the Yamaha it was between the Axe and the Kemper. As soon as I understood what profiling was it was a no brainer. Not to mention that out of the box the Kemper is so much friendlier to a non-professional, though pros will get everything they want and more.

    If you can afford the Kemper you are throwing away tone if you don't get it. There's a huge price difference for a reason.

    I'd advise to look for one that can mont the cab very low, in case you plan to use it as a stereo system or for studio monitoring.
    When I seat the centre of the cab is at my ears' height.

    Some time ago I've seen a hydraulic pole stand which makes raising or lowering the cab much easier. This might be one of the options to consider if you feel you could benefit from a little help... for your friends :D

    Ha! You are reading my mind! I was just looking at some Ultimate Support stands that have the hydraulic assist, and they have the ability to sit lower, which is essential because I play seated most of the time.

    Well, finally got the email I was waiting for. Paid for the active wedge this morning so I should get it in about 7 business days.

    I'm going to mount it on a stand. Any recommendations for a nice built-like-a-tank stand for this beast?

    No, not really PB26. The individual rig EQ adjusts EQ within the parameters set in the global output section. I was struggling to get any good bass response on my rigs, but when I dialled up the bass in the output section, the tone bounced me across the floor! Widen them parameters!

    Learn 5 new things about my toaster every day!

    Doesn't that just do globally what you could do with the knobs to individual rigs without going into the output screen?