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    I've ordered one.

    Apart from using it on its own I am hoping to have a full wireless setup for the kemper. I've already got a wireless guitar connection gizmo from thomann (harley benton).

    I think it's a great idea.

    Should I be able to transfer factory presets from RM to the toaster?

    I can double click rigs in the rig browser and they are sent to the toaster (or I can right-click on them, etc.), but when I browse the 'Kemper Factory Content 7' there are a number of presets. When I double click these, nothing happens and if I right click them the menu to preview or store in profiler is greyed out.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    May I suggest that the user interface design is considered a little more.

    It is my view that a computer mouse and screen is fundamentally different from physical hardware. I am particularly thinking about the UI where circular knobs are turned by the user. I appreciate that probably that once selected then a simple up and down motion on the mouse will 'rotate' the virtual knobs, but this is not all that intuitive imho.

    There is an opportunity to make the computer based UI better if the strengths of the computer interface are used rather than replicating the interface metaphor of the hardware unit. I realise that opposed to this point of view is the idea that end users already have a good idea of how to interact with the device using the existing UI metaphor. Somehow there must be a best of both worlds approach?

    Having said all of that - I am looking forward to the editor even with its existing demo UI.

    I'm very interested in a detailed comparison to other similar speakers. I tried one at the weekend at a guitar show.

    My comments (after 5 minutes trial)

    - Very amp like sound (but without a back to back test it's hard to tell if it's better or worse than any other)

    - Very wide dispersion - it sounded the same from an almost 90 degree angle

    - Looks just right in green with a green kemper on top, but doesn't look very 'boutique' i.e. I'm not sure I'd have it in my living room, but then a PA style speaker is worse in that regard

    Overall, I was impressed and would love to hear it up against the usual suspects

    Here's my logic for what's happening:

    - CK said at last NAMM that reverbs were coming (they even had some on the booth last year)
    - Andertons would not tease the acoustic instrument type, so it's something bigger than what we've got
    To me, that means reverbs are coming today/tomorrow depending on time of day in LA.

    The logical downsides are
    - you don't normally launch new software at a weekend (support issues with all your staff working at the weekend, and some are away at NAMM)
    - it's not normal practice for Kemper to actually completely reveal something totally brand new at NAMM (normally we have the beta first)
    This either implies something big or nothing at all

    I'm going to put even money on the reverb announcement with it available for download next week.

    If the editor is there it will only be shown for release later (less probability)

    I saw that too.

    Interesting, but really should have a simpler stereo setup IMHO.

    And easier input for stereo aux sources. (and maybe bluetooth)

    Otherwise, what's it bringing to the market?

    I've noticed quite a few commits to this since the last 'release'.

    What's the easiest way for me to download and compile the latest version that hasn't been released. I'm on OS X.


    I'm really no expert, but on my midi setup I have got something called 'kemper' and I have drawn lines in and out to join the interface and the kemper.

    Have you tried googling how to use audio midi setup?

    Here's my best guess from memory.
    I think you need to 'add a device' from the menu. Then put in the parameters for the kemper (midi channel, etc.) and then join the lines to in and out (in midi audio setup). Then go back to toaster and select the kemper.

    Can you see it in 'Audio Midi Setup' <-- that's an application that comes as part of the system so you have got it

    If you can, then you need to set it up in there.

    I think I had an interface like that and it worked fine with my mac.

    Good luck

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I can tap tempo on the beatbuddy already.

    Basically my practice routine is doing
    scale - 100bpm
    scale - 170bpm
    scale - 130 bpm
    scale - 110bpm
    scale 160bpm

    if you see what I mean. So I want to dial in an exact number so that I can measure my progress.