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    hello young people, I am exposing you a small problem:
    I have a strymon in the kemper loop, connected at midi to the kemper. I try to drive it with the editor of strymon: nixie.

    And it's just impossible!
    The kemper does not allow information to pass through. Nixie doesn't find the strymon ( i ve try midi out and midi through with same result)

    Has anyone made it? If yes, how? (connection, kemper adjustment, strymon adjustment)

    I have to unplug the strymon and put it either in the midi of my sound card or in an external midi box

    (os : 7.1.5)

    I'm certainly not an advocate for a Kemper 2 "just because". But what makes you so sure a Kemper Profiler 2 would not justify the investment? All I read from your post is "money, money, money" ... money you don't have in your pocket anyway because you have spent it on the Kemper Profiler already. You want to sell it and get most of your money back? Sell it now. But what will you replace it with? Or you want to keep it? Then what's the fuss about money? I have a hard time understanding you. ;)

    Hello, allow me to introduce myself, Steph, from Belgium, teacher and owner of 2 houses and 3 apartments (so 4 rental buildings).

    In 25 years of music, I have only bought 3 guitars (my Gibson LP studio is my most expensive) and 2 amps (the second being the kemper).

    I have money BUT I only spend it on things that I think are necessary and useful to me. Very thoughtful purchases.

    The Kemper was developed on hardware that was already "outdated" at the base (very old dsp, insignificant ram) but the kemper's software is very efficient and can still be improved.

    The release of a kpa2 would mean the end of software development.

    1) no need for studio. For a lot of us, it 's already difficult to have/find a (one) good sound...
    2) 8 fx, it's already huge (+2 with midi)

    3) ...disto,

    4) ok
    5) NOOOOOOO! extra price if you have already an audio card (all studios 've their audio cards)
    6) No need, in live, you don't look your gear but the audiance. At home, you're using your computer.
    7) all this things (hardware) have a cost. Editor is more easy.

    hi, i am having a hard time understanding you.

    Every time a new machine comes out you whine to get a kemper 2. But let's be logical 2 minutes and imagine kemper2 comes.

    This would mean a devaluation of kemper 1 (loss of money) and a migration to kpa2 (therefore still loss of money) to obtain a product whose upgrades would not justify such an investment compared to what kemper 1 brings .

    By your comments, you push the firm to release a kemper 2 and therefore to abandon the possible improvements of kemper 1.

    Many users experience problems with the expression pedal range on new FCB1010's, in which one or both pedals do not transmit a full range of controller values from 0-127 (0x00-0x7F). the way to fix this is to follow the steps outlined below.

    1. Keep footswitches 1 and 3 pressed while switching on the unit (This bit you can't do standing up!). Release the switches when the display blanks. The LEDs on the footswitches, the ones on the display and each segment of the two numeric displays will turn on and off in sequence.

    2. Wait until all footswitch LEDs are on. Depress all footswitches one at a time, including UP and DOWN, until all LEDs are off.

    3. Wait until relay switch test is finished. (There will be a couple of mechanical clicks, and the display will end up reading "F1" (at least, it did on mine)). [Also, if you have connected a MIDI cable between the MIDI in and out, the display will show "A1" before this, meaning the midi ports work correctly.]

    4. Press DOWN once.

    5. Adjust the left expression pedal (A) to the lowest value. Once adjusted press UP.

    6. Adjust the left expression pedal (A) to the highest value. Once adjusted press UP.

    7. Adjust the right expression pedal (B) to the lowest value. Once adjusted press UP.

    8. Adjust the right expression pedal (B) to the highest value. Once adjusted press UP.

    9. Select a patch which has both pedals set to their full range, and check the expression pedals now send 0-127 (0x00-0x7F)

    As indicated in the manual, "mono loop" is used to activate the effects loop for a mono effect external to the kemper. The looper is native and does not need any "options" to work.

    And no, you must not set the external pedals on "dual switch" for the looper, this config is not the most responsive

    For information, we tried to explain it in full length via fb. We explained to him that the error came from him and not from kemper, that HIS logic did not correspond to that of the machine ... he then insulted us (@...hole ...). We backlisted it from our facebook page. Here,I'm still nice, I just answered his other questions whose answers are in the manual...

    Hello, as indicated in the manual, a rig contains, as a first information, everything that is in the "input" menu. So yes, by default it's locked but a lot of us use different guitars live, with different input settings and so our input menu is no longer locked.

    It is therefore perfectly logical to have the Rig at the start of the chain