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    Both sound exactly the same.

    As for the jack 3.5 , I don't know what motivated this choice but at least it makes this output more accessible to people without buying an adaptator.

    If you have good headphones it's the opposite.

    I was a little disappointed to see Kemper used the small headphone jack. Anyone compared to see if headphones sound just as good with the head/rack vs stage? I loved the sound and volume with the head/rack.

    Oh I would never design my live sound with my cab - unless I was playing live with my cab. I'm just saying it's the best way to play at home and sounds fantastic.

    If I am playing live - I design my sound with my headphones or in ears and it translates perfectly. You can run that sound through a cab to kick you in the pant legs if you want - but I wouldn't expect it to translate very well - and there's also no need for it to if it's just for feel.

    FRFR has it's place but personally I can't stand it at home other than playing with Headphones at night. I've never found ANY FRFR speaker solution that worked for me - always sounds terrible.

    Like I said headphones are good, and in ears are good, beyond that I've not seen anything that beats even a cheap cab. I was also shocked at home much variety I get from a normal cab. Sure it may not sound exactly like an AC30 in it's own cab - but it's pretty dang close. Certainly not worth going out and dropping another grand on a stinking powered speaker.

    Just my opinion.

    Make sure your Monitor Cab is set to master mono. There's an option you can check to not have to turn off cab sim for monitor - it just stays off all the time but on for your other outputs.

    Personally - I don't like direct profiles. I think you are better off using a normal profile.

    If you want go and download the ToneJunkie free pack and we can compare an amp included in there so I can help you get good results.

    ATH M50 is a great sounding Headphone for the Kemper

    Good Choice

    Please don't use these headphones they are terrible!

    Get yourself a good set of Sennheisers - around 50 impedance - HD 558's or similar. If you have a headphone amp and extra cash you could get the HD600's (300 impedance) but I have them and honestly I use the 558's most of the time.

    I tried these against everything with guitar playing and modelers (not music) and they came out on top of everything I tried.

    Man that IS a killer profile. Thanks for pointing me towards it. One thing, though...sounds a little clipped on my end, even with the noise gate at zero. Something I'm missing here as far as a setting? Still trying to find my way around that interface...

    Are you using an audio interface or hooked up direct?

    Maybe it's me doing something wrong I don't know. I usually have my monitors at unity (Yamaha HS7's currently). Most of the usb interfaces I've tried are usb powered - could that be the problem?

    I'm not sure what it is but it always seems like direct to the monitors I have plenty of volume, and through an interface I'm always starved for it.

    I could turn my monitors up - which I have before, but all the way up they hiss a little and I don't like that.

    It's not the kemper either, I've experienced this same thing with other units.

    Maybe I should just get another set of speakers for my background music for the computer to output through separately.

    It seems like my Kemper sounds incredible hooked up directly to my monitors but when I put an interface in the mix it always suffers. I don't really record much but I'd like to mix with usb from my iMac to play along with songs and such.

    I most recently got a M-Audio M Track - it's weird though - I have to have the monitor volume almost all the way up and all the way on direct for it to sound even close to normal direct hookup - and there I can't hear my computer mix at all. If I put that usb/direct knob about half way, my Kemper is way to quiet and I can't increase the volume without clipping. With the knob all the way on USB the music alone sounds incredible. It's almost like it can't output the same volume level from it's inputs as you can over usb only or something.

    Anywho, I've had a similar experience with other interfaces. Is there a mixer or interface you guys really like for something like what I'm doing that won't break the bank? I've searched and searched online but I can't seem to find a good solution.

    I know this question has been beaten to death but my situation may be a bit different. I am looking to buy studio monitors for my kemper. I will not be mixing or recording and my hope is to plug directly into the monitors. My desk space is limited The monitors would sit on a desk approximately IS 7.5 feet long by two feet and is built into the wall. I would play most often sitting within 2-3 feet of the monitors. Behind me the rest of the room is huge. From my back to the rear wall is 18 feet and the width of the room is 36 feet. I can't do any room dampening. Do five inch monitors make the most sense? Should I just buy nice headphones? I don't have a really discerning ear and play only as a hobby. My budget is around $600 US. Thanks in advance.

    Yamaha HS7's work great for me - best monitors I've ever had. I've had the M-Audio MX8s and JBLs prior. You could get better ones like Adam Audio or whatever but not near that price point - plus the returns are diminished severely for the price difference.

    I was wondering lately if the iLoud speakers/monitors were any good.

    You could get an Atomic CLR - but that'll cost you around 1k.

    I just came from Helix too. The interface and routing of the Helix are the big winners. For pure amp feel and tone the Kemper kills it in my opinion.

    Remember the Kemper is the non-tweakers solution from what I've heard. You dial in a rig, adjust some familiar parameters and you are off and running. Cut out all that other nonsense.

    Less time knob turning and more time fingers burning!

    I called Sweetwater to order a Power Head and Remote combo last week and asked them to get back with me with their best deal. They came back with $2600 for everything and I was floored - almost $500 off list.

    After the markdowns this week I still saved about $100, but not as impressive. Still though, I'm so glad to be back in the Kemper family.