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    Good luck on your new journey. I've thought about trying a new direction too, but my Kemper isn't going anywhere. I don't view it as an either/or piece of gear, but rather a complementary item for recording, late night playing, practising outside in the garden, etc.

    Take care and hopefully we'll meet again :)

    Thanks for the info. I haven't got hold of one yet, so I am just trying to find out their capability. Interesting about the S/PDIF as my workflow requires 5 AD/DA conversions before I come out of the Kemper, either digitally or analogue.

    I have a hypothetical sound design/editing question regarding a potential audio interface replacement.

    Is it possible to record a dry guitar signal via Hi-Z (input 3/4), while simultaneously sending a balanced signal from XLR out 1/2 to a reamp box and routing it though an external FX unit/Kemper at amp level, and then finally capturing the processed signal digitally via SPDIF/Toslink back into the Babyface/computer?

    Or would I be better off getting a DI box to split the guitar signal between the Hi-Z input and external FX unit/Kemper at amp level, before capturing the outputs?

    I know it sounds a bit convoluted, but I have a complicated workflow that involves the use of VST FX and/or VST instruments, plus access to dry signal editing and reamping, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    I do this as well, but don't have it broken down further like you do. Makes sense, though. Workflow tweaks FTW! :)

    I do it like that so I can edit certain parts, or redo a whole take at a later date. In fact, you can use the same sound palettes to write new songs, or you can just design sound palettes for later use. Creative bursts come in small patches, so you have to strike while the iron is hot :thumbup:

    There's always room for both, real amps and the Profiler, at least in my life.

    So eventually you'll be back! ;)

    My thoughts exactly, they can happily coexist since they are not the same thing. We have many types of guitars for different purposes, so why not amps & modellers?

    Regardless, I hope the OP gains a lot of pleasure from his new amp. I'm looking for one too, but my Kemper is going nowhere!

    Here is my second video. This time I compare it to an actual mic’ed acoustic. It gets real close. I wonder if Chris has plans to add an IR in the future to get it even closer? I tried one that worked pretty well but maybe a custom IR for the simulator could really nail it. Acoustic Simulator 2nd Test

    Hi Aaron, nice job, did you use an EQ Match to get the Strat closer to the mic'd Martin?

    It's an interesting idea about the IR :thumbup:

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    Just posted my profiles on Rig Exchange. The 'EA Single Coil Acoustic Sim' is the one I've used for the Tele in the more recent video I posted. I've also done a version for those with humbuckers (you'll see it) and no coil tap that works for my Eggle at least and prsgary 's Gibson PRS.

    Thanks a lot Ed, it is very kind of you to share this profile, and your hard work is much appreciated! :thumbup:

    Now I just have to remember to turn on the stack ... ;)

    FreeBlues have you exhausted your Clean Sense options? There is a limit to how much gain the Kemper will add with various volume controls based on Rig Level, from what I can perceive (I should measure it). For example, the Pure Boost and EQ Volume seem to have no effect above 0.0dB if Rig Volume is already maxed at +12dB. Clean Sense is the most effective place I've found usable level increase in my case. I've kept the rig volume at +8.0dB so that I can still use a Pure Boost for an actual solo boost, albeit without the full 5dB increase, which is fine in this context.

    Beyond this, compression would be another option, but I'm not a massive fan of this idea.

    Well done Ed, it sounds like you are on top of it! Any chance you could release a profile if you get the Kemper Studio EQ functioning, so that the less technically gifted among us could run through it, and see what you are actually doing? :)

    I fall into category 1). My Kemper is in a side rack that's just within arm's reach, but I have to spin the chair and reorient to work with the hardware UI, then back around to the PC monitor. It's not a huge inconvenience, just as the small screen and need for paging on the hardware UI isn't bad.

    That said, I've been in the camp of not really needing the editor, but I can see significant usability improvements in the studio once I have it. This will eliminate the twisting the chair around 90 degrees, dealing with some paging because of the LCD screen size and other such things. Not the sort of thing I would have made a fuss about, but an improvement is an improvement and I'm happy to take it. So, while I could have lived without the editor, I'm very much looking forward to what the flow is like once I have it.

    The value of the editor is soon realized when it comes to sound design and reamping.

    Suggestions: I would love if we could select our saved input and output settingsright from the editor. For example, I have different input settings of clean/distortion sense for different guitars. Also have saved output EQ for different cabinets. It would be helpful to select them in the editor.


    I use 5 different guitars with my Kemper, including a P-bass.