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    Here is my second video. This time I compare it to an actual mic’ed acoustic. It gets real close. I wonder if Chris has plans to add an IR in the future to get it even closer? I tried one that worked pretty well but maybe a custom IR for the simulator could really nail it. Acoustic Simulator 2nd Test

    Hi Aaron, nice job, did you use an EQ Match to get the Strat closer to the mic'd Martin?

    It's an interesting idea about the IR :thumbup:

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    Just posted my profiles on Rig Exchange. The 'EA Single Coil Acoustic Sim' is the one I've used for the Tele in the more recent video I posted. I've also done a version for those with humbuckers (you'll see it) and no coil tap that works for my Eggle at least and prsgary 's Gibson PRS.

    Thanks a lot Ed, it is very kind of you to share this profile, and your hard work is much appreciated! :thumbup:

    Now I just have to remember to turn on the stack ... ;)

    FreeBlues have you exhausted your Clean Sense options? There is a limit to how much gain the Kemper will add with various volume controls based on Rig Level, from what I can perceive (I should measure it). For example, the Pure Boost and EQ Volume seem to have no effect above 0.0dB if Rig Volume is already maxed at +12dB. Clean Sense is the most effective place I've found usable level increase in my case. I've kept the rig volume at +8.0dB so that I can still use a Pure Boost for an actual solo boost, albeit without the full 5dB increase, which is fine in this context.

    Beyond this, compression would be another option, but I'm not a massive fan of this idea.

    Well done Ed, it sounds like you are on top of it! Any chance you could release a profile if you get the Kemper Studio EQ functioning, so that the less technically gifted among us could run through it, and see what you are actually doing? :)

    I fall into category 1). My Kemper is in a side rack that's just within arm's reach, but I have to spin the chair and reorient to work with the hardware UI, then back around to the PC monitor. It's not a huge inconvenience, just as the small screen and need for paging on the hardware UI isn't bad.

    That said, I've been in the camp of not really needing the editor, but I can see significant usability improvements in the studio once I have it. This will eliminate the twisting the chair around 90 degrees, dealing with some paging because of the LCD screen size and other such things. Not the sort of thing I would have made a fuss about, but an improvement is an improvement and I'm happy to take it. So, while I could have lived without the editor, I'm very much looking forward to what the flow is like once I have it.

    The value of the editor is soon realized when it comes to sound design and reamping.

    Suggestions: I would love if we could select our saved input and output settingsright from the editor. For example, I have different input settings of clean/distortion sense for different guitars. Also have saved output EQ for different cabinets. It would be helpful to select them in the editor.


    I use 5 different guitars with my Kemper, including a P-bass.

    I treat this thread like Shrodinger’s Editor.

    If I don’t open it, it might be available.

    Oh, bugger.

    I've convinced myself that I don't need an editor, while simultaneously pretending that it's already installed on my computer if I ever want to use it.

    I have just received an inside scoop, apparently the knobs on the Editor aren't turning smoothly enough, and the software team are struggling to code a lubricant that has the right density.

    As a qualified computer scientist I am able to speak with great authority and experience on this matter, and I can declare with absolute certainty and complete honesty that something is definitely happening somewhere, right now at this very moment.

    Thursday afternoon. The nervous sweat droplets fall from my furled brow as I anxiously pour over the last 4 pages of the editor thread. No new information. I give a heavy sigh as I close my browser and ask out loud how long a few more days actually is, to no one in particular. The tension in the air is palpable. The throws of owners are becoming restless. I pray that the constant patches and bugfix releases are enough to satiate the wild animals for another night. The bug of being unable to use Rig Manager to change patches while the Rack unit is in tuner mode has reared it's ugly head again. The sun begins to fall below the horizon as the anxiety takes hold of me once again. The morning will bring hope.

    This would make a great Cure song!

    So, I'll chime in... They just released 2.3.14 today so I give it at least 2 weeks before 3.0/Editor is released. There's a reason they're not releasing this yet, I think it has to do with the couple of bugs in the Stage that they're having trouble with. I know I submitted a bug that apparently got fixed in 2.3.13/7.10 beta update.

    Dear Bulldog,

    Ask for the firmware source code, and fix it yourself.

    It is not that hard.