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    I think you just like arguing. As Mats said above - he's perfectly content editing on the KPA itself, so (your words) - "the OPTION of a desktop editor" is just that, an option. It does NOT make it absolutely necessary that every user will benefit from it. I understand your point, truly I do, but some will probably never use it.

    Especially those who never use the Rig Manager, which was another piece of superfluous software for a specific group Kemper owners.

    I've never personally used any of the Kemper FX that were tagged onto a specialist Amp Profiler product, but I am not saying I will never use them at some point in the future. I am very happy that they exist, should I ever want to try them out.

    Of course some people couldn't live without the Rig Manager or Kemper FX, or the new Editor, so I am glad that Kemper cater for all kinds of users.

    I have to disagree with you MementoMori. Totally with Mats and Ruefus. There are many things more useful to more people than an editor. That doesn’t change the fact that many people want one whether it is is useful or not because editors have become fashionable to the point of being seen as indispensable.

    Like Matts, I will probably find some use for some parts at some point and I’m not saying we shouldn’t have one as many others will no doubt use it but to say it is useful to everyone is a classic case of projecting your beliefs on others.

    Thank you for projecting your beliefs onto me ;)

    This forum is very helpful on the whole, but you have to remember that a vocal minority making complaints don't represent the whole. Most Kemper users probably get on with playing guitar and take the updates as a bonus.

    Does anyone have any idea how many Kempers have been sold?

    Probably not as many as they would have if it came with an editor ;)

    It will be nice to get the editor out to clear the forum of the issue and also concentrate on other things. It seems to dominate so much for a tool that doesn't affect tone amongst guitarists.

    I hope the editor effects the tone when I adjust the settings! =O

    Who can make sense of the logic behind announcing only the editor and the Kone at NAMM and instead releasing the Stage first?

    I don’t think anyone will disagree that the Stage was released before the software was ready and no one was expecting them to. We never needed an editor more than with the Stage so why not wait to release it until it’s all ready?

    There’s more at play here than we know, that’s for sure.

    The editor software was due to be released before most of the technical staff went on their summer holiday, but it wasn't ready in time.

    Lots of insecure people here :). I never said it was anything wrong with it or it wasn't useful. People made a great careers out of twiddling knobs.

    I'm not insecure at all, I am just explaining the role that the editor could play for those of us who don't think that they need one :) I have attended art school, and many of the techniques I learnt are transferable into the music world. I am convinced that anybody who wants to make great records will love the functionality that the editor brings to the table :thumbup:

    I didn't say anything was wrong with it. Many hardware manufacturers know that there is large group of people who prefer to play with the knobs and touch screens over playing guitar and decide to cater to them.

    What do you think about artists who spend their time sketching and carefully organising their colour palettes instead of painting? Without these people there would be no great art hanging in the galleries. Music can be viewed as painting with sound and it follows the same artistic principles. Nobody plugs their guitar into an amp and bangs out a great album. You need some prep, and an editor will help in this regard.

    For anyone complaining... please rethink:

    - you bought a kemper knowing there was no editor... you bought it anyway... probably because it sounded better than the competition and was simpler to use than the competition despite having no editor (or actually maybe because there was no editor...)

    - since the kemper was released they have made countless great upgrades we all got for FREE... incl delays and reverbs which are amazing on any std

    - you have not had to buy 2 new sets of hardware unlike with axe...

    - now kemper is releasing everything people asked for and still you complain... common, we can wait a few weeks or even months....

    I'm not complaining, but by your logic there was no need to develop the firmware past v1.0 as we all knew what we were buying.

    Secondly, everybody who bought a Kemper has paid for a piece of the development that everybody else gets for free! The early adopters kickstarted the project by accepting an item that was lacking in features, with promises of them being added later. These latest firmware improvements are being paid for by new hardware buyers, and in return they are receiving for free all the enhancements that other Kemper owners have already paid for in the past. Now this is only a guess, but I think we are getting the editor thanks to the new purchasers or the Stage, as the users of a floor-standing unit will soon tire of bending over all the time.

    That is the business model, we are a big happy collective, and Kemper is a fantastic company.

    I'd say majority non-gigging bedroom players. There is a massive market deliberately aimed at tweakers, I don't think Kemper is in this business though, it's covered by many others. It's much easier to fiddle with the knobs than play guitar.

    Not all timbres are created equally. I learned this from synth programming. Small adjustments can make a sound stand out. I usually run a DI loop through my DAW and then start experimenting until something jumps out. It also helps when you have multiple instruments, as you can dial in sounds that work together. Once you have designed your sound palette you can go into to live mode. I have discovered some amazing FX chains on my FX8 using this process, and having a Kemper Editor will give me an extra layer of control. There is nothing unique about this, as artists have been creating masterpieces for centuries using this same method. Like I said, once you have got all the sounds nailed you can revert to live mode, and it makes mixing a lot easier too.

    In the old days, you bought an amp or a keyboard and that was it - WYSIWYG.

    I bought my Kemper because I knew it would be continually developed and upgraded, which was the USP.

    Now with computers, DAWs, VST instruments & FX, and firmware based hardware, everything is a software development process. You only hit the rails when you run out of processing power.

    This is the unique benefit of the of digital paradigm, you don't need new hardware every time you write some new software.

    Can people please stop saying they’d be happy without an editor.... ;)

    I’ve just got the Stage and it’s very tedious creating Performances for 100 songs without one.

    I could easily say I would be happy without this or that feature, but I don't do it as I know people use the Kemper in different ways. I have to reamp all my guitar parts and make them fit into every song I do, so an editor would be incredibly useful for my workflow.

    The Editor is going to be the greatest thing ever, as I spend a lot of time designing sound palettes and reamping DI signals, so I am constantly tweaking things from my desk. The Kemper Profiler is predominantly a piece of outboard gear in my toolbox, so having remote editing capability is going to be huge!